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a lonely kid BY: Oscar Wikman

A lonely kid! CH:1 One day there was a mom that gave birth to a lonely kid. The mom waited till the lonely kid could come home. The next day the lonely kid came home. When the lonely was one month old he got a name. They called him Bugzy. When Bugzy was home the mom ran into the house and gave Bugzy a dog. She said “You will not be lonely anymore.� She was holding her heart and died.

Bugzy isn’t lonely anymore! CH:1 Bugzy loved the dog. But had a bad day. He called the dog Gandi. The house was set alight because the oven was on. Too much smoke came out, so Gandi put Bugzy on his back and ran outside. Bugzy hugged his dog. When he was in Gr.1 he always took his dog to school. One day a bully came and was insulting Bugzy’s name. Gandi started growling. He jumped on the bully and bit his face. The bully got scared and cried.

Bugzy got a Cat! CH:3 The next day. Bugzy found a new born cat alone. He knew it was hungry. So he bought it home and gave it some food. Gandi and the cat got friends. BUgzy called the cat Crunch. Crunch and Gandi played all the time. A big bull dog approached Bugzy. Crunch saw everything. Bugzy was scared. Crunch ran to the bull dog and scratched him.

A Wizard! CH:4

Thats Me!

Bugzy and his pets went to McDonald’s. They ate Hamburgers. A mysterious man approached him. The man kidnapped Bugzy and his pets. The man put them in his car. He drove to a scary place. The man took them to a wizard. He put a

charm on them. They became evil.

A nice Ninja! CH:5

There lived a nice Ninja in the City (while he was a Stick Ninja). He was on the good

side. He had good weapons.

The big fight! CH:6 1-2!

Bugzys new name was Darth Bugzy. The ninja ran as fast as the wind approaching Darth

Bugzy. Gandi stood in front of Darth Bugzy with his new missiles. He shot 10 missiles. The ninja jumped on the missiles. He ran on the missiles and hit Gandi down. The big fight! CH:6 2-2 Gandi fell down. The Ninja ran towards Crunch. Crunch had a nail gun on his back. Crunch shot

one. The Ninja caught the spike and threw it back. It flew on Crunches tail. Crunch was stuck in the wall. Now it was only Darth Bugzy and The Ninja. It was the fight to the death. The Ninja threw a knife and stabbed Darth Bugzy. The Ninja asked Darth Bugzy if he remembered anything. He Remembered everything now. They Turned to the good side. THE END!!!!!!!

Blurb Bugzy and his pets are living a dream till one day they got kidnapped and turned evil. now its up for the ninja to save the day.

A Lonely Kid  

Oscar's Story

A Lonely Kid  

Oscar's Story