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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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766 Fort Street Victoria (between Douglas and Blanshard)

A Hard-Fought Happiness A love that spanned continents finds a home in Canada

Religion... Page 10 Eid-al-Adha Festival of Sacrifice

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北极第一座清真寺落成启 用 规模虽小五脏俱全(图)

Photos by Dan Eastabrook/Diversity Reporter Staff

Pich Soveat and Francis Atkinson exchange vows with Marriage Commssioner Sharon Russell. Brennan Storr

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Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant Taste and Tradition together

Diversity Reporter Staff It’s easy to forget that happiness is not guaranteed. For Francis Atkinson and Pich Soveat, happiness was something earned. The newly-wed Victoria couple have recently launched the business Cambodian Fair Trader, importing and selling crafts handmade by the women of Cambodia.

They are a perfect fit, two survivors who have seen firsthand the horrors of the world and managed to come out of it with open hearts. Soveat’s journey began in Cambodia, in 1970. The eldest daughter of two jewellers, she was five years old when Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge began their bloody Continued on page 2.

to Victoria

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November 17, 2010

A Hard-Fought Happiness Continued from page 1. ranged marriage. She demurs when asked about the marriage: “I don’t like to speak about it. It was a very bad time.” She does say that the only positive thing to come from the marriage, which formally ended in 2005 with her husband’s death, is her son, Noel, now 13. Following the end of her marriage, Soveat worked for both the Naga World Hotel and Casino and the Plaza Hotel in Phnom Penh before joining a friend’s tailoring business in 2007. “Like me, she had problems with her husband,” says Soveat. “We understood each other.” Free of her abusive husband and working as a dressmaker to support herself and Noel, Soveat’s life settled into a kind of rhythm. Then, in 2008, she met Francis. Francis Atkinson came to Cambodia as a refugee from the demons in his own life. A survivor of sexual abuse and a recovering alcoholic, the former math teacher put his life in Canada on hold to start over again in Asia. His time there, first as a volunteer and then as a technical advisor for NGOs, helped to center him in a way that therapy and medication could not. Soveat met Francis at Phnom Penh’s National Museum when he questioned her about one of the displays. She had no idea then that this would mark the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

program of social engineering, which saw cities emptied and their citizens forced into farm labour camps. Those who had previously enjoyed the privileges of wealth, status, or education were seen as potential threats and either murdered or sent to prisons like Phnom Penh’s Tuol Sleng, for “re-education”. For most of these people, this was a death sentence. Soveat’s father was sent to one such camp and his family believed him lost forever. In the labour camp, Soveat’s mother lied about the family’s status before the reform. Says Soveat, “My mother had a bad feeling, that she should not tell them the truth about her life before. So she told them, ‘I’m poor. I pick through garbage to feed my family.” In order to make the lie convincing, Soveat’s mother was forced to pull out her long nails, a symbol of her prosperity. “There was so much blood,” says Soveat, remembering that day. Her mother’s gamble paid off as she and her daughters were excluded when

the Cambodian army separated the educated and wealthy from everyone else. The poor were put to work in the fields - the second group was to be executed. Every night, in groups of 10-20, the condemned were blindfolded, lined up and bludgeoned “I remember every night, at 2 or 3 in the morning, hearing them scream. They were beaten to death because the soldiers said they weren’t worth the bullets.” As she goes on to describe how her mother was eventually forced by soldiers to choose between her daughters, Soveat’s voice catches: “They told her, ‘You can only keep one [daughter]...and she looked at both of us. She chose me because I was the oldest.” Soveat’s sister was then murdered. She was two years old. Soveat and her mother survived the rule of the Khmer Rouge and the years that followed. The family eventually discovered that her father was still alive, having somehow managed to escape from “re-education”. He returned a changed man, however, and in 1994 forced Soveat into an ar-

The two became friends, Soveat inviting Francis on a tour of the city. Over the next two years their unexpected friendship blossomed into love. Eventually they came to realize that their future together lay in Canada. Soveat and Francis were married in an intimate ceremony at the Victoria restaurant Real Taste of India on Saturday, Nov. 6. In front of Soveat’s mother, Francis’ daughters Lyn and Arainn, and a selection of close friends, the two were pronounced husband and wife. Their journey is not yet complete however - permanent residence applications for Soveat and Noel must be completed and approved before they can rest easy. When asked about their future, Soveat and Francis smile and take one another’s hand. “We’re not worried,” he says. “We know that this is right. That’s all we need.”

Atkinson’s daughters Lyn, left, and Arainn served as ringbearers. Photo by Dan Eastabrook/ Diversity Reporter Staff

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November 17, 2010

Only Restaurant on the island serving Authentic South Indian Cuisine!

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November 17, 2010


Dracula Alive And Kicking At Romanian Festival Report & Photos by Randy Hume Diversity Reporter Staff


ictoria’s Romanian community stepped out to celebrate their heritage at the Polish White Eagle Hall on Saturday, November 6. They came to enjoy the Dracula Festival, a celebration of all things Romanian. Beginning at 1p.m., revellers took in a variety of Greek, Polish, Hungarian,and of course Romanian, entertainment and then danced well into the night. President of the Romanian Society, Dr. O. Adrian Serban, praised the performers: “They are all very skilled...some perform internationally!” Food was available by donation, and included Romanian standbys likesarmale (similar to cabbage rolls), mamaliga (polenta), and mici (grilled meat rolls). Many people were dressed for the occa-

Photo by Dan Eastabrook/Diversity Reporter Staff

Members of the Balata Romanian Folk Dance Ensemble perform during the Romanian Dracula Festival at the White Eagle Hall in James Bay.

Japan in Autumn Report & Photos by Randy Hume Diversity Reporter Staff


ictoria was again treated with a glimpse into the culture of Japan at the annual Japanese Fall Bazaar, held Sunday, November 7 at Fairfield Community Place. There was an array of traditional and contemporary Japanese items on display, some for show and others for sale. Pottery, floral prints, tea serving sets and even Japanese books and videos were available. Entertainment was provided by dancers from the Victoria-Morioka Friendship Society and the Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society, with music and singing by the Victoria Japanese Heritage Language School Society. The kitchen was a popular destination, as a steady stream of hungry guests followed the smell of ramen (noodle soup), takoyaki (octopus dumpling) and inarizushi (rice in a pouch of fried tofu) to the cafeteria. Performers and even some patrons where dressed in beautifully designed traditional wear, such as the furisode, a formal kimono. The furisode has long, swinging sleeves and is made of brightly coloured silk. It is customarily worn at tea ceremonies and weddings. Director of the Victoria-Morioka Friendship Society Dick Nakamura was pleased with the turnout and said, “20 years ago we had plans for a Japanese garden [in Victoria] that had been disrupted at the it finally looks like we might be able to go ahead with them.”

sion but there was only one Dracula,played by Tony Ruffolo. He was chosen because he bears an uncanny resemblance to the original Vlad III Draculea, known to history as Vlad Tepes, or “Vlad the Impaler”. Ruffolo smiles and says, “I am the king. That’s what they call me.” Maria Lauran, vice president of the Canadian Romanian Society and native of Timisoara, Romania, was dressed in full traditional regalia. She first incorporated a Dracula theme into the festival three years ago: “I thought that we could do something original, and that’s why we did the first Dracula Festival,” she says. “We want to educate people about our traditions and heritage, to let people know that we are here too and that we are happy when we party!”



November 17, 2010

Exploration in World Religions: PartThree

Religion 101: Exploring Christianity St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church in Vancouver hosted a six week exploration of different world religions. This week , St. Andrew’s is exploring Christianity. Donald Grayston is an Anglican priest, as well as a spiritual director/soulfriend. For 15 years he taught Religious Studies at SFU (world religions, Gandhi, the Holocaust, pilgrimage, and Thomas Merton), and for the last three of those years was director of SFU’s Institute for the Humanities. Grayston recently spent some time with EmbraceBC’s Whitney Morrison.

Morrison: Where does Christianity come from? Grayston: One way to explain the beginnings of Christianity is that it is the creation of the Apostle Paul. Originally, Paul was a Jew, and was opposed to Christianity, and persecuted early Christians. However, when on the road to Damascus, he experienced a bright light and heard the voice of Jesus, which caused him to change his opinions of Christianity. Many of his letters in the New Testament and the book of Acts – the historical book that describes Paul’s ‘career’- state that Paul was the organizer of Christianity, and Jesus, on the other hand, provided the inspiration. Another way to look at where Christianity came from is as a renewal movement within Judaism; Originally the Christian community was a part of the Jewish community; however, a few years after Jesus’

he had in God (rather than a route map to show him where he was going). Muslims recognize Abraham as the first Muslim, the first person who submitted to God; the Jews recognize Abraham as the father of the Jewish people; and the Christians recognize Abraham as.the first person to have faith in God. So, all three of these religions believe in one single God. Although there is one God, within Christianity there is also the notion of the Trinity–the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – which demonstrates different ways of perceive God. The Father is God above us, God in a transcendent dimension; God the son, Jesus, is present among us on a human level; and God the Holy Spirit is God within us. Now, does that mean there are three Gods? No, it means that we have three ways of relating to God.

from? Where is she now? The natural conclusion is that she’s in another world, and so the notion of an invisible world came up; and this notion of the world beyond the visible world is one that all religions share. Also, religion developed in different ways. Speaking to you as an Aboriginal person, all religion, all spirituality arose in a different context because people lived tribally and developed rituals to correspond with human occurrences, for instance, birth, marriage, illness and death. Those are the four main occurrences. So every major religion or culture has a ritual for those four occurrences. So if I look at this from the perspective of a person who is coming to all six of these sessions, they will see by the end of it that what I’m saying is true. All religion is a response to the human con-

he was with his friends in an upper room in a house in Jerusalem, and they were having supper. And he did something in the middle of supper that they were not expecting. He was at the head of the table and it was his task to say grace. And when he broke the bread he said “Take and eat, this is my body, which given for you.” Likewise after supper he took the cup and when he had given thanks, he gave it to them, saying “Drink of this, all of you, this is my blood of the new covenant which is shed for you and for many. Do this in remembrance of me.” He was killed the next day, and people began to realize that this was what he was referring to; he wanted people to do they did what they had always done, which was gather for meals to remember him in the middle of the meal and to open themselves to feeling his presence. He also said on a

departure, non-Jews also came into the Christian community and there were Jews and non-Jews (gentiles) living together. For some this was fine, and for others it wasn’t, and this is the beginning of the split between Christianity and Judaism. It’s likely that the split between Judaism and Christianity was complete by 100-150 A.D. Morrison: Can you provide an overview of the beliefs and practices of Christianity? Grayston: The beliefs and practices of Christianity can be summed up by something that Jesus quoted: Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. Mark 12:29-30 (Also found in Matthew 22:37-40 and Luke 10:25-37) So, what this passage is really saying is to love God and love your neighbour, which is still today the true and the basis of Christianity. Morrison: What is the Christian concept of God? Grayston: There are three religions that trace their origin back to Abraham, they are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They all look back to the patriarch Abraham as the father of faith. In the story of Abraham, he heard God tell go to a place that God would show him, but Abraham would not know where he was going until he was there. Because Abraham accepted the invitation, it demonstrated the trust

Morrison: How does religion impact your family life and your day-to-day activities? Grayston: I try to love my family as I love myself. I interpret that to mean that I take their interests as seriously as I possibly can. Now, if I have a hundred friends I cannot take their interests as seriously as my own because no human being would have time. But with the people who are closest to you, like your spouse or your children, you can do that. And that’s what I’ve tried to do – sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully. When I was very young, in my teens and twenties – even thirties – I thought of being a Christian as obeying the rules. But now I think of it as a situation in which you live in God and God lives in you. Morrison: What do you see as the major similarities between your faith and other faiths being explored in the World Religions festival? Grayston: As I understand it, religion is a human and cultural response to human reality – human life comes first. So imagine it’s a hundred thousand years ago, we’re living in the caves and we’re looking around. And because we’re human beings we think: Where did this all come from? How did we get here? Where did we come from? Where are we going? What are we supposed to do? These are the great religious questions. Some theorists of religions say that religions started in response to dreams. For instance, let’s imagine that your mom and dad were dead but you dreamt about them; what the ancient people would say was not “I had a dream about my mother,” they would say “my mother came to visit me.” If she came to visit, where did she come

dition. Morrison: What are the main thoughts or ideas that you would like people to know about Christianity? Grayston: Well, I’m hoping to emphasize the positive more than the negative, yet people do have many misconceptions about religion. For instance, the first question my students at Simon Fraser University asked whenever we did the Christianity unit was “Why is Christianity against sex?” It’s an important question for that age group, and the answer is Christianity is not against sex in a flat statement like that. However, it’s true that in the middle of the two thousand years of Christian history, there was one particular theologian who had an incredibly strong influence, St. Augustine. St. Augustine, because of his own personal history developed a very negative attitude towards the body and thereby sex, and it took us until well into the twentieth century before we got a handle on this and realized what had been happening, and began to re-evaluate sex as a gift of God and a beautiful way of human intimacy and reproduction. It’s something that’s available to everybody no matter what, rich or poor or smart or not smart. And as they say, “If God didn’t like sex then why did he invent it?” So that’s a big area of re-conceptualization that’s taking place right now. Another misconception is that Christianity is violent, warlike, and creates conflict, which also relates to St Augustine’s negative view of the body as well because if the body is negative then it’s okay to go off and kill a few people. But if the body is sacred, then how can I go and injure or damage the sacredness of their body? For instance, the night before Jesus was killed,

separate occasion: Where two or three people have met together in my name, there I am in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20 And that expression that I used earlier – “Do this in remembrance of me.” – there’s another translation of it which I actually prefer, which is “Do this and know that I am with you.” This translation demonstrates the importance of the body, and the body is a spiritual reality. Once you’ve grasped that then it changes your view about sex and war. Morrison: What are your personal views about interfaith bridging? Grayston: Swiss Catholic Priest Hans Küng once said that “there will be no peace among the nations without peace among the religions,” which represents my own feelings about interfaith relations. Based on this, my opinion is that all religions need to find a way of being in the world in a way that will engage people with traditions and religions other than their own as a way of contributing and working towards peace among the religions. In my opinion, the best way to maneouvre between different religions is with dialogue, which demonstrates respect, and provides an opportunity to listen and to understand what other people are saying. You don’t necessarily need to agree with what they are saying, but you have to accept what they are saying as important to them.


November 17, 2010

BRITISH COLUMBIA Science - A Career You Can Count On VICTORIA - The number of science-related careers in British Columbia will increase dramatically over the next decade, according to new labour market report on sciencerelated occupations. The report, Science Related Occupations, forecasts a 26-per cent increase in science related occupations in the province by 2019. The report also concludes that British Columbians studying natural and applied science will have the best future career prospects in B.C. “Students who focus on math and science at school will be in high demand in years to come,” said Ida Chong, Minister of Science and Universities. “Parents and their children can use this report to see which careers are projected to be in highest demand and in which regions, and tailor their educational decisions to match future opportunities.” * In 2009, the average worker in B.C. earned $801 a week - but people in natural and applied sciences earned an average of $1,199 a week, and health-care professionals earned an average of $1,134 a week. * About two-thirds of workers in science-related occupations work in the Mainland/ Southwest region, but there will be significant opportunities in the natural and applied sciences, including health care, in the Northeast B.C., Vancouver Island, Cariboo, Kootenay, Thomson-Okanagan and North Coast/Nechako regions of the province. * Approximately 77 per cent of total job openings over the next ten years will require at least some post-secondary education. The largest number of these job openings is expected in technical, para-professional and skilled occupations that require college or trades training. “Through the Year of Science, our Province is working to encourage and promote interest, involvement and increased literacy in science and technology,” said Moira Stilwell, Minister of Regional Economic and Skills Development. “That’s the way British Columbians will meet the challenges of tomorrow’s economy and tomorrow’s increasing need for workers with the skills needed for science and technology careers.” Running from September 2010 to June 2011, The Year of Science in B.C. is a unique opportunity for students to discover the fun and excitement of science, as well as prepare for future science-related occupations. (Courtesy of Ministry of Science and Universities )







The Best Place on Earth

New Campaign Encourages Visitors To Ski BC This Winter VANCOUVER - British Columbia’s multi-million-dollar winter tourism industry is getting a boost from this year’s marketing campaign that builds on the momentum on the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Margaret MacDiarmid, Minister of Tourism, Trade and Investment, said today. “Building B.C.’s tourism brand and marketing the province as one of the world’s top, all- season tourist destinations continues to be a high priority for our government,” MacDiarmid said. “More than three billion people saw our province during the Winter Olympics, on television and through the web, and got a glimpse of the extraordinary skiing B.C. has to offer. We want to take this exposure one step further and invite visitors to experience skiing in British Columbia in person.” In 2009-10, there were 5.8 million ski visits to British Columbia. This year, Olympic Gold Medallists

Ashleigh McIvor and Maëlle Ricker are spokespeople for the Tourism BC winter ski marketing campaign, which will use search engine marketing, social media, public relations and online advertising - with a focus on markets in Canada and the United States - to draw visitors to B.C. The campaign focuses on special offers from B.C.’s 13 world-class ski resorts, which receive some of the top snowfalls and boast massive vertical runs, spectacular mountaintop vistas, and in many instances luxurious spas and après-ski amenities. Visitors to who click on Ski BC Now can see special offers, sign up for special offer emails, order a BC Ski Guide and learn about snow conditions. There’s also an online contest at for a fiveday ski vacation for one winner and seven friends to one of B.C.’s worldrenowned resorts.

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November 17, 2010


Hugh Kruzel On November 20th Victoria residents will choose one new municipal councillor and respond to a referendum question. The referendum is on borrowing and requires a “yes or NO” while you will be asked to select only one from the 11 candidates. I’m Hugh Kruzel. I actually live in downtown Victoria and pay my municipal taxes to this city. I live, play, and shop in this community.

I am a participant in my neighbourhood association, have served on committees, and volunteer actively. I have sat on boards of directors and supported many causes. Most recently I’ve focused my efforts on ending disorder in the Pandora corridor and asking questions about the expenses surrounding the Blue Bridge. I am sure you do not want to see nearly $ 37,000 a week lost to interest only? This adds up to

more than $22 million over the proposed borrowing period. I work hard for my money and I am sure you do too. An original report said we could repair the current structure for $8.6-million, but the Mayor and Council want borrow $50-million and spend more than $100-million. You can bet our taxes will go up! I say, yes, vote, but vote no! Photo by Roger Howden

Eve of Hope Brennan Storr Diversity Reporter Staff “Women are the way forward in these zones of conflict.” That was the message of journalist, activist and filmmaker Sally Armstrong at Royal Roads University on Tuesday, November 9. In her hour-long speech Armstrong spoke passionately about the mistreatment of women in conflict regions such as Afghanistan and the Congo, as well as the absence of womenin the conflict resolution process. Armstrong feels that the failure of the peace process in conflict regions across the world is due, in part, to this absence. Having the female voice at the bargaining table would help groups reach a practical solution that avoids the recurrence of violence, something current tactics have failed to prevent: “In places...that I’ve worked as a journalist, in Rwanda, in Somalia, in Gaza, on the West Bank, in Afghanistan...I don’t think we have a lot to be proud of,” she says. With the support of the international

community, Armstrong believes that marginalized women the world over can begin to push back against their oppressors. As an example, she cited the global outcry after Afghan president Hamid Karzai announced the Shia Family Law in 2009, a law which would have essentially legalized marital rape. Afghan women marched and demanded a meeting with Karzai, something that Armstrong says “They wouldn’t have done six months before. They probably wouldn’t have done it six weeks before.” Armstrong is sharply critical of those who attempt to hide the repression of women’s rights behind the rhetoric of tradition and who excuse inaction with political correctness: “Women the world over have long known the misogynist acts used against them in the name of culture, and the name of religion, are not cultural or religious at all,” she says. “They’re misogynist, and it’s about time we started to talk about them.” The process of transformation will be lengthy and difficult, but Armstrong

Photo by Dan Eastabrook/Diversity Reporter Staff

Journalist and activist Sally Armstrong speaks on international conflict and women’s rights issues at Hatley Castle. believes that after years of human rights disasters, hope is again coming o Afghanistan, courtesy of its women: “It’s the women who are the reformers. It’s the women who are determined to yank this primitive place into the 21st century,” she

says. “I believe very strongly that they are at a tipping point in Afghanistan and it is because of the women.”

Karagianis Urges Committee To Ask Turpel-Lafond To Review Prentice Case VICTORIA - New Democrat child and youth critic Maurine Karagianis has written to Child and Youth Committee Chair Joan McIntyre, urging the committee to ask the Representative for Children and Youth Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond to investigate the case of a young girl with a mental disability who was found alone with her deceased mother.

Maurine Karagianis “I know that the

Representative for cannot voluntarily take on an investigation into this case, so Pagbati おめでとうございます Glü ckw ü nsche I am respectfully Congratu lazioni Поздравляю Parabénsrequesting that our com恭喜 Συγχαρητήρια बधाई हो Gratu lacje mittee make that 축하 해요 Félicitations ‫ تبریک‬Selam at request to her office. A ¡Felicid ad es full H ongera นด andขอแสดงความยิ independent investigation must Congratulations Div ersit y Report er! be done into the circumstances surroundWelcome to Victoria ing this deplorable situation,” Karagianis A5 - 100 Aldersmith Pl saysBCin V9A the letter. View Royal, 7M8 “Answers must be provided to how 250.479.8326

Member of the Legislative Assembly for Children and Youth Esquimalt - Royal Roads

the ministry failed to adequately respond and how it is that the complaints process also failed the family and concerned neighbours. “Our committee has the capacity and mandate to request the intervention of the Representative for Children and Youth. I hope members will agree with me that it is this is a case where the RCY should be involved.” w w

Is Iran a threat to world peace? Graphic Designer Wanted The Diversity Reporter, a bi-weekly multilingual publication by Frontline Media is looking for a graphic designer who can read, write and speak English, Punjabi, Urdu. Basic knowledge of Arabic and Farsi is must. Please email your resume to

UVIC Social Justice Studies program and the Students for Iranian Green Movement Association host a panel discussion on the topic “Is Iran a threat to world peace?”


View from City Hall

November 17, 2010


Support for Borrowing to Replace the Johnson Street Bridge Continues to Grow VICTORIA, BC — Community leaders and respected citizens are voicing their support for borrowing for a new Johnson Street Bridge. Tourism Victoria President and CEO, Rob Gialloreto has added his voice to the chorus calling for a replacement for the aging bridge. “To ensure safe and effective connectivity, now is the time for a new bridge,” notes Tourism Victoria President and CEO Rob Gialloreto. “It will be a tremendous asset to our landscape for citizens and visitors alike.” “Surveys of Victoria residents and businesses have consistently shown that the community overwhelmingly prefers a replacement bridge and more and more Victorians are voicing their support for a bridge that will serve our community for the next 100 years,” added Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin. “It’s important we hear from the community about this important infrastructure project.” The first opportunities for Victoria voters to approve the borrowing bylaw for the new Johnson Street Bridge are at Advanced Polling days at City Hall Wednesday, November 10 and Monday, November 15, and general voting day on Saturday, November 20. Watch the Times Colonist each day as other well-known community members add their voices to the campaign for the new bridge, leading up to general voting day in just 12 days.

Celebrate Christmas with Spirit of the Season in the Square VICTORIA, BC – Join us for some free, family fun and entertainment this Christmas at Spirit of the Season in the Square, an annual series of festive events in Spirit Square, across from Victoria City Hall. This year, the Square will sparkle with more than 25,000 colourful LED lights when Mayor Dean Fortin flips the switch on November 26, 2010. Christmas Tree Light-up Friday, November 26, 2010 5 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Join us for the lighting of the giant Sequoia tree and festive lights in Centennial Square. Stay for the dramatic Fire and Light show and the Magic of Christmas on Spirit Stage. Enjoy antique displays by the Victoria Fire Department Historical Society. Sponsored by the Downtown Victoria Business Association and the

City of Victoria. Island Farms Santa Light Parade Warm-up Saturday, November 27, 2010 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. Drop by Centennial Square before the Island Farms Santa Light Parade to enjoy musical performances on Spirit Stage, popular children’s performer the Mad Hatter, and children’s activities including crafts, face-painting, inflatables, a hockey shoot-out, and interactive Wii games. Stay warm with a cup of complimentary hot chocolate and treats. Santa and his elves will make a special visit. IEOA Truck Light Parade Warm-up Saturday, December 4, 2010 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. Bring the family to Centennial Square as a lead up to the IEOA Truck Light

Parade. Enjoy carollers, magic by Paul Kilshaw, ice carving by local artist Harold Sawatzky, and children’s activities including crafts, face-painting, inflatables, a hockey shoot-out, and interactive Wii games. Santa and his elves will make a special visit. Join us for complimentary hot chocolate and treats. 1st Annual Victoria Figgy Pudding Carolling Competition Saturday, December 4, 2010 Caroller Check-in, Centennial Square: 4 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. Carolling Competition: 5 p.m. - 6 p.m. Awards and Carolling on Spirit Stage: 6:15 p.m. - 6:45 p.m. Participate in this fun, inaugural carolling competition downtown. Organize friends, family or coworkers to dress up and sing carols for 15 minutes at three des-

ignated outdoor locations for a chance to win cash prizes for singing and best costumes. Return to Spirit Stage for awards and a group sing-along. The deadline to register your group is this Friday, November 19, 2010. Dress for the weather as events will happen rain or shine. Admission is free. Please help support your community and bring a non-perishable food item for the Mustard Seed Food Bank. Spirit of the Season in the Square is sponsored by the City of Victoria in partnership with A-News, CFAX 1070 and 107.3 KOOL FM. For more information, visit: and click on What’s New?

We cater 10-800 people for your meetings or office parties right to your door. We also deliver lunch for offices. Call for special packages.

SING-ALONG EVENT BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND The Victoria Film Festival (VFF) is presenting SingCinema: a communal karaoke fundraiser event for the VFF, on Nov. 27 at the Vic Theatre, 808 Douglas Street. The popular bi-annual event provides a platform for locals and visitors to come together in the community and celebrate popular musical films. “We work hard to establish fundraising events that lift people’s spirits and add more excitement to our community,” said Festival Director Kathy Kay. SingCinema will be screening the film Mary Poppins with song lyrics on screen so audiences can join in the fun. In addition to singing along, participants are encouraged to dress up as a character from the film. The event will offer a Mary Poppins-themed goodie bag and other concession items such as popcorn and floats will be available. The audience member with the best costume will be awarded two tickets to the VFF Opening Gala on Feb. 4, 2011. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the event begins at 7:00 p.m. The SingCinema package is available by calling the VFF office at 250-389-0444 during box office hours (10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday), in person at 1215 Blanshard Street, or online at www. The price is $20 + HST

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November 17, 2010


shown that his love for his Lord superseded all others that he would lay down his own life or the lives of those dear to him in order to submit to God.

Why do Muslims sacrifice an animal on this day?

Eid-ul-Adha-History & Origin Two of the most important Islamic holidays of the year are Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha. While the former marks the end of the long fasting month of Ramadan, Eid-ul-Adha marks the end of Hajj, the sacred pilgrimage to the holy city Mecca. It’s customary for every able Muslim (as prescribed in the Five Pillars of Islam) to go on a Hajj at least once during his lifetime. Also popularly known as the Festival of Sacrifice, this Muslim holiday Eid-ul-Adha commemorates Prophet Abraham’s unselfish act of sacrificing his own son Ishmael to the One God, Allah. The history behind Eid-ul-Adha follows the story of the faithful Abraham, who was instructed by Allah in a dream to raise the foundations of Kaaba, a black stone, the most sacred Muslim shrine in Mecca (Saudi Arabia), which the Muslims face during their prayers (salat). Immediately responding to the Lord’s call, Abraham set off for Mecca along with his wife and son, Ishmael. At that time, Mecca was a desolate and barren desert and Abraham had to face a lot of hardships. However, he supplicated Allah’s commands uncomplaining. In a divine dream, he also saw himself sacrificing his son Ishmael for Allah’s sake. When he told this to Ishmael, the latter immediately asked his father to carry out Lord’s commands without faltering and assured that he was completely ready to give up his life for God. But miraculously enough, when Abraham was about to sacrifice Ishmael, Allah spared the boy’s life and replaced him with a lamb. And this is what Abraham ultimately sacrificed. To commemorate this outstanding act of sacrifice (qurbani) by Prophet Abraham, people sacrifice a lamb, goat, ram or any other animal on Eid-ul-Adha and give the meat to friends, neighbors, relatives and the needy. People who are away from the holy pilgrimage, Hajj, also carry out this traditional sacrifice. Hence Eid-ul-Adha is also known as the Feast of Sacrifice or the Day of Sacrifice. Eid-ul-Adha begins from the 10th day of the 12th Islamic month Dhul-Hijjah. But the date of Eid-ul-Adha depends on the visibility of the moon each year. Eid-ul-Adha is known by different names in different parts of the world. For instance, Eid-ul-Adha is known by the name Hari Raya Aidiladha in south-east Asia. In Singapore, the local name for Eid-ul-Adha is Hari Raya Haji and in Malaysia, people refer to this festival as Id alAdha and has made it a national holiday there. Indians know Eid-ul-Adha as Id al-Adha or Idu’z Zuha. And in Bangladesh, Eid-ul-Adha is known as Eid-ul-Azha or sometimes even Id al-Adha. But whatever the name, the celebratory spirit of Eid-ul-Adha runs high among Muslims all over the world, the geographical variations notwithstanding.

During the celebration of Eid al-Adha, Muslims commemorate and remember Abraham’s trials, by themselves slaughtering an animal such as a sheep, camel, or goat. This action is very often misunderstood by those outside the faith. Allah has given us power over animals and allowed us to eat meat, but only if we pronounce His name at the solemn act of taking life. Muslims slaughter animals in the same way throughout the year. By saying the name of Allah at the time of slaughter, we are reminded that life is sacred. The meat from the sacrifice of Eid al-Adha is mostly given away to others. One-third is eaten by immediate family and relatives, one-third is given away to friends, and one-third is donated to the poor. The act symbolizes our willingness to give up things that are of benefit to us or close to our hearts, in order to follow Allah’s commands. It also symbolizes our willingness to give up some of our own bounties, in order to strengthen ties of friendship and help those who are in need. We recognize that all blessings come from Allah, and we should open our hearts and share with others. It is very important to understand that the sacrifice itself, as practiced by Muslims, has nothing to do with atoning for our sins or using the blood to wash ourselves from sin. This is a misunderstanding by those of previous generations: “It is not their meat nor their blood that reaches Allah; it is your piety that reaches Him.” (Qur’an 22:37) The symbolism is in the attitude - a willingness to make sacrifices in our lives in order to stay on the Straight Path. Each of us makes small sacrifices, giving up things that are fun or important to us. A true Muslim, one who submits his or herself completely to the Lord, is willing to follow Allah’s commands completely and obediently. It is this strength of heart, purity in faith, and willing obedience that our Lord desires from us.

What else do Muslims do to celebrate the holiday?

On the first morning of Eid al-Adha, Muslims around the world attend morning prayers at their local mosques. Prayers are followed by visits with family and friends, and the exchange of greetings and gifts. At some point, members of the family will visit a local farm or otherwise will make arrangements for the slaughter of an animal. The meat is distributed during the days of the holiday or shortly thereafter.

What does Eid al-Adha commemorate? During the Hajj, Muslims remember and commemorate the trials and triumphs of the Prophet Abraham. The Qur’an describes Abraham as follows: “Surely Abraham was an example, obedient to Allah, by nature upright, and he was not of the polytheists. He was grateful for Our bounties. We chose him and guided him unto a right path. We gave him good in this world, and in the next he will most surely be among the righteous.” (Qur’an 16:120-121) One of Abraham’s main trials was to face the command of Allah to kill his only son. Upon hearing this command, he prepared to submit to Allah’s will. When he was all prepared to do it, Allah revealed to him that his “sacrifice” had already been fulfilled. He had




November 17, 2010


Everyone has a different view of the city - we want to see yours! Send your photos, with a title and your name attached, (maximum size 2MB) to Submissions to “Our City” will also be displayed on our Flickr account and may be used in future editions of the Diversity Reporter.

“Silence” submitted by Jay - Calwood

Nuns on the Run Photos & Story by Raquel Gallego Diversity Reporter Staff The Puente Theatre Company’s sevenperformance run of The Pilgrimage of the Nuns of Concepcion ended with a standing ovation at the Metro Theatre. Written by Chilean dramatist Jaime Silve and passionately directed by Puente founder Lina de Guevara, the play is set in 1810 and chronicles the story of nuns forced to abandon their convent. They

must then embark on an arduous journey to escape from Chilean soldiers fighting for independence against the Spanish Empire. As the nuns’ journey wears on, it becomes clear that the rigid strictures of convent life will not serve them in their flight, and so the women put their lives into the hands of their Indian servant, Carmen. With her wisdom and knowledge of the natural world, Carmen guides the nuns through the mountainous Mapuche terri-

tory, her people’s ancestral home. “This play shows Indians in a position of strength where, thanks to their wisdom, they are in charge of resolving the problems,” says de Guevera. She chose this play because she believes its themes resonate with B.C.’s own rich aboriginal history. Puente Theatre Company is dedicated to featuring theatre from the home countries of Canada’s immigrants. Puente also

employs a variety of activities to promote multicultural relations through theatre: “With programs like ‘Our Journeys, Our Stories’ we are in constant contact wit immigrant women to explore their reality,” says de Guevera. To find more information about Puente Theatre, including details on upcoming shows, visit their website at:


November 17, 2010

Ash Has Security Scare By Jennifer Patel

Frontline Photo Press Agency

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s fans went out of control in Kolkata where she travelled to over the weekend to promote her forthcoming film. The doors and windows of the venue were broken down by people who went berserk to get a glimpse of the superstar. However, the security guards made sure that things did not go out of control and checked the mob before they could encircle Ash. Interestingly on the 19th of this month, the date when Guzaarish releases, Ash will complete 16 years of winning the Miss World crown. 2010 has been eventful for Ash as she recently delivered the blockbuster Robot that had the iconic Rajnikanth and she also won acclaim for two other big films.

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November 17, 2010


Photo by Dan Eastabrook/Diversity Reporter Staff

Photo by Raquel Gallego/Diversity Reporter Staff

Greater Victoria-area Sikhs during Diwali prayers at the Sikh Temple on Tolmie Ave. (See more coverage on page 23)

The Puente Theatre Company’s The Pilgrimage of the Nuns of Concepcion ended with a standing ovation at the Metro Theatre. (See more coverage on page 11)

Photo by Dan Eastabrook/Diversity Reporter Staff

Photo by Mohsin Abbas/Diversity Reporter Staff

Grade-8 student Mary Vagay with her friend May Chalermwat during ESL potluck dinner held at the North Saanich Middle School in Sidney. (See more on page 14)

Balata Romanian Folk Dance Ensemble perform during the Romanian Dracula Festival at the White Eagle Hall in James Bay. (See more coverage on page 5)

Cambodian Fair Trader Importing to Western Canada

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Helping mothers to help their children A humanitarian initiative in cooperation with NGOs and individual Khmer artisans, working together to help women and vulnerable communities in Cambodia build a brighter future. By supporting Khmer artisans, we are keeping their craft alive, creating more quality jobs and sharing their stories.


All imports are handcrafted using the finest silks, cotton, kapok fibre and exotic hardwood

- Host us at your office or home party - Order special packages for fundraisers - Learn more about our mission

VIDEA Fair Trade Fair Metropolitan United Church Hall, 932 Balmoral Road Saturday, November 27th, 10 – 4pm

Wholesale enquiries welcome Facebook Page: Cambodian Fair Trader Website: Phone:250-508-1027 We are Greater Victoria’s multilingual voice. Have a story? Send us at


November 17, 2010

Tervetuloa! Randy Hume Diversity Reporter Staff

Norway House, at 1110 Hillside Avenue, was the scene for this year’s Scandinavian Craft Fair on Saturday, Nov. 13. Tables were filled with crafts, quality clothing, pottery, and baked goods from Finland, Sweden and Iceland. Event organizer Betty Hall said, “People love to come for specific foods and imported items from their homeland they can’t get anywhere else.” At the Swedes’ table, Victoria Lord had tapestries weaved on her own loom: “I use a traditional monk weave that originated in our country in the mid 16th century.” The Craft Fair is a social occasion as well. Said Virginia Johnson who greeted guests and handed out door prize tickets: “I come here to help and get to know other people.” she said.

Food For Thought

School District 63 held another successful potluck dinner on Friday, October 28th at North Saanich Middle School in Sidney. More than 60 families attended, along with a number of classroom teachers, school board trustees and school administrators. Organizer Henrietta Langran-DesBrisay said of the event, “It is our hope that the potluck will help newly-arrived families make connections with other families in the district and the many organizations available for them.” Each year organizers add something new to the annual function, this year School House Teaching Supplies was a special invitee. A paper quilt displaying the hands and wellwishes of ESL students will soon be displayed in their Douglas Street storefront. Langran-DesBrisay is particularly proud of the quilt, “[it]...lightens my heart,” she says. “The thoughts of my students...give me hope that a better world is possible.” In addition, there were representatives of a number of community organizations such as ICA, VIRCS, The Read Society and SIDES.

School District 63 Holds Potluck Photos by Mohsin Abbas


November 17, 2010



BON APPETIT! Raquel Gallego - Victoria Tenía unos 16 años la primera vez que conocía a Robyn. Robyn era una estudiante de intercambio americana que vino a estudiar español con mi familia durante un par de semanas. La primera mañana nos levantamos para ir a clase y sin pensarlo, le preparé una taza de leche caliente con chocolate y una magdalena para desayunar. Ella me miró con cara de interrogación sin saber muy bien qué hacer, y mientras yo abría el paquete de la magdalena y lo mojaba en la leche, para luego comérmelo, ella optó por copiarme paso a paso. Lo sorprendente del tema no es que ella no se atreviera a preguntarme; después de todo, la vergüenza de recién llegada debía ser mayor que la curiosidad del momento. Lo más sorprendente fue que a mí jamás se me ocurrió pensar que quizás para ella esto no fuera normal. Que quizás en su país no mojan las magdalenas

en la leche, o que quizás ni siquiera toman magdalenas para desayunar. No fue hasta un año después las tornas se cambiaron y era yo la que me encontraba en su mundo, envuelta en su idioma, sus autobuses amarillos, y los huevos con bacon para desayunar. Es curioso como lo que uno da por supuesto puede resultar de lo más extraño para otra persona. El otro día me dio por desayunar al

estilo canadiense, y de camino al trabajo paré en Tim Hortons para pedir un roll de huevo y carne y un café. Para llevar, por supuesto. Debo confesar que el roll en cuestión estaba bien bueno. Pero el hecho de tener que abrir el paquetito con una mano, mientras con la otra cambio las marchas y me incorporo de nuevo a la carretera, se me antoja un deporte de alto riesgo que no creo tener la energía de experimentar cada mañana. De mi experiencia deduzco que o tener un coche automático solucionaría todo, o los canadienses tienen más manos que yo. Así que esta semana me dio por preguntarme si soy yo la extraña, o el mundo no sabe del placer de mojar en la leche con chocolate. Y tras una serie de mensajes en Facebook, descubrí algo muy interesante. Mientras que los cereales, las tostadas de pan y el café son muy típicos en muchos

países, como Estonia, Alemania, o Estados Unidos, los españoles compartimos con los franceses, argentinos e italianos, los desayunos basados en dulces. Los mejicanos, sin embargo, tienen desayunos mucho más fuertes a base de huevos con salsa pico de gallo y frijoles con tortillas. Y para estómagos fuertes, los de los árabes. En Arabia Saudí el desayuno típico consta de huevos, queso e hígado de cabra cocinado. Y a mí que los huevos con bacon ya se me hacían un tanto pesados. En fin, quizás no soy ni tan extraña, ni tan común como pensaba. Después de todo, el concepto de normalidad es tan difícil de describir como el de la mismísima felicidad, y su percepción varía tanto como formas hay de cocinas los huevos.

in question was pretty tasty. But the fact that I had to open the package with one hand, while I shifting gears with the other, while merging into the highway, seemed like a high risk sport that I’m not sure I have the energy (or adventure) for every morning. From my experience I deduce that, either having an automatic car would solve everything, or Canadians have more hands than me. So this week I started wondering if I’m the weird one, or if the world doesn’t know of the pleasure of dipping cake muffins in hot chocolate for breakfast. After a series of messages on Facebook, I found out something very interesting. While cereal, toast and coffee are very typical in

many countries, like Estonia, Germany or United States, Spaniards share with French, Argentineans and Italians their breakfast based on sweets. Mexicans, however, have a heavier type of breakfast based on eggs with salsa, and beans with tortilla. And for even stronger stomach, in Saudi Arabia a typical breakfast consists of eggs, cheese, and cooked sheep’s liver. And I thought eggs with bacon were already too heavy for me! Anyway, maybe I’m not as strange, or as common, as I thought. After all, the concept of normality is as difficult to describe as happiness itself, and its perception is as varied as there are ways to cook your eggs.

Cake For Breakfast Another Reason to Travel Raquel Gallego I was 16 the first time I met Robyn. She was an American exchange student who came to learn Spanish with my family in Spain for a couple of weeks. The first morning we woke up to go to class and, without thinking, I prepared a cup of hot chocolate and a cake muffin for breakfast. She looked at me with a questioning face without knowing exactly what to do, and as I opened the package of the muffin, dipped it in the milk, and took the first soggy bite, she opted to mimic me step by step. The most surprising part wasn’t that she didn’t dare to ask me what to do; after all, a newcomer’s embarrassment had to be bigger than the curiosity of the moment. The most surprising part was that

it never occurred to me that maybe this wasn’t normal for her. That maybe in her country they didn’t dip muffins in milk, or even didn’t eat cakes like this for breakfast at all. It wasn’t until a year after that tables turned and it was me who was in her world, surrounded by her language, their funny yellow school buses, and eggs and bacon for breakfast. It’s curious how what some consider the norm, can seem so strange for others. The other day I decided to have a typical Canadian breakfast, and on my way to work I stopped at Tim Horton’s to order a sausage and egg wrap and a coffee. To go, of course. I must confess that the wrap


Anthem Man on the Mid-Term Elections


hat a difference two years can make. After the 2008 presidential election, the Republican Party was lost in the desert with no credibility or direction. In the House of Representatives, the Democrats went from a slim 51 seat majority to a filibuster-proof 60 seats. They had the ball and they ran with it. In 2008, U.S. president Barack Obama swept into office with a record-breaking 70 million votes and on the day he took office was already enjoying a 75% approval rating. Obama’s campaign message of hope and a new beginning resonated with voters. The public was eager for a way out of the hole the country had seemingly fallen into. Once in office, however, Obama had to face the reality of the situation. Lost in his campaign rhetoric was the details, and the Devil they hide. The Dems $787-billion stimulus bill failed to keep unemploy-

ment under 8% as advertised; in fact it ballooned to 10% before settling at 9.6%, where it’s now been for over one year. The health care bill that followed was the turning point. It was met with legendary

Anthem Man opposition in government and in the town hall meetings that sprung up across the country. The sea change in voter sentiment is perhaps best represented in the loss of Ted Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts, held

by the Democrats for 47 years, to Scott Brown, a Republican. When the state of Massachusetts votes for a Republican, you better start paying attention. Obama and the Democrats didn’t pay attention, however. They continued on their chosen path, signing legislation unpopular with the American public. Maybe he could have taken a hint from Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper, a Conservative politician in a center-left country, he governs as far right as the current climate allows. Obama, a Liberal in a center-right country, could have benefitted from that kind of even-handed approach. Now it may be too late. The mid-terms were historic. Not since 1946 have the Democrats had so few seats in the House. The day after the election, Obama held a press conference where in response to numerous questions about his policies,said only, “It’s a communication

problem”; the Republicans have taken advantage of this “failure to communicate” and used it as an opportunity to galvanize an American public afraid of where the country is headed. American voters are in for some nasty politics in the coming two years, as the Republicans work to overturn Democratic policies in their run-up to the presidential election in 2012. The newly-minted health care bill is firmly in their sights and they may now have enough clout to bring down the hammer. Buckle up. This is going to be one wild ride.



November 17, 2010


est Neighbors in Victoria

2010 Awards

Nominate the Neighbor’s Making Victoria the best place to live! Call for Nominations


eaders can nominate more than one neighbor please include a letter of support for the nominee, and a letter referencing sources are encouraged. Eligibility: Nominees must be resident of Greater Victoria area Nominees must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or on student/work visa.

Send your entry form with the letter of support for the nominee to Email: nominate@diversityreporter. com OR via Canada Post Mail: P.O. Box 49022 Victoria, BC V8P 5V8

“Connecting Culture and Communities!” Nominations must be received by 4 p.m. December 31st, 2010 Nominee Information: ......................................................................Nominator Information:............................................................. Titled………………………… ...........................................................Title…………………………….. ................................................. First Name…………………………….Last Name ……………… ..First Name………………………. Last Name ………………… Address……………………………………………………………....Address………………………………………………………… . City………………………….. Daytime Phone…………………….. City………………………….. Daytime Phone………………… Email:…………………………………………………………… ...... Email:…………………………………………………………… How long have you known the nominee? ................................................................................................................................. Thank you for nominating your neighbor. Only complete nominations will be reviewed. Finalists will be contacted directly. Please keep reading coming issues of Diversity Reporter for more details. Community and business sponsorship opportunities are available.


November 17, 2010


北极第一座清真寺落成启用 规模虽小五脏俱全(图) 据外电报道,加拿大在北极地区的第一座清真寺 落成启用,这座清真寺位于地理位置最北的小城 镇因纽维克(Inuvik),成为该地区伊斯兰居民的 精神家园。 一些媒体,包括来自阿拉伯电视台的记者,以及 当地伊斯兰居民参加了清真寺的揭幕式。 这个位于加拿大西北端境内的小城镇共有4000 名居民,其中穆斯林近几年在缓步增多,目前已 经有80人。之前,他们都在一个长7米宽3米的 活动房中祷告,但随着人员增多,这个活动房已 经容纳不下他们了。 据悉,这个清真寺是在外地建造成的,然后经过 4000公里陆路和水路运送至因纽维克城镇。清 真寺虽小,但五脏俱全,有一间铺有红地毯的会 堂、一间图书室和一间厨房。

欺騙人民又豈獨金寶爾一人? 省長金寶爾突然辭職,或許 有些人會感到意外,其實這 是不可避免的事,同時也是 正確的決定。 卑詩自由黨違背選民的托付 與信賴,再也沒有比合併銷 售稅HST更能清楚證明這一 點。儘管這項令人憎惡的稅 收,是迫使省長下台的最後 一根稻草,但是我們別忘記 全體卑詩自由黨,都在強行 實施HST的過程扮演重要角 色。 每一名卑詩自由黨的省議 員,其實都加入這場HST欺騙 手段;每一個人都投入參與 省府削減公共服務,拒人民 於千里之外─最終導致貧富 差距加大,社會分化日益嚴 重。 如今,卑詩省的基本時薪為 全國最低,生活開銷全國最 高,兒童貧窮率全國最嚴 重。 任何一個接替金寶爾的新領 導人,都無法改變這些事 實;他都必須回答這些棘手 的問題,關於卑詩自由黨的 誠信紀錄。

新民主黨黨領 詹嘉路 Carole James 例如,為何自由黨政府花費 納稅人六百萬元,為兩名定 罪的卑詩自由黨高級幕僚支 付訴訟費?HST公民投票的日 期是否能提前,解決延宕時 期對家庭和商戶造成的經濟 不確定?省長承諾的公投只 要參與投票人數過半否決, 便取消HST是否仍然有效? 人民有權知道答案。有權要

求他們的政府,以人民的優 先順序為執政重點,並在他 們真正關注的事務上採取行 動。 但是,這些疑問是否能獲得 解答,我抱持懷疑的態度。 隨著自由黨黨領角逐開始, 內部競爭日趨激烈,卑詩民 眾可能被迫成為局外人─他 們所迫切面對的議題,將再 度不受重視無法解決。 例如,我們如何讓卑詩準備 迎接明日知識型經濟?如何 打造強大、有教育水準的勞 動力,解決技術短缺問題, 滿足未來勞工市場需求?如 何維持永續強勁的公共服 務,對抗氣候變遷,支持強 健、安全和多元化的社區? 在我的領導下,新民主黨與 各行各業民眾通力合作,共 同尋找解決之道,打造卑詩 的未來。我們承諾根據下列 四項優先順序,為卑詩創造 願景。 首先,打造強勁具朝氣的經 濟,支援傳統產業同時擴大 經濟基礎。因此我會致力與 小商戶、大企業和工業合 作,在本省各區域協助打造

繁榮活躍的經濟。 第二,投資人力資本,為卑 詩民眾提供機會及所需技 能。因此我不斷要求投資早 期學習、教育和實習機會, 並提案改革專上教育,讓每 一名有意就讀的學生都能夢 想成真。 第三,承諾保護環境健全永 續經營,這項承諾必須反映 在我們的選擇和行動上。因 此我提出確實可行的計畫, 對抗氣候變化和創造綠色就 業機會。這也就是為何我清 楚表明,經濟發展不能以環 保為代價,也不能排除原住 民和當地社區參與。 第四,建立強有力的民主 機制,確保政府運作公開透 明,公平取得資訊。因此我 規劃民主改革的長遠方案, 讓政府更公開,嚴格規定遊 說團體,從根本改變政黨選 舉的財務機制。 現在卑詩省需要一個強而有 力、苦民所苦和務實的政 府。新民主黨能做得到。

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November 17, 2010

Air Canada passenger disguised as old man VANCOUVER - A young Asian man who managed to board an Air Canada flight in Hong Kong while elaborately disguised as an elderly Caucasian male is seeking refugee status in Vancouver in what the Canada Border Services Agency is calling an “unbelievable case of concealment.” The story of the as-yet-unnamed man, whose silicone-mask adventure was making headlines around the world Friday, emerged the previous night from CNN, which obtained a copy of an internal alert issued earlier in the week by the Canadian border agency. That bulletin — complete with an eyebrow-raising sequential set of before-andafter photos — describes how the man boarded Flight AC018 in Hong Kong on Oct. 29 wearing glasses, a brown cardigan sweater, a leather flat cap and a remarkable silicone mask to make him look like an elderly gentleman. The passenger was seen at the start of the flight as an “elderly Caucasian male who appeared to have young looking hands,” the CBSA bulletin said. Later in the flight, however, “the subject attended the washroom and emerged an Asian looking male that appeared to be in his early 20s.” The bulletin, which was posted to the Internet by CNN, said border services officials believe the young man managed to get on the plane with nothing more than an Aeroplan card and a boarding pass that he somehow obtained from a 55-year-old American passenger. “As neither Aeroplan cards nor board-

ing passes reflect dates of birth, it may not have been difficult for the very elderly looking imposter to pass himself off as a 55-year-old man.” Authorities in Canada provided few details on the matter on Friday, confirming only that someone was detained after trying to enter Canada under “false pretences” on Oct. 29. The information about the elaborate disguise comes from the CNN report and the intelligence alert to which the network’s news report was linked. In a statement released Friday afternoon, the Canada Border Services Agency acknowledged the media reports, but cited privacy concerns in saying the CBSA “did not officially release the report or the photo, and we will not be doing so.”

Vikings By Choice Some of the Vikings in Victoria went on the town on October 9th to celebrate Leif Erikson Day. Most of them donned horned helmets, not because Vikings actually wore them (the real ones were plain conical shaped leather or metal helmets), but because if they didn’t most people wouldn’t know they were Vikings!. Apparently, the myth about horned helmets started with ancient Greek and Roman writers who depicted the Northerners with horns and all sorts of outlandish things on their heads. One thing is evident today, everyone wants to be a Viking! If you want to join us in celebrating Leif Erikson Day, come out next year on October 9th. Norway House on Hillside Avenue is the “home” of the Norwegians, however, we welcome anyone who has an interest in Norwegian culture, folk dancing, singing, language, food, or good old-fashioned hospitality. For instance, two members who joined us last year are a young professional couple originally from South America who will be immigrating to Norway early in 2011. They are Ivana Cavallo and Fernando Arango who are following their dreams and making them come true. Following is their inspirational story in their words:

Ivana Cavallo (Canadian born in Argentina) and Fernando Arango (Canadian resident born in Colombia) proudly joined the Sons of Norway in Victoria, BC in 2009, with the hope to become in

Ivana Cavallo and Fernando Arango

The agency did confirm, however, that border services officials “intercepted and detained the traveller attempting to enter Canada under false pretences.” It said the traveller is currently under CBSA detention and would be appearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board. “Protecting the integrity of our borders and safety of Canadians remains the top priority of the CBSA,” the statement said. Transport Canada was investigating whether “Identity Screening Regulations were respected,” it added. A spokesman in Ottawa said Public Safety Minister Vic Toews had been briefed on the incident by CBSA. “We can also confirm that the subject is currently in CBSA detention,” said Chris McCluskey, the spokesman for Toews.

“As for operational security matters, and matters before the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), I cannot help you with further comment.” Air Canada confirmed to The Canadian Press on Friday that a passenger on board flight AC018 had been met by border services officials in Vancouver. “The matter is still under investigation by the CBSA,” said spokesman John Reber. The airline would not comment further on the incident as it remains an open case, he added. All passengers flying to Canada from Hong Kong undergo multiple security checks before arriving at the Air Canada gates, Reber added. Those checks include the Chinese government-run Hong Kong passport control. The CBSA bulletin said the man made a claim for refugee status after he was escorted off the aircraft. It said the man initially claimed to own one bag, but flight crew turned over two additional pieces of baggage thought to belong to him. One of them contained a “disguise kit” with a “silicone-type head and neck mask,” a brown leather cap, glasses and a thin brown cardigan. The bulletin said the man proceeded to put on the disguise for border services officers, who then noted that he “very much resembled” an elderly Caucasian man, and even mimicked the movements of an elderly person. The bulletin, which carried the headline “Unbelievable Case of Concealment,” said the man admitted to officials that he had boarded the flight with the mask on and had removed it several hours later.

Betty Hall Sons of Norway closer contact with the Norwegian culture, its language and its people. They fell in love with Norway after watching a few documentaries, followed by extensive research particu-

larly on Norway’s medical, social and educational systems, and the country’s breathtaking landscapes. Their passion for Norway became more intense when they began to interact with the Sons of Norway members, who proved to be very welcoming, lively and friendly bunch. In June 2010, both Ivana (44, psychologist) and Fernando (43, medical doctor), were accepted as third year students at the Akupunkturhøyskolen (Oslo University of Acupuncture). Fernando also applied and initiated the process for obtaining authorization to practice medicine in Norway. Later, on October 19, 2010, they were both granted a residence/ study permit for Norway. As a result, at the beginning of 2011, they will be moving to Norway, where they hope to settle for good. Although sad to be leaving Norway House in Victoria, where they have made very good friends and have gratefully leaned the Norsk language basics, Ivana and Fernando are absolutely thrilled about seeing their dream of immigrating to their beloved Nordic country of Norway coming true!


November 17, 2010



Seoul Food Brennan Storr rear of the store and pulls from the shelf a package of Pulmuone-brand “Fresh Noodles with Black Bean Sauce”. This, he explains, is his personal favourite: “This kind of noodles, with black bean sauce is very popular in Korea, but here in Victoria it’s hard to find the same taste. This is just right.” Jung says that he believes the Korean population of Victoria has decreased as much as 30% in recent years, due mainly to the dwindling economy. It’s not hard to believe he was once an accountant; he reels off figures and statistics from memory with apparent ease. He’s selfeffacing too; when I ask him whether or not he considers himself a good cook he simply laughs. In his off hours, Jung likes to unwind with 18 holes up at Cedar Hill Golf Course, or an afternoon at the driving range. That leisure time can be hard to come by, since aside from his wife Anne, who runs the store’s sister location up on Cedar Hill Cross Road, Jung is Hodori’s sole employee. He says he enjoys the work though, and from the meticulous way he arranges items in the store to the laid-back rapport he enjoys with his regular customers, it shows.

Noah Jung has owned and operated Hodori since 1996.


hen I walked into Noah Jung’s Hodori Korean Food Market the first thing I asked was, “What’s a Hodori?” Jung explained that the name comes from the stylized tiger mascot of the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea. As for the store itself, it’s been open for business in downtown Victoria for

over fourteen years. A friendly, softspoken man, owner Noah Jung was an accountant in Korea before immigrating to Canada and purchasing Hodori in 1996. Hodori is a popular spot with Korean students studying in Victoria: “They come for noodles, kimchi,” says Jung. He leads me to a large cooler near the

Photos by Dan Eastabrook / Diversity Reporter Staff

Hodori Korean Food Market 756 Yates Street Open: Monday-Wednesday 12p.m.-7p.m. Friday-Saturday 12p.m.-7p.m. Closed Sunday & Thursday

Hodori offers many items from Korea and Japan, from staple foods to candy.

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November 17, 2010


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November 17, 2010



‘Ø ◊∆ Ú⁄ Â∂ ‘Ø ’∂ ≈Ò ≈Ò∂ Í√ Á≈ ”Â∂ ◊≈ ∆’ Á≈ ≈Ò ‘ÀÕ ≈ ’∂ ˘ ≈‰ ‘Ø ˘ ÚÒ ÈÕ Ú⁄ Á∆ ˘ Ó”Â∂ Â∂ Ó≈ Ò Âª ˘ Á, Ò∆ Ú⁄ È ‘Â


November 17, 2010



26 Aug. to 1 Sept. 2010

√∆ ¡Â∂ «⁄‘∂ ˘ ÂØÂ≈˜≈ º÷‰ Ò¬∆

⁄≥ ◊ ≈ Â∂ ÂØ Â ≈˜≈ ‘ «Ú¡’Â∆ Ó«‘√»√ ’È≈ ⁄≈‘∞≥Á≈ ‘À Í «¬√ Ò¬∆ ’∆ ’È≈ ⁄≈‘∆Á≈ ‘À, «¬√ ÂØ∫ ‘ ’ج∆ Ú≈«’Î È‘∆∫ ‘ÀÕ «¬√ Ò¬∆ ¡≈͉∂ ÌØ‹È, ¡≈͉∆ ‹∆ÚÈ-ÙÀÒ∆ ¡Â∂ ¡≈͉∆ ؘÓ≈ Á∆ «˜≥Á◊∆ «Ú⁄ ÊØÛ∑∆ ÂÏÁ∆Ò∆ «Ò¡≈¿∞‰∆ ‘ØÚ∂◊∆Õ «¬Ê∂ Áº√ ‘∂ ‘ª ÂØ Â ≈˜≈ Òº ◊ ‰ Ò¬∆ ’∞ fi È∞√÷∂ : * «Ú‡≈«ÓÈ “√∆” Ô∞’ ÌØ ‹ È ÍÁ≈ʪ Á≈ √∂ Ú È ’Ø , «’¿∞ ∫ «’ «¬‘ ‰≈¡Óπ ’ Â ‘≈ÓØȘ Á∆ ͺË ˘ ÿº‡ ’Á≈ ‘À ¡Â∂ Â≈˜◊∆ ÍzÁ≈È ’Á≈ ‘ÀÕ Â∞√∆∫ «ÁÈ «Ú⁄ «¬’ √≥Â∂ ‹ª Ó√≥Ó∆ Á≈ √∂ÚÈ ’ √’Á∂ ‘ØÕ * ’À Î ∆È Ô∞ ’  Í∆‰ Ú≈Ò∂ ÍÁ≈Ê Á≈ √∂ÚÈ È≈ ’ØÕ ’ÀÎ∆È Â∞‘≈˘ ⁄π√Â∆ È‘∆∫ Ï÷ÙÁ∆Õ «¬√ Á∆ Ï‹≈¬∂ «ÈßÏ» Í≈‰∆, ‹»√, ‘ÏÒ ‡∆ Ò˙Õ * ¡√∆∫ ¡≈͉∂ È≈ÙÂ∂ «Ú⁄ ’∆ ÒÀ∫Á∂ ‘ª, «¬√ ÚºÒ «Ë¡≈È ‘∆ È‘∆∫ «Á≥Á∂ Í È≈ÙÂ≈ √≈‚∂ Í»∂ «ÁÈ Á∆ ’≈◊∞˜≈∆ ˘ ÍzÌ≈«Ú ’Á≈ ‘À Õ È≈ÙÂ∂ «Ú⁄ ’≈ÏØ‘≈¬∆‚∂‡√ Á∆ ʪ ”Â∂ Íz؇∆È Ô∞’ ¡≈‘≈ Á≈ √∂ÚÈ ’ØÕ «¬√ È≈Ò Â∞ ‘ ≈‚∂ «ÁÓ≈◊ «Ú⁄ ÂØÍ≈Ó≈¬∆È Á≈ ͺË ÚË∂◊≈ ¡Â∂ Â∞ √ ∆∫ ÚË∂  ∂ √‹◊ ¡Â∂ ⁄π √ Â∆ Ó«‘√»√ ’Ø◊∂Õ «¬√ Ò¬∆ ¡≈͉∂ ÌØ‹È «Ú⁄ ¡≥‚∂, ‡Ó≈‡, Á‘∆∫, ÓÙ»Ó, ÁπºË, ÍÈ∆ ¡≈«Á Ò˙Õ * ‹∂’ Â∞√∆∫ «¬’ ÿ≥‡≈ ’√ ’Á∂ ‘Ø Âª ¡≥Á≈˜È D@@E@@ ’ÀÒØ∆ ÷⁄ ’Á∂ ‘Ø, È≈Ò ‘∆ Â∞‘≈‚∂ √∆ Á∂ √≈∂ «‘º«√¡ª ˘ Ò≈Ì Í‘∞ ≥ ⁄ Á≈ ‘À , ⁄≈‘∂ «¬‘

Á∂ Ò∆ ≈˜ ”Â∂ ‘Ø ≈Ó Ú⁄ ≈Ò ÍÈ ‡À’ ¿∞‰ Ò¬∆

Á∂ ‘Ø Âª ¡≥Á≈˜È D@@-E@@ ’ÀÒØ∆ ÷⁄ ’Á∂ ‘Ø, È≈Ò ‘∆ Â∞‘≈‚∂ √∆ Á∂ √≈∂ «‘º«√¡ª ˘ Ò≈Ì Í‘∞⁄ ≥ Á≈ ‘À, ⁄≈‘∂ «¬‘ Â∞‘≈‚∆¡ª Ó≈√Í∂Ù∆¡ª ‘؉ ‹ª «‘Á∂ Â≥Â, «¬√ Ò¬∆ ÍzÂ∆ «ÁÈ C@ «Ó≥‡ ÍÀÁÒ ⁄ºÒØÕ «¬√ È≈Ò Â∞√∆∫ Â≈˜◊∆ Ó«‘√»√ ’Ø◊∂Õ ‹∂’ Â∞√∆∫ √Ú∂∂ √À ’Á∂ ‘Ø Âª √Ú∂ Á∆ Â≈˜∆ ‘Ú≈ Â∞‘≈‚∂ ÂÈ, ÓÈ ˘ Ò≈Ì Í‘∞≥⁄≈¬∂◊∆Õ Â∞‘≈‚∆¡ª Ó≈√Í∂Ù∆¡ª ‘؉ ‹ª «‘Á∂ Â≥Â, «¬√ Ò¬∆ ÍzÂ∆ «ÁÈ C@ «Ó≥‡ ÍÀÁÒ ⁄ºÒØÕ «¬√ È≈Ò Â∞√∆∫ Â≈˜◊∆ Ó«‘√»√ ’Ø◊∂Õ ‹∂’ Â∞√∆∫ √Ú∂∂ √À ’Á∂ ‘Ø Âª √Ú∂ Á∆ Â≈˜∆ ‘Ú≈ Â∞‘≈‚∂ ÂÈ, ÓÈ ˘ Ò≈Ì Í‘∞≥⁄≈¬∂◊∆Õ * ‹ÁØ∫ Ú∆ Â∞√∆∫ ¡≈͉∂¡≈Í ˘ ʺ«’¡≈ Ó«‘√»√ ’Ø Âª ‚∆Í Ï∆«Ê≥◊ Ì≈Ú ÒßÏ∂ √≈‘ Ò˙, ⁄≥◊≈ Ó«‘√»√ ’Ø◊∂Õ * ‹∂ ’  Â∞ ‘ ≈‚∂ ¡≈Ò∂ Áπ¡≈Ò∂ ÍΩÁ∂ Òº◊∂ ‘È Âª «¬‘ Â∞‘≈˘ Â≈˜◊∆ Á∂‰ «Ú⁄ ÓÁÁ◊≈ √≈Ï ‘؉◊∂Õ ÁÎÂ «Ú⁄ Ú∆ ÍzÁ»Ù‰ ÿº‡ ’È Ò¬∆ ÍΩÁ∂ º÷∂ ‹≈ √’Á∂ ‘ÈÕ «¬‘ Â∞‘≈‚∂ «Ú⁄ Â≈˜◊∆ Á≈ √≥⁄≈ ’È◊∂Õ * Â≈˜◊∆ Íz Á ≈È ’È Ò¬∆ ¡≈Ò∂-Áπ¡≈Ò∂ Á≈ Ó≈‘ΩÒ Ï‘∞ ӑº  ÚÍ»  È ‘∞ ≥ Á ≈ ‘À Õ Ì≈∆ Ú≈Â≈ÚÈ ¿∞ Á ≈√∆, √π √ Â∆ Â∂ È’≈≈ÂÓ’ Ì≈ÚÈ≈Úª Á≈ √≥⁄≈ ’Á≈ ‘ÀÕ ¡≈͉∂ ’Ó∂ ˘ √≈Î Â∂ ΩÙÈ∆ È≈Ò ÌÍ» º÷ØÕ ‹Ø «Ú¡’Â∆ ÿº ‡ √Ω ∫ Á∂ ‘È, ¿∞ ‘ √Ú∂  ∂ ¡≈͉∂ - ¡≈Í ˘ ʺ«’¡≈ Ó«‘√»√ ’Á∂ ‘ÈÕ Â≈˜◊∆ «‘ «Ú¡’Â∆ ¡≈͉∂ ’≥Ó ”Â∂ √‘∆

«Ë¡≈È È‘∆∫ Á∂ √’Á≈Õ «¬√ Ò¬∆ √∆’ Â∂ Ó≈È«√’ ˜» Á∆ Í»Â∆ ˘ ◊≥Ì∆Â≈ È≈Ò Ò˙Õ «’Ò Óπ‘≈«√¡ª ÂØ∫ ¤∞‡’≈∂ Ò¬∆ : «¬‘ Ø ◊ ÒÛ«’¡ª ¡Â∂ ÒÛ’∆¡ª Á∆ ⁄Û∑Á∆ ‹Ú≈È∆ Á∂ √Ó∂∫ ‘∞≥Á≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬√ «Ú⁄ √≥Ï≥«Ë «‘º«√¡ª Á∂ Ú≈Òª Á∆¡ª ‹Û∑ ª Á∂ ¡≈Ò∂ Áπ¡≈Ò∂ Á∆¡ª «◊Ò‡∆¡ª «Ú⁄ √ؘ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ «¬√ Á∂ Ó◊Ø∫ √∑Ø∫ Á∂ Á≈‰∂ ÂØ∫ ÒÀ ’∂ Ó‡ Á∂ Á≈‰∂ «‹≥È∂ ¿∞Ì≈ Ⱥ’, ◊Ò, ◊ÁÈ, ÓØ„∂ Â∂ «Íº· ¿∞Â∂ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ∂ ‘È, ‹ÁØ∫ ⁄Û∑Á∆ ¿∞Ó √Ó∂∫ ‹‰È ¡≥ ◊ ª «Ú⁄ Í«ÚÂÈ ¡≈¿∞ ∫ Á≈ ‘À ª ‘≈ÓØ È ˜ Ï‘∞  «˜¡≈Á≈ ÍÀÁ≈ ‘؉ È≈Ò Ú≈Òª Á∆¡ª ‹Û∑ª Á∂ Áπ¡≈Ò∂ («ÚÙ∂Ù ’’∂ «⁄‘∂, ¤≈Â∆ Â∂ «Íº · ¿∞  ∂ ) Ï‘∞  ‘∆ «˜¡≈Á≈ Â∂Ò «È’Ò‰ È≈Ò «¬È∑ª Ê≈Úª ”Â∂ Óπ√≈Óª «Ú⁄ ¡≈ ’∂ ⁄ÓÛ∆ Á∆ ÓÀÒ È≈Ò «ÓÒ ’∂ ‹≥Ó ‹ªÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ «’ºÒ, Óπ√≈Óª «Ú⁄ ’≈Ò∆ √∑Ø∫ Á∂ Á≈‰∂ «‹≥È∂ ¡≈’≈ «Ú⁄ ω ‹ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ «¬√ Â∑ ª «¬È∑ ª Á∂ ‘∂ · ‘Ø  Â∂ Ò «È’ÒÁ≈ «‘≥Á≈ ‘ÀÕ ‹ÁØ∫ Óπ√≈Óª ≈‘∆∫ ¡≥ Á Ò≈ ◊≥ Á ≈ Ó≈Á≈ Ï≈‘ ’¬∆ ‘≈Òª «Ú⁄ «¬‘ Úº‚∂ ‘Ø ’∂ È‘∆∫ «È’Ò √’Á≈ ª «¬‘ ’≈Ò∂- «¬È∑ª «Ú⁄ Í∆’ Ì ‹ªÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ «Î ’≈Ò∂ Á≈‰∂ ͺ’‰∂ Ù∞» ‘Ø ‹ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ Ø◊∆ «¬È∑ª ˘ √»¬∆ ‹ª È‘∞≥¡ª È≈Ò Ì≥ȉ≈ Ù∞» ’ «Á≥Á≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬√ Â∑ª ’È È≈Ò «⁄‘∂ ¿∞Â∂ Á≈◊ ÍÀ ‹ªÁ∂ ‘ÈÕ «¬√ ÂØ∫ «¬Ò≈Ú≈ «ÿ˙, ÂÒ∆¡ª ⁄∆˜ª, «Óº·∆¡ª ⁄∆˜ª Á≈ Ï‘∞Â≈ ÍzÔ◊ Ø ‘≈˜Ó∂ Á∆ ÷≈Ï∆, Ó≈‘Ú≈∆ ¡≈’ÓÚ≈ ‹ª Ó≈‘Ú≈∆ Á∂ ‘Ø Ø◊, Ó∆‡, ’ΩÎ∆, Ù≈Ï, Ï∆¡ Á≈ Ï‘∞ ÍzÔØ◊ Â∂ ’√ È≈ ’È≈ «¬√ Ø◊ Á∂ ’≈È ‘∞≥Á∂ ‘ÈÕ «¬√ Ø ◊ Á∆¡ª ‘∂ · «Ò÷∆¡ª «’√Óª ‘È* ¡À’È∆ ÚÒ◊√-¡≈Ó ’’∂ «¬√ «’√Ó Á∆¡ª «Î≥È√∆¡ª ÚË∂∂ ‘∞≥Á∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ Í«‘Òª «¬È∑ª «Ú⁄ Í≈‰∆ «‹‘≈ ‘∞≥Á≈ ‘À, Ó◊Ø∫ Í∆’ Ì ‹ªÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ * ¡À ’ È∆ Í≥ ’ ‡À ‡ ≈-«¬√ «’√Ó Á∆¡ª «Î≥È√∆¡ª Á≈ «√ ’≈Ò≈ ‘∞≥Á≈ ‘ÀÕ * ¡À’È∆ «¬È«‚¿±∂‡≈«¬√ «Ú⁄ «Î≥È√∆ Ó‡ Á∂ Á≈‰∂ ÂØ∫ ÒÀ

’∂ ÏÁ≈Ó «‹≥È∆ ‘Ø √’Á∆ ‘ÀÕ *√∆ÏÀ√∆¡√ «◊Ò‡∆¡ª«¬È∑ª Á∂ ¡≈Ò∂-Áπ¡≈Ò∂ Á∂ «‘º√∂ ”⁄ √ؘ ¡≈ ‹ªÁ∆ ‘À Â∂ √÷ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ≈ ‘ÀÕ ’¬∆ ‘Ϋ¡ª º’ ·∆’ ‘؉ «Ú⁄ È‘∆∫ ¡≈¿∞∫Á∆Õ «¬‘ ÷≈√ ’’∂ ‡∆. Ï∆. Á∂ Ó≈Á∂ Ú≈Ò∂ Ø◊∆¡ª ˘ ‘∞Á ≥ ∆ ‘ÀÕ * ¡À’È∆ ÍØÍπÒØ√Ó-«¬√ «’√Ó Á∆¡ª «ÎÈ√∆¡ª ÿº‡ ‘∆ ͺ’Á∆¡ª ‘È Â∂ ¤∂Â∆ È≈Ò ·∆’ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ ‘Ø«Ó˙ÍÀÊ∆ Á∆¡ª ÷≈‰ Ú≈Ò∆¡ª ÁÚ≈¬∆¡ª Áπ¡≈≈ ÊØÛ∑∂ ‘∆ √Ó∂∫ ¡≥Á «⁄‘≈ √≈Î ‘؉≈ Ù∞» ‘Ø ‹ªÁ≈ ‘À Í ‘Ø«Ó˙ÍÀÊ∆ «Ú⁄ ¡√∆∫ «¬’ ‘∆ ÁÚ≈¬∆ È≈Ò ‘ «¬È√≈È ˘ ·∆’ È‘∆∫ ’ √’Á∂, «’¿∞∫«’ ‘Ø«Ó˙ÍÀÊ∆ Á∂ «√˪ ÓπÂ≈«Ï’ «¬’ Â∑ª Á∆ ‘∆ Òº◊‰ Ú≈Ò∆ «ÏÓ≈∆ Ò¬∆ ‘ ÓÈ∞º÷ Á∂ √πÌ≈¡, Ó≈È«√’ ¡Ú√Ê≈ ¡≈«Á ¡Ò≈Óª ’≈È Úº÷∆ ÁÚ≈¬∆ ‘∞≥Á∆ ‘ÀÕÓ∆˜ √‘∆ √Ó∂∫ ”Â∂ √‘∆ ÁÚ≈¬∆ ÒÀ ’∂ «ÈØ◊ Â∂ √π÷∆ «˜≥Á◊∆ «ÏÂ≈ √’Á≈ ‘ÀÕ

14-year-old from India is ready to follow Yao’s ¡«ÂÚ≈ÁinÁ∆¡≈∫ √ÓÊ’ √ß√Ê≈Ú≈∫ ”Â∂ ‘≈ÒÂ7-foot ”⁄ I Ó‘∆È∂ Í«‘Òª Ò≈ÍÂ≈ ‘Ø ¬ ∂ ‰‹∆ «√≥ ÿ ÏÀ È ∆Í≈Ò Á≈ «Í≥ ‹  «Ó«Ò¡≈ footsteps

Û∑ Á∂ ‘Ø ¬ ∂ ‹∆ Ò∆ÈØ ◊Òª Ò‰ ‘ ≈ª ⁄≈ Â≈ Ì≈ ¡ª ¿∞√

¡≈√‡∂«Ò¡≈¬∆ Í∞Ò∆√ ÚµÒØ∫ ¤≈Í∂

‘∞ ‰ √≈˘ B/C «ÁÈ Í«‘Òª ¡Ó∆’≈ Á ∂ at an NBA roster. ize, in and of itself, is no guarantee when it comes to trying to predict NBA stardom. Or even a «‘≥ chance «Ë¡≈‰Ú∆∫ √ª so Á≈to«Î ÎØÈtime and time again when it comes to Through the years, we’ve seen countless 7-footers from several Ò∞ countries fall ÁØ short, speak, «’ √≈˘ ‚ÀÒ∆ÈØatÙ«‘ Á∆ trying to hold their own at the NBA level. The Americans clearly lead¡≈«¬¡≈ the league in failing this aspect, but a dozen other countries have flubbed as well. Íπ«Ò√ È∂ Áº«√¡≈ ‘À «’ Ú∞º‚∆ ‹≥◊Ò ÓÀ Ò ÏÈ-Ù«‘ Á∂ Úµ÷-Úµ÷ Áµ«√¡≈¢ ¿∞È∑≈∫ «’‘≈, ““«Í¤Ò∂ BE One country that hasn’t taken to the ring, or the court, yet? India. And¬∂though nation hasn’t had a player even be drafted √≈Ò≈∫ ÂØ ∫ «¬‘ √ß √ Ê≈ «Ú’‡Ø  ∆¡≈ «‘µ«√¡≈∫ «Úµ⁄play ¡µ‹or¡≈√‡∂ «Ò¡≈¬∆  ∆¬∂ «Úºthis ⁄ Ø ∫ massive «¬º ’ Á÷º  È≈Ò by an NBA team, it’s not easy to see why Satnam Singh Bhamara mightÒ‡’Á≈ not be the exception rule.‘À,After has scouts ÎÀ‚all, Òthe Í∞Ò7-footer ∆√ Â∂ «Ú’‡Ø ∆¡≈ Í∞droolÒ∆√ «Úµ⁄ ’≈‹Ù∆Ò ‘À ¢ ¡√∆∫ Ó«‘˜ «Í≥‹  Ï≈ÓÁto‘Øthe «¬¡≈ ing over his skills. «‹√ Á∂ È∂Û∂ ͬ∂ ’ºÍ«Û¡ª ”⁄Ø Íz≈Í ڵÒØ ∫ “¡«ÂÚ≈Á Á∆¡≈∫ √ÓÊ’“ ’∞«ÁÙ ÒØ’≈∫ Á∆ ÷∞ ‘∆ √Ó≈‹’ The catch? He’s only 14. But he’s also 7-feet tall. Once again, if you missed that: 7-feet tall, and 14 years of age. ‘ج∂ Á√Â≈Ú∂˜∆ √ϻª ”⁄Ø ÓØÏ≈«¬Ò, √ß√Ê≈Ú≈∫ “Â∂ ÂÛ’√≈ ¤≈Í∂ Ó≈∂ ¡Â∂ √µ«Ì¡≈⁄≈’ ‘Ø∫Á ÍzÂ∆ «⁄ß ¡Â∂ ’≈‹Ù∆Ò ‘≈∫¢ Í∞Ò∆√ Á∆ «¬‘ ’Û≈, ÿ Á∆¡ª ⁄≈Ï∆¡ª ¡Â∂ ¿∞√ ◊¬∂ ¢ Â∞  ’∆ «Úµ⁄ Úµ÷∂ Ó∞ Ò ’ “’∞  «Á√Â≈È“ Ò¬∆ ‘«Ê¡≈Ïß Á ’≈Ú≈¬∆ √Ófi ÂØ∫ Ï≈‘ ‘À¢ ¡√∆∫ Á≈ ‚∆.¡ÀµÈ.¬∂ ‡À√‡ ’Ú≈¿∞‰ ÂØ∫ √ßÿÙ ’ ‘∆¡≈∫ ‹Ê∂ÏßÁ∆¡≈∫ 鱧 Ï∂’√± ‘≈∫ ¡Â∂ È≈ ‘∆ ¡√∆∫ ’∞fi √ͺ√‡ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ‘À «’ ¿∞’ «Í≥‹ ¡≈√‡∂Ò∆¡≈ «Úµ⁄Ø∫ «ÚµÂ∆ ÓÁÁ ◊Ò ’∆Â≈ ‘À¢”” ‰‹∆ «√≥ ÿ Á≈ ‘∆ ‘À Õ «Óz  ’


’∞«Á√Â≈È Ò¬∆ «ÚµÂ∆ ÓÁÁ Á≈ Ó≈ÓÒ≈


Victoria-area Sikhs Celebrate Diwali Photos by Dan Eastabrook / Diversity Reporter Staff



Â∞ ‘ ≈‚∆ √Ø ¬ ∆ ‹Ò ˜∆≈ √Óº◊∆ : D ’ºÍ Í≈‰∆, B Úº‚∂ ⁄Ó⁄ «¬ÓÒ∆, D ⁄Ó⁄ «ÈßÏ» Á≈ √, A ⁄Ó⁄ ⁄∆È∆, ¡ºË≈ ⁄Ó⁄ ’≈Ò≈ ÈÓ’, ¡ºË≈ ⁄Ó⁄ Ìπø«È¡≈ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ˜∆≈, ÈÓ’ √Ú≈Á ¡È∞√≈, ÊØÛ≈ «‹‘≈ ÍπÁ∆È≈ ͺ«Â¡ª Ú≈Ò≈, ¡Á’ Í∂√‡ A ⁄Ó⁄, B ⁄Ó⁄ Ï∂√‰ Á∆ Ï»øÁ∆Õ Ï‰≈¿∞‰ Á∆ «ÚºË∆ : «¬’ ’ºÍ Í≈‰∆ «Ú⁄ «¬ÓÒ∆ Í≈ ’∂ ’∞fi Á∂ º’ º÷ «Á˙Õ «¬ÓÒ∆ Á∂ ∂Ù∂ ¡Òº◊ ’ «Á˙Õ ÍπÁ∆È≈ ¡Â∂ ¡Á’ ˘ Í∆√ ’∂ Ï∆’ Í∂√‡ ω≈ Ò˙Õ «¬ÓÒ∆ Ú≈Ò∂ Í≈‰∆ ”⁄ ÍπÁ∆È∂ Á≈ Í∂√‡ «ÓÒ≈ «Á˙Õ Ï»øÁ∆ Á∂ «¬Ò≈Ú≈ ‘Ø √≈∆ √Óº◊∆ ¡Â∂ Í≈‰∆ ˘ ¿∞√ «Ú⁄ «ÓÒ≈ «Á˙Õ Î«º˜ «Ú⁄ ·ß‚≈ ‘؉ Á∂ Ò¬∆ º÷ «Á˙Õ √Ú ’È Á∂ Ò¬∆ ◊Ò≈√ «Ú⁄ Í≈˙ ¡Â∂ ¿∞ÍØ∫ Ï»øÁ∆ «¤Û’ «Á˙Õ «¬‘ ¡≈¬∆‡Ó ◊Ó∆¡ª Á∆ Ï‘π ÚË∆¡≈ ‚«ø’ ‘ÀÕ «¬√ ˘ Âπ√∆∫ ؇∆ ÷≈‰ ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á Ú∆ ÒÀ √’Á∂ ‘Ø, «’™«’ «¬‘ ÷≈‰≈ ‘˜Ó ’È «Ú⁄ √‘≈«¬’ ‘ÀÕ

ÍÈ∆ ’∆

‘∆ ∆Õ ‘∆ Ò ‘ Á Â≈ ‹∂ ‘ ◊

ÂΩ ˘ ‘ È ·Ø ∫

Â≈ ∆, Â∂ √ Â≈ Á∂ ◊∂Õ Ò ÿ Ò∂

’ È≈ Á≈ Á∂ ’ ∆, ‘ª ∆∫Õ

November 17, 2010

√Óº◊∆ : A ◊Ò≈√ ÁπºË, A ’‡Ø∆ ÓÒ≈¬∆, G ’≈‹», B ‡Ó≈‡, B «Í¡≈˜ ’º‡∂ ‘ج∂, ¡ºË≈ «’ÒØ ÍÈ∆, A@-AE Á≈‰∂ «’Ù«ÓÙ, B ‘∆¡ª «Ó⁄ª, ÈÓ’ √π¡≈Á ¡È∞√≈, Ò≈Ò «Ó⁄ Í∆√∆ ‘ج∆, ‹∆≈, ‘≈ ËÈ∆¡≈ «Í«√¡≈ ‘Ø«¬¡≈, ÂÛ’≈ Ò◊≈¿∞‰ Ò¬∆ ˜» ¡È∞√≈ «ÿ˙Õ «ÚË∆ : √Ì ÂØ∫ Í«‘Òª ’Û≈‘∆ «Ú⁄ «ÿ˙ ◊Ó ’Ø «Î ¿∞√ «Ú⁄ ’º‡∂ ‘ج∂ «Í¡≈˜ Í≈ ’∂ ◊πÒ≈Ï∆ ‘؉ º’ ÌπøÈØ, ‹ÁØ∫ «Í¡≈˜ ◊πÒ≈Ï∆ ‘Ø ‹≈‰ ª ‡Ó≈‡ ’º‡ ’∂ ¿∞√ «Ú⁄ Í≈ Ò˙ ¡Â∂ ¿∞È∑ª ˘ ÌπøÈØÕ ‘π‰ «¬√ «Ú⁄ ’º‡∆¡ª ‘ج∆¡ª ‘∆¡ª «Ó⁄ª, Í∆√∆ ‘ج∆ Ò≈Ò «Ó⁄ ¡Â∂ ÈÓ’ Í≈ Ò˙Õ «¬√ ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á A ◊Ò≈√ ÁπºË ¡Â∂ A ’‡Ø∆ ÓÒ≈¬∆ Í≈ ’∂ √≈∂ «ÓÙ‰ ˘ «‘Ò≈˙ ‹ÁØ∫ ◊Ã∂Ú∆ ◊≈Û∆ ‘Ø ‹≈Ú∂ ª «¬√ «Ú⁄ ÍÈ∆ Á∂ ‡πº’Û∂ Í≈ ’∂ A@-AE «Ó≥‡ º’ ‘Ò’∂ √∂’ ”Â∂ «‘Ò≈˙Õ Â∞‘≈‚∆ ÍÈ∆ ’∆ «Â¡≈ ‘Ø ‹≈Ú∂◊∆Õ

¥∆Ó∆ ⁄∆˜ ÓÙ»Ó √Ò≈Á √Óº◊∆ : A «’ÒØ ’≈ÏπÒ∆ ¤ØÒ∂, B-C ¿∞ÏÒ∂ ¡≈Ò», H-A@ ’ºÍ Í≈‰∆, C ⁄Ó⁄ ⁄≈‘ Á∆ ͺÂ∆, B ⁄Ó⁄ «Óº·≈ √Ø‚≈, D Úº‚∆¡ª «¬Ò≈«¬⁄∆¡ª, A ⁄Ó⁄ ’º«‡¡≈ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ¡Á’ ¡Â∂ ‘∆¡ª «Ó⁄ª ¡Â∂ √Ú≈Á ¡È∞√≈ «ÈßÏ» Á≈ √Õ Ó√≈Ò≈ : C ⁄Ó⁄ Ò≈Ò «Ó⁄, A ⁄Ó⁄ ◊Ó Ó√≈Ò≈, C ⁄Ó⁄ ¡È≈Á≈‰≈ Í≈¿±‚, A/B ⁄Ó⁄ «⁄º‡∆ «Ó⁄, D ⁄Ó⁄ ËÈ∆¡≈ Í≈¿±‚, √Ú≈Á ¡È∞√≈ «⁄º‡≈ Ò»‰, ’≈Ò≈ Ò»‰, A ⁄Ó⁄ ÿ∆Õ «ÚË∆ : ¤Ø«Ò¡ª ˘ ËØ ’∂ √Ø‚∂ ¡Â∂ ⁄≈‘ͺÂ∆ «ÓÒ∂ Í≈‰∆ ”⁄ «Ì¿∞∫ «Á˙Õ F-G ÿ≥‡∂ Ï≈¡Á «¬√ ˘ ¿∞Ï≈Ò Ò˙Õ ‘∞‰ √≈∂ Ó√≈«Ò¡ª ˘ Í≈‰∆ ”⁄ ÿØÒ Ò˙Õ ’Û≈‘∆ ”⁄ ÿ∆ ◊Ó ’ØÕ ¡Á’, ‘∆¡ª «Ó⁄ª, Úº‚∆¡ª «¬Ò≈«¬⁄∆¡ª Í≈˙ ¡Â∂ √≈∂ Ó√≈Ò∂ Í≈ ’∂ ¤ØÒ∂ Â∂ ¡≈Ò» Í≈ «Á˙Õ ÊØÛ∑∆ Á∂ Í’≈˙Õ Ï≈¡Á ”⁄ «ÈßÏ» Á≈ √ «ÓÒ≈ Ò˙Õ

√≈Ï»Á≈È≈ Í’ΩÛ≈ √Óº◊∆ : B ’ºÍ √≈Ï»Á≈È≈, B ’ºÍ ⁄ΩÒª Á≈ ¡≈‡≈, C ’ºÍ χ «ÓÒ’, B ⁄Ó⁄ Ò≈Ò «Ó⁄ Í≈¿±‚, B «Í¡≈˜ ’º ‡ ∂ ‘Ø ¬ ∂ , ÂÒ‰ Ò¬∆ Â∂Ò, ÈÓ’ √Ú≈Á ¡È∞√≈ Õ Ï‰≈¿∞‰ Á∆ «ÚË∆ : √≈Ï»Á≈‰∂ ˘ ËØ ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á ¿∞√ ˘ χ «ÓÒ’ «Ú⁄ «¬’ ÿ≥‡∂ º’ ÎπÒ‰ «Á˙Õ √≈Ï»Á≈‰∂ «Ú⁄ ⁄ΩÒª Á≈ ¡≈‡≈, Ò≈Ò «Ó⁄ Í≈¿±‚, ÈÓ’ ¡Â∂ «Í¡≈˜ ⁄ø◊∆ Â∑ª «ÓÒ≈ «Á˙Õ Â∂Ò ˘ ◊Ó ’’∂ ¿∞√ «Ú⁄ ÊØÛ∆ ÊØÛ∆ Ó≈Â≈ «Ú⁄ Í∂√‡ Í≈ ’∂ Í’Ω‚∂ ÂÒ Ò˙ Â∂ ⁄‡È∆ Á∂ È≈Ò ◊Ó≈ ◊Ó √Ú ’ØÕ


*Fuel consumption ratings for 2011 Cruze ECO with 6-speed manual transmission based on preliminary GM testing in accordance with approved Transport Canada test methods. Competitive data based on Natural Resources Canada’s 2010 Fuel Consumption Guide and 2010 Upper Small segment. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. Excludes hybrid and diesel models. Production begins November 2010. † Based on latest published competitive information available at time of printing. Excludes other GM models. Conditions and limitations apply, see dealer for details. †† Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for base model. Freight, licence, insurance, registration, fees associated with filing at moveable property registry/PPSA, administration fees, duties and taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. See dealer for details.

24 November 17, 2010

Diversity Reporter team


Har jagah chalayi te ajjmaayi, tuhadi balle-balle karvan nu. Iss varg vich sabh to ghatt tel di khapat*, 10 airbag naal, te Kaneda vich sabh tou vadhiya coverge.†


Go to on your smar tphone and download the free application.





European Model Shown.

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