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David pistre PORTFOLIO Architect DPEA Post carbone


Architect DPEA architecture post-carbone ( sustainable architecture specialisation, Paris) Available from 1st December 2015

Career objective: References :

French, 28 years old Born the 28th June 1987 45 rue Pierre bonnaud, 69003 Lyon 0033 6 83 92 90 28

I want to use and to improve my design and technical skills in a dynamic, international and sustainable design oriented non-profit organisation. Didier REPELLIN / Deniz ASLAN / Jean François BLASSEL Contact and recommendation letters avaible upon request

Education: 2014-2015 DPEA Post-carbone: material, structure, energy Ecole d’architecture de Marne-la-vallée (architecture chool) Ecole nationale des Ponts et chaussées (civil engineering school) Postgraduate program under the direction of Jean-François BLASSEL (RFR) and Raphaël MENARD (Elioth), the DPEA focuses on the study and analysis of architectural objects’ physical and material behaviours and is set in developing a project method which emphasizes on energy issues. Lectures: -Building energetics-ENPC -Strength of materials-ENPC -Materials for construction-ENPC -Bioclimatic architecture-ENSAVT -Structure and envelope-ENSAVT 2006-2011 Master’s degree in architecture Ecole d’architecture de Lyon Master in Strategy and advanced architectural practices under the direction of Christophe WIDERSKI -Lyon’s territorial development with the urban development office of Lyon, work exposed at the house of architecture of Lyon in 2011. -Diploma project: Local food support infrastructure, tram-market network study and market hall design 2006-2009: preparation for double cursus architect-ingenieer followed, ingenieer school INSA integrated for a year, stopped to focus on architectural studies. 2005-2006 Psychology and cognitive science Lyon 2 university A first year at the university to study both aspect of human mind as psychological as biological. Stopped after a year to follow architectural studies.

MOOC: 2015-2016 The art of structure, A. Muttoni & O.L. Burdet Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Structural dimensioning of cable, arch, beam and truss structures. Bachelor degree level

Work experience: 2014 January-June

DS Mimarlik, Istanbul Landscape and architecture Landscape and public space concept and design, territorial and architectural scales, international competitions

2013 November-December

Freelance architect, Istanbul Historical survey and analysis XIXth century building diagnostic: historical, sanitary and structural inventory , with Pr. Yildiz Salman, Istanbul technical university

2013 May-June

Collectif ETC, various locations Participative public space and architecture Design and construction in various public space situations Local population integration in the design and construction phases

2013 February-May

2012 February-December

2010 February-July

Craft industry, various locations Construction and restoration Two weeks immersion each time in four different contexts in order to have a global view of the restoration process: timber work, joinery, freestone and masonry, work of art restoration. Didier REPELLIN historic monuments chief architect, Lyon Grand h么tel dieu restoration Historical building survey, sanitary analysis, and restoration project of the facades, roofs, interiors and windows; integration of contemporary design from AIA architects Architecture & h茅ritage, Lyon House extensions Internship: houses survey and extension design, construction permit

Skills: Software


languages: CAD: Vector Works, Autocad 3D: Sketchup, Art Lantis Photoshop, illustrator, in design Casanova, dialux, pleiade+comfie meteonorm

French / native speaker English / Professional proficiency Spanish / good knowledge Turkish / basic skills

Volunteering / summer 2015-participatory constructions Freelance architectural competitions / on going since 2011 Cofounder of, cultural webzine / 2011 High school architecture workshop / 2010 Shepherd assistant / 2010 summer residence and transhumance School student association vice-president / 2007-2008 hobbies: drawing (4 years), guitar (3 years), tap dance (3 years)

Self sufficient house Solar powerplant’s keeper house, Ouarzazate, Morocco Teachers: R. Ménard, J.F. Blassel Ensavt 2014-2015 Vernacular architecture in Atlas answered summer comfort issue: strong inertia thanks to heavy rammed earth walls, central patio and foutains, but didn’t deal with the winter one. The project reinterprets vernacular architecture to answer both summer and winter challenges, using the specific ressources of the site: solar radiation, main winds, day/night temperature, earth and rainwater. N 10° 20° 30° 40° 50° 60° 70° 80°




Solar diagram Selection of the desirable sun over a year for solar design heating strategy

Winter Direct and reflected harnessing

Summer Protection during the day, night breeze cooling

Facade concept Hot water for shower!

Teachers: R. Ménard, J.F. Blassel Client: Efficacity Ensavt 2014-2015 One collector, two users The project consist in an outdoor plug-in combined shower and solar collector on the south facade of a student residence. Due to the orientation of the building, the northern rooms can’t produce their own hot water. The project use the south facade to produce hot water for everybody.


!"#$#%&'%()*"# *)&$"()%+$%+',%!"+-#!"$%+.!/(0!()%+%/+1!2!$% 999.1(."'-"%7713.%-."5(EE&5%22'-.")'" *(2&83'"-%.(3'**'"T"*%"+'**(*'9


\&5715'3"(-"+%7.'(3"51*%&3'".,'32&>('" &-./@3/<"!43%-+,/I"'-"E%;%)'

"#$%&"'(")'"*%"+,%-+'"+'..'"%--/'0"1-"2$%"%..3&4(/" (-'"+,%243'"%("5()"6#$%&"7*'&-")'"*(2&83'".1(."*'" .'2759" :"7%3.";%<"&*"="%"(-'"+,15'">(&"2$%".1(?1(35"(-"7'(" )/3%-@/"0"*'"4*1+"5%**'")'"4%&-5ABC".1(."7'.&.<"51243'" '.">($1-"-'"7'(."7%5"%/3'3"-%.(3'**'2'-.999"D-"E%&." >(%-)"?'"5135")'"*%")1(+,'<"*$,(2&)&./"3'5.'"*1-@.'275" '.";%"5'"2/*%-@'")%-5"*%"+,%243'999" F1(3>(1&"-'"7%5"&2%@&-'3"5'")1(+,'3")',135"+122'" %("+%27&-@G"


F*%+'3"*%")1(+,'"'-"E%;%)'"71(3" 3%7731+,'3"*%"731)(+.&1-"'."*'"71&-.")'" 7(&5%@'9

34-"54)%)+'!+-#!'%")+1!0!'%+$%.+$&"-#%.+%0+ ',"0('(.%)+-&66%+-#!"11!7%



]'*&'3"*%"3/+(7/3%.&1-"+%*13&E&>('"T" (-")&5715&.&E")'")%**'"%+.&^'"71(3" %+,'2&-'3"*'5"'%(Y"'."+,%(EE'3"*%"7&8+'9

25L/d 10°c !*+') ,-./

M1='--'5")("3%=1--'2'-."51*%&3'"E%;%)'"5() JB,"K"2L"K"? $#$ $#!

D-"/./<"'27H+,'3"*%"5(3+,%(EE'"'." 3/)&3&@'3"*$/-'3@&'"'Y+/)'-.%&3'"Z+'-.3'" -%(.&>('"^1&5&-[9

%#$ %#! "#$ "#! 6#$

!"#$%%&'&%()'$#&%) Average "%%*&+),"-".&)/*. !"!#$%& '(!') 2200 Wh/d

6#! 7#$ 7#! !#$


25L/d 60°c !*+') 0-./

50L/d *-+') 35°c 1*./ 012).$*34& Shower ,"*#$%& 1500 Wh

&'( )*+ ,'- '+- ,'. &/. &/. '0/ 1*2 034 (0+ 5*3


Sunfield in Marne la vallée South facade

C%*+(*")'"*%"+1-5122%.&1-"/-'3@/.&>('")$(-'")1(+,'0 &*"E%(."+,%(EE'3"NO"P")'"QRS+"T"URS+<"5%+,%-.">('"*%"+%7%+&./"+%*13&E&>('")'"*$'%("'5.")'"Q9QV"B,KSC9P WXNOYZURAQR[YQ9QVXQORR"B,

Energy cost of a shower


Meteorological station Bioclimatic design in Athens Teacher: B. Peuportier Ecole des ponts et chaussées 2014-2015 The climate in Athens is mediterranean: mild winter, hot and dry summer. The prevailing winds come mostly from the North. The architectural strategy consist in streching the building along a West-East axe in order to catch fresh nocturnal winds in summer from the North, and solar energy from the south in winter. The construction will have a strong inertia for a daily thermal phase shift.

Wind direction August

Heating needs Cooling needs 3 kWh/m2 2 kWh/m2

Thermal simulation Year overview Software: pleäde + comfie

Wind direction Year

Reinvest Vire’s city center A rebuilt city in the Normandy’s bocage

Teachers: F. Bonnet, E. Alonzo, R.Ménard, J.F. Blassel ENSAVT 2015/ DPEA post carbon+ DSA architecte urbaniste Client: Vire municipality With: M. Peralta, B. Alvarez, A. Paumier, H. Marty, L. Chérubin Vire is a 10 000 inhabitants rural city in Normandie, France. Its city center was 85% destroyed by the 1944’s landing and rebuilt in the 50’s. Nowaday, the municipality is facing two challenges : -The reconstruction heritage of the 50’s is unadapted to the current energetical and sanitory standards. -The rural territory and specialy the city center are loosing their population and there are now more than 800 vacant units in Vire. The project is developed along 4 axes: -Reduce car dependance -Strengthen the city center shopping district -Build new housing offer in the city center -Harvest local energy potential

Reconstruction’s block renovation Car park transformation

Renovated flats and extensions: Passageways, stairs and lift mutualisation

Territorial energy harvesting Bocageâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Resources

Homogeneous resource

Heterogeneous demand

The bocage is an integral part of the Norman heritage. It is at the same time a supplier of firewood and work, thermal regulator, protection against the wind, refuge of biodiversity, regulator of run off water and marker of the landscape identity. The transformation of the agricultural techniques and the land consolidations of the 70s and 80s engaged a phenomenon of disappearance of the bocage, eaten by bigger and bigger plots of land. To check this disappearance passes to find an economic profitability in the wooded hedge.



Bocage restoration

Existing hedges


This sample of territory situated in the West of the city is representative of the state of the bocage on the its territory. Indeed, its 72,5 linear meter by hectare density is the same that the wooded density of the territory. The project of remeshing of the bocage aims at restoring and completing the existing hedges and plant new ones along roads, paths, and in border of plots of land. The density reached on this sample is then 150 ml / ha.

1,5 km




New hedges




Restored bocage

MWh/ha/y 1,5 km

116 000 - 50%

Housing renovation

Ratio demand/production at territorial scale If we extrapolate the results observed on the sample of bocage to the whole territory, we notice that the quantity of energy potentially harvested, 58 GWh, corresponds in the middle of the current demand of residential heating of the territory. The reduction of the heating demand by the insulation of housing in one hand, and the increase of the territorial energy offer by the structuring of a wood industry energy on the other hand allow to envisage an energy self-sufficiency, regarding heating housing (which stays at the moment, the first energy spending category in the Norman(housing) with 70 %).


58 000

75 000 58 000

Bocage restoration

21 000

Energy production MWh/y

37 500

Heating demand MWh/y

Gelibolu national park Remnants, cemeteries et memorials of the first world war International competition- Jury mention 15/03/2014 to 04/06/2014 Office: DS mimarlik + Arzu Erdem + Asli Altay (graphic designer) from

memorial ANITLAR memorial MEMORIAL memorial cemetery


bunkers TABYALAR bunkers castle BUNKERS castle

KALE archeology castle CASTLE




roads roads

BİSİKLET biking R biking BIKING biking


biking hiking

YÜRÜYÜŞ hiking R OTALARI hiking HIKING hiking

bus lane

bus lane lane OTOBÜS H ATTI BELEDİYE bus busLANE lane BUS




TURİ STİK SERVİSLER touristic facilities


TUVALETLER toilets TOILETS Otopark parking PARKING HASTANe hospital



The project propose a global vision of Gelibolu park that reveal both its qualities, as historical, as cultural, as natural. The ecomobility project supports the whole territory connecting the memorials constellation with the land in between. An alternative and sustainable form of transportation, hiking, biking, special bus shuttle line adapted to transport bikes, is developped. The whole park becomes accessible whitout car.

Public space in ISTANBUL Landscape preliminary project

From 04/06/2014 to 27/06/2014 Offices: DS mimarlik (landscape)-swanke hayden connel (architectes)

The ground level is a shopping center and a cinema. The first level is a public space on slab with restaurants, bars, green and hard squares, playground for the youngers. The four buildings of the upper levels from it are housing units. Due to the strong summer heat in Istanbul, the project strategy was oriented to a summer comfort strategy by using green and water features.

Ag端 s端mer campus Conversion of a former textile factory

From 14/02/2014 to 01/04/2014 Offices: DS mimarlik (landscape)-Emre Arolat (architectes) The 1933 textile factory was built by russian architect Ivan Nikolaef closed its doors in 1999. It was the symbol of industrialization and modernisation of the Republic of Turkey. Turned into university, the project includes educational, administrative and social facilties. The large outdoors spaces are structured along the fomer inner railways of the site with the will to preserve all the existing trees. This pedestrian axe of the project provides an articulation of the differents programs and the differents moods of the site, from the former factory itself to woods, lawns, museum, green amphitheatre, outdoor expo...

COllectif ETC Design & construction Participative public space, architecture & town planning From May 26th to June 22th 2013 Collectif ETC is a team of french architects working in the field of public space. By integrating the inhabitants to the process and construction, they engage a new way of making the city. Their method consist in integrated

collaborativ process from the first sketchs untill the end of the building site and even after. Many contacts are taken upstream with the local people, politics, associations, schools who are directly in touch with members of

the crew. The construction site is an open-site, anybody can come and help, share its impression, ideas or just talk about things that they know about the place and its history...and they do so!

Las vegas crugny

Abandonned places reactivation ÂŤMaison videÂť, an artist galery in the small village ÂŤcrugny invited us for a one week residence, to reactivate so abandonned places in the village. Families participated in the construction after school and work. The final work is the 3 pictures taken with all the participant staging in the reactivated places.

Old wash house turned into a wedding chapel

Bus stop turned into a Railway station

Pic nic area in the fields

Reims croix rouge

Prefiguration of a futur public facility The city of reims will build a new facility on a parking area in a heavy social background area.

The project is to prefigure the

futur uses of the building one year before its construction.

Six units were built

representing the futur stage and the tiers, the associations house, the bar, child-care center and public space, integrating the inhabitants to the design and construction.

child-care unit and street work out unit under construction

Made in Vitrolles

City center summer activation The city of Vitrolles in south France asked four different teams (Exyst, Bellastock and les Saprophytes, collectif ETC) to work on the city center activation for summer 2013. The collectif ETC intervention is a roundabout who focuses on a specific transit spot, where many streams join each other.

after school activity

association house unit

Craft industry The work under the words

Practice continuation of the restoration experience -internships After my experience in historical monuments, redesigning, prescribing, analyzing materials from a computer mostly, curious and eager to discover trades that i met, i visited craftmens.    Going beyond mere intellectual

Joinery Entr. Vigne, in Lyon from 4 to 15 February 2013 Oak joinery workshop construction and restoration

Carpentry Entr. Bourgeois, in Châtillon sur Chalaronne From 4 to 15 March 2013 Restoration work of the Hospice on Châtillon sur Chalaronne.

knowledge by understanding the practice and its matters is a sensible and technical approach to me. I practiced carpentry, framing, restoration of works of art and decoration and participated as a volunteer in a restoration project

to discover stone masonry. For administrative reasons, these internships, attended between February and May 2013 lasted two weeks.

work of art

& decoration

restoration with Gabriella De MONTE, in Lyon from 1 to 12 April 2013 Site restoration of the chapel of the Hotel Dieu of Lyon

Freestone and masonry Association rempart, in Espalion from 20 April to 4 May 2013 Calmont dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;olt Castle restoration, volunteering.

Grand Hôtel dieu Restoration project

Period: 01/02/2012-31/12/2012 Client: EIFFAGE Office: AEC- DIDIER REPELLIN chief architect of historical monuments (with

AIA architects as partners)

Cost: 200 Million euros Task: Building restoration project and details, survey and relation with the contemporary architecture office in charge of the new layout for the XIXth century parts

The Grand Hôtel Dieu, classified as historic monument, is the most important monument of the city of Lyon, France. Since its rise in the early XIIIth century, untill 2010, it’s been an hospital recognised in whole Europe for its qualities as architectural as medical. In 2010, the deprecated 1970’s hospital, built in the old monument closed. The hospice civil of Lyon, owners of the Grand Hôtel Dieu started an international competition, that Eiffage, with AIA and AEC won. Renting the place for a hundred years, Eiffage will exploit the moument and transform the obsolete hospital into a multi-fonction complex including a prestigious hotel and restaurants, congress center, medicine museum, shops and offices.

Paul Pascalon’s dome Built between 1887-1893 by Paul PASCALON, the climax of the composition is the dome, the third of the hôtel dieu, echoing to the two other from the XVIIth century and XVIIIth century .

Home extension construction permit production, Lyon, France Client: PRIVATE Office: Architecture & HĂŠritage-Renzo Wieder, heritage architect 2010-M1/S2

The project is an expansion of the houseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s living room. it consist in opening the garden wall to create a connection between the two separated parts of it. The wood frames are solar protection at one part and turn into garden shelves when they meet the garden wall .

diploma / The market tramway Local food system support in Lyon Teachers: C. Widerski, S. Bulle, B. Bregman, W. Piccoli Ensal 2011-M2/S2 The project takes place in the city of Lyon, France. Alberto Magnaghi and Carolyn Steel have both called to re-introduce a link between the contemporary metropolitan establishement of our city and their coutryside. The project consist in building a network of local delivery using the existing tramway infrastructure to support local food systems. The architectural project is a multifonctionnal market hall located at the end of one of the tram line of lyon on the site of the former wholesale market of the city. It is mostly built with rammed earth and greenhouse frames.

Volunteering Giant solar shower With Yes WE Camp on the Seine Bank in Paris, summer 2015

Mud-straw plaster Maison Dub restoration, France center countryside, summer 2015

Others Shepherd assistant Pyrennean moutains summer camp and transhumance, France, Summer 2010 and October 2010

Summer camp, shack altitude: 1850 m above sea level

Travels Discover new cultures, new world and habits, questionning oneselve and open up to the world! that was the purpose of all these trips who lasted both more than 3 weeks: ThaĂŻland, USA, Indenesia, Portugal, Turkey

Nice guys in the night train Bangkok-Thailand

Road trip in Portugal

Rinjani mont crater Lombok island-Indonesia

KayakĂśy gost city Turkey

DIDIER REPELLIN DIDIERfor REPELLIN Architect-in-chief historic monuments Architect-in-chief historic monuments monuments General inspectorfor of historic DIDIER REPELLIN General inspector of historic monuments Architect-in-chief for historic monuments General inspector of historic monuments

Recommendation letter Recommendation letter Recommendation letter

I, Didier REPELLIN, Architect-in-chief for historic monuments, hereby certify that David st I, Didier worked REPELLIN, Architect-in-chief monuments, hereby certify31that David PISTRE with me as an architect for fromhistoric February, 1st 2012 to December 2012 on st st PISTRE worked with me as an architect fromHotel February, 1 Lyon. 2012 to December 31 2012 on the specific project of restoration of the Grand Dieu in I, Didier REPELLIN, Architect-in-chief for historic monuments, the specific project of restoration of the Grand Hotel Dieu in Lyon. hereby certify that David st During that intense period, I was able discover 1both his to professional PISTRE worked withwork me as an architect fromtoFebruary, 2012 December and 31st personal 2012 on During that intense work period, I was able to discover both his professional and personal qualities. the specific project of restoration of the Grand Hotel Dieu in Lyon. qualities. David got involved in the project seriousness and knew how to DuringPISTRE that intense work period, I was ablewith to discover bothand his passion professional and personal David PISTRE gotallinvolved in whether the project passion and knew how to analyze and notice the details theywith wereseriousness historical orand technical. qualities. analyze and notice all the details whether they were historical or technical. His involvement allowed us in to the conduct a strong restoration and project, while David PISTRE got involved project with seriousness passion andintegrating knew howthe to His involvement allowed us to conduct a strong restoration project, while integrating the contemporary layout of another architectural firm. analyze and notice all the details whether they were historical or technical. contemporary layout of another architectural firm. His the other goodrestoration and efficient. His relationships involvement with allowed us tomanagers conduct were a strong project, while integrating the His relationships with the other managers were good and efficient. contemporary layout of another architectural firm. David got integrated in the team very quickly with a natural sense of good relations and a will David got integrated theother teammanagers very quickly sense of good relations and a will to them. withinthe Hisdevelop relationships werewith gooda natural and efficient. to develop them. David got integrated in the team very quickly with a natural sense of good relations and a will to develop them. th Lyon, December 20 2012 Lyon, December 20th 2012 With all advantages there to pertaining. With advantages Lyon,all December 20ththere 2012to pertaining. Didier REPELLIN DidierallREPELLIN With advantages there to pertaining. PS: The end of the contract was simply due to the end of the project and the waiting period of PS: TheREPELLIN end of before the contract was simply dueconstruction. to the end of the project and the waiting period of several months the beginning of the Didier several months before the beginning of the construction. PS: The end of the contract was simply due to the end of the project and the waiting period of several months before the beginning of the construction.

Davidpistre portfolio2015 eng b2p  
Davidpistre portfolio2015 eng b2p