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Black Swan Movie Despite my general apathy for Natalie Portman Darren Aronofskys new drama/psychological thriller Black Swan looks intriguing. Portman plays Nina the star of a new production of Swan Lake whose prima status is challenged by the arrival of Mila ... This is the first time theyve done costuming for movies and its not clear why Aronofsky went with real-world fashion designers rather than a professional Hollywood costumer or even someone who specialize in dance costuming. ... Natalie Portman plays a ballerina on the rise in the Darren Aronofsky thriller Black Swan which will open the Venice Film Festival on September 1. The first photos are below. ... Thats the critics who live in the past when it comes to her...insisting shes incredibly talented look at her earliest movies. Never mind that her more recent movies provide ample evidence that she aint all that and a bag of chips. SAR: I dont watch her movies. Ive watched movies that ...


Black Swan Movie  

Black Swan Movie MYAFT

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