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Brickell and Downtown Condos in Detail Here you will find key information for ALL Condos in Brickell and

“Should I buy pre-construction?”

Downtown. We reveal changes in price per sq.ft. in the 12 months from the end of 2011 to the end of 2012. This information has

Answer: Those investors who were willing to take

been sourced directly from the South Florida MLS. We also reveal

a greater risk and invest in a pre-construction

current maintenance fee rates which is extremely important and

project over the last year have yielded significant

the health Grade of the buildings as provided by

financial returns on their investments, far in excess of returns they would have otherwise yielded on buying into an already established Condo. Investors must be aware of a Developers track record, financial stability, their payment structure and the unique selling points of that project that will enable it to stand out from the crowd. My Blogsite: details ALL the new Condo construction projects in the whole of Miami Dade with prices, floorplans as well as how that project compares to other existing Condos. The golden rule I use is: ‘If it existed today how would it compare in price to the competition?’ If an equal quality unit sells at $600 per sq.ft. today and you can buy pre construction at $450 per sq.ft. for the same product or better you will see a significant appreciation.

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Investors Guide to Brickell and Downtown Miami 2013  
Investors Guide to Brickell and Downtown Miami 2013  

A complete investors guide to buying real estate in Brickell and Downtown Miami. A look back on changes December 2011- December 2012