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davidpickett I N D U S T R I A L DESIGN

davidpickett I N D U S T R I A L DESIGN

Education The Cleveland Institute of Art Cleveland, Ohio Industrial design, class of 2012 GPA 3.8 / 4.0

Avon Lake High School

Avon Lake, Ohio

Class of 2008 GPA 3.9 / 4.0

Experience Century Cycles

Awards Herbert and Nettie Borstein Scholarship for Education in Art Honorary Scholarship from The Cleveland Institute of Art Portfolio Scholarship from The Cleveland Institute of Art

Skills Platforms Mac OS X and Windows XP

Applications Rocky River, Ohio / May 2009 – August 2009

Sales, Assembly and service of bicycles Developed mechanical and problem solving skills Advised customers about bicycle repair options, parts and accessories.

Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Illustrator CS4, Adobe Indesign CS4, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Microsoft Office, traditional and digital photography

Interests Building and riding bicycles, rock climbing, and woodworking.

Heinen’s Super Market

Avon, Ohio / July 2005 - May 2008

Gained experience working with teams. Selected to train incoming employees. Awarded Diamond Standard Award for excellent customer service. Responsibilities included stocking, receiving, bagging, and loading.

Habitat for Humanity

Elyria, Ohio / June 2007 - August 2007

Aided contractors with daily tasks. Worked as a team to accomplish goals. Educated on all aspects of building a home.

dave pickett | industrial design

Chess Set a chess set designed around the function of skeleton keys

featured in over thirty online blogs including Boing Boing and Gizmodo

dave pickett | industrial design

Furniture a bench for children

furniture dimensions: 3’ by 25” by 21”

accommodates up to three children


a continuously changing piece of furniture designed with child interaction in mind.

dave pickett | industrial design

Product Family Beau

b eau re a l b e a u t i f u l w a t e r

dave pickett | industrial design

Project Brief Beau

b eau


real beautiful water

Project Brief

Develop a family of three products that are aesthetically and functionally har-

monious. I chose to work with Beau, a bottled water beverage company, to restore the market they are losing due to increased environmental concerns.


Beau, a bottled water industry leader, is in a very powerful position, but is also

under increased scrutiny and criticism. With their sustainability in question, I’ve created a product family consisting of nature-based household water filtration products to further Beau’s goal of great tasting water and reducing their impact on the earth.

dave pickett | industrial design

Ideation Beau

dave pickett | industrial design

Design Details Beau

sa jour faucet-style water filtration

amfora pitcher-style water filtration

bamboo charcoal holder

top segment rotates open

alay on-the-go water bottle filtration

snap-fit cap bamboo charcoal holder and lid are affixed

dave pickett | industrial design

Product Advertisement Beau

dave pickett | industrial design

Design Process Beau




bio-plastics From their conception, each Beau

household use Beau products made from Cere-

compost When you’re ready to part with

household filtration product was designed

plast’s resins exhibit comparable or superior

a product from Beau, it’s designed for dis-

with its afterlife in mind. Each one starts with

performance characteristics versus petro-

assembly. Products made from Cereplast

a compostable nature-based resin called

leum-based plastics.

Compostables® resins break down in less

Cereplast Compostables® resins, which are

than 180 days when placed in an industrial

renewable, ecologically sound substitutes for

Beau water filtration products have many

compost facility.

petroleum-based plastic products, replacing

benefits besides just being an eco-friendly

nearly 100% of the petroleum-based addi-

and economic alternative. Health benefits

up and planted to act as a natural fertilizer

tives used in traditional plastics.

from using bamboo charcoal include: im-

even after its water filtration capabilities have

proved digestion, release of beneficial nega-


The filter itself is 100% natural

Concerned about your health?

bamboo charcoal, which is taken from plants

tive ions, absorbtion of harmful pollutants

five years or older, and burned inside an

in the water, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and

oven at temperatures over 800° C. Bamboo

absorbs odor.

charcoal is an environmentally functional material which has excellent absorption properties. Naturally, bamboo charcoal is about three times as porous as wood charcoal.

Bamboo charcoal can be ground

dave pickett | industrial design

Tradeshow Exhibit design a tradeshow exhibit for Trek, an industry leader in bicyle design, which emphasizes their line of eco-friendly designed bicycles

dave pickett | industrial design

Research Highlighting the product, design process, and graphic aesthetic which influence the final exhibit design The Trek Belleville origin: a french porteur

choosing materials with their afterlife in mind using the okala method

recycleable steel frame powder-coat generator lights steel front and rear racks

design for dissassembly regrind sustainable harvest

design for the rider re-use after first life

dave pickett | industrial design

Preliminary Concepts Rendering of Trek’s 30’ by 40’ island-exhibit

dave pickett | industrial design

Final Design Rendering of Trek’s 30’ by 40’ island-exhibit

dave pickett | industrial design

Detail views Close-up view of Trek’s 30’ by 40’ island-exhibit.

lcd monitor hanging signage organic juice bar

regrind sustainable harvest flooring

Trek Belleville wooden bike stand

dave pickett | industrial design

Fast Food Restaurant Design a fast food restaurant for an emerging company



dave pickett | industrial design

Final Design Fast food sushi restaurant

dave pickett | industrial design

Final Design Fast food sushi restaurant

dave pickett | industrial design

Brand Identity Vibe

dave pickett | industrial design

Brand Identity

Project Brief

Design a mobile communication device, which embodies brand character-

istics and create a product extension for this brand that could conceivably have one of this type of product in their product line. I chose to create a product for who doesn’t currently have a physical product.


Vibe helps singles across the world find the kind of relationship they’re look-

ing for. The product accomplished this by extending a physical product to


People who are interested in dating but don’t necessarily have the time.


A physical product that users can take out into their everyday lives and find

the relationship that they are looking for when it is convenient for them.


members who rarely have time to update their online profile. The product

helps members meet potential matches in their day-to-day lives rather than having to

meet face to face and have a tangible experience, they’re guaranteed to find a match.

solely rely on the Internet. With the vibe, potential matches are instantly accessible for a tangible interaction. The vibe is designed to exploit the act of meeting someone. The only way to really get to know someone is meet him or her face to face.

Dating shouldn’t be stressful. By creating more opportunities for users to

dave pickett | industrial design

Brand Identity Vibe

Target Singles looking for a specific kind of relationship

Frame of Reference Online dating

Point of Differentiation Keyword Search

A Reason to Believe helped pioneer the online dating industry

dave pickett | industrial design


dave pickett | industrial design Vibe storyboard and design details the USB makes it easy for users to update their profile information

You walk into a bar and sit down for a drink. You’re interested in meeting a potential match tonight, so you take out your Vibe and send out a “looking for a match notification.”

Your Vibe vibrates and glows pink after you receive a wink from Stephanie along with her picture. Now that you have verification that Stephanie is interested in you, it is time to meet her.

Stephanie, who has similar interests to your own, also uses the Vibe. reasons that Stephanie is a potential match for you, so she is notified that you’re looking for a match. As her Vibe glows pink and vibrates, a picture of you appears on her screen and she has the option to either “send him a wink” or ignore.” Stephanie winks at you!

You walk up to Stephanie and you introduce yourself. By meeting face to face with her and having a conversation, you are both instantly able to verify personality traits that may take months on the Internet to figure out.

a pink glow from the core of the Vibe indicates a new notification

dave pickett | industrial design

In-Use Vibe

dave pickett | industrial design

Product Advertisement Vibe

dave pickett | industrial design


dave pickett | industrial design


dave pickett | industrial design


dave pickett | industrial design

Stone Sculpture White Italian alabaster

stone dimensions: 15” by 7” by 9”

FIXATION Building, fixing, and riding bicycles is a never-ending side project

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davidpickett I N D U S T R I A L DESIGN