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Question: 1 Based on the exhibit below. Router P4S1 and router P4S2 both advertise network to router P4S3 via internal BGP. What is the reason that router P4S3 chose router P4S1 as its best path to network

A. It advertises a lower autonomous system. B. It advertises the best MED. C. It advertises the best local preference. D. It has a better router ID. Answer: D Question: 2 Examine the exhibit carefully. EIGRP is configured on all routers in the network. What conclusion can be derived from the show ip eigrp topology output provided ?

A. Router P4S-R1 is waiting for a reply from the neighbor to the hello message sent out inquiring for a second successor to network B. Router P4S-R1 can send traffic destined for network out of interface FastEthernet0/0. C. Router P4S-R1 is waiting for a reply from the neighbor to the hello message sent out before it declares the neighbor unreachable. D. Router P4S-R1 is waiting for a reply from the neighbor in response to the query sent out about network For Latest 642­901 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­901.html

Answer: D Question: 3 Refer to the exhibit. On the basis of the information in the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. The output was generated by entering the show ip bgp command on the ISP router. B. The serial 0/0/1 interface on the ISP router has been configured with the set metric 50 command. C. The output was generated by entering the show ip bgp command on the Company1 router. D. When traffic is sent from the ISP to autonomous system 64512, the traffic will be forwarded to Company1 because of the lower MED value of Company1. Answer: A, D Question: 4 The term routing protocol may refer more specifically to a protocol operating at Layer 3 of the OSI model which similarly disseminates topology information between routers. Which two routing protocols require a metric to be configured when redistributing routes from other protocols? (Choose two.) A. RIP B. IS-IS C. EIGRP D. OSPF Answer: A, C Question: 5 Mobile IPv6 provides route optimization mechanism for fast communication by lessening the overhead of indirection. A mobile IPv6 binding is an association between which of the following? (Choose two) A. Care-of address B. Prefix C. Correspondent nodes D. Home address For Latest 642­901 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­901.html

Answer: A, D Question: 6 Which statement best describes OSPFv3? A. Authentication is supported through IPSec. B. Point-to-multipoint mode is no longer an option for interfaces. C. Neighbor discovery has been enhanced over OSPFv2 to allow multiple adjacencies. D. Multiple DRs are allowed on a broadcast segment. Answer: A Question: 7 Study the network diagram carefully, which routers currently compose the IS-IS backbone?

A. P4S2, P4S3, P4S6, P4S7 B. P4S3, P4S4, P4S6 C. P4S3, P4S4, P4S5, P4S6 D. P4S2, P4S3, P4S4, P4S6, P4S7 Answer: D Question: 8 A Company network administrator is managing a hub-and-spoke network with EIGRP routing enabled. The hub router is trying to query a remote router. But, delays are occurring that are caused by certain paths being stuck in active (SIA). How should the administrator configure EIGRP in order to limit the scope of the query range and prevent SIA from occurring? A. Configure the hub to indicate that the remote router is a stub router. B. Configure the hub and remote router as stub routers. C. Configure the remote router as a stub router. D. Disable the SIA feature of EIGRP on the remote router. Answer: C Question: 9 Which one of the following commands enables a multicast routing protocol on an IOS device? For Latest 642­901 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­901.html

A. (config-if)#multicast address {IP-address} B. (config)#ip multicast routing C. (config-if)#ip pim {dense-mode | sparse-dense-mode | sparsemode} D. (config)#ip pim send-rp-announce {interface type} scope {ttl} group-list {acl} Answer: C Question: 10 Which routing protocols will support IPv6? (Choose two) A. RIPv2 B. EIGRP C. OSPFv3 D. ODR Answer: B, C Question: 11 Which statement accurately describes Dual stack ? A. Running IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time B. Process interception C. Passing IPv6 through UDP D. Translating IPv4 traffic to IPv6 Answer: A Question: 12 6 to 4 is an automatic tunnel Givesa prefixto the attachedIPv6 network. How is a 6-to-4 tunnel different than a manually configured tunnel? A. It is not a dual-stack solution B. It uses NAT-PT C. Automatic tunnel creation D. IPv6 addresses are embedded in IPv4 addresses Answer: C Question: 13 As shown in the exhibit ,OSPF is configured over a Frame Relay network. All PVCs are active. However, P4S1 and P4S3 fail to see all OSPF routes in their routing tables. The show ip ospf neighbor command executed on P4S2 displays the state of the neighbors. In order to fix the problem , what should be done?

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A. The neighbor command should be configured under the OSPF routing process on all routers. B. The ip ospf network broadcast command should be configured on each Frame Relay interface. C. The ip ospf network non-broadcast command should be configured on each Frame Relay interface. D. The ip ospf priority value on the spoke routers should be set to 0. Answer: D Question: 14 According to the following output, can you tell me which command can edistribute IGRP into EIGRP? Router eigrp 123 Network No auto-summary ! Router igrp 123 Network Network A. Under the router eigrp mode add redistribute igrp 123 subnets B. Under the router igrp mode add redistribute eigrp 123 C. Under the router eigrp mode add redistribute igrp 123 D. None, EIGRP and IGRP are automatically redistributed in this instance. Answer: D Question: 15 Intermediate system to intermediate system (IS-IS), is a protocol used by network devices (routers) to determine the best way to forward datagrams through a packet-switched network, a process called routing. Which three attributes are of the IS-IS routing protocol? A. link-state routing protocol B. operation is similar to BGP C. supports VLSM D. supports two routing levels within an autonomous system Answer: A, C, D Question: 16 On the basis of the following presented exhibit, what will happen after configuring the neighbor weight 200 BGP configuration command on router P4S-A?

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A. P4S-A will prefer the path through P4S-B for network B. Packets from P4S-D will prefer the path through P4S-C for networks advertised by P4S-A. C. P4S-A will prefer the path through P4S-C for network D. Packets from P4S-D will prefer the path through P4S-B for networks advertised by P4S-A Answer: A Question: 17 Which feature is a must for the BGP update packet? A. Weight B. LOCAL_ PREF C. AS_Path D. AGGREGATOR Answer: C Question: 18 Which description regarding OSPF Network LSAs is correct? A. They are originated by Area Border Router and are sent into a single area to advertise an Autonomous System Border Router. B. They are originated by the DR on every multi-access network. They include all attached routers including the DR itself. C. They are originated by every router in the OPSF network. They include all routers on the link, interfaces, the cost of the link, and any known neighbor on the link. D. They are originated by Area Border Routers and are sent into a single area to advertise destinations outside that area. Answer: B Question: 19 The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the core routing protocol of the Internet. It maintains a table of IP networks or 'prefixes' which designate network reachability among autonomous systems (AS). In routing updates, which BGP feature will not be advertised to o its neighboring routers? A. weight B. next hop For Latest 642­901 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­901.html

C. local preference D. origin Answer: A Question: 20 When CDP finds out that a Cisco phone is attached, which three interface commands should be used in order for the switch port to support a connected Cisco phone and to trust the CoS values received on the port? (Choose three.) A. switchport priority extend cos_value B. mls qos trust cos C. mls qos trust device cisco-phone D. switchport voice vlan vlan-id Answer: B, C, D Question: 21 Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is a routing protocol developed for Internet Protocol (IP) networks by the Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Which two statements best describe the OSPF link-state routing protocol? (Choose two.) A. OSPF sends updates every 10 seconds. B. When a link state is changed, the router that detected the change creates a link-state advertisement (LSA) and propagates it to all OSPF devices using the multicast address. C. OSPF sends summaries of individual link-state entries every 30 minutes to ensure LSDB synchronization. D. OSPF sends triggered updates when a network change occurs. Answer: C, D Question: 22 What will happen after redistributing other routing protocol routes into OSPF? A. miss the metric option in the redistribute command. B. miss the subnet option in the redistribute command. C. miss the tag option in the redistribute command. D. misconfigure the metric-type option in the redistribute command to type-1. Answer: B Question: 23 Refer to the following IPv6 addresses, which one could correctly compress the IPv6 unicast address 2001:0:0:0:0DB8:0:0:417A? A. 2001:::0DB8:0:0:417A B. 2001:0DB8:417A C. 2001::0DB8::417A D. 2001::DB8:0:0:417A For Latest 642­901 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­901.html

Answer: D Question: 24 A routing loop is a common problem with various types of networks, particularly computer networks. They are formed when an error occurs in the operation of the routing algorithm, and as a result, in a group of nodes, the path to a particular destination forms a loop. Which BGP feature can prevent routing loops? A. AS-path B. weight C. local preference D. origin Answer: A Question: 25 OSPF is a link-state routing protocol that calls for the sending of link-state advertisements (LSAs) to all other routers within the same hierarchical are a. In the network provided in the following exhibit, each router is configured with OSPF. But, router P4S-R1 can??t receive a default route to router P4S-R2 as expected. How to solve this problem?

A. Add the ip route command to router P4S-R2. B. Add the always keyword to the default-information originate configuration command on router P4SR2. C. Add the area 1 stub command on routers P4S-R1. D. Remove the default information originate configuration command from router P4S-R2 and place it on router P4S-R1. Answer: B Question: 26 The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the core routing protocol of the Internet. It maintains a table of IP networks or 'prefixes' which designate network reachability among autonomous systems (AS). Look at the following presented BGP configuration commands from the advertising router seriously, it is found that the route is not being advertised in this network. Why? For Latest 642­901 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­901.html

router bgp 65111 neighbor remote-as 65111 neighbor remote-as 65112 network network ! ip route null0 A. The network statement is missing mask B. The auto-summary configuration is missing. C. The network statement is missing mask D. The network statement is missing mask Answer: A Question: 27 DR (Designated Router) is for environments where many routers on the same network such as Ethernet. In the following presented network, all routers are reloaded simultaneously, and DR is selected as expected. What is the P4S-RTC status?

A. 2WAY/DR B. FULL/DROTHER C. FULL/BDR D. FULL/DR Answer: C Question: 28 According to the diagram displayed below, which address can summarize the presented networks successfully?

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A. B. C. D. Answer: C Question: 29 During selecting the BGP path on a Cisco router, which BGP feature will be first used to determine the best path? A. origin B. next-hop C. weight D. AS-path Answer: C

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