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Question: 1 What server pair combinations best meet full redundancy against Cisco? (Choose two.) A. S8300LSP or S8500LSP B. S8300 or S8500 C. S8500 or S8400 D. S8400 or S87xx Answer: A, B Question: 2 A customer is interested in having a VPN gateway such as a security gateway as part of their remote office solution. Where in the existing network can VPN Service Units (VSU) be placed? (Choose two.) A. Behind an access router B. Behind an Avaya Media Server C. In parallel with an existing firewall D. In parallel with an Ethernet switch Answer: A, C Question: 3 Which Avaya Gateway features Standard Local Survivability? A. G350 B. G650 C. G700 D. G860 Answer: A Question: 4 You are installing a converged IP Telephony PBX. You must assign the Avaya IP telephones to the VLAN 10, and the computers to the VLAN 20. The PC's will plug into the switch on the Avaya IP telephones. What is required on the Layer 2 switch to ensure both VLANs 10 and 20 can operate on the same switch port? A. 802.1P = 6 B. DSCP = 42 C. Port Priority D. 802.1Q/p trunk Answer: D Question: 5 Your customer is looking to open a new standalone office to support 80 call center agents with 9630 IP telephones. They will be bringing in two local voice T1s for their call center traffic. The customer will be providing all data equipment. This is a very competitive situation. What is the most costeffective solution to propose to the customer? A. S8500 / G650 B. S8300 / G450 C. S8300 / G350 D. S8300 / IG550 Answer: B Question: 6 A major call center outsourcer is in the process of implementing a disaster recovery location and is placing an S8500 Media Server configured as an Enterprise Survivable Server (ESS) at their backup facility. To successfully design a solution that meets the customer needs for survivability and prioritization, what must be done when deploying and administering the ESS servers? (Choose two.) A. Avoid overloading the network resources with excessive call traffic B. Avoid fragmenting the system so the ESS server controls as much of the network as possible C. Ensure that the Manual Backup Server is configured in the priority list of each IP Server For Latest 132­S­900.7 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ 132­S­900.7.html

Interface (IPSI) D. Ensure that every Local Survivable Processor (LSP) is aware of any G650 Media Gateways that will register to it in the event of a network outage Answer: A, B Question: 7 Your Customer wants to have a Call Center environment with IP Telephones, they want to have the maximum reliability/survivability you can offer. Which of the following you will recommend? A. S8500 with duplicated IPSI, duplicated media processors and duplicated C-LANS. B. S87XX with duplicated G650, duplicated IPSI's, duplicated media processors, duplicated C-LANS and duplicated control networks. C. S87XX with one G650, duplicated IPSI's, duplicated media processors, duplicated C-LANS and duplicated control networks. D. S8300 LSP with a G450. Answer: B Question: 8 A customer has an Avaya S87xx Media Server with an Avaya G650 Media Gateway. They want the remote site tied-in to the main. The remote site has a DSL line for Internet access. They currently have a secure VPN tunnel to the main site and want to implement VoIP over this tunnel. What is your biggest concern as a designer? A. NAT issues B. Implementation issues C. Security cannot be guaranteed D. Voice quality cannot be guaranteed Answer: D Question: 9 In discussing an organization's DHCP strategy, you find they distribute IP address assignment for IP telephones at the branch location via the telephony gateway. Which two gateways are viable options to support the customer's DHCP strategy? (Choose two.) A. G250 Media Gateway B. G350 Media Gateway C. G650 Media Gateway D. G700 Media Gateway Answer: A, B Question: 10 You have just installed a G700 Gateway with LSP at a remote location. The G700 will be placedin Network Region 5, and register with an S8500 Media Server at the corporate headquarters. What should you do to configure the QoS settings for the G700 in Network Region 5? A. Log in to the S8500 and configure the network map B. Log in to the S8300 LSP and configure the Network Region Form C. Log in to the G700 and configure the Network Region for the remote site D. Log in to the S8500 and configure Network Region Form for the remote site Answer: D

For Latest 132­S­900.7 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ 132­S­900.7.html

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For Latest 132­S­900.7 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ 132­S­900.7.html

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