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Honeybell oranges make perfect gifts for your loved ones There is no gift better than a fruit basket of Honeybell oranges for your loved ones. The tradition of giving fruits as gifts is a part of many cultures and customs all over the world. A welldecorated fruit basket can be an ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, special business events, baby showers and more. Whatever the occasion, they are best gift ideas. Fruits are good gift ideas but while choosing them, you need to be careful. You need to choose fruits that are fresh and of good quality. One fruit your loved ones will enjoy receiving are Honeybell oranges. They are one of the rarest and most sought-after eating oranges on Earth. They are a hybrid of the Duncan or Brown variety of grapefruit and the Darcy variety of tangerine. This means technically it is not an orange. This is why many call them Minneola tangelos, after the city in Florida where they were first cultivated. They are grown mainly in the Sunshine State along the banks of the Indian River. With loads of juiciness and high content of sugar, they are one of the tastiest oranges in the world today.

If you are planning to gift a fruit basket of Honeybell oranges, order in advance. Unlike other citrus varieties, they are available for one month each year. As they are extremely sensitive to cold weather, they are harvested in late December or early January. In most cases, they are handpicked to make sure their distinctive bell-shaped stem end is not damaged. For those who want to gift this variety of oranges, it is better to order in advance. The supply is always smaller than the

demand. To make sure you get the best Honeybell oranges, you should place your order much in advance. Honeybell oranges are top selling products of many online fruit sellers. So you will not have difficulty in ordering them. When you are ordering oranges from an online fruit seller, make sure they can be trusted for shipping good quality and fresh oranges. Before ordering, invest time to shortlist a few fruit sellers and compare their products, prices and customer reviews. This will help you in finding a fruit seller that is most suitable for you. You should also check their shipping policies and other details before so that you do not land up in any type of issues later on. So delight your loved ones with a fruit basket of Honeybell oranges. They will love your warm gesture.

Honeybell oranges make perfect gifts for your loved ones  

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