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Question: 1 Which of the following is used to produce the best LCD image on a laptop? A. Active matrix B. Active scanning C. Dual scan D. Passive matrix Answer: A Question: 2 When a user would like to access a file server with Universal Name Convention (UNC), which of the following information is needed? A. Hostname and path name B. HTTP server address on Address Bar C. SMTP server address D. DHCP server information Answer: A Question: 3 A computer that can host dual PCI-Express video cards is said to be: A. SLI compatible. B. MLI ready. C. NLI compatible. D. NVEX ready. Answer: A Question: 4 A technician receives a laptop that is running out of battery power more quickly than expected. Which of the following can the technician do to correct the problem? A. Stop using the battery and use alternating current (AC) power for the laptop. B. Replace the battery by purchasing a new battery from the manufacturer. C. Replace the AC adaptor by purchasing a new adapter from the manufacturer. D. Note on the work order that the laptop is losing battery capabilities and the laptop must be replaced. Answer: B Question: 5 WEP is used to provide: A. High-speed connections. B. Identification. C. Authentication. D. Frequency selection. Answer: C Question: 6 In which of the following locations is the IP address manually assigned for a network interface card (NIC)? A. Appletalk Properties B. IPX/SPX Properties C. TCP/IP Properties D. NetBEUI Properties Answer: C Question: 7 Which of the following is used to connect homes and small businesses to the Internet? A. ATM B. Fiber optic C. DSL D. Frame Relay Answer: C Question: 8 For Latest 220-601 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 220-601.html

Which of the following would be an indicator of a properly functioning network interface card (NIC)? A. The NIC beeps twice upon receiving an IP address. B. The activity light becomes active on the NIC in the back of the computer. C. There is a prompt to add the DHCP settings in a command line. D. The computer beeps twice during POST. Answer: B Question: 9 The MOST common cabling used in office for Ethernet connections is: A. CAT3 UTP. B. CAT6 UTP. C. RG-58 coaxial cable. D. CAT5 UTP. Answer: D Question: 10 All of the following types of networks require a dedicated server EXCEPT: A. Domain. B. Native mode. C. Peer to peer. D. Mixed mode. Answer: C Question: 11 The limited range of an IEEE 802.11g network could be extended by adding which of the following devices to the network? A. Frame relay B. Bilinear amplifier C. Access point D. Bluetooth relay Answer: C Question: 12 Which of the following are valid data transfer media? (Select THREE). A. Bluetooth B. Infrared C. PING D. IEEE 1394/Firewire E. Telnet F. IPCONFIG Answer: A, B, D Question: 13 Fiber-optic cable should be handled with care because the core of fiber optic cable is typically made from: A. Mercury. B. Copper. C. Gold. D. Glass. Answer: D Question: 14 Which of the following is the fastest method to transfer data wirelessly? A. Bluetooth B. Standard infrared C. General Packet Radio System (GPRS) D. 802.11 Answer: D Question: 15 When setting up a wired network with four computers, one computer runs more slowly than the For Latest 220-601 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 220-601.html

others. Which of the following may be the cause of the problem? A. The switch is not getting enough power to support all the computers. B. The computer that is running slowly is having packet loss. C. Windows XP can only support three computers on a workgroup. D. There is too much bandwidth going through the switch. Answer: B Question: 16 Which of the following commands can be used to obtain the MAC address of a network card in Windows 2000/XP Professional? A. IPCONFIG /RENEW B. IPCONFIG /RELEASE C. IPCONFIG D. IPCONFIG /ALL Answer: D Question: 17 Which of the following would be an example of assertive communication? A. 'We are failing on this project because of your lack of performance.' B. 'Your conclusion and recommendations are wrong.' C. 'You probably don't understand the complexity of this problem.' D. 'Help me understand why the report wasn't submitted on time.' Answer: D Question: 18 While pointing out features to a user on the users screen a technician gets fingerprints on the screen. Which of the following actions should the technician take? A. Clean the screen when finished helping the user. B. Assume the user will clean the screen and leave. C. Initiate a work order to have the users equipment cleaned. D. Tell the user where the monitor cleaning equipment is located. Answer: A Question: 19 A technician overhears a co-worker giving potentially damaging advice to a customer over the telephone. The technician should: A. Interrupt the conversation and tell the customer that the customer is receiving incorrect advice. B. Allow the customer to act on the information given so that the customer and co-worker will learn from the experience. C. Ask the co-worker to place the customer on hold and inform the co-worker of the correct information. D. Interrupt the conversation and give the customer the correct advice. Answer: C Question: 20 A technician is at a customers home and the customer wants to know how to disconnect from a wireless network after each session. The customer is informed that when the computer is turned off, the wireless network disconnects, but the customer insists that the network must be disconnected first. Which of the following actions should the technician take? A. Show the customer how to turn wireless networking on and off for every session. B. Continue to tell the customer that there is no need to disconnect before shutting down the computer. C. Because the customer is insistent, inform the customer that additional service will not be provided. D. Tell the customer that there is no way to turn wireless networking on and off. Answer: A Question: 21 A workstation should be locked when: (Select TWO). A. There are other co-workers in the area. B. Leaving for lunch or at the end of the day. For Latest 220-601 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 220-601.html

C. A user is talking on the telephone. D. A user leaves the work area. Answer: B, D Question: 22 Which of the following is a method of securing data that requires the user to authenticate using a part of their body? A. Strong password B. Smart card C. Kerberos D. Biometrics Answer: D Question: 23 Which of the following wireless encryption technologies would provide the MOST secure connection to a companys wireless access point? A. USB B. WEP C. MFD D. WPA Answer: D Question: 24 Which of the following paths should be taken to back up the key when removing old registry keys in Registry Editor? A. Key > File > Backup B. Key > Tools > Backup C. Key > File > Export D. Key > Tools > Export Answer: C Question: 25 In Windows 2000 Professional, which of the following can be used to get to the Event Viewer? A. Start > My Computer > Manage > System Information > Event Viewer B. Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer C. Start > Settings > Control Panel > System Tools > System Management > Event Viewer D. Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Management Console > Event Viewer Answer: B Question: 26 To turn on the firewall in Windows XP Service Pack 2, right click on My Network Places > Properties > right click on the network connection to the firewall > Properties then: A. Advanced tab. B. Firewall tab. C. Security tab. D. Tools tab. Answer: A Question: 27 In a facility where computers are provided for public access, which of the following passwords should be set in the BIOS to restrict access? A. Supervisor B. Power User C. SuperAdministrator D. System Answer: A Question: 28 Which of the following is monitored by the Security Center applet in the Control Panel? A. Automatic Updates; Virus Protection; Spyware Protection B. Firewall; Automatic Updates; Virus Protection C. Firewall; Virus protection; Registry backups For Latest 220-601 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 220-601.html

D. Registry backups; Windows updates; Virus protection Answer: B Question: 29 When securing a computer with a BIOS password, the CMOS settings should be protected within the BIOS, using the BIOS: A. Access password. B. Local administrator password. C. Local user password. D. Guest password. Answer: A Question: 30 Which of the following is a program that contains harmful code within an apparently harmless program? A. Trojan horse B. Spyware C. Malware D. Virus Answer: A Question: 31 A user reports being unable to connect to the network after upgrading to Windows XP Service Pack 2. Which of the following would be the FIRST step to take when troubleshooting this problem? A. Replace and configure the network interface card (NIC). B. Configure Windows firewall settings. C. Run Windows restore to uninstall Windows XP Service Pack 2. D. Restart the computer and try connecting again. Answer: B Question: 32 To open a computer case, it would be BEST to use a: A. Rubber mallet. B. Flathead screwdriver and hammer. C. Pair of pliers. D. Phillips-head screwdriver. Answer: D Question: 33 A technician should avoid wearing an anti-static wrist strap when: A. Working inside a monitor. B. Servicing AT power supplies. C. Working with Internet cameras. D. Servicing ink jet printers. Answer: A Question: 34 Which of the following would be the BEST location to place components removed from a computer that is being repaired? A. A blanket to protect components from mechanical shock. B. A wooden shelf to avoid putting mechanical stress on the components. C. The bottom of the computer case for quick retrieval and re-installation. D. An anti-static mat to avoid damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD). Answer: D Question: 35 Which of the following is the correct disposal procedure for laptop batteries? A. Throw the batteries in a trash can. B. Place the batteries in a large box and place the box in a cool dry location. C. Recharge the batteries for reuse. D. Determine local guidelines for disposing of hazardous material. For Latest 220-601 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 220-601.html

Answer: D Question: 36 A technician is in a users home and must exchange a monitor that is too heavy for the technician to lift alone and the user cannot assist the technician. Which of the following actions should the technician take? A. Leave instructions for the user to replace the monitor at a later time. B. Ask whether the user has a hand truck that can be used. C. Determine whether any of the users neighbors are at home to help. D. Tell the user that the technician must contact the supervisor to make other arrangements. Answer: D Question: 37 A technician has been splashed in the face by a chemical. Which of the following documentation should be checked to determine what actions to take? A. Employee Handbook B. Plant Manual C. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) D. Workers Guide Answer: C Question: 38 Wearing an anti-static wrist strap prevents: A. Your hands from burn injury. B. Electrical shock. C. Damage to computer components. D. Degaussing of the hard drive. Answer: C Question: 39 Which of the following would be the correct method of disposing of a CRT? A. Sending the CRT to a licensed recycler. B. Placing the CRT in a dumpster. C. Dismantling the CRT and using the parts. D. Selling the CRT on an online auction site. Answer: A Question: 40 The transference of images onto paper by using pins is characteristic of which of the following types of printers? A. Solid ink B. Dot matrix C. Thermal D. Laser Answer: B Question: 41 Which of the following interfaces is commonly used for connecting printers? A. Serial B. IEEE 1394/Firewire C. Wireless D. USB Answer: D Question: 42 A printer that is directly connected to a computer has stopped printing documents. The user observes that there are several documents waiting to print. Which of the following services could be stopped to clear the print queue and return the printer back to a normal status? A. Event Viewer B. Systray C. Task Manager For Latest 220-601 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 220-601.html

D. Print Spooler Answer: D Question: 43 A laser printer is installed on a network and the correct drivers are installed on the print server. When using the Print Setup Wizard, which of the following do the users need to install the printer on their computers? A. A CD-ROM containing all the print drivers. B. A CD-ROM containing the print spooler service. C. The serial number and model of the printer. D. The server name and printer name. Answer: D Question: 44 A scanner lights up and performs the warm-up process but when the scan button is pressed, the lamp does not move. The computer recognizes and communicates with the scanner. Which of the following could be the cause of the problem? A. The USB cable is bad. B. The lamp is locked in place. C. The USB port is bad. D. The user is attempting to scan at the wrong resolution. Answer: B Question: 45 Configuring a printer that is equipped with a network adapter for TCP/IP on a large business network requires the technician to assign which of the following to the printer? A. A valid static IP address and subnet mask. B. A valid MAC address and DHCP server address. C. A valid device name and workgroup name. D. A DHCP server address and a DNS server address. Answer: A Question: 46 To ensure bidirectional communications with a printer connected to a parallel port, the cable should be labeled: A. IEEE 802.11x compatible. B. IEEE 1284 compliant. C. Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved. D. IEEE 1394 compatible. Answer: B Question: 47 Which of the following would be the BEST action to take before disconnecting an external hard drive from a USB port? A. Disconnect the drive in My Computer. B. Use the Safely Remove Hardware utility. C. Turn off the power to the drive. D. Eject the drive from My Computer. Answer: B Question: 48 Which of the following is an example of a CPU technology? A. RAMBUS B. Hyperthreading C. Dual Channel D. North Bridge Answer: B Question: 49 Which of the following accounts are disabled by default after installing Windows XP? A. Administrator B. Guest For Latest 220-601 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 220-601.html

C. User D. Print Operator Answer: B Question: 50 Which of the following actions should be taken to keep compatibility issues to a minimum prior to a Windows XP upgrade? A. Insert the Windows XP media CD, click on Check System for Unsigned Drivers from the menu, then click on Check Drivers Automatically. B. Insert the Windows XP media CD, click on Verify System Integrity from the menu, then click on Check for Compatibility and Install Windows XP. C. Insert the Windows XP media CD, click on Check System Compatibility from the menu, then click on Check My System Automatically. D. Insert the Windows XP media CD, click on Verify System for Compatibility from the menu, then click on Check My PC for Updates. Answer: C Question: 51 A customer purchased a new Windows computer. They want to ensure that the computer is always protected from security threats. Which of the following are the BEST solutions for the customer to maintain security on the operating system? (Select TWO). A. Turn off all services in MSCONFIG B. Turn on automatic updates C. Install antivirus software D. Run disk defragmenter weekly E. Start the computer in safe mode Answer: B, C Question: 52 Which of the following recovery console commands should a technician use to repair system file corruption? A. CHKDSK B. FIXBOOT C. FIXMBR D. SCANDISK Answer: A Question: 53 Which of the following is the BEST way to clean card edge connectors? A. Lick fingers and rub the connectors. B. Use canned compressed air. C. Scrape the connectors with a fingernail. D. Use rubbing alcohol with an antistatic towel. Answer: D Question: 54 All of the following are startup modes for services EXCEPT: A. System. B. Sanual. C. Disabled. D. Automatic. Answer: A Question: 55 Before installing a new device on a Windows XP computer, which of the following choices is BEST practice? A. Backup the My Documents folder B. Create a system restore point C. Defragment the hard drive D. Run CHKDSK For Latest 220-601 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 220-601.html

Answer: B Question: 56 The technology used to monitor hard drives for potential failure is called: A. PIO. B. UDMA. C. ATA1. D. SMART. Answer: D Question: 57 A technician is working on a customer computer that has been overheating. Upon examination, the technician notices that the fan guards are covered in dust. Which of the following is the BEST way for the technician to handle this issue? A. Collect the dust off of the computer and place it on the desk for the customer to see. B. Inform the customer that the room has to be kept cleaner than it is now for the computer to work. C. Remove the dust and explain the need to keep the computer free of dust. D. Replace the fans and guards; inform the customer that the problem has been fixed. Answer: C Question: 58 Which of the following power modes for a laptop copies system data to the hard drive, before completely turning off? A. Hibernate B. Suspend C. Standby D. Log off Answer: A Question: 59 When preparing to add RAM to a desktop PC which of the following is the FIRST thing to do? A. Remove existing RAM Modules B. Locate the system empty memory slots C. Disconnect the power cable D. Close Windows and power off the PC Answer: D Question: 60 Which of the following measures would prevent computer slowdown when used periodically? A. Disk Defragmentation B. Scandisk C. System Restore D. Disk Management Answer: A Question: 61 Which of the following BEST describes a Local Area Network (LAN)? A. Limited to a geographic area or city B. Limited to a campus area C. Typically used in terminal communication D. Typically confined to a building Answer: D Question: 62 A technician is asked to prepare a computer that is going to be deployed in an office. Which of the following is the MOST important step the technician should take prior to installing the computer in the office? A. Update operating system patches B. Change the computer name C. Flash the BIOS D. Remove the internet history and cookies For Latest 220-601 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 220-601.html

Answer: A Question: 63 A user is complaining that their computer is slow. A technician wishes to run a utility to see if a single program is using up most of the CPU time. Which of the following utilities could the technician run? A. System Properties B. Task Manager C. Device Manager D. Windows Explorer Answer: B Question: 64 How many pins does a Floppy Drive Connector contain? A. 24 pins B. 34 pins C. 40 pins D. 50 pins Answer: B Question: 65 When configuring a new laptop that is running Windows XP operating system, the processor fan seems to be running on high continuously. Which of the following can be checked to ensure that the laptop is running at optimal level? A. Network Settings B. Device manager C. Automatic Updates D. Power Options Answer: D Question: 66 Which of the following is the maximum length of the UTP CAT5 network cable? A. 90 Meters (295 Feet) B. 100 Meters (328 Feet) C. 150 Meters (492 Feet) D. 185 Meters (606 Feet) Answer: B Question: 67 Which of the following are other terms for the computer monitor? (Select TWO). A. VGU B. VGA C. VDU D. GUI E. TFT Answer: B, C Question: 68 When installing a second hard drive for storage on the same channel, which of the following are the proper jumper settings? A. Second hard drive Master, First hard drive Master B. First hard drive Master, Second hard drive Slave C. Second hard drive Slave, First hard drive Slave D. First hard drive Slave, Second hard drive Master Answer: B Question: 69 A technician is asked to upgrade a computer with a faster network card. The existing network card is built in, and a PCI slot is available for the replacement. The new network card is placed into the PCI slot. Which of the following should be the next step for the technician to take? A. Update the operating system with the latest patch B. Flash the BIOS C. Remove the built-in network card For Latest 220-601 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 220-601.html

D. Confirm availability of new network card drivers Answer: D Question: 70 A customer brings in a laptop that will not boot. When it is plugged into the wall, no LEDs come on. When the power button is pressed, there is no activity. Which of the following procedures should the technician do FIRST? A. Test the AC adapter B. Test the inverter C. Test the charging circuit D. Test the CMOS battery Answer: A Question: 71 When answering a technical support call, which of the following would be the MOST appropriate action? A. Ask what the problem is B. Identify yourself and department C. Identify the customer location D. Ask the customers name Answer: B Question: 72 Before shipping a laptop, which of the following should be removed to avoid damage during transit? (Select TWO). A. PC Card adapters B. LCD C. DVD-ROM drive D. Backlight E. DVD Media Answer: A, E Question: 73 Which of the following are the BEST materials to use when cleaning a CRT? A. A commercial glass cleaner that is alcohol based and a soft cloth B. A commercial glass cleaner that is ammonia based and paper towels C. A high quality paper towel dipped in distilled water D. Any kind of cleaning solution for the home use Answer: A Question: 74 In Windows default settings, which of the following types of wireless networks will a wireless NIC attempt to connect? A. Computer-to-computer (ad hoc) networks only B. Unsecured networks only C. Any available network (access point preferred) D. Access point (infrastructure) networks only Answer: C Question: 75 Which of the following files queries the computer for information such as date and time, bus types, and the number, size, and type of disk drives? A. BOOT.INI B. NTDETECT.COM C. PAGEFILE.SYS D. NTLDR Answer: B Question: 76 A technician installed a new sound card in a Windows computer. After a reboot of the system, the device fails to work. A yellow exclamation point is found next to the device in the device manager. Which of the following explains the problem? For Latest 220-601 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 220-601.html

A. There is a resource conflict B. The sound card volume is set to mute C. There is another sound card already installed D. The sound card is a legacy device Answer: A Question: 77 Which of the following types of power supply typically comes with a pass-through power connector intended to power a monitor? A. Micro ATX B. AT C. Mini ATX D. ATX Answer: B Question: 78 Which of the following tools will assist in determining whether a computer can be upgraded to Windows XP? A. Windows Software Update Services B. Windows Update website C. Windows Baseline Security Analyzer D. Windows XP Readiness Analyzer Answer: D Question: 79 A new computer user has a personal inkjet printer on their desk and wants to be able to print some web pages in landscape mode. They are trying to insert the paper sideways and can not get it to fit, so they have called a technician. Which of the following should the technician do? A. Explain the display is WYSIWYG, the orientation can not be changed. B. Check the printer preferences for the paper orientation. C. Confirm the printer can print landscape by printing a test page. D. Install the correct paper tray. Answer: B Question: 80 When required to move a large, bulky piece of equipment, which of the following is the BEST practice for lifting the unit? A. Insure a good grip and lift using back and arms, keeping the unit close to the technician center of gravity. B. Insure a good grip and lift using your legs, keeping the unit close to the technician center of gravity. C. Use non-slip gloves to insure a proper grip. D. Before lifting, tip the unit on its side with the heaviest side facing down. Answer: B Question: 81 Which of the following methods used to cool a CPU provides the greatest temperature drop, while emitting the LEAST amount of sound? A. 120mm fan B. Water cooling C. Heatsink cooling D. 80mm fan Answer: B Question: 82 Where would a technician find a hazard list for servicing a CRT? A. Quick setup guide B. Maintenance manual C. Warranty documentation D. Parts manual Answer: B For Latest 220-601 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 220-601.html

Question: 83 A technician is attempting to set security permissions on a standalone Windows machine so that different users have different levels of access to specific files and folders. The technician right-clicks on a folder and selects properties to set the permissions, but there is no security tab. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause? A. The folder is compressed. B. The files within the folder are encrypted. C. The drive is not mounted. D. The file system is FAT32. Answer: D Question: 84 Which of the following types of Internet connections has a line-of-sight requirement? A. ISDN B. Satellite C. Wireless D. Cellular Answer: B Question: 85 Which of the following is the BEST suitable option when high speed, high security media is needed to move data over the network? A. Fiber Optic B. Coaxial Cable C. Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) D. Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Answer: A Question: 86 Without changing the wireless password, which of the following is the MOST logical solution to limit the wireless access to unauthorized users? A. Turn off DHCP B. MAC Filtering C. Change the SSID D. Update the router firmware Answer: B

For Latest 220-601 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 220-601.html

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For Latest 220-601 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 220-601.html

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