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Question: 1 Which statement best describes Jazz technology as it relates to Rational Team Concert? A. Jazz is a set of edit/compile/debug tools for software development teams. B. Jazz provides a complete environment for the development of Web applications. C. Jazz is a team collaboration platform for software development. D. Jazz is built on top of the Rational Team Concert collaboration environment. Answer: C Question: 2 A team lead who manages a team of developers using Rational Team Concert (RTC) is going out of town and wants to be able to receive changes and events in the project with his RSS 2.0 client. Which RTC feature provides that service? A. Feed Service B. Eclipse SWT Service C. Work Item Service D. Build Service Answer: A Question: 3 Which statement about the database features of Rational Team Concert is true? A. Multiple repositories can be run on one Standard edition server. B. MS-SQL is only supported by the Standard edition. C. Multiple repositories cannot coexist on one Express edition server. D. Derby is generally recommended for large, enterprise configurations. Answer: A Question: 4 Which Rational Team Concert Client Access License type for the Standard edition provides read-only access to all capabilities AND limited write access? A. Contributor B. Developer C. Designer D. Administrator Answer: A Question: 5 Which action is necessary when upgrading the Jazz Team Server from one edition of Rational Team Concert to the next higher edition? A. overlay the new edition on top of the existing edition B. install the new edition alongside the existing edition C. apply the purchased activation code to the existing edition D. uninstall the existing edition and then install the new edition Answer: B Question: 6 Which type of Rational Team Concert (RTC) customer is entitled to the full capabilities of RTC at no cost? A. Government agencies For Latest 000­M25 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­M25.html

B. Non-profit institutions C. Academic researchers D. IBM partners Answer: C Question: 7 Which statement about the build capabilities of the Jazz technology platform is true? A. Jazz installs with both the Ant and Make build engines. B. IBM Build Forge can be used as the build engine for Jazz. C. The Standard edition of Rational Team Concert adds Build Forge to the Jazz platform. D. Eclipse provides the build engine used by the Jazz platform. Answer: B Question: 8 Which type of Rational Team Concert license is included with each edition? A. Contributor B. Developer C. Designer D. Administrator Answer: B Question: 49 Which type of external SCM repository content can be imported into the Rational Team Concert SCM repository? A. Perforce B. CodeBeamer C. ClearCase D. CVS Answer: D Question: 9 What does Rational Team Concert provide that differentiates it from popular competitors such as Subversion, CodeBeamer and Perforce? A. Directory versioning B. Integrated change tracking C. Scriptable command-line interface D. Automated and reliable project tracking Answer: D

For Latest 000­M25 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­M25.html

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For Latest 000­M25 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­M25.html

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