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             Diary  of  My  Pet  Dinosaur                          Birthday  Craze!!                        By:  Courtney  Leung  4S   Dedicated  to  my  teacher,  Mr.  Secomb  who  gave  me  inspiration  to  do  this.     Hi,  my  name  is  Crystal  and  I  will  tell  you  about  my  pet  dinosaur.     April  9th   Hooray!  Today  is  my  birthday!!!!!  Yoohoo!  Ding  Dong!  Rang  the  bell.  “Crystal!”   yelled  my  mom  surprisingly  loud  for  a  woman  like  her.  “Go  get  the  mail!”  That’s   how  it  all  started.     It  all  started  with  a  package  from  my  aunt   Mina.  It  was  huge!  I  stood  there  wondering   what  was  in  there.  There  was  a  note,  it  said:     Dear  Crystal,   Happy  Birthday!!!   Here  is  a  little  present  for  you.     Love,   Aunt  Mina   P.S,  It  can  get  very  hungry  so  make  sure  you   always  have  a  lot  of  food.       Lots  of  food?  I  thought.  A  dog,  or  possibly  a  cat?  I  couldn’t  wait  to  open  it!   “Mom!”  I  shouted  running  into  the  house.   My  mom  looked  at  me  as  if  I  was  a  maniac.  Sheesh……  what?  I  was  just  excited.   Anyway  I  told  her  the  surprising  news.  “Guess  what?”  I  said  not  waiting  for  her  to   answer.  “Aunt  Mina  got  me  a  huge  present  for  my  birthday!”                                                         “Really?”  my  mom  answered  just  like  a  normal  person.  How  could  she  do  that  to  me?   She  totally  forgot  my  birthday!   “Remember  mom?  It’s  my   birthday!”……………………………………………………………………………………………………………     It  took  a  moment  for  her  to  realize  it.   “Oh,  I  am  so  sorry!”  she  exclaimed  running  to  me  and  hugging  me  like  I  was  a  little   kid.   Ughhhhhhhhh.  Anyway  I  ran  out  of  the  house  and  dragged  the  ENORMOUS  package   to  my  house.  I  then  realized  that  our  front  door  was  too  small  to  fit  the  package  so  I   had  too  put  it  in  our  HUGE  backyard  and  I  mean  HUGE,  HUGE  backyard.  It  was  the   size  of  about  10  large  houses.   I  dragged  it  around  the  house  to  the  backyard.      

I opened  it  and  believe  me,  I  wasn’t  shocked!  It  was  a  (ready  for  it?)  BOY   DINOSAUR!     Oh  well  my,  my  aunt  Mina  always  give  me  weird  stuff.  Like  last  year  she  gave   me  a  shark  (it  died  of  lack  of  water).     I  started  giving  it  my  food.  It  ate  and  ate  and  ate  and  ate!  Boy!  It  sure  was   hungry.      Then  I  realized  that  I  needed  money  to  feed  the  dinosaur  and  it  needed   someplace  to  live.  I  needed  to  be  a  billionaire!  Okay,  there  was  a  lottery.  The  3rd   place  person  got  1000,  the  2nd  place  person  got  10000000  and  the  1st  place  winner   got  1000000000  dollars.  I  have  got  to  win  that  prize!     April  10   Today  was  the  day!  I  bought  a  lottery  ticket  and  went  to  the  lottery  roll.     “3rd  place  winner!”  announced  the  manager,   “B34!”   There  were  groans  heard  from  the  crowd.   They  might  get  2nd  place  I  thought.   As  the  3rd  place  winner  ran  to  the  podium  the  manager  said     “2nd  place  winner!  C76!”   Now  lots  of  groans  could  be  heard.   The  2nd  place  winner  ran  to  the  podium  to  collect  his   prize.     “And  1st  place!”  the  announcer  said.  Drumrolls.  “B47!”   “Yesssss!”  I  shouted  running  to  the  front.   I  got  the  money  and  raced  home.     “Mom!”  I  shouted  racing  inside  the  house.   “What?”  asked  my  mom  “and  why  is  your  bag  so  full?”     “I  won  1000000000  dollars!”     It  took  a  while  for  the  news  to  sink  in.   “What?”  my  mom  screamed,  “You  won  1  billion  dollars?”   “Yes!!”  I  yelled  in  her  ear.   “We’re  rich!!”  my  mom  shouted  running  to  hug  me.       April  11   From  that  day  on  my  mom  and  I  was  rich.   Now  back  to  my  pet  dinosaur.  I  named  him  Dino.  Good  name  huh?  He  was  as  happy   as  can  be  now  that  he  had  a  place  to  live  in.  It  was  like  Dinosaur  paradise  for  him!   Anyway  I  was  in  my  backyard  and  I  was  watching  Dino  eating  food.   He  looked  really  happy.  It  was  night  time.  

“Good night  Dino”  I  said  walking  into  the  house.  I  changed  into  my  clothes  and  went   straight  to  bed.     April  12   Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  I  woke  up  with  a  start,  something  was  wrong.  No   crunching  or  munching  sounds  could  be  heard.  No  stomping  or  clomping.   Something  was  wrong!  I  ran  outside  in  my  pajamas,  heart  beating  fast.     I  raced  to  the  backyard  as  speedy  as  lightning.  I  ran  to  the  fancy  door,   was  going  to  throw  it  open  to  find  that  it  was  off  its  hinges.  I  leaned  over   to  find  that  the  backyard  was  a  mess.  Plants  had  been  knocked  over  and   the  grass  looked  like  it  had  been  trampled  on  for  a  millennium.  And….   Dino  was  missing!!!  I  ran  to  tell  my  mom.     “Mom!”  I  yelled  on  the  top  of  my  lungs.   No  answer.  “Mom?”  I  went  inside.  And  there  waiting  for  me  was  a  note  from  her.     Dear  Crystal,   Just  gone  to  buy  some  food.     I’ll  be  back  in  a  while!     Love,  Mommy     Oh  no!  I  was  doomed!  I  decided  to  look  for  Dino  myself.  I  wrote  my  mom  a  note:       Dear  Mom,   Gone  to  find  Dino     (he  got  kidnapped).   Don’t  worry  about  me!     From,   Crystal     I  packed  my  stuff  up  and  printed  papers  of  signs  that  showed  what  Dino  looked   like,  who  owned  him  (me)  and  so  on.  I  stuffed  them  in  my  backpack  and  added   nails  and  a  hammer.     I  walked  out  of  my  room  and  went  outside.  As  soon  as  I  got  a  few  steps  away   from  my  house  I  started  hammering  away.  I  hammered  on  most  trees.  At  last  I   was  finished.  Sweat  dripped  from  my  face.  I  wiped  it  off.  I  started  calling,  “Dino!   Dino!”  No  answer.  I  felt  tears  blur  my   eyes.               Suddenly  I  heard  a  not  so  faint  roar.  It  was  coming  from  a  dirty  but   nearby  shop.  I  ran  to  it  and  went  inside  the  shop.  A  small  man  was  at  

the counter…picking  his  nose.  I  said  “Hello,”  very  politely.  The  man  suddenly   stopped  picking  his  nose  and  looked  at  me.    “Hello,”  he  said  nervously.  I  guess  he  didn’t  like  the  thought  that  I  saw  him  picking   his  nose.  “What  would  you  like  to  have?”   “I  would  like  to  just  see  what’s  over  there.”   I  gestured  to  the  door  that  led  to  a  staircase.  “Uh  okay,”  the  man  replied   nervously  fidgeting  with  his  fingers.  I  walked  to  the  door  and  walked  inside.  I   went  down  the  staircase  and  arrived  to  a  fairly  small  door.     The  roaring  was  getting  louder  and  louder  and  louder.  I  walked  inside  and  what   do  you  know?  There  was  Dino!       But  he  was  locked  up  in  a  cell.  There,  next  to  him  was  a  very  evil  looking  man.   Then  suddenly  he  pulled  out  gun!  Oh  no!  I  ran  back  through  the  door,  up  the   stairs  and  out  the  shop.  When  I  looked  back  the  man  at  the  counter  was   smirking.  I  went  to  a  nearby  phone,  dialed  the  phone  number  of  the  police  and   waited.  Brrriiing!  “Hello?”  came  a  voice  from  the  other  end.  “Hello,”  I  replied.  “Can   we  help  you  with  anything?”  the  police  asked.  “I  would  like  to  report  a  man  with  a   gun,”  I  answered.  “Okay,  we  will  help  you,  first  where  are  you?”   “71  Carles  Street.”   “Okay,  we’re  coming  over,  stay  there.”     “Got  it.”     I  hung  up.  All  of  a  sudden  there  was  a  boisterous  noise.  I  saw  a  red/blue  siren   coming  in  to  view.  The  car  stopped  and  2  police  ran  out.    “Where  is  he?”  they  asked.  

“Over there,  inside  the  nearby  shop,”  I  said  as  I  pointed  to  the   dirty  little  shop.   The  police  ran  over  to  the  shop,  went  inside  at  lightning  speed.  I  followed  them   inside  and  waited  to  see  what  happened.  I  went  down  the  stairs,  through  the  door   again  and  saw  the  police  with  the  man  in  handcuffs.  Dino  was  there  too  and  he  was   happy.  “Dino!!”  I  cried  running  to  him  while  he  ran  to  me.  As  soon  as  I  ran  to  him  he   scooped  me  on  to  his  neck.  Then  I  realized  my  mom  would  be  so  mad  to  find  me   missing.!  We’ve  got  to  go  home!”  Then  as  fast  as  a  squirrel  Dino  ran  home  off!”  I  ran   to  each  tree  speedy  quick  and  as  soon  as  I  finished  I  jumped  back  on  to  Dino  and  we   went  home.  As  our  house  appeared  in  the  horizon  I  saw  my  mom  looking  frantically   around  for  me.  When  she  realized  I  was  coming  home  a  big  smile  washed  over  her   face.  I  arrived  at  the  front  door  and  my  mom  scooped  me  into  her  big  hands.  “Where   were  you,  my  little  honeybuns?”  she  cried  hugging  me.  Now  I  was  embarrassed.  So   far  I  haven  ‘t  met  any  person  who  had  a  mom  who  called  them  Honeybuns.  I  then   realized  that  Dino  was  gone,  the  only  part  of  him  that  was  showing  was  his  tail.   Since  I  could  hear  munching  sounds  I  figured  out  that  he  was  eating.  I  walked  to  the  

backyard and  there  he  was!  Happily  eating  plants  was  Dino  as  dirty  as  ever.  “My   goodness!”  exclaimed  my  mom.  “He  needs  to  be  thoroughly  washed!”   So  I  called  out  to  him.  “Dino!”     He  must  have  heard  my  voice  because  he  came  stomping  out  of  the  backyard  leaving   a  trail  of  dirt  and  leaves  behind  him.  “We’re  going  to  have  a  bath  in  the  swimming   pool,  come  on.”     That  seemed  to  please  him.  He  followed  me  to  the  swimming  pool  where  my  mom   poured  a  great  deal  of  bubble  bath  liquid.  The  swimming  pool  foamed  and   foamed  with  bubbles.  Then  I  warned  him.  “You  better  not  get  water   everywhere  or  mom’s  going  to  be  mad,  got  that?  Dino  nodded.   “Good,”  I  said  patting  his  head.  He  then  carefully  stepped  into  the  water   without  making  a  sound.  I  then  started  pouring  tons  of  soap  water  onto  him.  In   no  time  at  all  Dino  was  as  clean  as  soap.  He  climbed  out  and  I  drained  all  the   soap  water  from  the  swimming  pool  and  put  some  new  water  in  it.     “Come  on  Dino,”  I  said.  He  followed  me  to  my  backyard.  He  went  through  the  gate   and  I  locked  it.  I  walked  to  the  front  door  of  my  house  and  walked  inside.  My  mom   was  there  cooking  some  food  for  me.  I  heard  her  humming  to  a  song  on  the  radio.   When  she  finally  noticed  me  she  said  “hi,  do  want  anything  to  eat?”   “No  thanks,”  I  replied.  “I  already  ate.”   I  went  to  my  room  and  flopped  on  to  my  waterbed.  “Aaaaaahhhh,”  I  sighed  moving   gently  on  my  bed  because  of  the  small  waves.  Today  had  felt  like  the  longest  day  in   my  life.  As  I  slowly  drifted  off  to  sleep  I  dreamed  about  everything.     April  13     Today  I  jumped  out  of  bed  as  wide-­‐awake  as  I  ever  was.  I  hopped  down  the  stairs   and  ran  to  the  kitchen.     “Someone  looked  like  they  had  a  good  night  sleep,”  someone  said.  It  was  my  mom.  I   hadn’t  noticed  that  she  was  there.  “Hi  honey,”  she  said  all  smiley-­‐like.  “Hi  mom!”  I   replied  sitting  down  at  the  table.     “I  have  some  exciting  news  for  you!”  my  mom  announced  as  she  set  the  table  with   pancakes.  “What?”  I  asked  shoving  a  spoonful  of  cheerios  into  my  mouth.  I  figured   out  that  probably  I  was  the  smartest  kid  in  class.  “Today  is  a  school  day,”  she  said.   “What?”  I  said.  I  started  to  choke.  Tiny  pieces  of  chewed-­‐up  cheerios  flew  out  of  my   mouth.  Mom  had  to  pat,  no  practically  hit  my  back  to  stop  me  from  coughing.  When   I  stopped  I  said  “It’s  a    school  day  and  you  told  me  just  now?”  I  asked  scarcely   believing  it.  “Why,  yes,”  my  mom  replied.  I  wasn’t  happy  anymore.  I  was  in  a  hurry.  I   raced  to  my  room  as  speedy  quick  as  I  could.  I  grabbed  my  backpack,  stuffed   everything  I  needed  into  my  backpack.  I  ran  downstairs  and  checked  my  watch.   8:00.  The  bus  could  be  here  any  moment.  I  said  bye  to  my  mom  ran  to  the  front   door,  shoved  it  open  as  the  bus  came  into  view.  I  went  inside  the  bus  as  its  doors   opened.  I  walked  to  a  spare  seat  and  plopped  down.  Everyone  in  the  bus  was  talking.   I  managed  to  catch  some  paragraphs:   “Did  you  see  that  girl?  She  is  so  hot!”  

I wondered  what  they  were  talking  about.  Then  I  saw  her.  The  girl.  She  probably  by   her  looks  was  the  most  popular  girl  in  my  school.  She  had  sparkly  nails  and  glossy   lips.  She  had  designer  clothes  and  perfect  skin.  I  knew  her.  She  was  Ashley  Wikins.   She  was  famous  all  around  my  school.  I  realized  that  I  was  sitting  next  to  her  and  I   moved  away  to  another  seat.  The  bus  ride  took  forever!  When  we  finally  were  at   school  all  the  kids  scrambled  out  the  bus.  Every.  She  sashayed  out.  I  walked  out.  As   we  were  walking  to  the  school  the  bell  rung.  Riiiiing!  I  ran  to  my  classroom.  Mrs.   Wood  was  there  writing  something  on  the  board.  I  sat  in  my  seat  next  my  friend  Tia.   I  said  “Hi  Tia.”     “Hi  Crystal,  ”  Tia  replied  smiling  at  me.   Then  our  class  started.     Tick.  Tock.  Tick.  Tock.  Tick.  Tock.  Tick.   Time  flew  by:  Lunch,  Math,  P.E,  Science,  I.T,  Break  and  Humanities.     I  finally  realized  it  was  home-­‐time.  I  packed  up  my  things  and  went  home.  On  the   way  back  I  met  Dino.  He  always  waits  for  me  to  come  home.  I  then  greeted  him  by   saying  “Hi!”   Dino  greeted  me  back  by  roaring.  Then  he  lowered  his  long  neck   down  to  the  ground  beckoning  for  me  to  sit  on  him.  I  plopped   down  on  him.  He  lifted  his  heavy  head  and  his  long  neck  and   lumbered  home.   As  soon  as  I  came  home  I  put  Dino  in  his  fabulous  home.  I  raced  to   the  front  door  and  speeded  in.  I  really  had  to  pee.  I  mean  really.   Why  didn’t  I  go  to  the  bathroom  in  school?  Not  that  I  needed  to  at  that  time.  Well  I   raced  into  the  house  and  ran  to  the  bathroom  to  find  that  the  door  was  locked.   My  mom  was  having  a  shower.  Ugh!  “Mom!”  I  called  banging  on  the  door.  “Open   up!”   “Sorry  can’t  hear  you!”  My  mom  answered.  I  then  ran  to  the  other  bathroom  and   plopped  myself  right  on  to  the  toilet.  Aaaaaahhh”  I  sighed  as  I  went  to  the   bathroom.  I  quickly  finished  and  went  to  go  visit  Dino.  He,  as  I  put  him  was  in  his   house.  I  opened  the  gate,  gave  him  a  greeting  and  went  to  bed.  It  was  really  late   now.  Why  was  mom  taking  a  shower  so  late?  I  knew  that  she  was  a  really  clean   person  but  why  now?  I  went  to  my  room  and  went  to  sleep.     April  14   Today  I  was  ready  for  anything.  It  was  a  Saturday  and  I  got  ready  to  do  anything  I   wanted  to.  I  changed  from  my  heart  pjs  to  my  animal  pjs.  I  was  crazy  about  animals!!   I  went  down  the  stairs  to  find  that  no  one  was  there.  I  cooked  up  myself  a  batch  of   pancakes  and  sat  down  at  the  table.  Mom  had  warned  me  lots  of  times  to  never  use   the  oven,  microwave  or  stove  without  her  supervising  me.  Maybe  she  knew  a  person   who  burned  himself  by  cooking  without  an  adult.  I  was  fine.  She  didn’t  need  to   worry.  Just  when  I  finished  my  pancakes  my  mom  came  in.  “Hello,”  she  said   greeting  me  with  a  smile.  “Hello,”  I  replied.    She  sat  down  with  a  soft  plump  and  yawned.  “I  seem  really  tired  today,”  she  said   yawning  again.  “I’m  going  to  go  to  sleep,”  she  said  as  she  yawned  again.  This  was  

great! I  had  the  whole  house  to  myself.  I  quickly  ran  to  my  room  and  changed  into   my  swimming  clothes.  I  ran  to  our  indoor  swimming  pool  and  did  a  cannonball  jump   into  the  pool.  I  made  a  huge  splash.  I  started  swimming.  But  something  was  wrong.   It  seemed  so  ………quiet.  I  got  out  and  went  to  the  house  to  call  my   friends,  Rachel,  Kylie  and  Samantha.  They  arrived  speedy  quick  since  I   said  that  my  swimming  pool  was  large  (they  haven’t  see  my  new  house   yet).  When  they  came  they  were  astonished  that  I  hadn’t  told  them   about  my  new  house.  “Wowee!”  they  gasped  as  they  stared  around  the   house  in  wonder.  “Hello!”  I  said  waving  a  hand  in  front  of  their  faces.   “You  came  hear  to  swim,  not  to  gasp  with  envy.”    They  quickly  broke  out  of  their  trance  and  followed  me  to  the   swimming  pool.  When  we  all  had  changed  to  go  swimming  my  friends   were  yelling  with  excitement.  We  all  dived  into  the  pool.  I  stayed  on  my  inflatable   dolphin  when  my  friends  dunked  me  in.  We  stayed  under  the  water  for  a  long  time   because  we  had  goggles  that  covered  our  noses  so  we  could  breath  through  our   noses.  About  an  hour  later  my  friends  went.  Before  Kylie  went  she  said  to  me  with   pleading  eyes  “Please  invite  us  again!”  It  took  me  a  while  to  think  about  it.  “Okay,”  I   replied.  “Thanks!”  they  said  with  said  with  their  eyes  shining  like  the  stars.  As  soon   as  they  left  I  went  to  visit  Dino.  “Hi  boy,”  I  said  patting  his  head.  He  greeted  me  with   a  grunt.  “I  am  sorry  that  I  didn’t  give  you  company,”  I  said  apologetically.  He  grunted   again  but  more  kindly  so  I  guess  he  forgave  me.  I  looked  at  my  watch  and  WOWEEE!   It  was  already  time  to  eat  dinner!  Boy,  does  time  fly  by!  I  ran  inside  scolding  myself   for  not  realizing  how  hungry  I  was.  I  slowed  down  to  a  walk  and  saw  mom  eating  at   the  dinner  table.  “Hello,”  she  said  smiling  at  me  with  an  unusually  tired  look  on  her   face.  I  said  hi  back  to  her  and  ate  the  rest  of  dinner  with  her.  Today  it  seemed   unusually  quiet.  I  think  that  my  mom  saw  me  worried  because  she  said  “don’t   worry,  I  am  fine.  The  doctor  said  that  I  just  need  a  bit  more  rest.”  She  smiled.  When   we  finished  I  went  to  my  room  and  lied  down  until  I  went  to  sleep.     April  15   Well,  this  the  7th  day  of  having  Dino  and  all  is  well.     Find  out  other  exciting  things  about  DINO  in  the:   STINKY  STENCH     Hope  to  see  you  soon!     THE  END        

Diary of my pet dinosaur  

Courtney's story

Diary of my pet dinosaur  

Courtney's story