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Question: 1 As the result of a merger, a customer with two POWER6 550s at V6.1 needs to merge business applications from both companies. Both companies also have IBM DS6800 SANs with capacity available. The CIO would like to establish a temporary environment to evaluate various integration options without disrupting existing implementations and support structures. Processor capacity and memory are available, and the CIO would prefer to minimize hardware changes and cost until the evaluations are completed. Which of the following addresses this set of requirements? A. Obtain a short term lease on a small used IBM i system to provide a "sandbox" system. B. Create IBM i partitions with spare CPW and memory capacity using virtualized disk and LAN on the present system(s). C. Create IBM i partitions using the spare CPW and memory capacity. Obtain a short term lease on a spare tower to hold additional disk and LAN adapters. D. Create IBM i partitions using the spare CPW, and memory capacity. Obtain a short term lease on an additional Fibre Channel adapter to use the spare SAN capacity. Answer: B Question: 2 A Power Systems customer has a 525 with 30 internal IBM i user licenses. They will be adding Domino and need additional internal licenses for unlimited users who will access IBM i solely for the use of the Domino product. Which is the most cost effective way to add the additional user licenses? A. Add IBM i unlimited user license B. Add unlimited external user license C. Add IBM i unlimited collaboration user license D. Add the max number of single IBM i user licenses Answer: C Question: 3 Where can support for running PHP on IBM i V6.1 be obtained? A. MySQL B. InfoCenter C. IBM SupportLine D. Zend Technologies Ltd. Answer: D Question: 4 Which of the following features would accelerate the decision to upgrade to IBM i V6.1 for a V5R4 customer in the banking industry? A. Additional ISV solution packages B. Encrypted BRMS backups of user data C. Availability of IBM Director for IBM i D. Trial Capacity on Demand available in all LPARs Answer: B Question: 5 A Power Systems 520 customer has approximately 6 TB of disk and 2 LPARs. The production LPAR P1 hosts the customer manufacturing application. LPAR P2 hosts the test/development environment. Due to changing business requirements, the customer cannot risk any outage on the productionLPAR and has decided to implement a High Availability/Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) solution.Which solution provides the most reliable and cost effective HA/DR solution? A. Install a second 520 at the same location and implement HA/DR software. B. Install a second 520 at a secondary location and implement HA/DR software. C. Use the test/dev LPAR to host the HA environment and implement HA/DR software between P1 and P2. D. Expand the current server to host a third LPAR P3 for the HA environment and implement HA/DR software between P1 and P3. Answer: B Question: 6 A prospect is concerned about managing system growth, complexity and security. What enhanced IBM i V6.1 features should be presented? For Latest 000-973 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 000-973.html

A. DB2 Web Query and PowerHA (HASM) B. Active Energy Manager and iSCSI Integration C. Browser-based management tools and encryption D. Optimized Java Performance and integrated web services Answer: C Question: 7 Which of the following is the earliest hardware model that supports IBM I V6.1? A. 810 B. 820 C. 520 D. 525 Answer: A Question: 8 A prospect is concerned about maximizing return on IT investments. Which new features of IBM i V6.1 should be emphasized? A. Advanced virtualization, SAN Integration, Active Energy Manager. B. Single level storage, Object based architecture, Work Management features. C. Hypervisor LPARs, Solaris OS container support, DB2 for IBM i enhancements. D. TSM Encryption enhancements, Web-based systems management, COBOL improvements. Answer: A Question: 9 Which of the following POWER6 servers include Optimum Care Service? A. 520 1-core B. 520 2-core C. 570 8-core D. 550 Enterprise Edition Answer: C Question: 10 A Power 570 customer is considering relocating their system from their office building to a dedicated hosting center. Which of the following factors must be considered in making this decision? A. Power, 24x7 access, remote technical support, communication and network availability B. IBM hardware maintenance and Support Line, Software Maintenance agreement, Fix Central PTF Software accessibility C. Size of space available, number of remote workstations available, physical size of the data center, physical security D. Number of end users supported on the system, size of system memory, size of disk storage, peak network bandwidth required Answer: A Question: 11 A customer with a i5/OS V5R4 is concerned about the security of the data on their full-system backup tapes. Which of the following solutions should be recommended to this customer? A. Tivoli Storage Manager B. Native i5/OS encryption function in V5R4 C. Virtual tapes to encrypted independent ASP D. IBM i V6.1 - Encrypted Backup Enablement option Answer: D Question: 12 What type of data resiliency does PowerHA iCluster use? A. Tape replication B. Logical replication C. OS-based replication D. Storage based replication Answer: B Question: 13 For Latest 000-973 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 000-973.html

A customer owns a POWER5 model 520 Value Edition, with no expansion units, running IBM i V6.1. An internal QIC tape is used for system backup. The customer needs additional processor capability. They are considering purchasing a POWER6 520, to replace the 520. Both systems are at the same software tier. Which of the following should be included in their TCO analysis? A. The new system warranty will reduce the overall hardware maintenance cost. B. New software licenses must be purchased for the IBM software currently on the 520. C. The existing backup media can be used to migrate to the new CPU internal tape drive. D. The existing disk drives can be moved directly to the new CPU, so no new disks are required. Answer: A Question: 14 A customer is purchasing a 4-core Power 550. It will have three IBM I partitions sharing one core, and Linux using one core. One core will remain extra, for capacity on demand. What is the minimum number of IBM i licenses required? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 Answer: A Question: 15 A customer has a POWER5 520 Value Edition and a 5722-XW1 Client Access user based license at the P05 tier. What will happen when they migrate from the POWER5 520 to a POWER6 520? A. Client Access will remain at P05 user based. B. They will pay a P05 to P10 upgrade charge and convert to processor-based license. C. Client Access user license will convert to a processor-based license at no charge. D. They will pay a charge for 40 additional user licenses to bring them to P10 user license. Answer: C Question: 16 Which of the following tools provides sizing and planning information when proposing IBM i on a blade installed in a BladeCenter H? A. iDoctor B. Disk Magic C. PM System i D. Performance Investigator Answer: B Question: 17 A customer with two model 820s and 14 older Windows servers has a requirement to refresh the servers due to growing workload demands. Which of the following provides the most cost-effective solution? A. Power 520 with IXAs to replace Windows servers B. Power 550 with iSCSI attached SAN and BladeCenter C. BladeCenter H with Blades for IBM i and Windows using VMWare D. BladeCenter S with Blades for IBM i and Windows using VMWare Answer: D

For Latest 000-973 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 000-973.html

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For Latest 000-973 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- 000-973.html

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