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David Schwartz David Schwartz was a Psychology professor at Georgia State University in Atlanta. David Schwartz was a life strategist by his profession or career, he was considered as an author who have an authority in the field of motivation. His books and teachings became prime axioms of inspiration for people on how to attain peace of mind, find great happiness and gain financial success. David Schwartz is well known as a motivator, a person who give positive advice to everybody and give his great thinking, think big advice to others. More about David Schwartz is that he was born on March 23, 1927, Dr. David Schwartz became president of his own company, which started out as a single room school house in Indiana. He also became president of Creative Educational Services, which is a consulting agency that focuses on developing leadership skills.

David Schwartz’s most famous novel was “The Magic of Thinking BIG” can be considered as a self help book which was sold more than 4 million copies over worldwide. This book inspired many people worldwide and give them aspiration and motivation to live life in a better way and thing big and became broad minded this book is a very good motivator for all people who reads it. David Schwartz writes this book so well that all the reader loves it he divide the whole self help novel in 13 chapters with a preface that explains how he came around writing it. The preface narrates the story of how an average chap named Harry became a most successful salesman amidst his equally average peers – by thinking big. All in all, he made the book personable and easy to read without leaning towards quick fix solutions and prose. David Schwartz book’s core principle is all about belief in yourself, that is to believe in one’s own success. Positive belief inadvertently opens the mind. David Schwartz was a great motivator an influence everybody through his great thinking , thinking Big, believe in own success like the thought of his which he writes in his book and no surprise that book were sold more that 4 billion copies around the world and everybody is getting benefited through his book. In his book he gives many live examples that he gets through his journey of life. If you believe in yourself and believe in your success and motivate yourself then nobody in the world can set you back and your confidence will increase and help you to get the success all the time and help you to learn different things and values that period of time will

teach you to become successful. All the reader of the book becomes a great admirer of the David Schwartz, for helping them to believe in our self and become a successful person. David Schwartz timeless influence and many other books also available on the internet in PDF, audio book and e-book’s format. The magic of thinking is that when you Believe in yourself then automatically everybody like your personality, then your confidence is also increases this can achieve through your thinking. Thinking big or great thinking is the way to live life in happiness and for a successful life a person should think in a positive way. Think like a leader not a follower if you think like a leader then all of your colleagues or other people impress by your way of thinking and you become their leader. Its only thinking makes you a leader or a follower. Success starts with believing and positive thinking it’s a matter of thought that you can do these things or not and if you believe in yourself then nobody can stop you to do things you want to do. David Schwartz divides the book or self help novel in 13 chapters in such a way that everybody loves to read it and get inspired.

Dr. David Schwartz explains the view and believe regarding “Thinking like a Leader” in his book very well and Dr. Schwartz concludes “The Magic of Thinking Big” with a chapter on becoming a great leader. He features four leadership precepts in this portion. Understand how influential people think. Think of practical “human” ways to handle situations. Think progressively and be progressive. Reflect and regularly tap into personal thinking power. The book ends by encouraging tips on how to constantly be reminded to think big especially in life critical scenarios. Its final lines are quoted from Publilius Syrus. “A wise man will be master of his mind; a fool will be its slave.” And many more perception and the line were in the book that inspire us a lot and change the way of our living and thinking. One of the most inspiring and famous lines was “Thinking like a Leader” is that which change the way that’s everybody thinks and the author explains his thinking so that everybody get inspired. Even through time changes and people are not reading books and novels, use of increasing internet David Schwartz’s inspiring thought were also available in the internet in the form of PDF, audio book and in e-books format that internet user can read and download it.

The Magic of Thinking Big  
The Magic of Thinking Big  

. Thinking big or great thinking is the way to live life in happiness and for a successful life a person should think in a positive way. Thi...