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Christmas 2012 You know, there are hundreds, thousands of “Christmas Messages”. Everyone has something to say at Christmas it seems. It makes you wonder sometimes “But what about the rest of the year?”. “The world is full of words!”, and it is also said that they are “cheap”. There is also so much “information” around today, all the time, everywhere, especially in our “multi-media” society, so that it can all get a bit “wearisome”, don't you think? When does anyone have anything truly “original” to say, “something different”, something “that really means something”, and “makes sense”, “makes a difference”? In The Bible we are told that “there is no new thing under the sun” (and a lot more – look it up, in “The Book of Ecclesiastes”). So, “what's the point?” Well.... You have doubtless heard the saying “A picture speaks a thousand words”? And similarly, “What you do speaks so loud, I can't hear a word you are saying!” So, although our words are usually, suposedly, sincere, if we are honest with ourselves, we probably can easily say to ourselves “Well, I would really like to believe what I am saying and live up to it, but I know I will fall so far short myself, so (again) what's the point?” (Better to “shut up” then perhaps? Just kidding! :D) Words are important however, especially if they are the right words, in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason, and said in the right way, and with an honest and sincere heart. These kinds of words give life, and some people can die for lack of hearing them, in so many ways! “It is never the wrong time to do the right thing”, so let's try to not allow fear and pride to hold us back from saying the right words! Again, the “The Book of Proverbs” tells us “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver” - Beautiful! But even more important is the “doing” isn't it? And this is what this “Christmas Message” is all about really! There are amazing stories of how wars actually stopped for a time, even the whole day, at Christmas time! - “What if it was Christmas every day?” Which is really what “The Christmas Story/Message” is all about – the whole point that was shown to us, and said to us - “Make love, not war!” This is “the gift that was given”, to, and for, us all, and the same gift that we are supposed to be giving! It's not about money (or the gifts that that buys), is it? (How far short does that fall!?) When there is plenty of it around though, it seems to supplant what is actually the most important thing doesn't it? So, if there's not much money about, then it should be easier to give that which is the most important, right? So why not let's just do that, and not just “at Christmas time” either! After all, the point was for all time, not just a specific day of the year! There are countless accounts of wonderful things that have happened throughout

the years, decades, centuries, at Christmas Time. All true, and all very moving! But what about now? What if we could make our own “wonderful things” happen? This idea is not really very difficult to imagine. It wouldn't cost any money. It might cost us a few, other, different little things, like “pride”, or “time”, but love (which is the opposite of pride, because it is humble, and requires humility to “do” it), takes “time”, and what could be a better gift? The truly awesome thing is, if we can think this way then we don't just have to think within limits or boundaries – we can think “outside of the box”, and explore possibilities that we never dreamed existed before! What would it take? Simple things! Like a hug when least expected! A kind word at the moment it is most needed! Affection! Time to listen! Stepping up to help when it's needed! Even just “being there”! And not just for those we “know”! Basically, we can just give ourselves to each other, can't we? It can't hurt at least! In fact, when we give of ourselves, it is “guaranteed” that it will come back to us in some way, like a boomerang! So it's a “win, win” conception, isn't it? If you think about it, “The Old Story” was all about what? Did He come down to hurt us? Or, was it to do all He could to help us? (And, on top of all of that, to die, that we could live!) Now that is real love! “But I couldn't do that for anyone!” you might think! But how do you know? First of all, He gives us “the grace to do the humanly impossible” when we ask Him to, and there are inummerable stories of people who, literally, “laid down their lives for their friends”, of which it is written “greater love has no man (or woman) than this”! Perhaps we also could think of it this way though... One time two old ladies approached a famous evangelist and asked him if he had “dying grace”, to which he replied, much to their shock and horror, “No ladies, I'm afraid I don't!” But he hadn't finished, and went on to tell them “I'm not dying yet!” But it's the little, “daily 'dyings', to self” that is what “saints” and “martyrs” are made of, and anyone can do that! Right? Ask Jesus into your heart, and He, by His Spirit, can give you that “supernatural grace” that makes your life worth living! Trust me, you won't “regret” it, and will even wonder how you “survived” without it! Following is a poem shared by a dear friend just recently... With love always, David

Give a gift of laughter, Give a gift of song, Give a gift of sympathy To last a whole life long. Give a cheerful message, Give a helping hand, Tell your weary neighbor, “Jesus understands!” Give a newsy letter To a far-off friend; Give a garden flower With the book you lend. Wash the supper dishes, Help to dust the room; Give a prayer to leaven Someone’s hour of gloom! Give a gift of sharing, Give a gift of hope; Light faith’s gleaming candle For the ones who grope Slowly through the shadow. Sweeten dreary days For the lost and lonely. Give yourself, ALWAYS.

Christmas 2012  

a Christmas Message for 2012

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