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David – 18 August 2012 You know, there is a LOT going on! So, I was thinking “What is the real, bottom-line, total, all-important, final point of it all? What is it REALLY all about? What is it that “the powers that be” are all in a big fuss about? What are they REALLY working towards, and WHY?” There is so much information that it is difficult to tie it all together, to keep the thread, and to see it simply! And then it came to me!... “They” have been working towards something for centuries, actually, since the beginning of man, and things have certainly been ramped up over the last fifty years or so. And the last decade? It has been “off the charts”, don't you think? So what is the thing they have been working towards most, using everything at their disposal to prepare the world for it, the one thing that they expect will seal, not “their” complete domination and rule over the entire world, but for the one that they serve. What would make that practically “a done deal”? You can find a lot on the net, and I have a lot here on my site, but even I have a hard time keeping “the bigger picture” with so much information to absorb! So I think the Lord gave me a sort of “revelation” that will simplify it all! Here we go then... For millenia, from ancient civilisations right up to the present, everything has been leading up to... 21 December 2012! And why? Because, to put it simply, there has not been a celestial event like this since before time began. Things like this don't “just happen”, and certainly not “every day”! This IS “a big thing”, and I'm not talking about “the end of the world” per se! So what is so important about it? Well, the “enlightened ones” have been preparing for this, very carefully, orchestrating and engineering all that they can, to help bring about some amazing things at this very point in time! And they have not been without “help” in doing so! This is why there is a “thread”, a supernatural one, that has flowed through time and space, keeping civilisations in line with what is supposed to happen, and especially bringing things to a head since just after the second world war! “Science” especially has sky-rocketed exponentially since this time, as well as

other “preparation devices”, such as movies, literature, “discoveries”, music, imagery, politics, economics (banking and the stealing of people's individual wealth), “movements” (such as “new atheism”, “new world order”, globalism in all it's forms), distractions (“false flags”), mind-moulding (brain-washing), dumbing-down of populations through genetic engineering and downright poisoning (chem-trails, vaccination programs, processed “foods”, etc), “population controls” (war, genocide, starvation, concentration camps, as well as a clear purpose to eliminate and exterminate huge swathes of the populations of the world), etc, etc, etc! I mean, the list is almost endless! So what is their “end-game” exactly? It is very simple!... There is a reason why they have so much “secrecy” about everything they do. They have an ulterior motive, a goal, a plan to bring something about, and very soon now! There is a reason why Jerusalem figures prominently in that plan, and the Temple Mount especially. Why there is a plan to re-build “Solomon's Temple” there and re-institute sacrifice. Why Israel was brought back into existence as a “nation” to help facilitate this. Why this is all tied to London, and the US, and why these three entities have been dominating world events for the last two centuries at least (though the thread goes back a LOT further of course!). Bible Prophecy can be a bit ambiguous, but the whole of everything that we need to know is written there. This is why The Bible has been attacked so relentlessly and maliciously throughout, but especially now, when so much of it has been opened up and revealed, as God said it WOULD be, in THIS time that we live, “the time of the end”. However, “the plan” of those that serve the one who's desire is to ensalve and eliminate mankind has been “hidden in plain sight” all along! And now that they are close to completing it all, they are “pulling out all the stops”, and very boldly and publicly, so much so that it is almost impossible to “miss” it! There has been “a war” going on, from the beginning of man until the present, and basically it has been between “Satan's seed” (which is why their “bloodlines” are so important to them) and “the Woman's seed”, which is those that believe, in the One True God that is! (It's all right there in Genesis folks!) If you want to know WHY there has always been so much trouble in the world, throughout the millenia, well THIS is the reason. (This is also the reason why some of God's “judgements” might have seemed “harsh” at those times. “His people” were actually, in full reality, having to deal with, literally, “the seed of Satan”, “in the flesh” so to speak - Genesis 6 – and we will too

shortly, believe it or not!) So what has that got to do with now? Well if you study the ancient prophecies and predictions of civilisations past, as well as the present belief-systems of those “enlightened ones”, who have passed on their “secrets” through the centuries, it will be apparently visible to you that there is an event that is right on our doorstep, the threshold of “the end of all things as we now know and understand them”! Actually what will happen is that the world will have a truly “rude awakening”, as the wool that has been pulled over their eyes for so long will be “suddenly” ripped away, resulting in “Great Confusion” and “men's hearts failing them for fear”. (It will be much like how Néo discovered that his existence wasn't the “reality” that he always thought it was!) What is this event? And how will it push the peoples of the world “over the edge”, into the arms of their over-lords, and their master (to “save” them)? All the evidence seems to point towards the “revelation” of a “superior”, “alien” race! Don't take my word for this! Do your own research! (See links below) I believe that THIS is what we can expect, and VERY SOON now! The thing is, these entities are NOT “aliens from outer space”, but physically manifested demons, or “the fallen ones”, and from a dimension that is a LOT “closer to home” than most people would care to want to believe! This is why you have so many “UFO sightings”, which are increasing in volume, number and size, “crop circles” with “messages”, stories of “giants” throughout history (and why you have actual archaeogical “finds” of such. These “giants” also being responsible for the many “unexplainable” feats of ancient construction throughout the world, as well as their unifying symbolisms and belief-systems, art-work, etc!) And why is all of this important? Simple!... There IS an entity who's desire and plan is to dominate mankind, and he will try to appear as a “savior”, to “rescue” man from everything that is taking place now, but especially from that which he and his agents are about to unleash on the world! This man, simply put, is Satan incarnate, or “the Antichrist” as he is termed in the sciptures! And his “seat of power”? - Is in the temple (to be built) in Jerusalem!

“The knowledge of good and evil” has been dispensed to his “enlightened ones” for one purpose, and one purpose only – to bring this “Beast” to power, and he is SOON to be revealed! “The fallen ones” and those that follow him, his agents of the “secret societies”, as well as those “hybrids” that are already his (the “shape-shifting reptilians”) and the genetic mutations they are engineering (as we speak), are his seed! THAT is what we are up against people! So why 21 December 2012? - Because THIS is the date they believe in and are working towards as the beginning of a “new era”, a “new age of man” (under Satan), a promised (but false) “peace”. And to bring it about? Something catastrophic that they will engineer first, to make mankind ready to accept their “solution”, a remedy for all the “disasters” of the world (which they created themselves in the first place)! Links....... Just enter the following into your search bar and see what you get... David Flynn Cydonnia Mars Roswell 2012 Always, David

The End of All Things  

the end of all things