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Able2Extract Professional 8

Convert Scanned PDFs to Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more...



Your Need: To save time and increase productivity through the quick, accurate, transfer of PDF data into formatted MS Excel spreadsheets, editable MS Word, PowerPoint & Publisher for editing, analysis or other reversioning. Our newest conversion lets users convert PDF to AutoCAD and retain vector graphics and text.

Able2Extract Professional Convert Image and Scanned PDFs Able2Extract Professional incorporates sophisticated technology to “lift” text off the page and enable the conversion of image and scanned PDF documents. With Able2Extract Professional, paper documents become accessible since they can be created as an image PDF using a scanner and can then be converted into Word, Excel, PowerPoint or HTML.

The Solution: Able2Extract Professional 8 delivers powerful conversions of native and scanned PDF files into editable MS Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, formatted Excel spreadsheets and much more. PDF layout, graphics and text are preserved in MS Word. Columns and tables are preserved in MS Excel for easy numerical and data analysis.



Easy 3-Step Conversion Solution: Open, Select, Convert


Fast and Simple to Use Open: Open and view your PDFs in our proprietary PDF viewer. Select: Select the data you want to convert. Convert: Click a button to instantly convert your PDF data into Word or Excel.

PDF to Word, PowerPoint & Publisher

Most Editability Able2Extract preserves the layout, look and feel, formatting, and graphics of the PDF within MS Word and PowerPoint. Native PDF forms can be converted into fillable Word forms.

PDF to Excel

Easy Data Analysis Excel output retains row and column structure to enable the quick and easy analysis of numerical data from the PDF. Users can designate column breaks with our custom conversion option.

PDF to AutoCAD

Recover CAD drawings Able2Extract converts native PDF to DXF and DWG, the file formats by Autocad. Using this conversion feature, users can recover vector graphics and text from a native PDF and place it into Autocad readable

PDF to Image Formats

PDF to Open Office

Retrieve PDF Images Convert images from PDF documents into more popular image formats. such as JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP and PNG. Conversion to Open Source Formats Open Office is increasingly seen as the alternative to Microsoft Office. Able2Extract supports conversions from PDF to Writer (Word equivalent), Calc (Excel equivalent) and Impress (Powerpoint equivalent).

Batch Conversion

Convert More Documents, Faster Able2Extract has the ability to perform batch conversions from PDF to Word, Excel and more via an easy to use batch interface. Schedule and convert hundreds of PDFs with a single click of the mouse.

Exclusive Pinpoint Conversion

More Accuracy Select and convert only the lines, paragraphs, or pages you want. No need to convert full documents or even full pages.

More PDF Conversion Options

Flexibility The most PDF conversion options available of any PDF converter on the market today. Convert PDF to HTML, and Text. Convert Text to MS Excel and more.

Able2Extract Professional 8 is powered by Investintech’s proprietary PDF conversion technology. This technology is unique to our products and ensures that the speed and quality of PDF viewing & conversion output into MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel is second to none..


Our no obligation free trial is available for testing. Download a free 7-day evaluation version from:


Business/Document Management/PDF Converter


Designed for the Windows, Mac & Linux platforms. Compatible with: - Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000 - Office 2013, 2010, 2007 and earlier - Mac OS X - Linux Redhat and Ubuntu distributions - Available via electronic delivery or on packaged CD


Processor: Pentium II 233 MHz processor (Pentium III recommended) Hard Drive Space: 40MB of available hard-disk space Memory: 256MB RAM Monitor: VGA 16 color 640x480 screen resolution


US$129.95 (Download Only US$139.95 (Download and Packaged CD – Shipping not included) - Volume Licensing Discounts Available – Please contact - A single license key works on Windows, Mac & Linux


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Able2Extract Professional 8  

Able2Extract 8, The First Ever Cross-Platform PDF Converter!

Able2Extract Professional 8  

Able2Extract 8, The First Ever Cross-Platform PDF Converter!