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All About Wedding Photography Forever Do Us Print - Wedding Photography in the Digital Age Ah, you’ve found the right match for life, given each other rings, and picked out your gown and tux. As you’re planning the dream wedding, the big day, how to savor it for a lifetime? Well certainly, to honor and love one another FOREVER. But when the occasional bumps in the road do come along, you’ll want to have that timeless ally of the newly and oldly wed alike; we’re talking about the wedding album. There’s nothing quite like revisiting the images of the big day to put back into perspective what a bride and groom felt, and it’s all there, captured in frozen moments. This is, to be clear, apart from any video. Quality still photos, artfully done, lock in the emotions of the moment, whether between the betrothed, or the other wedding guests. That beautiful little flower girl, who may one day be a bride herself, is captured in the moment of innocence and purity. The humorous, if not seething Uncle Lou and jealous bridesmaid are taken into permanent custody, with their intent and emotions of the day undeniable. With so much at stake, a wedding album should be considered carefully. What style should the occasion be captured in? I’m not referring to the themed wedding, rather the eye of the photographer and his lens. Learn more about Ardmillan photography on their website. While the services of the wedding photographer may be had for as little as $500, consider how you will be portrayed when your new mother-in-law is turning the pages. While she is staying in your guestroom… My wife and I were fortunate to receive a special wedding present from her best friend, a professional photographer. I gushed at the thought of a fashion photographer shooting my ordinary mug. “Can you make me look a bit more like Richard Gere?” Our friend patiently explained that this shoot would be different. This would not be a fashion shoot, as fashion changes radically and fades in and out of something bigger, namely Style. And what he wanted to talk about was how my bride and I saw life and each other. Today’s best wedding photography is accomplished by Ardmillon studios. Accomplished portrait photograph and wedding photographer George Trifunovic applies the documentary style of capturing pure, unadulterated moments. The truth in such work is apparent in every frame, and considering the honesty that fuels good marriage, it’s hard to argue with such logic. The color and black & white wedding photography of Mr. Trifunovic eschews the use of light effects and tricky techniques, in favor of pure visual eloquence.


All About Wedding Photography Forever Do Us Print - Wedding Photography in the Digital Age and tux.

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