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I Can Read Wikipedia Taio Cruz checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Tuesday (June 22) discussing some things on his Wikipedia page that are correct and incorrect. The. ... But you can just cal me Tie Thai Ty TAIO (Am i drumming the pronunciation in enough haha). I have never produced any songs for Who tf is Pedro Cruz??? lol. I did not got to Christs Church School (Ive never even heard of it!) How random! And now onto Stuff thats RIGHT Yay! ... There is a way to here it to find out click the video Windows Theme Song by darkcrick972 and READ DESCRIPTION. Tekkenfreek234 says: June 23 2010 at 2:09 am. Now why didnt Vista or 7 have something dope like this when installing? ... Prebuilt computers already have the drivers installed so you hear it you can slipstream your drivers onto a copy XP so you hear it if you redo Windows and you probably heard it when doing repairs because the drivers were already installed . ...


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