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Cloward And Piven Plan Keep up a good work as well as speak some-more about a Cloward & Piven plan on your show IMO this is what a dems have been using along with Alinsky strategy as well as Carl Marx B.S.!! Pass it around. If we read Ayn Rand Atlas ... Conservatives have supported the voucher plan over the years chiefly because of its seeming free-market component and because it does not impose on the government the considerable cost of building and maintaining public housing. But whatever Republican hopes ..... This just does not make sense to me. Please explain I will apologize if the confusion is on my end. 50. On August 11th 2010 at 4:51 pm rightwingmom said: JonB. Exactly what Cloward & Piven planned! ...


Cloward And Piven Plan