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Dear friends, Andre asked me to expound more on exactly what I mean't by Stephen saying "Ye have recieved the LAW by the DISPOSITION of angels and have not kept it" This was at the beginning of the class 21.12.12 NUMEROLOGY 31.12.12 I hope the attachment will make that verse clear. Best wishes Peter Brave-Heart (From Peter Brave-Heart 31.12.12) Dear Andre, I do see your point, and I guess I have not made it very clear. Here is a more complete explanation:In Acts 7.53 it states" Who received the law by the disposition of angels and have not kept it". It would appear that Either people hear from God and Obey His laws, or they make their own laws, which are often inspired by the Devil and his Fallen angels or DEMONS. What Stephen was talking about in Acts 7, was that many of their so-called laws (not the 10 commandments, which we know were given by God to Moses) but the hundreds of others laws and traditions passed down by the Hierarchy of the Pharisees and Sadducees, WERE OF NON-EFFECT. What I was trying to say is, that many of their traditions got in God's way, as Jesus Himself told them "Ye by your traditions have made the Law (of God's Love) of noneffect. "Moses, because of the hardness of your hearts gave you these laws" “The law came by Moses, but Grace and truth by Jesus Christ.� We as Christians are not bound by all of the Old Testament Laws and traditions, although I see that most churches ARE BOUND. It is the letter of the law, denying the power of GOD'S LOVE in salvation by GRACE, and not WORKS, that causes all of the organized churches and indeed other religions to have strayed completely away from God's original intent, and Jesus Himself put it to the woman at the well "Woman I say unto you that the time cometh, when ye shall neither worship God in the temple in Jerusalem or in Samaria, but the TRUE believers will worship God in Spirit and Truth. The False Religions of this world depend on BUILDINGS and TEMPLES, as stated by Father David. They are just like Cain in Genesis. They did not WANT to OBEY exactly what God told them to do.

I Samuel 15.23 “For the spirit of REBELLION is as WITCHRAFT, and stubbornness as Iniquity and Idolatry”. The Organized RELIGIONS all come under this category, because they don’t really LISTEN to GOD. They only want to use Jesus as a FIRE ESCAPE, as Father David would put it, BUT they DON’T want to have to LISTEN and OBEY, and thus they have become a law unto themselves; going totally in the wrong direction as far a GOD is concerned. Most of the American churches are very astray. I don’t know how the churches are where you are? Most run fast after MAMMON! Instead they invented a religion of LAWS that was both convenient for them, and a way to CONTROL the masses, often through FEAR of punishment or JUDGEMENT from GOD Himself. It was the same with the Jewish religion and others. God is not interested in the organized Religions, as he wants every individual, to make a personal contact and intimate relationship directly with Himself, without any middle man like priests etc. This is probably why God will allow the Anti-Christ to destroy all of the ORGANIZED religions and bring on the WORSHIP of himself (the Anti-Christ). Then ALL TRUE BELIEVERS will HAVE TO WORSHIP God in spirit and Truth. When we die we all have to face GOD alone,and give an account of our individual selves. RELIGIOUS LAWS and TRADITIONS will not count for ANYTHING. The only thing that will matter is have we lived our lives with LOVE for GOD and others or have we lived for SELF and SELFISHNESS. Unfortunately, most human beings are spiritually very lazy, and don't make the spiritual effort to avail themselves of getting close to Jesus and God, just by reading their Bibles and praying desperately for themselves and others. They depend too much on others to do it for them, such as pastors, priests etc. If the Old Laws worked, and organized Christianity worked, the world would not be on the threshold of CHAOS, that is now about to engulf this WORLD. The Darkness can only win, when those who are supposed to have the Light, and be Warriors for the Truth, simply don't live the WORD

of GOD and Stand-up and FIGHT with the spiritual weapons. I hope this explanation helps a little. Lots of Love Peter Brave-Heart HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!

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