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Jar Of Hearts Lyrics Another performance that I had a strong reaction to was a contemporary piece danced to the song Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri. There were 2 reason behind my reaction. 1. The dance was about a woman who was struggling to get over a man she loved who left her and ... and here are the lyrics since they arent posted online yet: You know I cant take one more step towards you Cause all thats waiting is your (something) Dont you know that Im not your ghost anymore ... Keltie! One of my friends on fb put up the jar of hearts lyrics as their status and I was like oh c. perri! Keltie would be so proud! haha. Always remind her shes amazing and talented just like you. (: June 30 2010 7:11 PM ...


Jar Of Hearts Lyrics  

Jar Of Hearts Lyrics IASMR

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