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Free 640­553 Exam Preparation Questions  Exam  640­553    : IINS Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security

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Question: 1 Which one of the following items may be added to a password stored in MD5 to make it more secure? A. Rainbow table B. Cryptotext C. Ciphertext D. Salt Answer: D Question: 2 Which algorithm was the first to be found suitable for both digital signing and encryption? A. SHA-1 B. MD5 C. HMAC D. RSA Answer: D Question: 3 Observe the following options carefully, which two attacks focus on RSA? (Choose all that apply.) A. DDoS attack B. BPA attack C. Adaptive chosen ciphertext attack D. Man-in-the-middle attack Answer: B, C Question: 4 Before a Diffie-Hellman exchange may begin, the two parties involved must agree on what? A. Two nonsecret keys B. Two secret numbers C. Two secret keys D. Two nonsecret numbers Answer: D Question: 5 Which item is the correct matching relationships associated with IKE Phase?

For Latest 640­553 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­553.html

A. IKE Phase 1 - P4S1 and P4S2 IKE Phase 2 - P4S3, P4S4 and P4S5 B. IKE Phase 1 - P4S1 and P4S4 IKE Phase 2 - P4S2, P4S3 and P4S5 C. IKE Phase 1 - P4S2 and P4S3 IKE Phase 2 - P4S1, P4S4 and P4S5 D. IKE Phase 1 - P4S2 and P4S4 IKE Phase 2 - P4S1, P4S3 and P4S5 Answer: B Question: 6 Which three are distinctions between asymmetric and symmetric algorithms? (Choose all that apply.) A. Asymmetric algorithms are based on more complex mathematical computations. B. Only symmetric algorithms have a key exchange technology built in. C. Only asymmetric algorithms have a key exchange technology built in. D. Asymmetric algorithms are used quite often as key exchange protocols for symmetric algorithms. Answer: A, C, D Question: 7 For the following statements, which one is the strongest symmetrical encryption algorithm? A. 3DES B. DES C. AES D. Diffie-Hellman Answer: C Question: 8 Which statement is true about a certificate authority (CA)? A. A trusted third party responsible for signing the private keys of entities in a PKIbased system B. A trusted third party responsible for signing the public keys of entities in a PKIbased system C. An entity responsible for registering the private key encryption used in a PKI D. An agency responsible for granting and revoking public-private key pairs Answer: B Question: 9 Which Public Key Cryptographic Standards (PKCS) defines the syntax for encrypted messages and messages with digital signatures? A. PKCS #12 B. PKCS #10 C. PKCS #8 D. PKCS #7 Answer: D Question: 10 For the following items, which one acts as a VPN termination device and is located at a primary network location? A. Headend VPN device B. Tunnel C. Broadband service D. VPN access device Answer: A

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For Latest 640­553 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­553.html

Exam 640-553 Preparation Questions  

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