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Question: 1 RRM plays a critical role in optimizing, fairly allocating and adaptively reusing the scarce resources in wireless communication. Which two tasks does RRM routinely perform? (Choose two.) A. antenna selection B. AP address assignment C. transmit power control D. channel assignment Answer: C, D Question: 2 Which two statements accurately describe AP-specified maximum transmit power, also known as transmit power control? (Choose two.) A. The ability to dynamically set client output power during the association process increases the overall performance of the wireless network and improves WLAN device battery life. B. To support AP-specified maximum transmit power, a client station must limit its transmit power to the value specified in the Cell Power Limit information element contained in every data frame. C. With the ability to identify the number of associated clients, cell sizes, and adjacent access point radio signals, the access points can determine the optimum transmit power required for the clients. D. The ability to provide AP-assisted power roaming enables a client to roam from one AP to another more quickly by reducing the time that the client spends scanning for available APs. Answer: A, C Question: 3 If an autonomous access point allows associations from client devices that do not specify SSIDs in their configurations, which description is true concerning Public WLAN or guest network client access? A. You can set up a broadcast SSID. The access point includes the broadcast SSID in its beacon. B. You can set up a guest SSID. The access point includes the guest SSID in its beacon. C. You can set up a guest SSID. The access point includes the guest SSID in its probe response. D. You can set up a hotspot SSID. The access point includes the hotspot SSID in its probe response. Answer: B Question: 4 How to prevent deauthentication flood attacks on the WLAN? A. Enable EAP-FAST, which will protect the 802.11 management frames using a PAC, thus making it impossible for the attacker to spoof them. B. Enable 802.11i, which will protect the 802.11 management frames using AES. C. Enable Management Frame Protection on the clients and APs or WLCs, which will create a hash of the 802.11 management frames that the attacker will not be able to duplicate. D. Enable shared authentication, which will require the attacker to break the shared key before being able to perform the attack. Answer: C Question: 5 More often than not, what is the difference in transmit power between an AP operating at Tx Power Level 1 and the same AP operating at Tx Power Level 3? A. 11 dB B. 2 dB C. 6 dB D. 3 dB Answer: C For Latest 350­050 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­050.html

Question: 6 Wi-Fi Multimedia is a technology maintaining the priority of audio, video and voice applications in a WiFi network so that other applications and traffic are less likely to slow them. A. Unscheduled Service Period: The service period that is started when a WMM STA transmits a trigger frame to the WMM AP. B. definition of the differentiated services field C. Enhanced Distributed Coordination Function mechanism D. four access categories: A label for the common set of Enhanced Distributed Channel Access parameters that are used by a WMM STA to contend for the channel in order to transmit MSDUs with certain priorities. Answer: D Question: 7 John works as a network engineer. While solving a VoWLAN problem at a customer's site, he discovers many reflective surfaces within the environment. Now, the WLAN controller has all of the default settings configured. Cisco Aironet 1240 Series Access Points have been deployed; with a single antenna physically attached to each AP. VoWLAN handsets are operating in the 2.4-GHz band only. Which is the best solution to this problem? A. Disable low data rates (such as 1 Mb/s and 2 Mb/s) on the AP radios. B. Increase the AP radio transmit power. C. Add a second antenna to each access point. D. Enable diversity on the WLAN controller. Answer: C Question: 8 In order to track mobile devices properly by the location-based services, which of the following is a requirement? A. a minimum of three access points, each with a signal strength of -67 dBm or better B. a minimum of four access points, each with a signal strength of -67 dBm or better C. a minimum of two access points, each with a signal strength of -75 dBm or better D. a minimum of three access points, each with a signal strength of -75 dBm or better Answer: D Question: 9 256 bits is the length of the 802.11i Pairwise Master Key used to generate the Pairwise Transient Key? A. True B. False Answer: A Question: 10 Which two capabilities are of Cisco Spectrum Expert? (Choose two.) A. spectrum analysis of only IEEE 802.11a/b/g devices B. detection of Wi-Fi APs and clients, and, when the analysis device has a Wi-Fi network card, classification of those devices C. spectrum analysis of IEEE 802.11n Draft 2.0 devices D. detection and classification of Wi-Fi APs and clients when the analysis device has no Wi-Fi network card Answer: B, C

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For Latest 350­050 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­050.html

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