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Wednesday, March 9, 2011 British Columbia-Saskatchewan-Ontario

Authentic East Indian cuisine (250)-412-1724

CAMPUS SCENE... Page 10 Alicia Zigay

766 Fort Street Victoria (between Douglas and Blanshard)

Does Canada belong at the Cricket World Cup?

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BOOK REVIEW... Page 12 The Collaborator

Immigrants still face wage discrepancy: StatsCan By Nigel Reed

DEBATE: Has multiculturalism put Canada on the wrong path?

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veryone loves an underdog. Not so a whipping boy. So which is it Canada? Should we empathize with this group of resolute triers or be embarrassed that our national team is demonstrably out of its depth at the Cricket World Cup.


There is no baseball-style mercy rule in cricket. A shellacking is just that. It must be taken on the chin and accepted with dignity. The etiquette of cricket demands a degree of decorum, regardless of the imbalance between the contestants. Continued on page 13.

New immigrants flocking to

More workers needed to fill demand for jobs


Diversity Reporter Staff


askatoon and Regina are among the fastest growing areas in the country and the province predicts at least 80,000 new workers will be needed over the next five years. Continued on Saskatchewan page 6.

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March 9, 2011

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March 9, 2011


An Angel of the North Indian immigrant and obstetrician delivers Canada’s littlest newcomers in Saskatchewan for the past 36 years Mohsin Abbas


n Saskatchewan the doctor shortage has always been a big issue, especially for expectant mothers. Finding an obstetrician poses an extreme challenge, which is why so many women are lucky to have Lalita Malhotra. Malhotra, who immigrated from India to Canada 33 years ago, set up her practice in Saskatchewan, where she’s focused her efforts on helping others. Malhotra has been a dedicated advocate for women’s health issues, especially among the First Nations of northern Saskatchewan, and it’s this work that earned her the unofficial title of “Angel of the North” by a First Nations chief. Besides overseeing a busy practice and finding time for volunteer work, she also started both a menopause clinic and the Women’s Wellness Centre. Through years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice, she’s improved the lives of the residents of communities has brought her numerous honours. For her efforts, Malhota was awarded the Saskatchewan Order of Merit in 2001, the Order of Canada in 2006 and, in 2008, was proclaimed Citizen of the Year in Prince Albert, the city where she got her start in Canada. “It is just wonderful. It makes you realize all your efforts are appreciated and that is the most satisfying thing in life,” says Malhotra of the praise she’s received for her work. As an obstetrician, Malhotra is best known in Saskatchewan for delivering more than 10,000 babies since her arrival to the province. “Every baby is a thrill and it keeps me going. I feel every child is a challenge to me and it is a learning experience every day. I have no intention of giving up,” she exclaims. Malhotra is originally from Delhi, India, where she studied medicine. Later, she went to England to do her postgraduate work. When Malhotra and her

pediatrician husband were unable to find suitable jobs in England, they decided to come to Canada. “We had always had good feelings about Canada,” says Malhotra. “We never really considered going anywhere else.” Malhotra acknowledges that, when they stepped off the plane, she and her husband did wonder if they indeed did make the right choice. “We saw about five cars on the way from the Saskatoon airport to Prince Albert. I was literally crying and thinking ‘Oh my God …’”

Back then, the couple had no idea they would stay in Canada for so long. “We only [meant to come] here for three years, which turned into 33 years,” Malhotra recalls. “Saskatchewan has been very warm to us and we have never thought of leaving.” Not that the switch was physically easy. Malhotra was brought up in a country where harsh winters don’t exist. “Climate here has always been — and always will be — difficult, but people have always been good to us.” As if her work hasn’t kept her busy enough, Malhotra has also raised three

children of her own, all of whom are now physicians. It may be surprising to learn that she did not choose her career path. As she explains, her father decided her career when she was 12 years old. “He told me ‘You go into medicine’ so I was going into medicine,” says Malhotra. Despite the many challenges immigrant doctors face, Malhotra offers this one piece of key advice: study hard. “Education is number 1 in my book. I find every day is a highlight. God has been very, very kind, and the people surrounding you make a difference.”

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When Dr. Lalita Malhotra and her husband came to Prince Albert in 1975 they had no idea they would stay so long. Supplied Photo


March 9, 2011

Events Calendar To book events or submit your event pictures email us at Filipino Community Seminar On April 2, 2011 from 9 am to 8 pm there will be a renewal of Philippine passports thru the kindness of Honourable Philippine Consulate Raly Tejada. This program is to help all the Filipino overseas workers to save time and money by not having to travel to Vancouver. Also invited is the Honourable Philippine Minister Labour Attaché Bernie Julve to lead the seminar about Reintegration to all Overseas Foreign Workers(OFW) in Vancouver Island and Victoria. This seminar benefits all foreign workers as well as their families. The seminar for Reintegration will start at 2 pm. There will be lunch and dinner served at this seminar. Our goal as VFCCA is to help all OFW, Immigrant workers and caregivers by providing workshops, seminars , food safe , and first aid courses for them. 14th Annual French Fest The Victoria Francophone Society is proud to present its 14th annual French Fest, March 10-13. This year, the festival offers a complete program including comedy nights, live performances, traditional francophone foods, visual arts, and more. Come discover the talent and multicultural flavours of our local francophonie! For more information see Intrepid Theatre Presents: Castle in the Sky Victoria-based theatre company Castlereigh Theatre Project presents a staged reading of their new play Castle in the Sky at Intrepid Theatre on March 19, 2011. Densely woven and deeply personal, the play is an intriguing study of violence through the eyes of a community dealing with the unimaginable. Intrepid Theatre Club, 1609 Blanshard Street, Victoria. March 19, 8pm (doors at 7). Tickets $10, available via phone at 250-858-6870 or email at VIRCS Income Tax Program If you are a single person whose income was less than $25,000, a family with a combined income of less than $35,000, or your Disability/Social Assistance is your primary source of income, this program will provide free, volunteer-delivered income tax filing. This program runs every week through March and April, 2011 & may be extended, based on volunteer availability and demand. For information contact Paulina at VIRCS’ reception, (250) 361-9433. Youth Theatre - Where is Home? Where is Home is a theatrical project based on the real life experiences of immigrant and refugee youth living in Victoria, performed by the youth themselves. All performances will be followed up with an interactive discussion. For further information and tickets e-mail Performances are March 5th, 12th, Mar 18th & 25th at Intrepid Theatre Club, 1609 Blanshard Street, Victoria. Tickets $10 ($5 for students w/ valid ID). Persian New Year Celebrations Come and celebrate the New Year with Victoria’s Persian community on Saturday, March 19th. From 11am3pm Centennial Square will play host to music, dance, ethnic food, cultural presentations and more! For more information send e-mails to newyear.persian@gmail. com. Alternative Policy Groups and Transnational Counter-Hegemonic Struggle – A Talk by Dr. William Carroll This presentation, by Dr. William Carroll, Professor UVic

Department of Sociology and Director Social Justice Studies Program, focuses on an emergent component of global civil society: alternative policy groups (APGs) that research and promote democratic alternatives to neoliberal globalization. Thursday, March 17th, 4-5pm. UVic Social Science & Math Building, Room A104. Shan-e Punjab 20th Youth Cultural Showcase On Saturday, April 30th the Shan-e Punjab Dance, Performing Arts & Heritage School presents their 20th annual Youth Cultural Showcase at UVic’s Farquar Auditorium. Tickets are $12 for adults, $7 for students and are available online at For more information on the showcase email shan-e-punjab@ or call 250-686-0325. The Last 15 Seconds You have 15 seconds left before the explosion. What would you say to a suicide bomber? This is the question asked by the newest play from acclaimed multicultural Canadian theatre company, MT Space. Performance dates are March 18 & 19, 8pm & March 20th, 2pm, at Metro Studio, 1411 Quadra Street. Tickets are $21 or $10 for students (rush only) and are available at www. by clicking the “Metro Studio” link. VIRCS - Parenting Your Children For Success This series will help newcomer parents and families to learn a new approach on how to successfully guide their children, build sustainable relationships with their child, address challenging moments more easily and effectively parent children using empathy and humor! Tuesday, March 15th, from 5:15-7:15pm at 2504 Government Street – room 200. VIRCS – How to Start a Small Business in Victoria All VIRCS clients are welcome to this workshop aimed at helping newcomers start their own business in Victoria. Thursday, March 17th, from 10:00am to 12:30pm at the VIRCS ESL Room, third floor, 637 Bay Street. To register, contact Marian Britto at 250-361-9433 ext 217 or e-mail James Bay Community Project – Spring Silent Auction The James Bay Community Project presents their Spring Silent Auction from Sunday, March 14 to Friday, March 25 at 547 Michigan Street. The auction will be open from 8:00am-4:00pm – come and place your bids, there’s something for everyone! Proceeds will support family, youth and seniors programs/services. Culinaire Culinaire, March 10 at Crystal Garden, is your chance to experience the best restaurants and purveyors of fine food and beverage our region has to offer. Presenters from Victoria, The Cowichan Valley, and Saltspring Island will be serving their inspired creations and signature dishes for you to try. Tickets are $28, available at or at the Bard & Banker Pub, 1022 Government Street. St. Luke’s Players present “Sinners”, a comedy by Norm Foster A furniture store owner is having an affair with the local minister’s wife. An intricate web of deceit is hilariously exposed as the police, members of the parish and the women’s auxiliary all get involved. Performances run from March 16 - 19 & March 23 - 26 at 8:00pm, with matinees on March 19, 20, 26 & 27 at 2:00pm. St. Luke’s Church Hall, 3821 Cedar Hill X Road. For ticket information see


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Mark Berube & the Patriotic Few, Hermann’s Jazz Club Folk group Mark Berube & the Patriotic Few bring their “June in Siberia” tour to Victoria with a March 17th show at Hermann’s Jazz Club, 723 View Street. Exclaim! Magazine says, “Church chimes, crackling percussion and poetic turns of phrase entangle themselves in whirling keystrokes, building upon each other as if heading towards a chaotic collapse...brilliant!” Tickets $17.50 in advance, $20 at the door. Available at Ditch Records & Lyle’s Place. Belfry Theatre SPARK Festival From March 7 - 20 Belfry Theatre will be presenting 5 new plays, 7 new free miniplays, 2 free readings, 3 workshops, a panel discussion and one heck of a party. Much of Spark is free but you’ll have to arrive early – for bigger shows tickets are required. For more information, including a calendar of events and ticket purchase, go to The Other Emily: Redefining Emily Carr She is known as Canada’s greatest woman artist, but how well do we know the real Emily Carr? The Other Emily: Redefining Emily Carr draws on the Royal BC Museum’s vast Carr collection to mount the first-ever exhibition to explore the artist’s life before she became famous. From March 2 to October 20. For more information, including tickets, go to www.royalbcmuseum. Theology Cafe Meeting on the 2nd Thursday of the month you will find how to get involved in sharing your views of faith and spirituality with others in order to have a diversity of understandings. Theology Cafe is moderated by Daniel Keeran and held on the first Thursday of every month. Next meeting is April 7, at 100 Saghalie Road. Entry is by donation, recommended donation $5. For more information call 778-433-1547 Cirque de la Symphonie Cirque de la Symphonie is an exciting adaptation of artistic performances widely seen in the theatres and arenas everywhere: aerial flyers, contortionists, dancers, and jugglers, and each artist’s performance is beautifully choreographed to classical masterpieces and popular contemporary music. March 10-12 at the Royal Theatre, corner of Blanshard & Broughton Street. For more information including showtimes and ticketing, see Campbell River – “Relationship Booster” Workshops Cultural and language barriers stop us from having an effective and heart-to-heart conversation. The Immigrant Welcome Centre of Campbell River is holding two relationship-based workshops to help improve communication. The first, “How to Communicate When Language is a Barrier” will be a full-day event on March 14. The second, “Compassionate Communication” will be a half-day workshop, held on March 22. For further information call 250-830-0171 Campbell River – “It Takes a Village” Dialogue Multicultural Services Association is inviting participants from the community to attend the It Takes a Village Community Dialogue on March 19, 2011 at Campbell River’s Maritime Heritage Centre. Participants will take part in an experiential day, learning about First Nations culture from before contact with early explorers up to present day. Refreshments and a complimentary lunch will be provided. Attendance is free and all are welcome. VIRCS Open House The Vancouver Island Immigrant Resource Centre Society welcomes you to an open house at their location on the third floor of 637 Bay Street. They invite you to join them to see multiculturalism at its best. Wednesday, March 30, 3:30pm to 5:30pm. Intrepid Theatre Presents: Castle in the Sky Victoria-based theatre company Castlereigh Theatre Project presents a staged reading of their new play Castle in the Sky at Intrepid Theatre on March 19, 2011. Densely woven and deeply personal, the play is an intriguing study of violence through the eyes of a community dealing with the unimaginable. Intrepid Theatre Club, 1609 Blanshard Street, Victoria. March 19, 8pm (doors at 7). Tickets $10, available via phone at 250-858-6870 or email at

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“The Gift” by Alice Hyde www.

BRITISH COLUMBIA Immigrants coming to BC can access foreign-language web sites Diversity Reporter staff The government of British Columbia has set up five new foreign-language web sites to help prospective immigrants who are considering moving here. offers a one-stop source of information for newcomers through micro-sites translated in Korean, Punjabi, Spanish, French and Chinese. Ida Chong, Minister of Regional Economic and Skills Development, said the translated sites are a first in Canada and give both prospective and recent immigrants important information about coming to B.C. “We must continue to offer settlement information in the way that best serves the foreign skilled-worker audience in order to continue to attract the best and brightest to British Columbia,” said Chong. “Skilled immigrants are much more likely to access and benefit from this information when it is available in their own language and in a format familiar to

March 9, 2011


them.” The web sites also use geo-targeting, which means can detect if a visitor is using an IP address from another country and then use that information to automatically redirect them to the relevant micro-site. Users visiting the site from their phone or hand-held device will be automatically redirected to the mobile site that loads more quickly and is easier to read on a small screen.

Only Restaurant on the island serving Authentic South Indian Cuisine!

- Serving Victoria for over 20 Years - Come try our Dosas, Idlis and Vadas! - A wide selection from the Tandoor and North and South Indian Thalis. - Lunch Buffet - Monday to Thursday

Open 11 AM to 2 PM and 5 PM to 9 PM 7 Days a week 102-506 Fort Street (Corner of Fort and Wharf) Tel: 250-361-9000








The Best Place on Earth

Guide for constructing new homes to protect consumers Diversity Reporter staff VICTORIA — A newly published guide is the latest tool to protect buyers of new homes and and enhance the quality of housing construction in British Columbia, says the minister of public safety. Available free online, the Residential Construction performance Guide was developed in consultation with home warranty insurance providers for use in B.C.. The guide provides information in advance that sets out the minimum required performance of new homes covered by warranty. “The province, warranty providers, the residential construction industry and consumer groups are recommending this new publication as the ‘go to’ best-practice, reference guide for owners of new homes and licenced residential builders,” said Rich Coleman, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General. “Warranty providers have agreed to use the guide to help determine whether or not a defect claim is covered by their

policies of home warranty insurance,” Coleman said. The guide explains how warranty providers will evaluate claims for possible defects in design, labour or materials in new homes. It outlines more than 200 possible defects that can be searched online — from windows that malfunction to driveway or interior concrete floors that have cracked. “For most consumers, buying a new home is one of the largest financial investments they will make. So, it’s essential that home buyers can make that investment with confidence, knowing that will not be faced with additional expenses to repair defects after they move in,” said Tony Gioventu, executive director of the Condominium Home Owner’s Association. Created by the province in partnership with the Homeowner Protection Office and industry, the new Residential Construction Performance Guide can be viewed on the HPO web site at: www.

NDP questions new Liberal leader’s commitment to put families first OPINION by Dawn Black The B.C. Liberals have selected their new leader, Christy Clark, who will be sworn in as the next premier of British Columbia later this month. While I offer my sincere congratulations to Christy Clark for being selected, I question whether she is serious about delivering real change. It’s important to note that Ms. Clark was the co-author of the 2001 B.C. Liberal election platform that kicked off a decade of crippling cuts to B.C.’s most vulnerable families and led to a dramatic decline in our health care and education systems. The HST deception is the most fresh in people’s mind. But the public is also well-aware of the failed BC Liberal policies spanning the last ten years. And they haven’t forgotten Ms. Clark had a hand in some of the most drastic BC Liberal decisions. The platform put forward by Ms. Clark and Gordon Campbell promised not to sell BC Rail, to protect the vulnerable children, to improve patient care, and to support classroom learning. All of those promises have been broken. That was highlighted this week when the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster had to treat some of its patients in its coffee shop. And again, in Surrey when students protested their over-

crowded classroom conditions. Hospital and school overcrowding is just one of the very serious challenges British Columbians face as a result of Ms. Clark and Mr. Campbell’s broken promises. We also have serious economic and challenges. Our unemployment rate is the highest in Canada west of the Atlantic Provinces. British Columbians are the most vulnerable among Canadians to an economic downturn. We continue to lead the nation in child poverty. And many British Columbians simply no longer feel they can trust their government to tell them the truth. In the face of these challenges, Ms. Clark offers more of the same. She is refusing to call an inquiry into the BC Rail corruption scandal, her promise to tie health care funding to economic growth has been attacked as reckless by her own colleagues, and she offers few economic solutions except enthusiastic support for the HST. Moreover, her pledge to put families first is undermined by her own record as a Campbell government insider. As education minister, Ms. Clark closed over 100 schools, she oversaw continued chaos at the Ministry of Children and Family Development, and she was part of a decision that even saw the BC Liberals try to cut funding for school lunch programs. Continued on page 16.


March 9, 2011


Saskatchewan considers Newcomer gateway expanding degree-grant- opens in Estevan ing status in the province Immigrants find access to settlement services Diversity Reporter staff

Diversity Reporter staff Saskatchewan is considering extending degree-granting status to more institutions of learning in the province. As it now stands, only the University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina can grant degrees other than theological degrees. Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration Minister Rob Norris announced the government will begin a public consultation process to consider an expansion of degree-granting authority in the province. “We are working to ensure that Saskatchewan’s post-secondary system is student-centred and characterized by excellence and inclusion,” Norris said. “We want to determine if expanding degree-granting status to other institutions might benefit students by expand-

ing the number of options open to them. In terms of excellence, we need to ensure that we have a broad and robust qualityassurance process.” The initiative will have three components. First, outside consultants will be recruited to help guide the project. Secondly, stakeholder and public input will be sought through community consultation and finally, standards of quality will be be developed. Alberta, B.C., Ontario and the Maritimes have established agencies to review and approve new degree-granting programs according to established quality standards. The consultations will invite input from the post-secondary education sector, including students, as well as all other interested parties.

ESTEVAN — Newcomers to the city now have a one-stop information centre to help them connect and settle in to their new community. The provincially funded Southeast Newcomer Service Centre is now open in Estevan, providing new residents from Canada and abroad with easy access to settlement information, community resources and government services. One of 11 regional newcomer gateways throughout the province, the centre aims to help individuals and families from approximately 55 communities within a 150 kilometre radius of Estevan. Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration Minister Rob Norris said the province is committed to developing a strong labour force and “maintaining dynamic and diverse communities by ensuring focused, effective and welcoming settlement services for newcomers to the province.”

The centre is a “critical element” in supporting newcomers in the Estevan area, said Norris. The centre, which is a partner with the Southeast Regional College, will co-ordinate the delivery of essential services to newcomers in the region, including language assessment, English classes, career and employment counselling and settlement advisors to direct new immigrants who qualify to resources and groups that share their ethno-cultural background, faith or language interests. Estevan MLA Doreen Eagles said, “Since 2005, we have welcomed nearly 500 newcomers to the region. As that number continues to grow, the services provided by the centre will play an even more crucial role in shaping our community.” The Southeast Newcomer Service Centre is located at 255 Spruce Drive in Estevan. For more information go to

New immigrants flocking to Saskatchewan (continued from page 1)

According to Statistics Canada’s latest annual demographic estimates, Saskatoon’s census metropolitan area increased by 7,240 (to 265, 259) as of July 1, 2010 — a growth rate of 27.7 per thousand. Regina’s metropolitan area jumped by 4, 754 (to 215,138), for a growth rate of 22.3 per thousand. Saskatoon had the highest population growth in Canada. Vancouver’s metropolitan area ranked second, with a growth rate of 22.9 per thousand, followed by

Regina in third place. Advanced education, Employment and Immigration Minister Rob Norris said the growth broke another population record for the province and as the economy grows, he expects the momentum to continue. “Saskatchewan has a combination of employment, educational and lifestyle opportunities that is unique and unrivalled in Canada. “There is little wonder people from

across Canada and around the world are flocking to all of our cities.” Net international migration was responsible for the largest proportion of growth in the Saskatoon and Regina census metropolitan areas. Statistics Canada also reported the median age in the Saskatoon area was 35.4, making it the youngest demographic in the country. At 36.9 years, Regina’s median age was the fourth lowest. “Over the next five years, Saskatch-

ewan will need to add nearly 80,000 new workers in order to meet employer demand,” Norris said in a news release. “Helping our young population to make the jump into the labour force and attracting workers from outside the province are both key priorities for our government. Our continued population growth is a sign that we are moving in the right direction, but we still have work to do.”

Victoria Filipino Canadian Caregiver Association presents VFCCA Workshop

Wednesday April 2 , 2011 from 9 am to 8 pm

Bayanihan Center 1709 Blanshard Street Victoria B.C. V8W 2J8 Kung may katanungan po kayo, tumawag lang po kayo sa amin: Nora Kirby ------ -----Annette Beech ------Malu Lavina -----------Rhey Toledo ---------Jojo Partosa ----------

250-881-0018 250-514-9599 250-216-7027 250-884-5360 250-884-0542

“ Ang VFCCA ay inaanyayahan lahat ang mga Bagong Manggagawa at OFW dito sa Vancouver Island at Victoria. Sa tulong at pagpunta ng ating Kagalang-galang na Honorable Raly Tejada at ang mga butihing kasamahan niya. Kung sino man ang kukuha ng panibagong pasaporte at makatulong at makaawas sa inyong panggastos, panahon at pagaasikaso nito. Inanyayahan din po namin ang Kagalang- galang na Honorable Bernie Julve para sa pagpupulong tungkol sa re-integrasyon, para alamin ang benepisyo para sa kanila. Mayroon po tayong pagsasaluhan na pananghalian, miryenda at hapunan. Salamat po. Ang lugar ay sa Bayanihan Community Center

March 9, 2011



Why you’re still single (For the guys) Brennan Storr It’s been two weeks since “Largely the Truth…about Why You’re Still Single (For the Ladies). While a few readers have weighed in via e-mail with comments that range from “That was sexist” to “You’re a big jerk”, I have paid them little heed. I have been too busy having rose petals thrown at my feet and throngs of adoring women shyly asking if they may touch my biceps. Having brought harmony to the fairer sex it is time that I spread the fairy dust of my wisdom to Mars and usher in a new age of understanding between the sexes – the Age of Brenquarius. What follows is Largely the Truth… about Why You’re Still Single (For the Guys): Your idea of physical fitness stops at “lifting my legs so mom can vacuum under the sofa”: No one asks that you be able to zest

lemons on your abdominals but if you bought an XBOX Kinect “because it’s just as good as a gym membership” then you’re doing it wrong. You think your hobbies are interesting to everyone: In fact, most potential mates are going to be put off by any conversation which references the thousands of dollars you have spent on what amount to militarized Precious Moments figurines or distant lands which exist only in your computer. You are looking for a woman to “take care of you”: You already had one of these - she was called your mother and she kicked you out too. If you cannot take care of yourself then you have more immediate concerns than finding a mate. You think that pornography is an accurate depiction of human sexual relations: Female adult performers are paid

Anthem Man on the Road Anthem Man


fter taking in basketball games in Houston and Dallas, where the Cleveland Cavaliers broke an NBA record for 25th consecutive loss, I was off to Boston to see Bruins. Thanks to Vancouver Island-born Hockey Hall of Famer Cam Neely, I’ve been a Bruins fan for 25 years. The games in Boston were mixed to say the least. The first was against storied foes the Montreal Canadians and was as entertaining as hockey can get with an 8-6 win for the Bruins and plenty of fights to go around. It was old time hockey at its finest. The next night I saw an NBA rivalry to end all rivalries: the Los Angeles Lakers were in town to take on the Boston Celtics. These two teams have met in the finals for 2 of the last 3 years, each winning one. The two teams also have the most NBA championships of any franchises: 17 for the Celtics, 16 for the Lakers. History was in the air as Celtics guard Ray Allen was just 2 3-pointers away from passing Reggie Miller for most 3-pointers in NBA history. Every time Allen touched the ball the crowd got ready. He hit 2-pointers and the crowd screamed, then his second 3 pointer fell and there was a standing ovation worthy of kings and dignitaries. Allen had become the NBA’s top 3-point shooter of all time and Reggie Miller was at the game to pass the torch to the new king. Even though the Lakers won, thanks

to a strong performance from Kobe Bryant, there was an excitement amongst the Boston faithful to have been there for one of their own. After that game the Bruins took to the ice for an embarrassing affair as the Detroit Red wings came to town and handed the Bruins for a 6-1 loss. Saturday night saw me up at Merrimack College to see my friend, former Victoria Grizzly captain Jordan Heywood, play hockey. Heywood is a freshman at Merrimack, playing defense for the Warriors. Heywood, the Pro Ambitions Co-Rookie of the Week, netted the game-winning goal in overtime Saturday, while picking up a career-high three points in a 3-2 victory over UNH. Heywood leads all Hockey East players with a +21 rating and has two goals and 11 points on the season. As I waited for Jordan to appear after the game he was met by the assistant GM of the Anaheim Ducks. As Jordan Heywood is a freshman in college, he’s got a few more years to earn a degree and hone his hockey skills to see where that may take him. As I write this I’m in Chicago to take in a few Bulls and Blackhawk games. Soon enough I’ll be back in Victoria where I will have more to report on upcoming events in and around the city. If you can believe it, the weather you’ve been reading about didn’t play any havoc on my flights or plans of any sort, although I did have to wear some pants.

to pretend that they are furniture with conveniently placed holes; in real life women get upset if you treat them like talking masturbatory aids. In a shocking revelation, real life women have needs and desires that extend beyond your own gratification. You say that all you need to be happy is a cabin in the woods far away from the world: There are very few women who relish the idea of pursuing the rustic life once enjoyed by Henry David Thoreau and the Unabomber. They are fond of such luxuries as indoor plumbing and not having to worry about being eaten by bears. Finally, you are just as much a child of the modern world as anyone - after one week of Walden you will miss SpikeTV and after three you will be attempting to fashion twigs, pitch and apricot stones into a pistol so that you may shoot yourself. You believe women are only interested in tycoons and underwear models:


This is an excuse. Most good, honest gals respond to simple things: confidence, kindness and enough ambition to see you periodically part ways with the sofa. There is nothing sexy about you putting on the long face in the hopes that someone will choose you like a puppy at the pound. Likewise, no modern gal worth her salt has any use for a man whose only visible means of support is the chair in which he is currently napping. You are indecisive: You are a man – act like one. It is not necessary that you run around town lifting weights and punching waiters but, for God’s sake, assert yourself. It is one thing to “float like a leaf on the river of life” and quite another to be “bent over staring at the floor tiles of life’s shower room.” And so ends the Largely the Truth… about Why You`re Still Single. What do you think dear reader? Have I missed anything? Would YOU like to touch my biceps? E-mail me your comments at An expanded version of this article may be found at

City of Victoria seeks public input on changes to Oswald Park The City of Victoria wants your feedback on proposed improvements to Oswald park. Located in the Oaklands Neighbourhood, the park provides more than a hectare of green space for Victorians to enjoy. City planners will present draft proposals to guide improvements to the park at a meeting on Mar. 10 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Oaklands Community Centre on Belmont Avenue. Residents can view displays, attend

presentations, ask questions and provide input. Participants will be invited to complete a short survey. Information panels and the survey will be available on the City of Victoria’s web site and at the Parks’ office in Beacon Hill Park from Mar. 11 to Mar. 25. To make an appointment call 250 3610600 or e-mail Oswald Park is one of several city parks being upgraded this year. For more information visit and click on What’s New.

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March 9, 2011

Canadian multiculturalism: Is it a blueprint for harmony that the rest of the world can learn from, or are we in danger of failing miserably at it like much of Western Europe? Toronto Star columnist Haroon Siddiqui argues that 40 years of official multiculturalism have given Canada a record of cultural accommodation that is closely studied and envied by other countries. Even the Aga Khan has chosen Ottawa as the site of a new multicultural research centre because “he thinks the world needs more Canada.” Historian Jack Granatstein, on the other hand, thinks we need to heed the lessons of Europe and draft new rules to prevent the abuses of multiculturalism, which he said include ethnic ghettos, lack of common Canadian values and the importation of foreign disputes. He asks: “Why didn’t we make Canadians of the newcomers?” The two Order of Canada recipients squared off in a debate last month at the Royal Ontario Museum’s History Wars series. The question they were debating was “Multiculturalism has put Canada on the wrong course.” A show of hands before the debate showed that half the audience of 300 was undecided about the value of multiculturalism, but there was a 4-to-1 margin against the proposition that it put the country on the wrong course. After the debate, the moderator, historian Michael Bliss, declared the undecided had shrunk to about 15 percent. While 50 percent still opposed the proposition, those in favour had jumped to 35 percent, swayed by Granatstein’s arguments. The historian, author of more than 60

books including Who Killed Canadian History, cited recent statements by British Prime Minister David Cameron and Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel that multiculturalism had failed in their countries. He called for a royal commission to determine the rights and obligations of holding Canadian citizenship. “Why do we assume that immigrants raised under dictatorships will instantly understand our democracy?” he asked. He said “Canada is ours,” with JudeoChristian values, and multiculturalism is a relatively new and troublesome concept. No federal money should be given to organizations to preserve languages or heritage other than English or French. He said employment equity on the basis of race should be abolished because it amounts to “quotas,” and we should stop apologizing for past abuses like the Chinese head tax or internment of Japanese or Ukrainian citizens during wartime. “Such apologies are for political purposes ... In many cases they have nothing to do with the truth.” Siddiqui countered that multiculturalism is rooted in Canadian history starting with the aboriginal concept of acceptance and accommodation, and “our Canadian response (to what’s happening in Europe) should be that they’re abandoning what they never had.” He challenged Granatstein’s idea that all immigrants should adopt so-called Canadian attributes. “Shall we write a list? We must eat at Tim Horton’s, we must

Immigrants still face wage discrepancy: StatsCan


hildren of immigrants in Canada are on average doing very well — achieving similar or better employment rates than the children of Canadian born parents, according to a Statistics Canada report released this week. But the study also reveals a wage gap between children of visible minority immigrants — particularly male Blacks, South Asians and Chinese — and their colleagues who were born to Canadian parents and are not members of a visible minority, according to the author of the report which was based on 2006 Census data. In Canada in 2006 one-third of the population was made up of immigrants or their children, the report says. “One in five people were immigrants and an additional 15 per cent were second generation Canadians,” the report explains. “In Toronto, three quarters of the population are immigrants or their children.” “The second generation is doing very well,” said Feng Hou, an analyst at Statistics Canada, in a telephone interview with the Star. “They have similar or even better employment rates than the children of Canadian born parents. And when they’re employed they’re more likely to be working in professional occupations and on average they earn more than Canadian born children of Canadian parents.” The immigrant groups the study looked at were from Europe, Asia, India, Africa and the Caribbean.

“If you put all groups together on average they’re all doing well,” explained Hou. But there are some striking disparities, particularly when it comes to income. “If their parents came from Europe they’re doing particularly well in the labour market,” said Hou. But the male children of black immigrant parents face a wage gap with lower earnings — about 20 per cent — when compared to children of Canadian born parents, Hou said. If you directly compare the difference between second-generation Blacks and the children of Canadian born parents in terms of education, where they live and their jobs the wage gap changes to 14 per cent, Hou said. Children of Chinese and South Asian immigrants are making 5 per cent to 9 per cent less than children of Canadian born parents when you factor in education and place of work, the report said. On average, the children of visible minorities earn less than children of Canadian born parents who are not members of a visible minority group, the report states, even though they are more likely to live in large centres and have a higher level of education. “Wage discrimination may or may not be a contributing factor,” said the report. Hou said he couldn’t explain the wage gap, but said he wasn’t surprised by it since other studies have found a similar trend. Courtesy of Toronto Star

watch hockey, we must drink beer? That’s ridiculous.” Immigrants, he said, “do not develop instant amnesia,” he said. “If they did we would not have so much trouble with the English and French.” Granatstein made clear that he supports “practical multiculturalism,” which he said includes the diversity of our population and such practices as intermarriage and great food, but thinks “political multiculturalism” is intent on “pulling us apart.” He said the Canadian forces are currently aiming to recruit 28 percent French, 28 percent women, 25 percent visible minorities and 3 percent Aboriginals. “That means 84 percent of recruits are not supposed to be white Canadians,” he said. “That’s simply ridiculous. Quotas breed resentment. The purpose of an army is to fight, not to engage in sociological experiments.” He also criticized the politics behind opening new consulates in India, which he said are designed “to win the 905 areas for the Tories”, but Siddiqui countered that “the key to success in the 21st century will be our ability to deal across cultures, across oceans ... the world’s economy is moving east, that’s why we’re opening consulates ... because we need them.” Granatstein criticized examples of what he called “political correctness,” including the Toronto board of education’s “terrible” idea of setting up an Afrocentric

school and the refusal of editors of Canadian newspapers to run cartoons critical of Mohammed -- “one of the worst days for freedom of speech in Canada.” He said when Muslims in Winnipeg objected to physical education classes where boys and girls played together, “someone ought to have said ‘This is Canada’.” Siddiqui said “it’s ironic that those most outspoken about multiculturalism are those saying free speech is being trampled on. They have a megaphone and they’re complaining?” The beauty of official multiculturalism, guaranteed in law and the constitution, is that “there are no second class citizens in Canada. No one is made to bow down to poobahs ... Perhaps that’s why some people don’t like multiculturalism.” The debate between the Toronto-born Granatstein and Siddiqui, who was born in India and came to Canada in 1968, was mostly good-natured. Granatstein quipped at one point that he found himself agreeing with about 80 percent of what Siddiqui said. “He’s learning, he’s adapting, he’s becoming Canadian,” Granatstein said.

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Diversity Report: Mar 9/11

By John Miller

March 9, 2011


OUR CITY Everyone has a different view of the city - we want to see yours! Send your photos, with a title and your name attached, (maximum size 2MB) to submissions Submissions to “Our City� will also be displayed on our Flickr account and may be used in future editions of the Diversity

Reverend Shana Lynngood and Inter-Cultural Association coordinator Steven Baileys speaks at the first Interfaith Open House, hosted by the Unitarian Church. The event kicked off a series of dialogues where various religious organizations will host open houses throughout the coming weeks. Photos By Dan Eastabrook/Diversity Reporter Staff

Dozens of men, women, and children gather during a noon rally in front of the Legislature to call for the removal of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Those gathered chanted loudly to passersby, some carrying placards with brutal pictures of those killed or injured during the uprising. Photos By Dan Eastabrook/Diversity Reporter Staff

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March 9, 2011

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Campus Scene: Alicia Zigay

ESL teacher give student sound advice By Yukari Tanji

“What’s your weakness in English?” That’s a question from a student that threw me off the other day. Over 4 years working with ESL students, this was the first time I was asked this question. I was going to clarify what he meant by “weakness” but I actually knew exactly what he was talking about.  When I first moved to Canada, English was my enemy. I struggled with grammar a lot and every time I used a wrong conjugation or confused L and R, I felt so ashamed and promised myself to hit the books hard. I focused on speaking perfect English and it became my obsession. I blamed every miscommunication on my English.  Then one day my Canadian friend said in the middle of a conversation “...she don’t do that.”  I doubted my ear. He was a native speaker of English and made a  grammatical error like that? My friend was oblivious to his error and continued talking.  What had just happened was a revelation. It was the moment when I found an irony in my English learning experience.  If even native speakers made mistakes, how could I get to the point of perfection?  Since then, it has become a sort of my hobby of mine to find grammatical errors in conversations. It’s a guilty pleasure. Every secret grin I make to myself gives me confidence in my English, in a twisted way. I even enjoy dumb blond jokes for the same reason.  It may sound funny but ESL students experience serious self-esteem issues. The best way to learn a language is to “learn like a child.” It makes sense, but what if you are a successful business person with a masters degree in Engineering? You Name: Alicia Zigay come to Canada, go to class everyday and play games to learn English knowing Hometown: Sooke, BC Canadian 10-year-olds can say more than you. Calling a bank to ask questions Age: 22 seems so simple, but imposes such a challenge to some ESL students. You need Studying at: UVic some way to deal with your loss of confidence. Maybe it’s just about English and Astrological sign: Virgo yet it’s all about English and a lot more. Major: Micro Biology and Biochemistry Ontario: 125 Nashdene Rd. Scarborough, ON M1V 2W3 Tel. (416) 321-2222 Fax (416) 321-5286 How did I answer my student? Favourite place in Victoria: My aunt’s place. She always tries to feed me! British Columbia: #215 2323 Boundary Rd. Vancouver B.C. V5M 4V8 Tel. (604) 215-2042 Fax (604) 215-2043 “It’s difficult for me to speak English when I get drunk,” I said, but then added: Beauty tip: Everything in moderation (including moderation) “But you know, it’s hard for Canadians too! DOCKET #: 67342 REP CODE: OCMW DATE: FEB. 15/11 MAILING: V2 JOB SIZE: 8.5” X 5.5” Career plan: To become a researcher for infectious diseases

Language I’m learning: French, German, Japanese Current mood: Sleepy and grumpy Favourite food: pierogies

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Indian actress Mink Singh gets her back painted to support the World Cup, February 20, 2011

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March 9, 2011


Filipino-Canadian girl’s dream comes true with Gaga gig It was another successful sold-out concert for Lady Gaga, her third appearance at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. But this year’s Monster Ball Tour was different from the highly theatrical and multi-costumed show of last year. A surprise guest joined her on stage, halfway through the concert, to sing with her in duet, her latest hit ‘Born This Way!’ Her name-Maria Aragon, a grade 5 student from Winnipeg of Filipino parentage, who became a You Tube sensation after garnering 17 million hits and counting with her online version of the “be yourself” anthem just over two weeks ago. She wore a black sequined pants and a white hat when Lady Gaga introduced her, hugged her and put her on her lap in front of the piano, saying “Maria’s here tonight because Maria represents what the song is all about.” Lady Gaga was in tears afterwards, overtaken by emotion she said, “Just knowing I touched one person is enough…She’s such a superstar.” Maria strode out dressed in shiny black pants, a pink shirt and a white hat. “I’m really excited that Maria is here today, because Maria represents what this song is all about,” Gaga said. “It’s all about the next generation and the future, and no more divisiveness.” The 10-year-old sat on her idol’s lap at the piano and the pair performed to a roaring, cheering crowd. Gaga, who called Aragon “Lady Maria from Winnipeg,” was in tears after the young performer left the stage. Maria Aragon says it was “so great” to sit at the piano with Lady Gaga. She says Gaga’s Toronto fans made her feel welcome onstage. The self-taught musician said she was comfortable onstage, but the whole experience was a bit overwhelming. “Lady Gaga is really big and she’s so amazing,” the Winnipegger told reporters after the show. “Being supported how she was supported up there made me feel really great.”

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March 9, 2011


The Collaborator by Mirza Waheed – review

Author Kamila Shamsie is gripped by a debut novel that offers a devastating portrait of Kashmir


he unnamed protagonist of Mirza Waheed’s devastating debut novel grows up in “the forgotten last village before the border”. The border is not really a border but – in official parlance – the Line of Control, which divides the former princely state of Kashmir between India and Pakistan; the time period is the early 1990s, when the confrontation between the Indian state and Kashmiris demanding azaadi (freedom) turned particularly violent. Such a place, in such a time, cannot remain forgotten very long.

The novel starts when the eponymous narrator is 19, and the forgotten days of the village are long past. He is employed by a captain in the Indian army to go down into a valley near the village and collect the ID cards and weapons of the corpses – thousands of them – which are strewn about the valley floor. The corpses are those of Kashmiri “militants” or “freedom fighters”, depending on which side of history you’re on, who crossed the Line of Control into Pakistan for training and were gunned down by the Indian army while crossing back. Their ID cards can be used for PR purposes when

the Indian army issues press releases about the militants it has killed; the corpses themselves are just “dead meat”, left to rot. The early descriptions of the protagonist’s visits to the valley of corpses is written in the most haunting prose. “By the way, did I mention there’s a profusion of tiny yellow flowers growing among the grasses here? . . . You can see bright yellow outlines of human forms enclosing darkness inside. It makes me cry . . . In some cases the outline has started to become fuzzy now, with the tiny plants encroaching into the space of the ever-shrinking human remains. I don’t know the name of the flowers. Some kind of wild daisies, perhaps?” Picking through corpses among the daisies would be enough to drive anyone to insanity or tears – or both – but in the case of the 19-year-old there is a possibility he faces each time he goes into the valley that makes the situation even more horrific. Might he encounter the bodies of his four childhood friends – Hussain, Gul, Ashfaq and Mohammed?

The novel is divided into three sections. The first moves between the present and the past, weaving together the story of the narrator, whose family are the only ones to have stayed in the village while everyone else has fled, with the

One of the most remarkable features of this novel is how much of it is concentrated around a single person, in isolation. It is only in his memories that the narrator has friends and a close-knit family he can rely on, and even within his memories those

Along the way, Waheed gives us a portrait of Kashmir itself. Away from the rhetorical posturing of India and Pakistan, he reveals, with great sensitivity and an anger that arises from compassion, what it is to live in a part of the world that is regarded by the national government as the enemy within, and by the government next door as a strategic puppet. early days of Kashmiri resistance; his friends went to train in Pakistan and left him behind. The second section charts the consequences of his friends’ departure amid the increasing brutality of the Indian crackdown in Kashmir; and the final part returns us to the story of the Collaborator and his relationship with the Indian captain who employs him. Along the way, Waheed gives us a portrait of Kashmir itself. Away from the rhetorical posturing of India and Pakistan, he reveals, with great sensitivity and an anger that arises from compassion, what it is to live in a part of the world that is regarded by the national government as the enemy within, and by the government next door as a strategic puppet. The book is also gripping in its narrative drama. Why has this young man become a collaborator? Why is his village empty, save for him and his parents? Why has his mother stopped speaking? Why did his four friends join the armed struggle, and why didn’t he go with them? How long can he continue to nod and listen to the drunken Indian captain, who boasts of his success in killing Kashmiri boys?

relationships start to fall away as the state of war throws up divisions and absences and speechlessness – so that when we encounter him in the present, his closest intimacies seem to be with the corpses in the field. They are the only Kashmiris of his age left in the vicinity. Waheed is too subtle a writer to draw an explicit connection between the isolation of the 19-year-old and the isolation of Kashmir as it enters the third decade of a war forgotten or distorted by the rest of the world, but the boy’s situation can’t help but reverberate beyond his individual story. It is perhaps because his story suggests so many other stories that, even though it is almost entirely focused on one man, it is the opposite of myopic. In Curfewed Night, his groundbreaking memoir of Kashmir, Basharat Peer talks of walking through English-language bookstores in Delhi and feeling ashamed of encountering only “the unwritten books of the Kashmir experience”. Not any more. Kamila Shamsie’s Burnt Shadows is published by Bloomsbury. Courtesy of The Guardian


March 9, 2011


Does Canada belong at the Cricket World Cup? Countinued from page 1. Forget cricket’s traditional image. The World Cup - currently taking place on the Indian subcontinent - is as far removed from tea, cucumber sandwiches and the village green as you can imagine. This is kill or be killed in an arena with no hiding place. In South Asia, cricket is akin to religion. The top players are worshipped as rock stars - sport’s answer to Bollywood, if you will. Their legions of face-painted fans are young, boisterous and partisan and they demand their energy and fanaticism be reflected on the field. Inside the ropes, there’s a hostile environment. Protocol dictates the fielding team clap the incoming batsman. That’s where the pleasantries end. When someone’s throwing a hard leather ball at you at 90 miles an hour, you better know what you’re doing. The sooner they can get you making that long, lonely walk back to the pavilion, the better. Humiliation is the name of the game. The bowling team wants to see the back of you before you’ve had a chance to get your eye in. Any batsman is most vulnerable in the early moments of his innings.

Cricket’s version of intimidation is nothing new. Students of the game will know all about the infamous “Bodyline” series of the 1930s. The bowling tactics employed by England captain Douglas Jardine against Australia led to a diplomatic incident and a change in the rules. Trash talk is par for the course. In cricketing circles, vocal intimidation is known as “sledging.” A batsman surrounded by a ring of five or six fielders must be mentally strong enough to block out the taunts. There is a fine line between good humoured banter and personal abuse. It is a form of legal bullying. In no other sport can an entire team focus on an individual member of the opposition from such close quarters. In many respects, cricket’s origins as a game played by gentlemen have been lost at the elite/professional level. The case against Canada So is Canada strong enough to compete at the World Cup? Not according to the game’s governing body. The International Cricket Council has ruled that Canada and three other non-Test playing nations be excluded from the next World Cup in 2015. The cricketing minnows have little

Interfaith Dialogue Project Multi-Faith Open House Celebrations Celebrate, Learn and Share with Other Faith Groups

The Victoria Interfaith Dialogue Project invites you to learn about different religions, promote understanding and build new relationships. All events are family-friendly and everyone is welcome!

Unitarian Open House Date: Sunday Feb 20, 2011 Time: 10:30am: worship 12-1:30pm: reception Place: 5575 West Saanich Rd. (near Red Barn)

Hindu Open House Date: Saturday March 5, 2011 Time: 7:30–10pm: tour and reception Place: 1934 Cultra Avenue (Saanichton)

Buddhist Open House Date: Saturday March 12, 2011 Time: 12-3pm: tour and reception Place:1050 Finlayson Street (Nepalese Monastery)

Sikh Open House Date: Sunday March 20, 2011 Time: 11:30am–2pm: tour, ceremony and reception Place:1210 Topaz Avenue (off of Quadra)

Jewish Open House Date: Friday March 25th 2011 Time: 7-9pm: ceremony and reception Place: 3636 Shelbourne St., Jewish Community Centre

Baha'i Open House Date: Thursday March 31, 2011 Time: 7-9pm: reception and discussion Place: 932 Balmoral Rd.– First Met United Church Room 132 (Chapel)

Christian Open House Date: Thursday April 7th 2011 Time: 7-8:30pm: tour, presentation and reception Place: 932 Balmoral Rd., First Met United Church Doreen McLeod Room

Muslim Open House Date: Sunday April 17th 2011 Time: 1–3pm: tour and reception Place:1250 Esquimalt Rd., Ismaili Jamatkhana

For more information contact: Steven Lorenzo Baileys 250-388-4728 ext. 116

This project is made possible through funding from the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia

Hosted by the Victoria Multifaith Society, South Island Dispute Resolution Centre & Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria

ammunition to support their future participation. Canada, for example, has never progressed beyond the initial group stage in three previous World Cup tournaments and has won just a single game. None of these semi-pro cricketing nations harbour any hope of winning the World Cup. All have a sprinkling of individual talent, but a lack of resources and an absence of regular exposure to first-class opposition limit their collective potential. The ICC argues neither Canada nor its fellow associate members will be missed in Australia and New Zealand four years from now. These teams do not help sell World Cup tickets and, generally, do not contribute to exciting matches for armchair fans around the world. Cricketing miracles are few and far between. Ireland’s shocking victory over England on Wednesday is proof that ‘Cupsets’ can happen, but it will cut little ice with the sport’s overlords. Never mind a victory for the little guy, the Irish will be out of luck four years from now. The World Cup will contract for the second consecutive edition in 2015. Only 10 nations will participate - four less than at present and a far cry from the 16 countries which battled for supremacy in the West Indies back in 2007. While the decision makes financial sense for the ICC, it could spell disaster for cricket’s wannabes. It’s a classic ‘chicken-and-egg’ scenario.

Canada may not be good enough to compete on the world stage, but how does it up its game and increase revenue if denied the chance to face superior opposition? The ICC, it appears, is not bothered. It got its fingers burned in 2007 for a variety of reasons and will not go down that road again - at least not in the foreseeable future. It wants every game to be compelling viewing for its global audience and its corporate partners. Cricket in Canada is an alien concept to many Canadians, never mind the rest of the world. The climate, of course, doesn’t help, but that doesn’t mean the sport is not played. There are hundreds of active league clubs in Ontario alone. All those clubs have players, umpires and administrators. They all have families who enjoy, understand and participate in the game at the grass roots. The numbers add up quickly, but not quickly enough for the ICC. John Davison’s record-breaking World Cup century for Canada in 2003 has been quietly forgotten. And Canada’s battling performance against Pakistan’s heavyweights on Thursday was clearly a fluke. Canada and others are seen as an unnecessary expense. It’s a shame for the growth and prosperity of a sport too often dismissed as too long and too boring by those who fail to appreciate its appeal. More tea anyone?

Nigel Reed writes about the effort put forth by Canada’s national cricket squad at the Cricket World Cup on the Indian subcontinent and whether it is worthy of retaining a tournament berth in 2015.


March 9, 2011

Pour ne pas en mettre sur le dos… dix bonnes habitudes

Adam Gottlieb,

Massothérapeute agréé en shiatsu

Imaginez… un jour sans recours au dos ! Et oui, sans les muscles lombaires, pas question de bouger la tête, de se pencher, de se redresser, de ramasser des objets, de les déposer, ni de respirer. Heureusement que ce genre d’incapacité totale est plutôt rare. Cependant, à tous les jours, des milliers de victoriens et des millions de canadiens souffrent d’une incapacité partielle. C’est le mal au dos, au cou et/ou aux épaules qui motive le plus de gens à demander un massage thérapeutique.* Alors, si l’on n’avait que cinq minutes par jour pour s’occuper du corps, ce serait une très bonne idée de dégager le dos et la respiration. Oui, cinq minutes suffisent pour éviter les blessures, pour accroître l’efficacité et pour remonter le moral. Et si l’on disposait de 15 ou de 30 minutes… imaginez l’impact sur la qualité de vie. Vous trouverez ci-dessous un régime efficace et sécuritaire, à l’intention du grand public. En cas de doute ou d’antécédents médicaux, consultez votre médecin. 1. Étirement vers l’avant et l’arrière Mettez-vous debout; les pieds vis-

à-vis des hanches; les chevilles, les genoux et les hanches détendus; le dos plat; le menton légèrement baissé. Regardez vers l’avant sans toutefois fixer d’objet. Ressentez le haut du corps qui descend le long du corps pour aller s’appuyer contre la terre. Laissez la vertèbre supérieure se soulever et se pencher vers l’avant; une par une, les autres suivent, jusqu’à ce que vous penchiez vers l’avant. Prenez quelques bonnes respirations avant de vous redresser, une vertèbre à la fois en partant du bas de la colonne. Si vous avez une bonne santé lombaire, continuez légèrement vers l’arrière en faisant une rotation externe des épaules, ensuite revenez au vertical. Répétez toute la séquence plus vigoureusement. 2. Étirement latéral Adoptez la posture initiale ci-haut décrite. Inspirez en laissant monter un bras, jusqu’à ce que sa main passe par-dessus de la tête et que son poids vous amène à vous pencher vers le côté. Le regard est toujours vers l’avant. Imaginez-vous intercalé entre deux rideaux et évitez toute rotation (colonne, cou) qui vous amènerait à y toucher. Respirez bien pour favoriser l’étirement. Ensuite inspirez en laissant monter l’autre bras jusqu’à ce qu’il vous amène à vous pencher vers l’autre côté. Respirez, redressez-vous et répétez plus vigoureusement. 3. Rotation Toujours à partir de la même posture initiale, déhanchez-vous: une hanche tourne vers l’arrière et entraîne la cage thoracique suivie du coude, de l’épaule et enfin de la tête; ensuite l’autre hanche recule et entraîne la tête, l’épaule, la coude, etc. dans l’autre sens. Allez-y doucement d’abord, ensuite plus vigoureuse-

Reserve Constable Program

The Saanich Police are accepting applications for the position of Reserve Constable. The position of Reserve Constable is voluntary without remuneration. Applicants apply online at : Please attach a covering letter, resume and recent color photograph Saanich Police are continually looking at ways to “Go Green” - therefore, we would appreciate all correspondence, including your covering letter and resume to be sent electronically in PDF format.

Application Deadline: 4:00PM, Monday, May 16th, 2011 For further information please check out the Recruiting section on the Saanich Police website at:

ment en observant les coudes monter de leur propre gré ! Pour terminer, revenez doucement à la posture initiale. C’est en pratiquant lentement qu’on se conscientise à un tel point que le corps reste bien aligné lorsqu’on bouge vite. 4. Repos actif Là où le plancher est propre et dégagé, couchez-vous sur le dos, les talons près des fesses (donc les genoux pointant vers le ciel), les bras le long du corps, le menton légèrement baissé, la nuque dégagée (vous pouvez coucher la tête sur un livre ou autre objet rigide et épais de 5 cm). Inspirez en laisser se gonfler la poitrine et l’abdomen. Expirez en laissant s’étirer la colonne vertébrale et se relâcher le poids du corps entier. Respirez ainsi pendant quelques minutes. Cet exercice relève de la technique Alexander et s’apparente également aux techniques craniosacrales. 5. Pauses Qui désire éviter les lésions dues au travail répétitif (tendinite, tunnel carpien, maux de tête, troubles visuels, etc.), se doit de faire des pauses au travail: ex. 2 minutes par quart d’heure et 10 minutes par heure. Levez-vous, étirez-vous, buvez de l’eau, allez aux toilettes – faites quelque chose qui vous fait du bien et que vous avez le droit de faire. Après tout, ce n’est pas le patron qui s’occuperait de vous si vous vous blessiez; en revanche, l’on sait qu’une pause-santé améliore l’efficacité et la loyauté au travail.

6. Équilibre gauche-droite Lorsque vous travaillez manuellement – ordi, ménage, construction, etc. – faites-le tantôt de la main droite, tantôt de la main gauche. Vous constaterez que certaines tâches se font presque aussi bien des deux côtés. Même chose pour le bas du corps: ex. notez quelle jambe tend à absorber le choc quand vous ramassez une charge. Ainsi, d’un côté les muscles se reposent et se régénèrent alors que de l’autre, ils se tonifient; en inversant les rôles par la suite la posture s’équilibre. Qui plus est, si jamais il vous arrive un pépin du côté dominant, l’autre côté sait prendre la relève sans arrêt de travail (ni de revenu !). 7. Massage Massez les points de réflexe qui se trouvent à 1,5 et à 3 largeurs de pouce de la colonne vertébrale, de chaque côté. Faites appel à un collègue (en lui proposant de lui rendre service pareil !) ou à une simple balle de tennis. Pétrissez tout autour des omoplates, des épaules, du cou, du dos et de la cage thoracique en y allant doucement lorsque c’est

sensible. Ainsi la tension se dissout, la respiration s’approfondit, les tissus se régénèrent et l’on se sent tellement bien. 8. Mobilisation Là que les muscles se sont réchauffés et les nerfs se sont décoincés on peut aider les articulations à retrouver leur pleine ampleur de mouvement. Faites des rotations des épaules, vers l’avant et l’arrière – saviez-vous que vous massez ainsi le cœur, les poumons et le diaphragme ? Poursuivez en effectuant des rotations et des étirements du cou; des cercles avec les bras, le long du corps et en travers du corps; des cercles avec les jambes (plus facile lorsque couché sur le dos, le genou fléchi); et des rotations des coudes, des poignets, des genoux et des chevilles. Cette séquence complémente la mobilisation du dos effectuée aux étapes 1, 2 et 3. 9. Alimentation Il y a plusieurs écoles de pensées quant à l’alimentation saine. En général, on s’entend sur ce que la qualité et la modération favorisent le bien-être et la longévité. Pas besoin de se limiter aux produits bios ou dits « santé »; avec quelques bons ingrédients frais et pas chers on peut faire un repas complet tout en appuyant les agriculteurs d’ici. S’asseoir tranquillement, bien mastiquer et éviter les collations, ça ne nuit pas non plus ! Ainsi, on assimile les nutriments, on élimine les déchets et on permet aux tissus de se régénérer. Protéines, gras et glucides ont tous chacun leur place à la table, même si la proportion idéale varie selon la nature et l’activité de l’individu. 10. Sommeil Enfin ! L’activité et le massage nous conduisent vers un bon sommeil. Et si jamais ce dernier tarde à venir, profitez de la tranquillité pour faire quelque chose qui vous plaît. Peut-être avezvous une posture et un oreiller préférés; on peut aussi se coucher sur le dos sans oreiller. Un matelas ferme nous masse doucement le dos tout au long de la nuit, alors que le silence et la noirceur revitalisent le corps entier ! *Selon les données de Statistique Canada, du Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association et de la revue Complementary Therapies in Oriental Medicine.

March 9, 2011


簡惠芝並不光彩的當官紀錄 校午餐經費,她就是參與決策者 之一。

新民主黨黨領白瞳恩 (Dawn Black) 卑詩自由黨選出新黨領簡蕙芝,她 將在本月稍後宣誓成為卑詩省長。 在祝賀簡蕙芝當選之際,我亦要表 達對她是否真有心改革的懷疑。 公眾需要注意的是,簡蕙芝是 2001年卑詩自由黨競選政綱的共 同起草人,自由黨的政綱造成往後 十年,大幅削減貧困家庭的服務, 醫療和教育水平下滑。 HST說一套做一套,人民還記憶猶 新,過去十年卑詩自由黨政策反覆 不定,我們都看在眼底,當然更不 會忘記,卑詩自由黨很多壞決策, 簡蕙芝都擔當著重要角色。 簡蕙芝與金寶爾的政綱,承諾不會 出售卑詩鐵路,保障弱勢兒童,改 善病人照料,支持課堂學習─結果 所有的競選支票都沒兌現。 本周最引人矚目的事件,就是新西 敏市的皇家哥倫比亞醫院,被迫在 咖啡店內治療病人,以及素里的學 生走上街頭,抗議教室過分擁擠。 醫院和學校人滿為患,只是簡蕙芝

和金寶爾未能兌現承諾的嚴重後果 之一。卑詩省的經濟同樣面臨嚴峻 考驗,我們的失業率是大西洋省份 以西最高,在全國面臨經濟不景氣 時,卑詩人民是最弱勢的一群。 我們的兒童貧窮率一直是全國最 高,人民無法再相信這個政府會說 實話。 面對各種挑戰,簡蕙芝的做法還是 跟金寶爾一樣。她拒絕為卑詩鐵路


2011 FREEDOM OF SPEECH FORUM Victoria British Columbia 2011 (Date & Time TBA)

Come listen and engage in dialogue with journalists Ethan Baron and Hafiz Imran

Free and open to the public. SPEAKER Hafiz Imran, a young reporter for the Dunya TV fled Pakistan last December after receiving death threats. His house was visited by a group of more than 10 men, including several dressed in police uniforms, on the night of August 29. Imran had reported extensively on the August 15, 2010 public killing of two brothers in his home town of Sialkot in Pakistan’s Punjab province, pressing the police and courts to solve the case. The case received wide coverage in Pakistan and internationally.


ACJA Moussa Magassa, UVic Human Rights Education Advisor, University of Moderator: ASIAN CANADIAN JOURNALISTS ASSOCIATION

For information: (250)-412-1724






貪污案召開公聽會;她主張把醫療 經費與經濟成長綁在一起,就連她 自己的同僚都認為是不負責任; 除了大力支持合併銷售稅(HST)之 外,她提不出挽救經濟方案。 她誓言把家庭放在第一,但她效力 金寶爾政府的紀錄卻並非如此。簡 蕙芝擔任教育廳長期間,便關閉了 超過一百所學校;兒童及家庭發展 廳長任內,卑詩自由黨企圖刪除學

若簡蕙芝有心證明承諾改變,她 必須在重要議題上,改變態度立 刻行動。 首先,重新召開省議會,通過 立法把HST公投提前至六月。其 次,召開公聽會,調查卑詩自由 黨高層涉嫌貪污,卻用納稅人六 百萬元支付訴訟費。第三,誠實 公佈預算,解決民眾生活費日益 高漲的問題,如未來電費漲價五 成,杜絕浪費,支持重要的醫療 和教育服務。 這些行動只是起步,真正的改變 必須是,承諾徹底改變卑詩自由 黨過去的做事方式。 簡蕙芝曾經是金寶爾的親信閣 員,參與影響卑詩自由黨的政策 走向─一個與民意脫節、束手無 策的政府,一個失去卑詩人民信 任的政府。現在簡蕙芝要我們相 信,她能做到卑詩省民期待的改 變,從過去的紀錄來看,民眾有 權感到懷疑。


March 9, 2011

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Campbell River’s annual Walk Away from Racism returns March 21 to commemorate the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The date recognizes the events of March 21, 1960, when 69 people were killed in Sharpeville, South Africa for protesting apartheid. Hundreds of residents from Campbell River take part in the one-kilometre walk through the downtown. Rachel Blaney, Executive Coordinator of the Multicultural and Immigrant Services Association, credits the events’ success to, “the collaboration of our dedicated community partners support from City of Campbell River since the beginning, and the people of Campbell River who are committed to supporting a diverse community”. Rachel believes that

“as well as making a statement against racism, participants also enjoy this free family-focused, community day, full of multicultural entertainment and diversity activities. Campbell River should be proud that it holds the record for the longest standing and most highly attended event of this nature in B.C.” The event begins at 10:30 a.m. at the Community Centre on 11th Avenue, with a social gathering and lives multicultural entertainment as well as, face painting, children’s activities and crafts in Family Place (until 1:00 p.m.). At 11:00 a.m. participants head out on the walk through the downtown core. “The route is wheelchair and stroller accessible” explains Rachel, “so everyone can participate. Please bring the whole family.” For more information contact Multicultural Services Association at 250 8300171 or

Opinion by Dawn Black (From page 5.) If Ms. Clark is serious about delivering the change she promises, then she will have to demonstrate that she too has changed take immediate action on a number of critical issues. First, she needs to recall the Legislature to pass legislation moving up the HST referendum date until June. Second, she has to call an inquiry into the $6 million taxpayer funded bail-out of BC Liberal insiders convicted of corruption. And third, Ms. Clark needs to deliver an honest budget that addresses rising costs for families, like the pending 50 per cent increase to Hydro rates, that cuts waste, and that supports key health and education services. These steps would be just be a start. Real change requires follow through and a deep commitment to change the way Victoria does business. Ms. Clark was one of the Campbell insiders that set the BC Liberals on the course they are on today – a government that is out of touch, out of ideas and out of gas. A government that has lost the trust of British Columbians. Now Ms Clark wants us to believe she can deliver the change British Columbians are looking for. Given her record, British Columbians are right to be skeptical.

Adam Gottlieb Shiatsu : Le spécialiste du massage Shiatsu, en lien avec l’alimentation et l’activité physique. ☯ Mobilité (mal de dos, tendinite, arthrite, etc.)

☯ Énergie (insomnie, indigestion, fatigue, faiblesse, etc.)

Le bien-être dans le moment et pour toujours. 250.589.8655,

HELP WANTED Panago Pizza is looking to hire drivers and chefs. Apply within at the Shellbourne location at: 3690 Shellbourne Street, Victoria (BC)

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March 9, 2011

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¶‚È, ¡Ó∆’≈ «Úæ ⁄ Í≈¬∆Í Ïß Ï Á∂ È≈Ò ÎÛ∂ ◊¬∂ «¬’ «Ú¡’Â∆ Á≈ ’«‘‰≈ ˛ «’ ¿π ‘ «¬√ Ïß Ï ˘ «Í¤Ò∂ B √≈Òª ÂØ ∫ ¡≈͉∂ ÏÀ ◊ ”⁄ Í≈ ’∂ ÿπ ß Ó «‘≈ √∆Õ «¬Ò∆ ÈØ ¬ ∆√ Á∂ «‘‰ Ú≈Ò∂ B@ √≈Ò Á∂ «Ô≈È ˘ ‹ÁØ ∫ Íπ « Ò√ È∂ ’≈ ⁄Ø  ∆ Á∂ Ó≈ÓÒ∂ «Úæ ⁄ Íπ æ ¤ «◊æ ¤ Á∂ Ò¬∆ Ïπ Ò ≈«¬¡≈ ª ¿π√ Á∂ ÏÀ◊ «Ú⁄Ø∫ Í≈¬∆Í «Ó«Ò¡≈Õ Íπ « Ò√ È∂ ¿π √ ˘ ◊À  ’≈˘È∆ ± Í È≈Ò Ïß Ï æ ÷ ‰ Á∂ ÁØ Ù «Úæ ⁄ «◊z Î Â≈ ’ «Ò¡≈ ˛Õ ‘≈Òª«’ ’≈ ⁄Ø∆ Á∂ Ó≈ÓÒ∂ «Úæ⁄ ¿π‘ Ï∂◊πÈ≈‘ Ù≈Ï ‘Ø«¬¡≈Õ

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(ÎØ‡Ø : ̱ÙÈ Í≈‘±‹≈)

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’∞ Ú À  : ÷≈Û∆ Á∂ Á∂ Ù ’∞ÚÀ «Ú⁄ Ú√Á∆¡ª √Ó»≥‘ √≥◊ª È∂ Í«‘Ò∂ Í≈ÂÙ≈‘ √z∆ ◊∞π± È≈È’ √≈«‘Ï ‹∆ Á≈ Íz ’ ≈Ù «ÁÚ√ ÏÛ∆ ÙË≈ ¡Â∂ «Í¡≈ È≈Ò ÓÈ≈«¬¡≈Õ «¬√ √Ï≥ Ë «Ú⁄ √z : ◊∞  «Ú≥ Á  «√≥ ÿ (È∆‡» √≈‘È∆) Á∂ ÿ «Ú⁄ √Ú∂  ∂ E Ú‹∂ √z ∆ ¡÷≥ ‚ Í≈· √≈«‘Ï ‹∆ Á∂ ÌØ ◊ Í≈¬∂ ◊¬∂


¿∞Í≥ ÙÏÁ ◊∞Ï≈‰∆ Á∂ ’∆ÂÈ ‘ج∂Õ ’≈ØÏ≈∆ √≥◊ª Á∆ √π«ÚË≈ ˘ Óπº÷ º÷«Á¡ª ¿∞√∂ «ÁÈ Ù≈Ó ˘ «¬≥‚∆¡È √’»Ò √≈ÒÓ∆¡ª Á∂ ÷πæÒ∂ ‘≈Ò «Ú⁄ «ÚÙ∂ √ ÂΩ  ”Â∂ √‹≈¬∂ ◊¬∂ ‘≈Ò «Ú⁄ Ù≈Ó ˘ F ÂØ ∫ HC@ Ú‹∂ º ’ ◊∞ : Íz : ’Ó∂ : Úæ Ò Ø ∫ √Ú-∂-’≈«¬È≈Â, ÙÏÁ ◊∞π» √z∆ ◊∞  π ◊z ≥ Ê √≈«‘Ï ‹∆ Á∆ Í«Úæ  

‘˜»∆ «Ú⁄ «ÚÙ≈Ò Á∆Ú≈È √‹≈¬∂ Õ Á»  È∂ « Û˙ Í‘ß ∞ ⁄ ∆¡ª √≥◊ª È∂ Úº‚∆ «◊‰Â∆ «Úæ⁄ ‘≈‹∆ Ì∆ ¡Â∂ √«Â◊∞» ‹∆ Á∂ Óπ’ºÁ√ ⁄Ȫ Â∂ ÓºÊ≈ ‡∂«’¡≈Õ «‹√ «Ú⁄ Ì≈¬∆ ⁄ÓÈ‹∆ «√≥ÿ Ò≈Ò ‹∆ Á≈ ≈◊∆ ‹ºÊ≈ ¡Â∂ √Ê≈«È’ ≈◊∆ ‹º«Ê¡ª ¡Â∂ ¤Ø‡∂ ¤Ø‡∂ Ϻ«⁄¡ª È∂ ÙÏÁ ’∆ÂÈ ’∆Â≈Õ «‹√ «Ú⁄ Ϻ⁄∆

∆ ’Ω ’Ω ÚºÒØ∫ ◊≈«¬¡≈ ÙÏÁ ¡«Ó‡ ¤≈Í ¤º‚ «◊¡≈Õ «‹√ ˘ ‘≈˜∆È √≥ ◊ ª È∂ Ï‘∞  √Ò≈«‘¡≈Õ ’∞Ú À √≥◊ª Á∆ Íπ≈‰∂ ÒßÓ∂ √Ó∂∫ ÂØ∫ ⁄Ò∆ ¡≈ ‘∆ Ú≈«¬Â ÓπÂ≈«Ï’ Íz’≈Ù «ÁÚ√ Á∂ «Ú√∂√ √ºÁ∂ Â∂ Í‘∞≥⁄∂ Ì≈:⁄ÓÈ‹∆ «√≥ÿ Ò≈Ò ‹∆ Á∂ ≈◊∆ ‹ºÊ∂ ÚºÒØ≥ √ ÌÍ» ’∆ÂÈ ’∆Â≈ «◊¡≈Õ

¡Â∂ È Ì≈Ù≈¬ ÓπÒ’ª ÚË∂  ∂ «ÚÙÚ «√Ò∂ Ï √Ú∆‚È ¡Â∂ « ‘ÈÕ √ Óπ Ò ’ª ÍØÒÀ∫‚ È Á∆ ≈‹ Á∂ ÍzÓ «Ú⁄Ø∫ ÷ ‹Ø«Û¡ Ô»Í ” «Ò‘≈˜ ”Â∂ ¡ ÍzÂ∆Ù ¡≈¿∞∫Á «¬Ò≈’ ◊Ó∆¡ «¬Ò≈Ú ⁄≈ȉ ‘ÀÕ ≈ ¿∞ÂØ∫ Á Á≈ Ș Î∆√Á∆ ‘Ø«¬¡ ËÂ∆ «’Â∂ Ú ¡ È≈ÒØ∫ ⁄≈ Ú ‘ÀÕ √Ú



March 9, 2011

Rabi-ul-awal 28 To Rabi-ul-Sani 04



Fax: 416-981-7124

303-3025 Hurontario St., Mississauga, ON L5A 2H1



MARCH 03 To MARCH 09, 2011 Rabi-ul-awal 28 To Rabi-ul-Sani 04

March 9, 2011


303-3025 Hurontario St., Mississauga, ON L5A 2H1



9, 2011 6LMarch Y

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PCS Designated Inspection Facility Honda Specialists 20 years Experience Low Rider/Fast Lube Bay/Fleet Maintenance

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24 Burnside Road West -Victoria 778-430-5858 LOURS CHOICE OF 2 CO ATINcom G (Next to 7-Eleven at Harriet) www.kukurestaurant. POCKET COIL SE Income Tax. Bankruptcy, Human Rights







Many Languages-One Mission Connecting Communities PILLOW Reach more than 175,000 Customers






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Victoria Immigrant & Refugee Centre Society

Talk to Talk to the the whole whole world world with Shaw with Shaw Home Home Phone. Phone.


Open House Wednesday March 30, 2011 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. 3rd floor, 637 Bay St







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