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A brief and concise summary of my stay at Heilsu Hotel. 5th - 16th October 2012. “I am sick of being tired, and tired of being sick” - Mark Twain

A brief explanation... One of Mark Twain's humourous quotes, as above, pretty much sums up the point I had gotten to in my life. Approaching 59 years of age I was starting to wonder if I could go on and live much further without the increasing anxiety that “I might not make it!” This was no idle imagination. The physical affects the mental and the spiritual, and my physical state had been on a steady decline since 2003, after a knee injury had curtailed my favourite form of exercise, playing basketball. But particularly, as I got older since then, the lack of physical activity contributed to other daily habits in life that increasingly took their toll, to where the last year had seen me steadily reach 111 kgs in weight, looking very “rounded and puffy”! This article about this regimen is not about a weight-loss program however. It goes much further and deeper than that. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I had one of those “eye-opening, life-changing epiphanies”, and it seemed, to me at least, all so easy! I, like so many children growing up, had always heard the stock phrases like “eat your vegetables, chew your food properly, eat more slowly and don't gulp it down, allow time for your food to digest, drink more water, don't eat junk food”, etc, etc. Of course there are always good reasons for these things being said, but noone had ever explained to me WHY these things were so important. Now I know, along with a lot of other things that you hear about in all kinds of “food fads”, “diets”, “fitness programs” and so on. As I said, this is not about losing weight per sé. That is one of the natural by-products of just eating nutritionally and conscientiously, as well as some other sinple health habits that you always heard about, but “never seemed to find the time to fit in” to everything else in daily life. But I will cover what I learned in a moment, as well as explain all the benefits I have already encountered as a result, in just ten days! (The actual program was for 2 weeks, however I had to leave early, as something came up at home that required my immediate return.)

The main purpose and objective of the program... Was very simple – to detoxify my body! No, I was not taking drugs, nor smoking! Toxins build up naturally in the body over time, except that they mostly enter the body through un-natural means – basically, the things we take into our bodies, one way or another! And the primary source? - “Foods” that are not foods at all! Our digestive system, “the gut”, serves a very specific purpose, but it all goes on inside, where we do not see what is actually taking place, neither do we understand it, so we tend to ignore it or treat it with a very real lack of respect. Then we wonder why we get sick, run down, foggy-minded, tired, or even worse. Given time, and enough intake, toxins start in the gut and build up until they spread outwards, through the blood and the internal organs, eventually reaching the muscles, and then the joints. Basically our whole system becomes overwhelmed and over-run! “Medication” is then often the “quick-fix” for something that need never have happened in the first place, and some medications even work against the natural processes that our bodies were designed with to fix themselves! Amazing! For me personally “I got myself an education”, for the first time really, even though I had heard and read bits and pieces all my life, and it has completely changed my perspective! Not just that, but even my “cravings” and desires have changed, and yes, you could say even my “taste buds”, to where it isn't even difficult to “give up” junk, in favour of real food that nourishes, strengthens and provides fitness, as well as more clarity in my thinking and thought processes! Does this all sound “too good to be true”? Well, read on and see for yourself! I am only going to summarise, condense and compile the high-lights from my own notes, the basics that anyone can benefit from, even people like me who, I must confess, have been very lazy in these areas before now. Again, this is not “a diet”, not in the usual sense of the word anyway. It is the way of life! 1

TALK FROM CHAD ON THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM The colon (large intestine) is where it all starts! In the colon you have “good” flora, and “bad” flora (candida). The bad flora is inevitable, but if you can keep the ratio to 80% good, versus 20% bad, then you have a healthy balance. Stress is the #1 factor affecting elimination (bowel movement), along with a lack of water! = Constipation! The body eliminates waste in 3 ways: Going to the toilet Sweating Deep-breathing Good supplementary products for the colon: Acidophilous Psyllium Husk Powdered Magnesium (not too much, or diarrhea can result) Papaya Seeds or Extract (breaks food down) Apple Cider Vinegar (a table spoon in a glass of water ½ hour before a big meal) Note: “Heartburn” is the result of too little acid – contrary to what we might think! Colon Hydro Therapy (Ristilskolun): Purified warm water colon cleansing (not like an enema) is recommended 2 – 3 times when detoxing. (Chad does it twice a year, after the “big feasts” of Summer barbeques and Christmas.) Saliva prepares the stomach to receive food! Don't drink water ½ hour before, during, or ½ hour after a meal – it dilutes the acids which digest foods, starving you of their nutritional value! The digestive process: Mouth --- 1 minute (Chew until unrecognisable – focus! Best not to talk while chewing or “air swallow”) Esophagus --- 4 – 8 seconds Stomach --- 2 – 4 hours Small intestine --- 3 – 5 hours Colon --- 10 hours to several days Pay attention to how you eat! Eat slowly – it takes the stomach 20 minutes to realise it is satisfied! (Even juices should be “savoured” in the mouth). “Don't gulp your food!” (Serve smaller portions, as if in an expensive restaurant, and savour what you are eating - you will eat less, enjoy it more, and be satisfied with “enough”, not “needing more” or left still “feeling hungry”!) Don't lie down after a meal (because of feeling tired afterwards)! Eat in moderation - Enjoy! The colon is an “involuntary” muscle and moves in waves and like a “concertina” (harmonium). A healthy colon will eliminate daily, every other day perhaps. Every three days is getting to be too much. More than this is not healthy and could need attention (“diet” = intake). Laxatives are “quick-fixes” but do not fix the problem and should not become the habit. Elimination should be a natural occurance, “in and out” of the bathroom, not taking a long time, nor needing to be strained or forced. Squatting is the most natural position for elimination, but if not possible sit up straight, not hunched over. Can use a stool or foot rest if neccesary, to lift the knees up if that helps. Water: 2 litres of pure water taken throughout the day (not “all in one” go at any time). It does not work to “save it all up” until the end of the week either! Can use a 1 litre plastic sports bottle and keep it with you - drinking only from that helps to keep track of how much you are drinking. The body is 70% water. Think of it as like an engine – if you run your body, like a car, on less than the optimum amount of oil (water) needed, parts are going to start wearing out and breaking down, and could eventualy sieze up altogether, leading to a “crash”!


Skin & Breathing Your skin (the largest organ of the body) is like “your 3rd kidney”, and sweat is good! Use a loofah, scrub the skin a couple of times a week in the shower (stroking towards the heart)! Deep breathing: (70% of detox goes out through breath!) − Lay flat on back, hand on chest and stomach, breathe in through nose, watch stomach rise, breathe all out! Sets: 1 x 10 then 2 x 20 (“Cautazol” collects on the belly!) − Walking is best exercise – builds resistance! Head high, chest out (as if being pulled by a rope attached to a hook in your breast-bone), let the shoulders drop and swing the arms, at a pace brisk enough to not be able to talk! − Get outside to let the skin breathe! − Key words: “Stimulate” & “Consistency!”

Other Sleep is important! - Quality & enough! Sleep is when the body heals, rejuvenates and regenerates itself! If you are not getting enough, or the right kind, you are depleting the body of its resources to do so! - Like with water, you cannot “save up” or “catch up later” with what is missed. It is gone, and you cannot get it back! Rotate all joints to loosen crystal build-up (arthritis) from toxins! Check your tongue (scrape with spoon) – a healthy tongue is pink!


Talk with Ásdís on Detoxing During the program the body works on the “old” stuff (junk) that the body has accumulated! Use all the treatments – there are many benefits to all of these remember!: Walking Massage Saunas (especially the infra red – a dry sauna that penetrates 3 – 4 centimeters into the body for deep cleansing. 2 – 3 times a day for 30 minutes each at 60 C ) Colon Hyrdo Therapy (2 times minimum, 3 times if necessary) Relaxation techniques Positive aspects: Diet Supplements Exercise Sauna Skin brushing Negative aspects: Chemicals (in food and environment) Sicknesses and illnesses (compromised system – needs to detox) Medications Stress Over-eating Keep a balanced gut flora! - Recommended 3 months course of “Acidophilous” at least, but all year round is good! Get the “strong” kind and take 2 times a day. Also recommended: Grapefruit Seed Extract; Garlic Oil capsules Avoid: Sugar; Wheat (gluten – is in beer!) Wash fruits and vegetables – to remove pesticides and other chemicals! Don't over-cook! (Cooks all the nutrition out!) “The longer the detox cleansing, the deeper it goes!” “Less fat cells = less toxins retained by the body!” “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food!” “Phytonutrients”! = Beetroot juice! Salt crystals (Himalaya Salt) – if feeling weak and blood pressure is low! Cayenne Pepper & Ginger Grapefruit Seed Extract (See “Healthy Eating” from Ásdís later in this article)


What to buy, and what not to buy, with Steinunn ***READ THE LABELS!!!*** - “Allowed” and “per serving” amounts are often misleading, and “no” this or that may mislead from the fact that other, worse stuff is included! Example: A cheap peanut butter available in “Bonus” stores = Contains only 55% peanuts - the rest is only one molecule removed from plastic! Never buy anything from a package (ex: cookies)! “The worse the product, the better the packaging!” “Transfats” = “Hydrogenated” fats = “Dead” fats! (in a lot of cookies, etc) = DO NOT EAT! Watch out for “less fat” items such as margarines, which can contain worse ingredients! Real butter is better! Eat no white sugar or white flour! There is NO nutritional value in them – they are ANTI-nutritional! = They “spike” your blood sugar, AND your weight, going into your muscles and fat. They also create more “false” hunger for more of the same = viscious cycle of only getting worse! Eat/use nothing with “added sugar”! ***SUGAR PARALYSES THE HORMONE COMING FROM YOUR COLON TELLING YOU YOU ARE FULL! ***CANCER CELLS ARE MORE OPEN TO SUGAR! ***SUGAR = BAD CHOLESTROL AND HARDENS THE ARTERIES AND VEINS! ***SUGAR IS “WAITING FOR THE CALORIES”! ***ANYTHING ENDING WITH “...OSE” = “ADDED” SUGAR! ***ARTIFICIAL “FAKE” SUGARS ARE BAD FOR THE NERVOUS SYSTEM! ***SUGAR MAKES THE BLOOD “STICKY” - CELLS CAN'T “SWIM” IN “DIRTY WATER”! Bake at home – use coconut palm sugar for sweetener. “Gluten Index”: Anything under 55 is okay. (Always use half the recommended amount of sugar in recipe's!) (See Solla's “Lífrænt” products – all good stuff - only available in “Bonus” - keeps prices within anyone's reach!) “Himalaya” salt! (Colours = minerals!) NOT “sodium”! Good for the nervous system: 1) Exercise 2) Low stress (sleep) 3) Nutrition Walnuts: Look like a brain, because they are good for the brain, and heart! Soften the arteries and veins. Contain “good” fat, and good fats we need! Pumpkin Seeds = Good for Liver! Also Sea Kelp. Nuts & Seeds: = Good fat & Protein! Goji Berries (and all other berries): Are high in anti-oxidents & fight against “free radicals”! Colours in vegetables = anti-oxidents = keeps you young-looking! Vegetables also contain good fats & proteins! ***Caffeine is a poor substitute for energy! - (Have none after 2 pm!) Dark Chocolate: Anything 70% or above is okay. Make your own (it's easy & quick! - see recipe – book “Heilsu Réttir”)! Bread & Pizza: Make your own! (see & for recipes!) Avocados & Coconut Water: Great base for making “green drinks”, which are good for acid/alkaline levels in the blood. 7.3 ph is good. All “fast food” & “processed foods” are acidic – green drinks counter them! 80% alkaline to 20% acidic is good – any more goes to the joints!


Water: 80% of headaches come from dehydration (including migraine). If plain water is not so palatable, add cucumbers or limes. Drinking hot water cleans the lymphatic system! Quinoa (Kinóa - a seed related to spinach): Is a whole protein, high in amino acids! - Rinse it before cooking, boil for 15 – 20 minutes. Gluten-free “porridge”! (Google recipes) Chia seeds: Good fibre for the colon, rich in amino acids and Omega 3. Soak it overnight (Google recipes). “Above ground” vegetables (leafy “greens”) --- HIGH in vitamins and minerals, good fats and proteins “Below ground” vegetables (roots) --- more carbohydrates and starch, particularly potatoes ***Variety is good! ***The biggest thing is preparation! (Plan ahead with a week or a month calendar and keep a diary) ***Fibres need more water! ***Don't drink fruit juices – eat the fruit (with the skins = fibre)! ***Healthy meat is good! (grazing/grass-fed animals, and “free-range poultry” - not corn or “feed”-fed) ***Carbohydrates spike sugar in the blood, proteins and fats slow it down! Look at what you eat together! ***Don't burn meat (don't eat the black if you do)! - Use low heat and cook steadily. ***If you crave salt = mineral deficient! ***Wine is sugar (though it does also have beneficial attributes) – use moderation. ***If you crave wine or chocolate, perhaps you need more love!? ***”Weight-training” is not just about muscles – it also strengthens the bones!


“Healthy Eating”, with Ásdís How is my health? Balance between Energy – Weight – Immunity – Hormones – Digestion Benefits: Increased energy and vitality. Clearer thinking and focus. Improved mood and sleep. Improved reistance to sickness and illnesses. Improved longevity. Improved quality of life. All in all, it is “money in the (health) bank – saved up against the future!”

Basic food groups: Vegetables & Fruits Whole Grains Nuts, Seeds & Beans (legumes) Lean Meats, Poultry, Fish Dairy Products and Eggs Cold Pressed Oils (organic are best)

On your plate: 50% Vegetables – 25% Brown Carbohydrates – 25% Protein

10 Basic goals to aim at: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)

Eat 5 – 9 vegetables & fruits a day. Good proteins: Seeds, Nuts, Beans, Eggs, Dairy, Fish, Chicken, Meat “Complex” carbs: Oats, Brown Rice, Kinoa, Spelt, Whole Wheat, Rye, Barley Cold Pressed Oils: Cod Liver, Olive, Flax Seed, Coconut (Canola good for frying). - Fish oils work right away! 2 – 3 times a day good for joints! 1 – 2 litres of Water daily, plus Herbal Teas. Use fresh, clean & organic foods. Increase fibre-rich foods. Avoid.... (all the “you know what's”) Eat regularly – 3 main meals, 2 snacks (healthy), according to schedule and physical demands. Use the 80/20 rule – if you are eating 80% healthily, then you can allow 20% “socially”.

“Superfoods”!: Berries! --- Powerful anti-oxidents! Ginger! (fresh root or in powder form) --- Anti-inflamatory! Almonds! (also Sesame Seeds) --- Calcium & Magnesium! Beetroot! (fresh or juice) --- Detoxes the Liver! Chia Seeds! --- Omega 3 & Fatty Acids! Garlic! --- Immune Stimulant & Anti-biotic! (peeled cloves can be swallowed whole - trim the pointed tip first and cut grooves into the flesh to allow the oils to seep out) Seaweed! ***”Milk Thistle”! --- Great for Liver regeneration! 7

Natural Sweeteners: Fruits & Berries Dried fruits Cinnamon, Vanilla Xylitol & Maltilol (goes straight through the body) Stevia (powder or liquid form) – use small amounts = 5 times sweeter than sugar! Honey Coconut Palm Sugar Dark Chocolate

Good for digestion: Apple Cider Vinegar Acidophilous or Pro-biotics Digestive Enzymes (good for over-eaters & gas) - We produce less digestive enzymes with age. Herbs: Fennel, Peppermint, Dandelion, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Sellium (? spelling)

Fatty Acids: Found in: Omega 3-6-9, Flax Seeds, Nuts, Fish, Eggs Good for: Anti-Inflamatory, Immune System, Metabolism, Exzema, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Depression, Hormonal Imbalance

More on Herbs: Nettles --- Diuretic Chamomile --- Relaxing Ginger --- Anti-inflamatory Liquorice --- Balances blood sugar Dandelion Root --- Cleanses liver Fennel --- Anti-spasmodic

Meal Tips: BREAKFAST: Add fruits to cereals. Make fruit “smoothies” or vegetable “smoothies”. LUNCH: Fresh Salad. Add (always) vegetables as a topping on bread. Add a variety of vegetables to omelettes. DINNER: Up vegetables to 50%. Vegetable soups for a main meal sometimes. Fresh Salads, with avocado, egg, seeds, chicken, salmon.


What to watch out for: Gluten can cause inflamation of the joints! Gluten-free foods: Brown Rice, Kinoa, Millet (soothing), Almond Flour (make own bread). Can get “fresh from the bakery” healthy breads from a health store. Aspartam confuses the brain! Avoid yeast in all its forms! Too much of any alchohol causes “leaky gut syndrome” - tiny holes where the junk leaks out into the body! Milk is a “heavy” protein! Coffee: 1 – 2 cups only per day, 3 maximum (only if you have no problems!). None after 2 pm! Red wine: In moderation!

Note to self – David. The “food industry”, pharmaceutical companies, and tobacco companies are notorious at producing products that have absolutely no nutritional or health benefits whatsoever, but in fact contain chemicals that are designed to be addictive, and this is on purpose – to make us spend our money, and keep spending it, on things that do us no good whatsoever, but to the contrary – they are actually killing us, slowly but surely! If we eat and live healthily, we will find that we actually don't need them, and wouldn't even want them at all! There is LOTS of VARIETY, and FUN in “all the good stuff”, and we can ENJOY it all, and HAVE A GOOD LIFE WHILE WE DO! Yay!) Special note: For any who might think it is “too expensive” to eat healthily... One man, Benedikt, whose story can be found on the Heilsu Hotel web-site (see links at the end), explained that at 40 years of age he was “just waiting to die”. He had tried every diet imaginable, including all the wellknown ones, having problems stemming from bad experiences that started at 4 years old and onwards, until he was 175 kgs. After doing the course, and then adopting it as his lifestyle of choice afterwards for the two years since, he has lost 60 kgs and kept it “lost”, is now fit, with a new lease of life, owns his own business and is buying his own house. He said that he used to spend Kr 120,000 a month on “junk” and “comfort foods”. Her now spends Kr 40,000 a month. Eating healthily can not only save our lives, but our money too! It may seem like a costly initial investment, but what you buy lasts longer, goes further, and feeds you better (so you eat less), and you feel better as a result, in every way! It's a “win, win” situation! Definitions: “Processed” = all the nutritional goodness is “processed” out, leaving little but junk bulk that doesn't feed you! All “processed” food is also acidic! “Preservatives” = only “preserve” the “shelf-life” of the product, not you! Many “preservatives” are actually harmful to your body! “Pasteurised” = “pasteurised” means all the natural, beneficial bacteria is sterilised out, leaving not much more than junk bulk, which is often loaded with nothing but fat, and very little else!

Some last-minute “goodies”: Fibre is not just for good digestion, but it balances blood sugar, lowers cholestrol, and makes you feel full! 1 multi-vitamin/mineral formula supplement a day is good – see it as a “medicine”! D3 (1000, 2000 or 4000) is good in Winter, especially due to lack of sunshine!


A brief explanation of the program – what I did! Check out the web-site at for a comprehensive explanation of the detox program and other benefits available there. Reading the pages explaining how to prepare for the program will also give an idea of what to expect. Approaching it all with a positive, “will do” attitude that is eager to learn can make all the difference, though the effects that are usually felt just after only the first week are more than enough to be a “convincer”. The body does the work by itself – all we do is provide the tools for the job! Remember, this is a two week detox program, a “crash course” in kick-starting the system into a healthy “reboot”. It is not a “weight loss” program per sé, though that is one of the side-benefits that occurs naturally, as well as many others that you will see following.

The dietary program: Is very simple – only fruits and vegetables, juices and soups, water and herbal teas. (Fresh Ginger, Ginger powder, Fresh Lemons, Cayenne powder and Himalaya rock salt is also available at the tea counter – water drinking, 2 -3 litres per day, and herbal teas are encouraged throughout the day) BREAKFAST (09:00) – in the following order: Warm fermented beetroot juice (yummy! - no joke!) Fruit juice Vegetable juice One fruit Fresh raw salad (the content of each meal varies daily) LUNCH (13:30) – in the following order: Fruit juice Vegetable juice Fresh raw salad Cooked vegetables (“all you can eat” of the salads and cooked vegetables is encouraged!) DINNER (17:30) – in the following order: One fruit Fresh raw salad Cooked vegetables Soup (as much as you want) “TABLE ETIQUETTE” Eat slowly and chew thoroughly. Eat peacefully and quietly. No water ½ hour before, during, or ½ after meals, to allow the body to absorb all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. SUNDAYS: Juices only day – 3 at breakfast, 2 at lunch, 2 at dinner. WEDNESDAYS: Water and herbal teas only day.

NOTES: It was amazing to me that during my whole stay at the program I at no time felt “hungry”, not even on juice or water-only days, nor did I “miss” or “crave” any of the things I had been used to consuming before attending. Towards the end of the first week (which is normally considered to be the more “difficult” week, due to the incredible changes that the body is working through internally), I did find the flavour of the salads and cooked vegetables becoming a bit “boring”, mostly because I am used to “spicing” my foods quite a bit at home. No salt or spices, other than those mentioned above, are used in the food preparation, only herbs. 1

The Daily Schedule: Varied from day to day. However some things were encouraged on a daily basis, such as: A brisk 20 – 30 minute early morning walk, with stretching afterwards. (This actually conflicted with my personal morning “devotional” time, so I would do the walk after breakfast, with my headphones on). Remember, breathing and muscle and skin stimulation is a valuable part of the detox process. An afternoon “excursion” walk in picturesque or interesting places nearby, if interested. A visit to the sauna (particularly the infra-red sauna) 2 – 3 times a day. Remember, sweating is also a valuable part of the detox process. A hot tub was also freely available. Daily weight and blood pressure measurements taken by ourselves, to monitor daily progress. (Blood sugar was also measured by the nurse when we first arrived, mid-way through the program, and at the end).

Other activities: These could be freely attended as they were scheduled, and as and when/if interested. Talks and lectures on health, diet, nutrition, exercise, etc. (See my previous notes for the ones I attended) Evening activities in the common room (including concerts by visiting musicians on occasion), TV and movies (DVD) on a big screen in the TV room, or there is also a TV/DVD player in each room and you can borrow DVDs from the library in the TV room if you wish. Yoga, strengthening, deep breathing and deep relaxation exercises in the gym. (Rest and sleep is encouraged generally, as the body itself is working very hard in the detox process! - There is no “pressure” to “attend” anything or everything!) Other excursions and activities available: I live here in Iceland, and had already “bin there, dun that”, so was not interested in any of the following, but at an extra cost the following was provided for --- Trips to the Blue Lagoon, Horse Riding, Whale Watching, Shopping Trips. Special Yoga classes in the gym.

Special Therapies and Treatments I Enjoyed: 2 sessions of Colon Hydro Therapy. This is not like an enema, believe me, and I highly recommend this procedure for anyone. It is simple, and takes 40 – 45 minutes as follows: A special adaptor is inserted into the rectum (after some lubrication is applied of course). It is not painful, and doesn't penetrate very far at all. All you feel is a slight pressure a couple of times, like as if you want to go to the toilet, but you relax and it passes almost immediately. Then all you do is lie on your back for 40 minutes or so while the therapist allows warm water to flow into the colon, and back out again, 2 or 3 times or so, going a little further along each time, flushing out the colon of all debris. After the session you go to the bathroom, and gravity completes the process. All done! Easy! Depending in the condition the colon is in, it might require only two sessions, as mine did, but three is necessary if a lot of junk has accumulated, and especially if the solids are hard and compacted and difficult to eliminate normally. The necessity for cleansing is apparent when you realise that this is where very unhealthy, potentially disease-laden bacteria collects, if the colon is not functioning properly as it should. I have to say I felt much better as a result of the procedure, even though my colon was not in bad shape! I also had a 50 minute whole-body relaxing massage mid-way through the program! (There are other types and lengths of massage available, at other prices). 11

The Results!: As previously explained, I had to leave the program three days early, due to an emergency situation that had arisen at home, but in only ten days I benefitted in the following ways: Immediately apparent and visible was I lost 8 kgs in weight! This was mostly toxin-laden water retained in fat tissue, so I am also feeling not only lighter, but fitter too! My blood pressure, which had been in the “high normal” range (while taking one pill for it daily) dropped to normal, and I was able to stop taking the pills altogether! My blood sugar level, which was a high 5.7 at the beginning, dropped to within the normal range, which is between 4 – 5. My cravings and desires for “foods” that are NOT “foods” at all has gone! I am not even “hungry” now, and I now only eat nutritonal foods that serve my body in a good way, eating less amounts, AND I ENJOY them! I feel less “foggy” in my mind, less tired generally, don't get “out of breath” so easily, and am lighter in my step! I am thinner, and feel more comfortable in my clothing also, which I hadn't for some time before. Other things: Joints that had started to become painful eased; stomach problems that would keep me awake at night requiring that I take “matar sodi” disappeared; the “nervy” feeling in my legs at night that also keept me awake at night disappeared; sleep generally improved; dry skin (dandruff) disappeared!

Credits, Recommendations & Links: --- Contact Solveig (Nuse/Manager) or Ragnar (Manager) for further information! The staff are all wonderful and helpful people, and the visiting residents are fun to enjoy the experience with! People you will enjoy talking with if you visit: Chad, Steinunn, Kristín (all health and fitness folks who know a LOT about their field and nutrition) & Irena (colon therapist). With such a positive and supportive environment you cannot fail to miss your goals! Ásdís Ragna Einarsdóttir --- Grasalæknir (Doctor of Herbalism) Visit her web-site here: Write her here: Call her on: 899 8069 On facebook: Find great recipes and an example of a five-day detox program you can do at home on her blog here: “Lífrænt” healthy products from Solla in Bonus stores! (All natural!) A good health recipe book: “Heilsu Rettir” (Icelandic) Google recipes for health foods mentioned in this article on-line! Contact Merete at: for more info on certain aspects of diet, such as soaking, fermenting and sprouting foods like nuts, legumes, seeds and grains in order to enhance the benefits of the nutrients contained in them, while at the same time washing out some poisons that are present naturally and can be harmful if ingested in too large amounts. She also knows a lot about dairy products and meats, as she personally has a condition that required her adjusting her intake of these accordingly. All “diets” are personal to your body's needs, and some metabolic traits are “inherited” genetically. “Listen to your body” and it will tell you what it needs! It is not about being “an ascetic”, following a “self-denial” program! Be temperate in all things, and follow moderation! Have fun, and enjoy your life! “Spice it up a little” with lots of variety! :-D


The Detox Program revised  

The Detox Program revised