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Question: 1 When occasional bursts of traffic exceed the capacity of an end device to receive data, for the following Cisco MDS features which one alleviates a head-of-line blocking condition? A. VOQs B. QoS C. VSAN allowed list D. FCC Answer: A Question: 2 What are three key benefits of Cisco's collapsed-core switch configuration? (Choose three.) A. ease of management B. increased port channel utilization C. reduction in equipment and installation cost D. higher effective port count Answer: A, C, D Question: 3 Which design topology will typically provide the lowest hop-count and least number of switches? A. cascade B. collapsed core C. ring D. core-edge Answer: B Question: 4 The Cisco MDS 9500 Series Multilayer Director elevates the standard for director -class switches. Which Cisco MDS 9500 Series feature addresses the customer requirement for five nines (99.999percent) availability? A. SSM card is installed in the switch B. active and standby FC line cards C. virtual output queuing (VOQ) D. nondisruptive software upgrades Answer: D Question: 5 When designing a SAN, what is considered to be the most significant security threat? A. WWN Spoofing B. Management Access C. FC_ID Spoofing D. Denial of Service attacks Answer: B Question: 6 Which factor would enable an administrator to determine the maximum amount of I/O traffic that can be supported by a given server? A. the ability to multiplex I/O streams B. the operating system C. the application suite D. the number of I/O buses and the bandwidth of each bus Answer: D Question: 7 Which three characteristics are of OLTP storage traffic? (Choose three.) A. small I/O size For Latest 642­355 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ 642­355.html

B. large I/O size C. latency-sensitive D. bursty throughput Answer: A, C, D Question: 8 Which two will allow a fully loaded Cisco MDS 9509 Multilayer Director to meet the 2190-W requirement? (Choose two.) A. two 110-V power supplies that are placed into active/standby power mode B. two 220-V power supplies in redundant mode C. two 110-V power supplies that are placed into combined power mode D. two 110-V power supplies in redundant mode Answer: B, C Question: 9 What are three reasons to implement VSANs in a Fibre Channel SAN? (Choose three.) A. to reduce network infrastructure requirements B. to increase data security C. to enable port-channeling D. to share SAN extension capability using EISLs Answer: A, B, D Question: 10 A large credit card processing firm is adding a second data center to support business continuance. What is the recommended solution for extending the SAN to the second data center if both data centers are active? A. iSCSI installation and a bridge the Ethernet network to the Fibre Channel fabric B. asynchronous replication using FCIP C. dual homed servers, and IP connectivity using multiple paths D. synchronous replication using DWDM Answer: D Question: 11 Which three applications would be best suited for a SAN rather than a NAS environment? (Choose three.) A. web content services B. order entry and inventory tracking C. enterprise resource planning (ERP) D. credit card transactions Answer: B, C, D Question: 12 In addition to providing secure computer room access, what three MDS 9000 features can help enhance physical security? (Choose three.) A. the placement of all unused FC ports in a VSAN set to "deny" B. the placement of every host in its own ZoneSet that includes its storage devices C. the use of the port security feature to bind pWWNs and sWWNs to specific ports D. the use of DH-CHAP authentication to ensure fabric level security Answer: A, C, D Question: 13 A user wants to use a low-cost solution to implement an asynchronous database-replication application over a distance of 100 kilometers. Which is the lowest-cost solution meeting the requirements? A. SONET/SDH B. CWDM C. FCIP D. DWDM For Latest 642­355 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ 642­355.html

Answer: C Question: 14 Which design would provide your customer with the highest performance and port utilization? A. multi-tier design B. collapsed core design C. core-edge design D. single-tier design Answer: B Question: 15 A customer is designing a SAN to support a new OLTP application. The application requires four UNIX servers. Each server has two 2-Gbps host bus adapters and can burst up to 180 MBps. The disk array for the application has four 2-Gbps Fibre Channel interfaces. Which solution meets the design requirements of this application in the most cost-effective manner? A. Two Cisco MDS 9120 Multilayer Fabric Switches B. Two Cisco MDS 9506 Multilayer Directors, each with one 32-port Fibre Channel line card C. Two Cisco MDS 9216 Multilayer Fabric Switches D. Two Cisco MDS 9506 Multilayer Directors, each with one 16-port Fibre Channel line card Answer: A Question: 16 Which mechanism is best to isolate backup traffic from other mission-critical traffic? A. VSANs B. IVR C. zones D. QoS Answer: A Question: 17 Which three advantages use fabric-based storage virtualization but not host-based virtualization?(Choose three.) A. offers a single point of management B. supports heterogeneous storage C. does not require a host agent D. insulates the hosts from storage changes Answer: A, C, D Question: 18 What technology should a SAN design incorporate to minimize convergence time in the event of a link failure? A. FSPF B. traffic engineering C. FCC D. port channels Answer: D Question: 19 Which item correctly describes the relationship between the Cisco Value Added feature and the potential issue it would most likely solve? (1)FCC (2)Fabric Manager Server (3)RBAC (4)VSAN (5)Port-Channel (6)SPAN (I)SAN islands (II)distributed management (III)fabric login problems (IV)network congestion (V)low network bandwidth (VI)inconsistent view of network topology A. (I)-(4);(II)-(3);(III)-(6);(IV)-(1);(V)-(2);(VI)-(5) B. (I)-(4);(II)-(6);(III)-(3);(IV)-(1);(V)-(5);(VI)-(2) C. (I)-(4);(II)-(3);(III)-(6);(IV)-(1);(V)-(5);(VI)-(2) D. (I)-(4);(II)-(3);(III)-(6);(IV)-(5);(V)-(1);(VI)-(2) Answer: C Question: 20 For Latest 642­355 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ 642­355.html

Which Fibre Channel SAN topology maximizes performance and expandability? A. arbitrated loop B. multi-point C. point-to-point D. switched fabric Answer: D Question: 21 What MDS 9000 feature provides more efficient SAN utilization by creating hardware-based isolated environments within a single physical SAN infrastructure? A. VSAN B. port channel C. SPAN D. trunking Answer: A Question: 22 Recently, in a new data center, a customer has used many Cisco MDS 9509 Multilayer Directors. In the process of deployment, it was found out that 110V AC power circuits had been installed instead of the high-voltage 220V AC circuits that had been ordered. The customer made a decision to install one of the directors and deploy the 110V AC circuit. The MDS 9509 is configured with two 2500W AC power supplies. The power supplies are configured in redundant mode. In this scenario, for the following items, which is the redundant power capacity of the MDS 9509? A. 1300 B. 5000 C. 2500 D. 2600 Answer: A Question: 23 Which three characteristics of Fibre Channel switch are unique to Cisco's MDS 9000 Series switches? (Choose three.) A. LUN Zoning B. Read-Only Zones C. Internet-Switch Link D. Fibre Channel Congestion ControlF Answer: A, B, D Question: 24 A customer has 80% of the total storage space directly connected to servers. The storage space needs are growing at 50% per year. Given these facts, which solution is recommended? A. server consolidation B. storage expansion C. storage consolidation D. increase in server capacity Answer: C

For Latest 642­355 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ 642­355.html

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For Latest 642­355 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ 642­355.html

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