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Dakar Software Systems is a leader in the development and delivery of cloud-based scalable HR and People Management software solutions. These solutions include Payroll, Personnel Management, Training Management, Recruitment, Performance Appraisal, Absence Management, Time & Attendance, Rostering, Employee portals and built-in HR Business Intelligence. We also supply a variety of access control technologies ranging from Hand Readers and Finger, Palm & Face Recognition devices to mobile phone punching.

Our standard solutions are complemented by a variety of custom-built modules which, combined with the standard Dakar Software modules give our customers an edge vis-à-vis the quality and efficiency of their HR business processes.

Having been in business for 30 years, our deep focus on HR solutions has resulted in our becoming Malta’s leading People Management Solutions company, using all latest technology to offer our clients a full package of enabling tools which are designed to empower users to dissect, view and extract information as quickly and seamlessly as possible. All our products integrate seamlessly with third-party accounting packages, HR systems and the blockchain itself via our built-in open API connectors.

Our client base is international and spans a very wide variety of business sectors, which range from micro companies employing less than 50 employees to large multinationals and strategic organisations employing several thousands. In all, over 130,000 people are managed via Dakar’s payroll and HR installations globally. Throughout our existence we have always been at the forefront of emerging technologies. We have been harnessing cloudbased technologies since 2001 when we had launched, what was then, the first Software as a Service (SaaS) payroll solution in Malta. The SaaS business model has been a game changer in this industry. All one needs in order to access and process HR and payroll requirements is simply an internet connection, whether from the office, home or anywhere in the world.

In providing a totally hassle-free experience, we manage your technical infrastructure, whether it is based on Microsoft Azure®, Amazon Web Services®, Google Cloud®, or, for maximum peace of mind, within the Dakar local Cloud hosted within our own data centre in Malta where we offer both shared as well as dedicated environments. Having successfully hosted customer data for over 20 years, we understand the importance of hosting and handling sensitive data for our clients.

For this reason, we subject ourselves on an ongoing basis to security and penetration testing of all our cloud infrastructure with consistently excellent results. Our record over the years has been one of continuous growth. We are blessed with a team of over 30 professional specialists who together offer support and consultancy to over 2,000 companies worldwide. Since all the Dakar HR modules are developed in-house, we are in a unique position to combine experience, knowledge, software, access technologies and technical infrastructure as an integral component of your HR strategy.

The Dakar HR Suite connects you to all your employee-related information in ways no other solution can. The HR Suite is a complete HR system including various modules that work directly from your web browser through web-based software. It combines essential functionality with exclusive, high-impact extra features that are unique to Dakar, gained from 30 years of experience in this dynamic industry.

If you want to be ambitious and make a real difference within the HR arena, you need tools that do more than just the basics, perhaps a custom screen, function or workflow that fits your needs. The Dakar HR Suite platform supports customisations and workflows, helping you to leverage your HR processes for maximum business value.

We could not have reached the position we have achieved in the market without consistently investing in cutting-edge technology, providing our customers with innovative technology that seeks to take their business to new ways of working, resulting in higher levels of efficiency, productivity and capability to interpret the true impact of volumes of data on the business.

Databases & Reporting

Platforms & Frameworks


Programming Languages

Third Parties Integration

Why Choose Dakar? Experience & Product Portfolio We are a company focused purely on Payroll & HR solutions. A 30 year span of market leadership and innovation, we have a product portfolio that is unparalleled in terms of its breadth and of the depth of functionality provided.

cUStOMER Portfolio We have built a portfolio of customers of varying size (from less than 5 employees to over 40,000) across a multitude of business sectors. This collective variety has fed into the core fabric of our product portfolio in terms of the flexibility, adaptability, performance and resilience that we have been in a position to build into our software.

tECHNOLOGY STACK At Dakar we were the first to embrace and invest in cloud technology amongst a host of other cutting-edge programming languages, platforms and databases that give our software the look-and-feel and underlying robustness required of modern-day software applications. For this purpose research & development and product improvement are relentless ongoing initiatives.

Return on Investment All our applications are developed and supported internally, providing you with peace of mind about embarking on a long-term relationship with Dakar. Our ethos is generally one of “how can our software add value to your business?” rather than “how should the business adapt to our software?”. This approach renders the value-add perspective of our applications on an elevated value level.

We are in it for the longer term So many of our customers have been with us for well over 15 years. That is what we are about – long term relationships based on trust.

Flexibility & Customisability In the modern business environment, your business is in a continuous state of change. While our applications offer you reassurance in terms of their adaptability to this change, we offer additional peace of mind in terms of our products’ customisability wherever your business requires this.

A module to manage the most important element of your business – PEOPLE. Find, store and change information about skills, performance, qualifications, career details or education, via a user-friendly interface. Enable your staff to enter or amend data, to save time usually spent on tedious but necessary HR Tasks.

» 15 levels of organisation structure » Posts and Reporting-to Structure » Creation of Organisation Charts » Detailed Historical Progression » Integration with all other Dakar modules » Powerful Data Viewer » User definable access rights at field level » Document Management » Integration with psychometric testing products

» Qualifications » Certifications » Education » References » Previous employment » Committees » Memberships » Uniforms » Safety equipment » Working Permits » Bradford Factor reporting » Insurances » Medical tests » Awards » Warnings » Skills » Hobbies » Languages » Competences » Travel » …and more

Payroll is Dakar’s flagship module. It is a fully user-definable package, offering functionality far beyond a simple payroll. A pre-defined library of reports and graphs will assist you to check your payroll workings, deliver payslips via email, issue direct credits, integrate with accounting systems and generate all required government reports.

Extra Hours The Extra Hours add-on is a workflow whereby any overtime is booked by the employees prior to being transferred to payroll. In these scenarios, an authoriser can then approve or reject any entries which were previously booked by the employees. Only the approved overtime will feature in the payroll module.

» Information is centralised and available to all users anytime, anywhere

» User-defined payslip (on request) » Direct Credits

» Multi-Company and Multi-Lingual

» Electronic Lodgements

» Weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly and monthly

» Fringe Benefits

» Automated payroll processing

» Employee Schedule management

» Unlimited payroll and payslip history

» Automatic backdated payroll calculations –

» Unlimited payments and deductions » Rule-based (User-Defined) Benefits and Compensations » Unlimited Absence Types including Time-off-in-lieu

collective agreements » Net-to-Gross Salary Calculation (for Expats or for contracts on net pay basis) » Payments into multiple employee bank accounts

» Employee profiling

» Loan Management

» Historical Information – Salary and Career

» Pension Scheme Management

progression » User-Defined Overtime computation rates (on weekends, public holidays, Sundays etc.) » Payslip printing and emailing

» User-Defined audit and security features » Payslip and FS3 (pre)views » Compliant with all local legislation and employment requirements

» Point-in-time historical

» Bulk payroll adjustment imports

» “What if” scenarios

» Integration with Accounting packages and

» Budgeting » Document Management

HR products » Share options

A specialised Dakar module providing information about your workforce attendance. Integration with attendance verification hardware, together with detailed information about shifts and schedules, allows





overtime, lateness, and early departure. It is most effective when used in conjunction with Dakar Payroll.

Process 1.


An employee must first seek approval prior to working overtime.


The employee fills in an online form detailing the date and times, as well as the reason for needing to work overtime.


The manager may approve the request, modify the request, or simply reject the request.

General features of the Dakar Pre-Approval Add-On


» Provides functionality to allow employees to apply to work overtime in advance » Applications to work overtime are approved or rejected by line manager » Automatic sending of emails between managers and employees » Interfaces directly with Dakar Time and Attendance » Flexible tolerance to cater for overtime worked over and above the overtime pre-approved » Check for mismatches where actual overtime worked exceeds pre-approved overtime


Post-Approval Add-On The Post-Approval add-on is a workflow whereby any overtime that is generated by the Time and Attendance module is set to be approved prior to being transferred to payroll. In these scenarios, the authoriser can then approve, reject, or leave any entries as pending. Only approved overtime will go to payroll.

» Time management » Interfacing with various Attendance Verification Systems » Different methods of overtime calculation » Track overtime & lateness » Post shift allowances » Scheduling » Integration with Mobile Punching App WorkAttend » Integration with Hardware » Overtime pre-approval » Overtime post-approval

Set up Courses, Students, Tutors, Venues and Sessions for a training programme. This module assists companies that offer a list of courses to their employees or students and require to have a centralised integrated system. Dakar Training Management System can also seamlessly update student records from Personnel and Payroll and can also integrate with the additional budgeting and email notification modules.

» Applications & Bookings » Vetting/Lists of Applicants » Attendance & Results » Student Assessment » Student Assignments » Event Calendar » Manage Events & Sessions, Courses » Programmes, Suppliers, Tutors, Venues and Rooms » Students » Matrix Report Builder

The Dakar Employee Portal allows employees to view their personal details and documents such as payslips and FS3s. In addition, there are other options which can be included against a proposal.

»» Access to past payslips & FS3s »» Absence booking »» Broadcasting of information to staff »» Access to organisational documents (e.g. staff handbook) »» Reduces admin load for your HR Department »» Overtime approval (pre and/or post)

Create and maintain performance appraisal templates





and goals for each employee or group of employees. KPIs may be set by administrators and fine-tuned by Appraisers for each employee. Different review stages may be configured such as at the Start of Year, Mid-year, and End of Year. Email notifications and reminders are configurable as well.

»» Fully customisable Appraisal Templates »» Flexible appraisal flow between the Appraiser, Appraisee and Confirming Appraiser »» User-definable Review Stages »» Create your own KPIs, Goals and Objectives

Monitor, track, analyse and manage all types of absences from any location. It is the perfect substitute for your paper-based leave system, reducing paper costs and time needed to manage absences. Authorisers will be automatically notified by email of any bookings made, and in turn may review, approve, or reject chosen bookings online or on the go via mobile.

» Unlimited number of absences » Leave planning for resources » Leave booking online even from home, subject to access rights » Automatic emailing of leave application to authoriser(s) and approval or rejection notice to applicant » Managers’ departmental absence records and easy management of multiple employees simultaneously » Custom authorisation flows per employee as well as per absence

The Dakar Recruitment Management System (DRMS) is a powerful talent acquisition software that makes hiring easy. The system offers the most advanced automation features in the industry. It streamlines and automates recruitment tasks like applicant tracking, scheduling, emails, and interviews. This system removes the need for repetitive manual tasks and provides a dynamic way to handle recruitment processes. It is the smart, efficient, and intelligent way to manage recruitment. The system is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) and is fully GDPR-compliant. It can be customised to suit your needs while handing you complete control and protection of your data. It is ideal for any organisation, no matter the size or industry.

» Custom Branding and Colour Scheme for the site » Custom set of pages to add in the site » Candidate’s online CV builder » GDPR compliance process for data » Unlimited candidates and their profile data » Vacancies search and apply process for candidates » Tracking of application process and schedule

» Approval Board members to approve the publication of vacancy » Vacancy templates, multiple/single selection board setup, custom interview hiring pipelines » Auto scheduling of candidates for each hiring pipeline » Building the score sheet for each hiring pipeline having candidates

» Withdrawal and cancellation of application

» Selection boards

» Questionnaire sheet to fill at time of applying

» Custom email templates

for a vacancy » Mobile Application for candidates to subscribe to your established categories and receive notifications on mobile as soon as vacancies are published » Email and in-site notifications for candidates

» Auto eligibility process to shortlist candidates » Vacancy and interview hiring process notes » Calendar functionalities to manage interviewing schedules » Notifications within the portal » Dynamic site builder for the candidate career site » Logs of each interview hiring process for added security

Dakar Features Dakar’s HR Suite offers seamless integrations with several Accounting and HR packages on the global market including Sage People, PeopleSoft and BambooHR. In addition, Dakar offers APIs to its ecosystem for custom integrations.

Dakar strives to utilise and improve its products through the latest technology stack. Through its proprietary blockchain network, companies may record employee contracts on a DLT platform for authenticity and transparency. In addition, Artificial Intelligence will be the backbone of our






Intelligence tool, visualisations are custom-built

budgeting module (BETA) for enhanced modelling using past data.

and powerful to offer the required insight. Reports may be generated in seconds without touching the keyboard in addition to batch exports and imports from Excel into all modules for quick batch updates.

Dakar’s HR Suite offers out-of-the-box automation and collaboration functionality through its user-defined authorisation workflows. Automatic “What if” scenarios offer custom and easy queries to the data.

A key functionality within Dakar’s HR suite to empower organisations in their respective paperless initiatives. A fully-fledged document management system to store and organise employee and company documents.

Stay on top of things via Dakar’s built-in alerts and notification system. User-defined alarms and reminders may be programmed with any date-type field across the whole suite with

Throughout the system Dakar offers built in audit

automatic in-app and email notifications.

tracking across all the desired users. Rights and permissions can be configured granularly up to field level. The cloud-based offering is fully GDPR compliant with Active Directory integration and Multi-Factor Authentication.

Data can be extracted to Excel with a simple click of a button. Depending on user rights, one can add more fields to the grid view to be then exported to Excel, if necessary.

For over 20 years we have successfully offered hosting services to a large number of our customers on the Dakar Cloud hosted within the Dakar Data Centre. We offer hosting on shared and dedicated environments. On a regular basis, we perform detailed penetration testing exercises on our cloud infrastructure, with results consistently recording high levels of effectiveness.

All access to our servers is restricted and audited. Physical access to our data centre is also restricted to a very limited number of duly authorised individuals. This access is controlled via biometric devices and logs are kept of instances where access is required. We also offer the following security features: » Active Directory integration » Customised firewall settings limiting approved IP address ranges » Multi-Factor Authentication for users setup using the built-in user management system Our infrastructure also includes a recovery setup sited in a different location. Our hosting services are designed in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards.

www.workattend.com WorkAttend is a flexible mobile application that records employee working hours on site, remotely or even on the road. WorkAttend uses Geo-fence technology that verifies employee presence at assigned work locations.

Turn your mobile device into time tracking software Location-based tracking WorkAttend ensures that your employees are punching only from an approved work location by collecting GPS data at the time of punch-in or -out. You can define your work location area on the map and assign it to employees as necessary. Only clockings are recorded and this when activated by the employee punching in or out when at the desired location.

Secure single device login WorkAttend eliminates co-worker clocking collusion and false time reporting with single device login. The employee can only use one device to login into the WorkAttend application. The employee can only login into another device by placing a device change request to the employer.

Fast access timesheets WorkAttend provides real-time attendance information showing employees present during the day, time spent on projects or at individual customer locations. Easy-to-use reports help you to analyse employee time in various dimensions and levels of detail.

Time management with activities, projects, and clients WorkAttend helps to track time spent on activities, projects or clients. It includes detailed time breakdown for each project. It helps organisations to focus on building strong business relations by providing a detailed overview of time split by client/activity/project, helping you stay in control of budget spend on each project. Client billing becomes easy to calculate by evaluating time spent by each employee on client projects.

Integration with Dakar Payroll WorkAttend integrates fully with Dakar Payroll enabling you to minimise the complexity of interpreting clockings and translating these to payroll records.

Salaroo is Malta’s first cloud-based payroll system, loved by customers since 2001. It is an easy to use fully featured payroll system that allows you to process payroll in a few seconds with total flexibility and control. You can manage your multi-company payroll anytime from anywhere, and as often as needed.

» Automatically updated with latest features and Government legislation changes » Unlimited number of companies, departments, employees, allowances, and absences » Government Reports, Payslips, Payroll Analysis and SEPA payment files are just a click away » Full document management capabilities » Manage multiple companies with a single user » Integrates with Accounting packages » Ability to process a payroll within seconds » Employee portal included within the one-time registration fee for employees to access payslips, booking of leave and FS3’s » Access our Salaroo website from any device to use our payroll software on the go