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A customer owns a POWER5 model 520 Value Edition, with no expansion units, running IBM i V6.1. An internal QIC tape is used for system backup. The customer needs additional processor capability. They are considering purchasing a POWER6 520, to replace the 520. Both systems are at the same software tier. Which of the following should be included in their TCO analysis? A. The new system warranty will reduce the overall hardware maintenance cost. B. New software licenses must be purchased for the IBM software currently on the 520. C. The existing backup media can be used to migrate to the new CPU internal tape drive. D. The existing disk drives can be moved directly to the new CPU, so no new disks are required. Answer: A Question: 14 A customer is purchasing a 4-core Power 550. It will have three IBM I partitions sharing one core, and Linux using one core. One core will remain extra, for capacity on demand. What is the minimum number of IBM i licenses required? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 Answer: A Question: 15 A customer has a POWER5 520 Value Edition and a 5722-XW1 Client Access user based license at the P05 tier. What will happen when they migrate from the POWER5 520 to a POWER6 520? A. Client Access will remain at P05 user based. B. They will pay a P05 to P10 upgrade charge and convert to processor-based license. C. Client Access user license will convert to a processor-based license at no charge. D. They will pay a charge for 40 additional user licenses to bring them to P10 user license. Answer: C Question: 16 Which of the following tools provides sizing and planning information when proposing IBM i on a blade installed in a BladeCenter H? A. iDoctor B. Disk Magic C. PM System i D. Performance Investigator Answer: B Question: 17 A customer with two model 820s and 14 older Windows servers has a requirement to refresh the servers due to growing workload demands. Which of the following provides the most cost-effective solution? A. Power 520 with IXAs to replace Windows servers B. Power 550 with iSCSI attached SAN and BladeCenter C. BladeCenter H with Blades for IBM i and Windows using VMWare D. BladeCenter S with Blades for IBM i and Windows using VMWare Answer: D

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Exam 000-973 Preparation Questions  
Exam 000-973 Preparation Questions  

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