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Question: 1 Your customer has 600 remote locations that already have Content Engines installed. Each Content Engine is running as its own independent proxy cache. The customer would like to add the ability to preposition content to each of the remote Content Engines. Which Content Engine should be purchased to function in the mode of Content Distribution Manager? A. CE-7325A B. CE-7305A C. CE-565A D. CE-510A Answer: B Question: 2 Which of the following network design topologies are not supported by the CSM? A. Multiple pairs of bridged VLANs. B. One client VLAN between MSFC and CSM, plus one server VLAN connection to servers and server VLAN connecting to caches. C. Three VLANs on the same IP subnet. D. Router mode and bridged mode mixed together. E. One client VLAN and 10 server VLANs, all on different IP subnets.


Answer: C Question: 3 Which two statements are true about Content Routers in Application and Content Networking System (Choose two) A. Content Routers store on-demand and pre-positioned content. B. Content Routers route content to the edged of a content network. C. Content Routers contain the IGP routing tables for the routed domain. D. Content Routers act as authoritative DNS servers for the routed domain. E. Content Routers choose the most suitable Content Engines to handle a particular client’s request. Answer: D, E Question: 4 Which two content access authentication methods are currently not supported on the Content Engine for ACNS 5.1? (Choose two) A. NTLM B. LDAP C. Content Engine based Certificates D. TACACS+ E. Local user database Answer: C, E Question: 5 What are the minimum devices required to create a Cisco Application and Content Networking System? A. 1 CDM, 1 root Content Engine, and 1 edge Content Engine B. 1 CDM, 1 Content Engine C. 1 CDM, 1 Content Engine, 1 Content Router D. 1 CDM, 2 Content Engines, and 1 Content Switch E. 1 CDMs, 2 Content Engines, and 2 Content Routers For Latest 642­342 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­342.html

Answer: A Question: 6 Name two benefits gained when using a root Content Engine to acquire and distribute pre-positioned content to subscribed edge Content Engines. (Choose two) A. Replaces the need for internal corporate web servers, allowing users to direct the browsersdirectly at the root Content Engine B. Allows for administratively defined bandwidth control during acquisition and distribution of content to the edge Content Engines C. Can be used as a Content Router as well as a root Content Engine D. Content can be acquired from the origin server and distributed to edge Content Engines based on administratively defined times of the day Answer: B, D Question: 7 A customer wants to deploy multiple Content Engines in front of the corporate web server. Which item describes the correct ACNS deployment? A. WCCP intercepts with Content Engines deployed in forward proxy mode. B. WCCP intercepts with Content Engines deployed in reverse proxy mode. C. Content Engines are clustered using SHR (simple hybrid routing). D. Use DNS round-robin resolution to multiple Content Engines. Answer: B Question: 8 Which Server Load Balancing (SLB) algorithm allows administrators to direct a higher percentage of traffic to specific servers? A. Source IP B. Round robin C. Least connections D. Weighted round robin E. Weighted least connections Answer: D Question: 9 Which browser request authentication method automatically provides the users credentials based on information provided by a user at initial logon to the Microsoft Windows-based PC workstation? A. TACACS+ B. LDAP C. RADIUS D. NTLM Answer: D Question: 10 Which commands are used to determine if a WCCP enabled router is intercepting and redirecting packets to CEs? A. Show wccp routers from a Content Engine B. Show wccp services on a Content Engine C. Show ip wccp on the router D. All of the above Answer: D Question: 11 Which three features make the Cisco Application and Content Networking System a superior Centrally Managed Scalable Technology? (Choose three.) A. Network administrators can set up a Content Engine completely without using valuable IP addresses within their network. B. The Cisco CE 500 series devices are configured entirely from the centralized CDM. C. Network administrators can set bandwidth controls for content replication. D. Bandwidth settings for file replication can be adjusted based on time of day. For Latest 642­342 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­342.html

E. Using a unique combination of SNMP and patented Cisco replication technology, Cisco Content Engines can communicate with the CDM or other Content Engines to acquire content. Answer: B, C, D

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For Latest 642­342 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­342.html

Exam 642-342 Preparation Questions  
Exam 642-342 Preparation Questions  

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