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How to make a Sunday Papers Stool....... materials Sunday Papers? A range of experimental products made from tight rolled newspaper. It explores their compressed life cycle and was inspired by the bundles of newspapers left outside shops on a Saturday night, (when they are delivered for sale on Sunday) which have a cultural and economic value, and that the same product has a different set of values by Monday morning (when they are ready to be returned to the wholesaler), in that the news is old news and their value is for pulp. I wondered that if by simply repackaging, the material life cycle could be extended and a new product produced. At the end of the seats life it can still be pulped.

Use any paper or magazine you can get hold of. Consider if the ink will come off and be a problem, be careful of paper cuts if using magazines and watch out for staples. you will also need some long screws and scotch tape

tools Bradawl, electric screw driver, two lugage straps, strapping or old belts, or string, or old school ties or gaffer tape or shoe laces or.............?


The legal stuff I have made this PDF of how to make a Sunday papers Stool available in the spirit of openness and trying to encourage people to look at the materials around them. Only use these notes if you are competent and that suitable supervision is given at all times when required. I can accept no liability if anyone hurts or injures them selves or others from following these notes. I think it is fair to say that common sense and safety should rule the day.

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How to make a Sunday Papers Stool....... 1

3 Tightly roll each paper/magazine and secure with a small strip of biodegradable scotch tape.

Screws that go through at least two rolled papers are added with every layer at strategic points to stop shear


Each layer is bound with strapping. Every layer contains six papers more than the previous layer


5 If you do not have access to strapping try an alternative like old belts or use your imagination.

The final layer is added but no screws are used

David Stovell Design

If you do make anything based on these instructions please send an image to: as I would love to see how you get on.

Š David Stovell 2008

Making a sunday papers stool  

These are the instructions for how to make a Sunday Papers stool from tightly rolled newspaper. If you do make one I would love to see the r...