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Hagelonian Takeout INTRO CUTSCENE:

Screen fades in reveling a dimly lit tavern, the camera pans over customers drinking and talking. Bastion’s voice (Speaking softly) For ages the people in this town have gathered here… The camera settles momentarily on two old men leaning in over their drinks at a table nestled in a dark corner of the tavern. Bastion’s Voice (Softly) They tell tales of treasures long hidden, and whisper stories of demons that keep watch over it… The camera swings back through the tavern and out the door into a dusk lit town. Moving quickly down the street past people rushing to their homes as the light fades. Bastion’s Voice (Normal volume) Stories that entertain by day and instill terror by night… The camera continues to pick up speed as it moves down the street and pulls up still focusing on the street as the houses in the town give way to trees. The road ends as a wide river takes its place then the camera pans up as it moves quickly across the top of a dense forest. Bastion’s Voice (Slightly louder volume) But there are those who possess the will, or the greed, to answer the call of such adventures… As the camera pans up a tall castle spire comes into view, the camera speeds up to the ledge of the spire revealing a tall figure cloaked in shadow looking out towards the town. The camera swings behind him taking on his point of view of the town just as the sun set on the horizon. The scene goes black. Bastion’s Voice (Sounds right next to player) But all they will find….is me. INTRO CUTSCENE ENDS

Hagelonian Takeout Intro Cutscene Storyboard

Dim, candle-lit bar, the table to far left is less visible. Smoky air the sound of drinks clang.

Camera fades in, inaudible chatter from patrons

Two old men in a dark corner exchange inaudible lines.

Camera moves to two men talking (inaudible)

Door blows open and the man at the bar looks that direction. The camera moves out quickly.

Inaudible whispers, people scurry home

Camera turns back towards the door and out

Camera moves to overhead view of street

The village gives way to woods and the path ends at a river. When we hit the river the camera turns up still moving.

Camera moves down path to river

Camera pans up still moving forward to spire

As the sun sets behind the town, the screen goes black

Camera zooms to spire to showing Bastion

Camera swings behind Bastion and takes up his point of view of the sunset

Notes: All frames are the same size, cell phone pictures made a few look smaller but they are the same size.

Story Hagelonian Takeout Hagelonian Takeout Hagelonian Takeout Hagelonian Takeout Hagelonian Takeout Hagelonian Takeout Hagelonian Takeout Hagelonian Takeout

Trigger Walking into the tavern Walking out of the tavern Sitting down at the tavern Interacting with NPC Interacting with NPC Rivers edge (crossing conditions not met) Rivers edge (Crossing conditions met) After river crossing

Hagelonian Takeout Hagelonian Takeout Hagelonian Takeout Hagelonian Takeout

Next Next Next Nightfall in the woods

Hagelonian Takeout Hagelonian Takeout

Next Dawn in the woods

Hagelonian Takeout


Hagelonian Takeout Hagelonian Takeout Hagelonian Takeout

Castle grounds Next Next

Hagelonian Takeout

First ghoul encounter (after killing)

Character Barkeep Barkeep Barmaid Type 1 NPC Type 2 NPC

Examples of Character Scripting

Player Willson (the fishermen) Willson (the fishermen) Mathew (the grave robber) Anton (the knight) Player Anton (the knight) Mathew (the grave robber) Anton (the knight) Mathew (the grave robber) Mathew (the grave robber) Willson (the fishermen) Anton (the knight) Mathew (the grave robber)

Line Welcome traveler, so long as you have money to spend. Don’t be a stranger, you and your gold are always welcome. What can I get you? Something I can help you with stranger? What is it? Make it quick.

Voice Direction Excited, then serious Serious Dismissive Curious Irritated

I will need a boat to make it across. Are you sure you have all you need? You’re on your own from here.

Informative Curious Serious

Suit yourself, more gold for the rest of us. Should you change your mind, just follow Mathews scent. We should go now. We will need to set up a camp, if we try to take the castle at night we will all be doomed.

Dismissive Joyful Serious Serious

Again with the creature of the night nonsense? Give it a rest. We should make haste.

Dismissive Serious

Without breakfast, you have lost you damn mind.


This is unnatural, look at the fog. It's unnatural I tell you. The only thing unnatural here is your smell grave robber. He is right, even the creatures from the woods wont venture here.

Serious Dismissive Serious

That’s it, I am not leading first, you can take point now Mathew.


Main character interview

1. You have been kidnapped by mysterious men wearing all black, hoods covering their faces. Their leader saunters in casually, lowers his hood and smiles kindly at you. "I'm here to ask you some questions. I just need to find out how deep you are - how strong you are. If you're simply flat as cardboard, well that's when we have a problem. So let's begin with this. Tell me a little about yourself." My name is Aleister and I am a knight of the Scarlet Order. I have been sent on behalf of the order to investigate the rumors of a mysterious castle and report my findings should the rumors prove to have validity.

2. The man in black is not satisfied. "I need you to be more specific. Tell me more about your family and birth. What kind of legacy do you carry?" My family is the order, which is all you need to know. Our legacy is simple, to dispel the rumors that plague the uneducated. Where others fear the dark, the Scarlet Order brings light.

3. "All right. Tell me this: What is it you want most in the world?" All I wish to do is serve my order by dispelling the rumors that hold the hearts of men in fear and darkness.

4. "And what's stopping you from getting what you want? I know I'm not really standing in your way." Nothing will stand in the way of the Scarlet Order. So long as rumors hold the people of this world in fear, the order will be here to dispel them. To do this, I need to get back to my investigation of the towns peoples claims.

5. "How did you get where you are today? Metaphorically, I mean. I'm aware that my men brought you to this room specifically." Knights of the Scarlet Order came to my village when I was a young boy. Our village was poor and uneducated. Our elder’s believed that a witch had cursed our crops, as payment for a bountiful harvest a sacrifice was made. The order came and showed us the

truth and brought our village out of the darkness. I joined the order shortly after and severed all ties to my past life, devoting all of my being to the truth. Travelers have carried rumors to the order for years and when word of a castle surrounded by evil reached the order I was dispatched to investigate and report back with my findings.

6. "Who are your closest allies? Where did you meet them? Why do you trust them?" I have no allies with me, only tools to complete my task. I tell them what they need to hear in order to reach my goal. This is all for the greater good of the people. I trust only in that their goals guide them to my destination, the castle, and I will use that to my advantage. I have enlisted the help of a local fishermen, his need of a more bountiful catch will get me across the river where others are to fearful to go. A traveling knight in search of adventure has proven useful in that he has been gathering information on the creatures on the other side of the river for some time. His strength and determination will prove useful, as I know he will not run from a fight. I have also enlisted the help of a local grave robber. While I do not trust him to honor any agreements made, his greed to reach the castle can be used to my advantage.

7. "Who are your worst enemies? Why do they hate you? How do you know?" My only enemies are the fabricators of tales and lore that cloud the judgment of man with fear. Occasionally these people will go to great lengths to keep the order from exposing the truth. They are often found by their wiliness to share false information to me or about me. From my investigation, the origin of the rumors regarding the castle is lost to time. The people of this town are proving to be less than forthcoming with information but this seems to be out of fear and not malice.

8. "If you could change the world in one way, what would you change? World peace? Cure for cancer? True love?" It is the orders duty, my duty, to rid the world of fear and ignorance caused by rumors and lore.

9. "Everyone has lost something important to them. What is it you have

lost? How? Will you ever get it back?" The only thing I have lost is my faith in mans ability to see the truth through the darkness of fear and ignorance. I will only regain this once my task is complete.

Player/NPC Dialog Interaction Example In Breadcrumb Format

(1) You overhear two old men talking about their money troubles when one mentions the old castle across the river. You [Lean in to overhear more.](2) or [Walk over and demand to know more about the castle across the river.](3)?

(2) As you lean in you notice one of the old men pointing at a painting on the tavern wall and the other shuddering at the sight of it. You [Go investigate the painting.](4) or [Wait to see if more is said.](5)? (3) You make your demand but both men are frightened by your aggressiveness. You [Apologize and offer to buy the men a drink.](6) or [Tell them they had better make with the answers.](7)?

(4) You walk over to the painting; it’s a large castle sticking out of a forest with a river in the foreground. Eager to find out more you [Go back to your seat and wait to see if more details come up in the old men’s conversation.](5) or [Approach the old men and offer to buy them a drink.](6)?

(5) You wait to see if the back and forth banter of the two men reveals any further details regarding the castle. After some time passes with no further mention of the castle you decided to [Approach the old men and offer to buy them a drink.](6) or [Sit down at their table and ask them directly about the castle.](7)? (6) You offer to buy the two men a drink and they accept. You sit down and one of the old men asks you what has brought you to their village. Will you tell them that [you are an adventurer seeking glory and gold](7) or that [you are a collector of stories and have a few questions about the castle on the wall](8)?

(7) You notice that the other people in the tavern are now looking in your direction. The barkeep pulls a large axe off the wall and says, "I think you have had enough for tonight, kindly leave" as he motions towards the door. You [Finnish your Drink and head to sleep fro the night.](1) or [Apologize and explain that it was a simple misunderstanding.](9).

(8) One of the old men leans toward you and whispers, "It's an evil place across the river, hidden away deep in the forest". The other man adds, "No one really knows what’s there, but they say its full of gold and dammed souls". The other man turns to his drinking buddy and says, "souls of the damned" and turns to you, "he means souls of the damned". You sit back in your chair and say [Has anyone gone and looked for the castle?](10) or [If its full of gold, why have you not gone yourselves?](11).

(9) You offer to buy the men a drink and apologize again. You ask [Can you tell me more about the castle?](8) or [Has anyone gone across the forest and looked for the castle?](10). (10) "Not in a very long time" says one of the old men, "The last one that made it back is William Mallic". The other old man leans in and says, "Mallic has been dead for a several years, but he always kept a journal. It might still be with his things down at the old waterwheel house by the river". Satisfied with the lead you depart for the river.

(11) "No amount of gold is worth you soul, you would do well to remember that" says the old man. You take a drink from your cup and look him in the eye and say [Has anyone gone across the river and looked for the castle?](10) or [Thanks for the advice, I have to go now.](12) (12) You think you have all the information the two men are willing to offer so you decide to go look around the town for any other leads.

Sharing the Vision  

Intro cutscene, storyboarding, interview, and breadcrumb.