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Question: 1 What can the Network Analysis Module on the 6500 series switches be used to do? (Choose two.) A. Remotely gather traffic statistics. B. Remotely change passwords. C. Remotely configure QoS options. D. Remotely measure traffic parameters. Answer: A, D Question: 2 Which statement is correct concerning the BGP local-preference attribute? A. It is proprietary B. BGP prefers the highest value C. Only used outside an AS D. Default value is zero Answer: B Question: 3 Given the following route map. What will be the local-preference for

A. 100 B. 200 C. 150 D. 0 Answer: C Question: 4 Which is a difference between broadcasts and multicasts? A. Multicasts are unidirectional. B. Multicasts are used by RIPv1. C. Multicasts are routable. D. Multicasts are one-to-many. Answer: C Question: 5 Which two advantages are of IGMP v2 over IGMPv1?(choose two) A. Group-specific queries B. Source Filtering C. Group Leaves D. Group Joins Answer: A, C Question: 6 Multicasting supports applications that communicate A. Many-to-many B. One-to-many C. Many-to-one D. One-to-one Answer: B Question: 7 IGMPv1 does not have a mechanism to allow a host to leave a group when it is no longer interested in the content of that group. Which advantage is of IGMPv3 over version 2? A. Leaves For Latest 642-892 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 642-892.html

B. Group-specific queries C. Joins D. Source Filtering Answer: D Question: 8 Which command will display the multicast groups ? A. show multicast router B. show multicast group C. show igmp interface D. ip igmp snooping Answer: B Question: 9 Which function is implemented with extension headers? A. Fragmentation B. Checksum C. Flow labels D. TCP Answer: A Question: 10 A NIC has a MAC address of 00-0F-66-81-19-A3 and discovers a routing prefix of 2001:0:1:5::/64. Which IPv6 addresses are assigned to it?(choose four) A. 2001::1:5:20F:66FF:FE81:19A3 B. FE80::20F:66FF:FE81:19A3 C. ::1 D. FF02::1 Answer: A, B, C, D Question: 11 A mobile IPv6 binding is an association between which of the following?(choose two) A. Home address B. Prefix C. Correspondent nodes D. Care-of address Answer: A, D Question: 12 Which item is supported by OSPFv3 instead of OSPFv2? A. NBMA networks B. NSSAs C. Multiple OSPF processes D. 128-bit prefixes Answer: D Question: 13 In order to enable IPv6 routing on a Cisco router ,which command will necessarily be used? A. ipv6 routing B. ipv6 unicast-routing C. None, IPv6 routing is enabled by default. D. ipv6 address Answer: B Question: 14 Which statement best describes Dual stack? A. Running IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time B. Passing IPv6 through UDP C. Process interception D. Translating IPv4 traffic to IPv6 Answer: A Question: 15 For Latest 642-892 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 642-892.html

6to4 is a system that allows IPv6 packets to be transmitted over an IPv4 network (generally the IPv4 internet) without the need to configure explicit tunnels. How is a 6-to-4 tunnel different than a manually configured tunnel? A. It is not a dual-stack solution. B. It uses NAT-PT. C. Automatic tunnel creation. D. IPv6 addresses are embedded in IPv4 addresses. Answer: C Question: 16 An administrator would like to configure a switch over a virtual terminal connection from locations outside of the local LAN. Which of the following are required in order for the switch to be configured from a remote location? (Choose two.) A. The switch must be configured with an IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway. B. The switch must be connected to a router over a VLAN trunk. C. The switch must be reachable through a port connected to its management VLAN. D. The switch console port must be connected to the Ethernet LAN. Answer: A, C Question: 17 The network administrator of the COMPANY-A router adds the following command to the router configuration: ip route What are the results of adding this command? (Choose two.)

A. The command establishes a static route. B. The command invokes a dynamic routing protocol for C. Traffic for network is forwarded to D. Traffic for all networks is forwarded to Answer: A, C Question: 18 The network administrator has found the following problem. The remote networks,, and are accessed through the Central router's serial 0/0 interface. No users are able to access After reviewing the command output shown in the graphic, what is the most likely cause of the problem?

A. no gateway of last resort on Central For Latest 642-892 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 642-892.html

B. Central router's not receiving update C. incorrect static route for D. not located in Central's routing table Answer: C Question: 19 Which command will provide you with information regarding the Layer 3 configuration of directly connected router interfaces? A. show ip interface B. show cdp neighbors C. show cdp neighbors detail D. show ip route Answer: C Question: 20 Which three IP multicast group concepts are true? (Choose three.) A. If a packet is sent to a multicast group address, all members of the multicast group will receive it. B. If a packet is sent to a multicast group address, the multicast frame contains the source multicast address. C. A router must be a member of a multicast group to receive multicast data. D. A router does not have to be a member of a multicast group to send to the group. Answer: A, C, D

For Latest 642-892 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 642-892.html

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For Latest 642-892 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 642-892.html

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