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The State of California has been cutting funds to California community colleges; since 2008-2009, they have been cut $809 million. • This year the budget was cut $300 million and it could be cut by another $338 million in January 2013. • Combined, Chabot College Las Positas College have lost over $10 million in State funding over the past two years alone.

THERE IS NO MORE ROOM - FOR OVER 15,000 STUDENTS There are over 15,000 hopeful students on the waiting lists at Chabot College and Las Positas College.

Over 15,000 people who will have to wait several more semesters – or years – before they can get the classes they need to begin their careers or transfer to a four-year university. Las Positas College has had to eliminate over 5,500 seats from our classes. Chabot College cut even more.

Those waiting lists are one reason why MEASURE i was placed on the ballot. MEASURE i is the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District Educational Opportunity Measure on the ballot this November. MEASURE i will restore the number of core classes and lab offerings, reducing the time it takes students to earn a a career certificate or get the classes needed to transfer to a four-year university. Over the past three years over 5,000 students have received a degree or certificate through Chabot College or Las Positas College.

MEASURE i PROTECTS THE CORE MEASURE i will allow Chabot College and Las Positas College to add more core classes – math, science, business - cutting waiting lines and semesters- allowing students to begin their careers or transfer earlier. Over the past three years at Chabot College and Las Positas College, over 3,300 students transferred to four-year universities, including hundreds to the U.C. system. MEASURE i will be used to: •

maintain core academic classes such as Math, Science, and English

restore funding to increase the number of classes and lab offerings

Community college programs are an essential entry point and a safety net, providing education for students that cannot get in to or cannot afford fouryear colleges and universities. This measure will help make sure these students can continue with their education. The colleges educate a combined 30,000 students. They are the primary source for higher education and job training in the communities of :

San Leandro Hayward Pleasanton Union City Castro Valley San Lorenzo Dublin Livermore Sunol

These are the only lines we want students to wait in. Many of the most important core academic classes in the colleges are already overcrowded or unavailable. MEASURE i will help make sure students can get the classes they need.

MEASURE i will establish an education parcel tax for a period of six years, beginning July 1, 2013, at the rate of $28 per year. •

Every penny will stay at Chabot College & Las Positas College.

Funds cannot be taken away by the state.

An independent citizens’ oversight committee will ensure that funds are spent as promised.

No funds will be used for administrators’ salaries.

Campaign Mailer for Yes on MEASURE I  
Campaign Mailer for Yes on MEASURE I  

Direct mail piece for the Las Positas and Chatbot college districts.