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About me

I am a third generation florist who simply loves flowers. Whether for commercial and retail use, competition work or conceptual floral art as seen in my book Monograph, David-Ragg-Monograph/dp/9058563669 flowers are the most wonderful medium with which to work.

Ever since I was young I loved designing things. I used draw for hours: motorbikes, buildings, cityscapes, made up album covers, space ships (big Star Wars fan here!); my creative juices were rarely dormant. I even used to paint my own clothes! When I was at college I used to wear a pair of tatty old Dunlop Green Flash that I’d adorned with layers of florescent fabric paint. I would end up designing and painting my own T-Shirts - each one unique and often admired!

My creative channel is now predominantly floral design.

And Wedding Floral Design is always a fantastic place to use creativity and express yourself. I love it when a bride instills their trust in me. I know what works and what doesn’t and I love working with clever colour combinations

I refuse to be “pigeon holed” and will be as adaptable as need be. Whether Vintage, Rustic, Chic, Traditional or Contemporary I will always work with the bride to achieve the look they are after.

Enjoy the following selection. Whilst compiling this I realised something: I need more pictures of my work!

So this is Part 1.... a small selection of recent designs.

Part 2 is, as they say, a work in progress!

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Wedding Flowers by David Ragg  

A small collection of wedding designs by 4 Times RHS Chelsea Gold Medal Winner David Ragg