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Finding Lost Superannuation Funds If you have spent time working for someone, you owe it to yourself to keep track of your superannuation funds. Sometimes, a change in name, job or address may cause you to lose track of at least some part of your superannuation fund, also known as super. Another reason why a lot of people Lost superannuation in Australia because they have multiple superannuation funds. If you do have multiple supers, you may be paying more in the form of fees and charges that might be actually depleting your super. With state of the art online services, it is no longer hard to get a hold on your lost superannuation. There are services that you can use to check all of your super funds, if you hold multiple funds. There are many many millions of worth of Find lost super. You can go online and check if any of these belong to you. You can then use the online services to transfer the lost super to any account that you want. Before you begin your search online, you will have to be ready with your name, birth date and tax file number. If the government and your employer are not holding the lost super, chances are that the lost super is being held by the Australian Taxation Office, also known as the ATO. You can also contact the ATO for your lost super over the phone. Some precautionary measures that you can take that you can take to ensure that you do not lose any super is to go through your annual super statement carefully. Most people toss the super statement into the recycle bin as soon as they receive it. That is the biggest mistake that they make. First, whether you get your super statement in paper form or by email, it is important to give it a good, sharp look. The first thing that you must look for is the balance. Match the balance at the start of the year with the year end balance. If there appears to be a discrepancy, get in touch with your super fund right away. Also, when you are checking your super statement, make sure that you have received all the contribution from your employer. Also, see that any extra contributions that you made have been credited to your account. Another thing to watch out for is whether you are paying excessive fees. If you feel you are paying far too much by way of fees, you could consider switching super funds. Also, see that you are paying the correct amount of taxes. If you check your super funds statement rigorously, chances are that you will not have any lost superannuation funds at all. If you want to be in a place where the super funds will benefit you in your retirement, you need to take charge of things as soon as possible. That way, you will not be spending hours at the last moment looking for lost superannuation funds. Keeping a track at all times is the best thing possible.

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Finding Lost Superannuation Funds  

If you have spent time working for someone, you owe it to yourself to keep track of your superannuation funds.