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Did Congress Pass Unemployment Extension 2010 Tuesday July 20 2010. By Jeannette Davis TBT: The Magazine Contributing Writer In the midst of the toughest stretch of his political career President Obama is trying to remain calm. Unemployment is through the roof and there is pressure on all ... While the Senate is on their annual vacation Obama is working hard to gain support for his unemployment extension. Even with the high unemployment rates Congress is looking to cut benefits for those who remain unemployed. ... As Annie Lowrey at the Washington Independent explains these agencies are already preparing for the law but the combination of high unemployment and uncertainty over what Congress will do with the benefits has given them a real logistical ..... Even though it appears the unemployment insurance extension bill will finally pass lets not forget how many Senate Republicans & one Sen. Ben Nelson(D) voted against hard working tax paying Americans when it came down to our ...


Did Congress Pass Unemployment Extension 2010  

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