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The story of my life never told. David Antonio Vega Cadavid 10*3 Sonia AngĂŠlica LĂłpez Daza I.E Colombia 2017

This story is a short summary of my life of who I am as a person, who I have been, who I am, and who I will be what my failures have been, my dreams my achievements, how my life has been and how it will be. I want to start telling my life from the present moment, who I am at this moment in my life. My name is David Antonio Vega Cadavid, I am currently studying the tenth grade but it should be in eleven and if I lost a year, to be more specific I lost the tenth year of the year 2016, and of course as I said above I would name Have been my mistakes and my failures and I think this has been my biggest failure and the biggest mistake of my life that I regret so much, there is no worse punishment than seeing all your friends in eleven and see you alone in the 4 walls Of a room that practically the people that are with you around are unknown, in those moments that you arrive at your classes but before you met with all your friends, you greet them and you leave because of course, already they have different schedules and classes, You sit in the chairs of your unknown room you do the last position and you think that you and only you were the culprit of having committed this grave error, remember the words of your mother when I said goodbye "my child the Lord bless you with much Judgment, pay close attention, you are very intelligent "if only I had listened to my mother's words maybe this would never have happened, but as it is always too late to have noticed, if you look a little higher, I had said that There was no worse punishment than seeing your friends in the degree you should have been, but I was wrong, there is no worse punishment than seeing the disappointment of your parents the tears of your mother and knowing that those disappointments and tears were for your Mistakes, because in a home which is united thanks to God, which does not need any member, familiar, which is very well economically, the best thing that a child should do is to pay well and with good works, but we Most humans are sometimes mistaken to learn. And yes I learned, I learned very clearly that I would have liked to learn not in such a hard way and that they did not bring consequences, but if God permitted this if God wanted me to repeat it again, it is because it has a purpose for me, "PURPOSE" This word for me means that just because you are here for the very fact that God wanted you to be here is because it has a purpose in your life, and soon in a very short time I will realize what that purpose is. I was wrong and I learned and I have to go ahead and with the help of God, promote me, I only ask God to give me strength, intelligence, and do not allow me to be lazy and can understand everything with great ease, I know It is difficult but not impossible and maybe I am a fool believing that I can do this, but if I am dedicated I can achieve it I have to believe in myself and although I am not the most intelligent of all I can surpass myself is just a matter of knowing that If I can and with the mere fact of merging these ideas I will succeed and if I do not succeed I will be happy because I try because I gave everything of myself but in this life I do not always win I'm not sure if I'll promote myself but if I'm sure of something , That I do not waste another year. I think that this story would be incomplete if I do not mention for me how it was 2016 and I have two words to define that it was this year JOYS and FAILURES, if you were happy, I met people I had not met, who are now my great friends, my Confidants; Are wonderful people that I do not regret knowing, are those friends like you were waiting for them without realizing it, and it's very hard to be aware that they are not with you this year, but despite everything I'm still there with them and They with me and that is something that a

degree of difference nor some four walls will be able to separate. I've learned a lot from them and I think they are from me, now I know I'm not alone, well I've never been, I've always had my family with me, but it's good to know that I have friends who help me and who love me and those are My joys of the year 2016. If as I said before, there were joys but also failures and one factor that greatly influenced this failure is called DISOBEDIENCE and PEREZA for me these two words represented my greatest failure and my greatest loss. As you see this is me at the moment, this is my present and although I do not like it much I am forced to accept it, but I know that with the passage of time I will accept it.

As you see I wanted to write my story in a different way first copy my present I will now tell my past who I have been or who I have been.

My name is David and it was the name my mother chose for me, I always wanted this name because of its meaning that is "God's chosen one" when my mother was pregnant I had a planning device in the vagina but then it had to be removed And I was in grave danger of coming from my mother's womb, she tells me that it was a difficult decision to accept that they would take that device because the risk was very high, but thank God did not happen a tragedy and therefore the name David therefore chose this name my name. In my first months I was a child with very good health, but at 9 months I started with a disease called pneumonia and bronchioneomonia, I was hospitalized for many months my family suffered a lot for my condition and I was sick almost until 2 years, until the day That my mother and I can say that it was God who made a miracle in my life and I completely cure myself of this disease. I grew up and was a very smart boy, I learned to tie my shoes at age 2, I know it is not something of a super genius but most children learn at age five or six at 4 years I would dress only for Going to nursery at 5 years I started going to a kindergarten and school called Comfama I stood out a lot for being a very talkative, peaceful and sociable child I liked to participate a lot in the different works that placed us do I think I have very good Memory because I remember very well the schedule I had at that time on Mondays I used to be in computer room, on Tuesdays we almost always work in the classroom but sometimes we were taken to watch movies, Wednesday was physical education, Thursdays was the Day of being in the classroom learning and took us to the library because there were a few who knew how to read and the teacher read us and Friday was my favorite day because if we did not go to the theater we went to the pool. I tell these stories of my life because they are very important to me and they marked my childhood a lot I think it was one of the most beautiful stages of my life because I learned a lot and was a very happy and grateful child with my parents and very attached to my older sister but only for 2 years of difference, my childhood I can count on and I will always be my sister and my parents who have always been with me. At the age of six years to go to school preschool was a child with very good abilities very intelligent, friendly and obedient but very talkative and a little mischievous I lived on a sidewalk and my grandfather handled the collective of that path always carried us Sister my cousin my best friend and me, we lived very close and we were always the first to get to school and we sat waiting for a while to open the school. The 5 days of the week I went to my house, to the tasks and played with my little sister and I will always remember my great friend ANITA was a girl who lived next to my house and since I was a year that was When we moved to that house she wanted me as a brother and it was like another sister for me and if I did not play with my little sister was with Anita at that time we were a little scarce resources but she always took me movies to see them I loved her a lot And any boyfriend who had the jealousy and made the relationship ended was a very good person with my family and even more with me he helped me with my tasks and taught me many things we did walks and races that would bathe first we were going to get mandarins or mangoes , Was a great person like those people that mark your life and those people that you will never forget.

The other days of the week I went and visited my great grandparents and my grandparents who lived above my house and went to play with all my cousins we had too much fun and we always had something different to play were too many cousins, very united and still are. I will always remember my childhood was a time of multiple joys and good memories thank God for giving me such a good family and I feel privileged to give them because regardless of the circumstances my parents have always been careful to give me the best to my sister and me And we always go and I will be very grateful to them although sometimes I do not show it much I love them with all my heart.

Well I have already told my present my past and now I will tell my future who I will be in a few years what will be my dreams, my achievements, my triumphs that university career I will study who I will be short, medium and long term.

First I will tell you what my dreams are, because I have always dreamed that in the future I will have lots of money, I will be very rich and I will have a very large house among many other things that we all dream about but I think dreams Of one must be beyond what we think beyond our imagination, I know that there is nothing wrong with overcoming and wanting to be someone big in life but this time in which we are human beings moves us a lot Money and I think that is our primordial dream our primordial joy and we let money a lifeless object manipulate us in such a way that we kill, deceive and steal to be able to have it, our dream at this moment more than to grow economically must be to grow every day But as a person change our bad attitudes our bad acts and grow and be better person I think that is the key to success and my primary dream is to grow more and more changing and improving and I know that in the future the money will come, because it would be a Liar if I said that I did not want money in the future or that I would not want to have a big house or a clear car that I would like but the key to success is the discipline the goal that you propose you must fulfill it and if you propose yourself as I will grow every day more as a person to change and to be a good person will do you good in life and you will be rewarded. My achievements and my triumphs I do not know what they are going to do in the future but I hope they will be achievements and triumphs that will fill me with joy some good achievements and triumphs of which my parents will rejoice and feel proud of their son. In these moments of my life I think it is a crazy thing not knowing what university career I will choose to study and soon to exercise but I think that gives me more time to analyze things well because you have to choose a career and a job that you Like and you will see that in your whole life you will not feel that it is a job because it is something you love to do. In the short term they are 5 years according to the projects of life I believe that in 5 years I will be in the university studying with joy the career that I chose to study not deviating from my goal of growing every day more as a person and studying strongly for Graduating and being someone of pride and admiration for my relatives. In the medium term that is 10 years if I will already be exercising the career that I chose I will be working with great joy. Thank God we do not need anything but I would like to give my parents money to do with what they want and I will be saving money to buy a house a car and to be able to travel. In the long term that are 15 years and I will have a house a car and I will be traveling if God wants if I would like to have a clear family I have always wanted to have a girl and a child and to be with them that they are my primordial joy I want to be a man and More than a good man to be a good father as is mine with me I want to be an example for them. This was the small summary of my life of my present, my past and my future of my achievements, my failures, who I have been, of my dreams and who I am going to be and for the people or the person who reads this story " Dreams be disciplined and grow in humility "


Thestory of my life never told David Vega  

David Vega English work 10°3 Institución educativa colombia Sonia López Daza

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