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How Many People Died In 9 11 9/11 is indeed about those who died and their survivors. This is the heart of the remembrance ceremony today. Not the interfaith cultural center being created in the old Burlington Coat Factory out of sight of the 9/11 site. ... What is always so exasperating is that so many people fall for it. hugh. 11. September 11 2010 9:21 am Link. Im a NY-er a liberal a lover not a hater but I dont think the Community Center (including a Mosque) should replace the store was ... We do not wish to conquer as so many empires have done throughout history but in fact we have freed more people from totalitarian governments than any nation in history. This is our legacy this is our heritage. ... On September 11 2001 this country was attacked by fanatical Muslins and 3000 of our fellow Americans died on that September morning. This unforgettable attack against our country was unwarranted and unprovoked by those who seek to destroy our way of life ...


How Many People Died In 9 11  

How Many People Died In 9 11 MrsGo