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What Team Did Lebron James Go To Check below for a Cleveland ex Lebron James fan reaction Lebron talking about his decision and a letter from the Cavs majority owner(he goes off). Some people think they should go to heaven but NOT have to die to get there. ..... what da fuck did he expect lebron to stay at cleveland and not get a ring ? lebron gave 7 years of his talent to the team its not his fault that the organization couldnt bring other great players to join him or what did they expect him to win ... He has been planning for this for a while now and tonight his ultimate dream became a reality. He landed the three most coveted free agents that were out there taking LeBron from his home and bringing him down to Miami. But did James think this was ever going to be possible? Said LeBron: .... If bosh goes with lebron go to the same same team will wade stay and sign and b happy with Lee BoozerHaywood and Co. by bpratt 4 days ago. 15 comments 1 recs. Gregreidsmall ...


What Team Did Lebron James Go To  

What Team Did Lebron James Go To MYAFT

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