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Vol 1 No 3 June - July 2013

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Designed & Manufactured in Sydney Australia If Aero were a car it would be a Rolls Royce

Top 10 reasons why we are Australia’s fastest selling bowls brand: 1. Value: now starting from $495 per set 2. Largest choice of colours, sizes (incl. half sizes) and logos

6. The legendary Aero upshots hold the line like none other 7. Aero turn into the wind and take less grass with the wind

3. Every set is custom made with guaranteed chip proof grips 4. Every bowl is the same as every one of that model 5. Bowls turn midway to jack for extreme accuracy

8. Our exclusive 21-day moneyback and 60-day exchange guarantees 9. Over a dozen World Champions and Gold Medalists use them 10. In 2013 Aero have won more major Championships than any other make.

The world’s most technologically advanced bowl ever produced. Aero are quite simply the world’s best lawn bowls. Dyn A MIc | Midline

O PT I M A | Slightly wider arc than Dynamic

Kelvin Kerkow


Brett Wilkie

Until one tries a Dynamic, you’ll never know just how much Aero have changed the game.

The Optima takes approximately 10 to 30cms more grass* than a Dynamic.

The Dynamic is not wide, not tight, our best bowlers call it a Midline© Bowl. It is matched for any green over 14 seconds right up to the quickest, grass or artificial.

On any surface green from 13 seconds to the fastest the Optima will perform with complete precision. Hold on the up shot, draw under or around any bowl, ergonomic profile for comfort in the hand and a guaranteed same line every time.

Common to all Aero Bowls, add a bit of weight and the bowls will hold their line as though they are on rails. They simply do not duck. On the draw the bowls are so predictable you can generally tell where they will finish from half way up the green.

The Optima was designed for bowlers like Brett Wilkie who simply prefer a bowl that takes a little more grass but is by no means a wide bowl. *Dependant on green speed, stance and weather.

By online at or visit our showroom: Unit 16 Harcourt Business Park Harcourt Parade Rosebery nSW 2018 AUSTRALIA Phone 1300 13 25 75



To our Readers and Clubs * Introducing A NEW CONCEPT in Bowling arms* Welcome to another edition of, BOWLS PLUS New South Wales Magazine.


To our clubs, please send in all your results and up and coming events. We would love to publish them in the next issue. With a special thank you to Bowls Australia for their submissions and a extra special thank you to Les Taylor from Banora Point Bowls Club for some fantastic and heartwarming stories.



e in Ask your coach about the advantages Aus t E a sy To Manufactured by Bee’s Knee’s Bowls Accessories: Use Peter Bloomfield Email:

Until next time...

I would like to relate to you an experience I had last year at the Tweed bowls club; I went to the indoor bowling rink to watch a game in which a friend of mine was playing at one end of the rink there are chairs and tables and at the other end there is excellent tiered carpeted seating from which to watch the bowls. The tiered seating is great especially if you sit up on the top seats as you can look down on the green giving you a bit of a bird’s eye view of the head as it builds. When I arrived I noted that the entry area, where there are chairs and tables and some bench seating, was crowded with onlookers as were some of the seats on the sides of the rinks I also noted that the tiered seating was not being used at all but seeing it had the best view of the game I ventured up and sat in the top-seat all on my own I was a bit miffed in understanding why I was at one end of the rinks and everybody else was at the other end however part way through the game the penny dropped as I came to realise that if you want to know what the scorers is you have to be at the other end of the rink or walk down the steps and look at the score board which is facing in the opposite direction. I would like to suggest that a camera be trained on the scoreboard with a monitor positioned so those sitting on the tiered seating can see the score. Brian P. Fox

WHERE CAN I SHOP NOW? When I was ready to check out and pay for my groceries the cashier said, “Strip down, facing me.”

‘Bionic Bowler’ Fully Approved Bowls Australia

No muscular tension - finger stress - hand tension or related arm stress to hold and release the jack or bowl from the ‘BIONIC BOWLER’. Spring pressure does the job.

Keep sending in your news and stories. Everyone has a story to tell and we want to hear your news snippets, what’s happening at your local club, amusing anecdotes, and photographs - in fact any relevant news or story you would like to share. Please email these to us and we promise to consider all submissions.

Letter to the editor



tw igh


A new concept in Bowling Arms that takes away all of the strain and effort required to hold the bowl. No more squeeze - gentle spring pressure holds your bowl. The “ Bionic Bowler” (or the green one) is the arm that has already helped many bowlers to continue enjoying their sport. Retrieve your jack or bowl with the arm, set your bowl and relax, until ready to deliver. The Bionic Bowler is An Australian made quality product with a ten year guarantee. Close collaboration with several senior coaches has resulted in a product that is easy to use. Available at your local bowls shop. Drop in and have a go. You will be pleasantly surprised how comfortable it feels.


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Making a mental note so I could complain to my local MP about this running amok security rubbish, I did just as she had instructed. After the shrieking and hysterical remarks finally subsided, I found out that she was referring to how I should position my credit card. Nonetheless, I’ve been asked to shop elsewhere in the future. They need to make their instructions a little clearer for seniors. Man I hate this ‘getting older’ stuff!



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A Champion Pair Mareebra Memorial’s Sue Brady teamed up with West Toowoomba’s Tracy Foster to win the Queensland State Pairs Championship last month.

It was Sue’s third State Title and Tracy’s first. Here we talk to two of Queensland’s top female bowlers about what the title meant to them and what makes them such a formidable pairing. Sue, You have won other state titles before, when was that? Sue: In 2006 I won the State Singles and the Pairs in the same year. In the Pairs I played with Noi Tucker. What did this 2013 State Pairs Title mean to you? Sue: It’s always great to win a State Title especially with all the competition there is at these events. It was Tracy’s first title so it was great to pair up with her and help her to win her first one.. Tracy: For me it’s the monkey off my back! I’ve been trying for years, I’ve been runner-up a few times and equal third a few time. So it’s nice to have a win. Have you two paired up before? Sue: We paired up last year for the first time at the State Championships and since then I’ve played in the QLD side with Tracy on two occasions. How did you two meet? Sue: We meet years ago, it might have been 2006 when I won the State Singles. I was staying with another lady at Manly and so was Tracy. Tracy drove me to the club and I played her first up and beat her. Then she waited there all day to take me home! She doesn’t bear a grudge then? Sue: No, she’s a really nice person.

Tracy Foster and Sue Brady hold the Queensland State Pairs Championship Shield.

Which pair of opponents were you most wary of during throughout the week? Sue: All of them! In the semi-finals we played Marilyn Emerton who had won the State Singles and Estelle Welch. The day before that we played last year’s winners so we had a great couple of wins there. Tracy: I don’t look past each game, I try not to worry about who’s ahead of me, just take one game at a time. Was there any particular game you really enjoyed? Sue: I enjoyed all of it. I really love going down there to the State Champions Week and playing that level of bowls. Tracy: I enjoyed all the games, the final started tight and we managed to take off towards the end but everyone we played was good. It was a high standard. Which bowls do you use? Sue: I’ve been using Henselite bowls a long time and I was using the Alphas which were very good. Some of the other bowlers were really struggling with their bowls but I didn’t have to worry about that. Tracy: Edge Factors, and I love them. As soon as I started playing with them they just felt right. They were good in all conditions whether it was windy or raining they handled the greens really well. What do you think gave you two the winning edge? Sue: We combined well, I led well and Tracy played the skipper role really well. It was a great team effort. Tracy: Maybe our experience and calmness. We knew what we had to do and we worked very well together. The more we play together the more comfortable we feel with each other on the green, we play in the State Team together so over the past year it’s starting to come together. And we get on really well…on and off the green. JUNE / JULY 2013 BOWLS PLUS



Aero Bowls, which are made in Sydney, are the most accurately manufactured bowls ever. Looking at what they have won recently, Aero are certainly showing their paces throughout Australia!

At Warilla a few weeks ago Jeremy Henry, using Aero, won the World Cup. Twenty nations took part and Jeremy Henry played 16 games and was unbeaten - a remarkable feat during the sectional play part of the competition. Jeremy is now ranked No1 in the world. In May the Sunshine Coast hosted the Queensland State Championships. Being held at this great location made for a huge number of entrants. It was easily the strongest field for years competing for the coveted singles title. Brett Wilkie, one of the standouts in the Australian squad, took out the title with his set of Aero Optima. “Yes I played well,” he said. “ However having four bowls perfectly matched was the key, as it was all too obvious that, head after head, I could get the bowls to do the same thing while drawing.”

Jeremy Henry

In the singles the ACT’s Andrew Howie, playing with Aero Dynamics, won convincingly with what National selector Kelvin Kerkow described as “An outstanding display of accurate bowling.” The Pairs were taken out by Aero players Michael Simms and Robert McMullen from Tasmania. Both used Aero Optimas. Michael is 15 and is a future Australian player for sure. In the Triples Aero again featured winning the title with Ray Pearse using Optima. He was the standout player according to the keen eye of Steve Glasson.

Also in May, Bendigo in Victoria hosted the Super 6’s and the Five a Side National Competitions. The Super 6’s are the 6 best players from each state competing for singles, pairs and triples. A very difficult competition to win!

AUSTRALIAN OPEN Jonno Davis from Dubbo is 12 years old and on his birthday he was crowned the U18 Australian Open champion. No mean feat at 12!

Aero are heavily involved in supporting junior bowlers and under the guidance of Kelvin Kerkow and Brett Wilkie more and more young bowlers become sponsored players and receive support and gear. 6


Aero recently doubled production, facilitating a reduction in unit costs as the unique manufacturing process is virtually robotic. The increased output is also helping to satisfy a rapidly expanding worldwide market. Even though Aero are the most recently established manufacturer, they are already the number one selling bowl in Australia. The fact that Aero is a completely different bowl, with a visibly unique line, and that every model is identical, has obviously hit a chord with bowlers.

Aero Bowls Unit 16 Harcourt Business Park Harcourt Parade, Rosebery, 2017 1300 13 25 75


All in all its been a remarkable period for Aero, however as CEO Walter Jacobs says, “The bowls are incredibly accurate, with every set of that model the same. The guaranteed consistency of Aero bowls is a huge advantage for players, especially when opposed by other brands that may be all over the shop, something we have all seen.” Aero is a major sponsor of some of our game’s biggest events, including the QLD Premier League and Premier 7’s, Park Beach Singles, Ballina Pairs and Singles, Adelaide Masters, Victorian Masters, to name but a few.


Jonno is being groomed to become one of Australia’s brightest stars. He excels at bowls and school and carries himself far beyond his age. It’s known Aero bowls are particularly excited to be sponsoring this prodigious young talent. Jonno uses Dynamic size 3 and both Kelvin Kerkow and Brett Wilkie will be passing advice on to him and, indeed, playing with him.

Through Bowls Plus Aero invite all readers to visit our Aero Stockists Wayne Turley’s Aero Bowlsworld, Jackies in Burwood, Ken Wallis in Turramurra, Hunter Bowls in Castle Hill and the Aero Factory Showroom in Rosebery.

Spotlight on

Davistown RSL Bowling Club - but where, might you ask is Davistown?

For Better or Worse! Bowls, the Game for ALL Ages – the sport that caters for Youngúns and Oldies from 8 to 80 for male or female, for singles, married couples and for better or worse! Bowlers can play 7 days a week, at any club in Australia and overseas, with minimal costs, make new friends and play social/competitive bowls in a secure friendly atmosphere against opponents aged from 8 to 80 – so why are the membership numbers dwindling, clubs closing down and tournaments cancelled through lack of entries?

Davistown RSL Bowling Club - manicured gardens and modern facilities The members of the Davistown RSL Bowling Club will simply tell you that they belong to a club where they bowl and enjoy a social drink. However, just a few kilometres from Gosford, hidden away in peaceful surroundings amongst manicured gardens and beside the mangrove fringed waters of the Broadwater is one of the central coast’s best kept secrets. The Davistown Bowling club was formed in 1973 with a membership of 93, of whom only 33 had some previous bowling experience. The first licensed clubhouse was a small cottage and the first green came into play in 1974, a second green being added in 1976. In 1986 the club moved to a new club house built by members adjacent to the greens. However, in 1991 this club house was unfortunately destroyed by fire and the club was rehoused in the Davistown RSL club premises and has remained there since. Like so many other clubs, Davistown tried synthetic grass on one green but in 2010 they returned to two grass greens. 2013 sees the club pass the significant milestone of 40 years, with a commemorative bowling event and a mixed evening social event being held in August. This birthday is especially significant for club members Norm Gurney and Joe O’Grady who were two of the original 93 foundation members in 1973 and both of whom are still regular bowlers and active at the club. A very relaxed Norm can often be seen assisting at coaching and training sessions.

Bowls, the Game for ALL Ages was once the catch cry of the “Royal” in NSW but changed the brand to Bowls Alive but is bowls alive or dying... dying a slow death as we that grow old know what it was like in the good old days. Never thought I would ever say those words “as we that grow old” and “like it was in the good old days” even “for better or worse” but things change over the years, decades in fact, and there is no stopping progress and for better or worse, or great sport of lawn bowls is not keeping up with world we live in today. We need a new game plan but first we need to find out the conditions that changed our sport over the last 30 years for better or worse! First of all let me say that many clubs that folded and closed the doors, merged or amalgamated over the years were a sign of the times and changing world we live in, one suburb in Melbourne had 11 bowling clubs in 6 kilometre radius and of course many had to go. Also bad management, lack of new ideas and an aging population hasn’t helped in many rural areas. Having said all that many clubs are thriving with pro active club managers and progressive thinking but overall bowling membership is down all over the nation which is disconcerting to all the “old bowlers” - me included. The Barefoot Bowls phenomenon is exciting and may yet proved to be the saving grace for many clubs, it already is with some clubs taking up to $6000 a week with Barefoot bowls promotions ( $300,000) over the year keeps the clubs doors open but are we getting new bowling members? I leave the door ajar on that one as I really feel the time will come when barefoot bowlers will make their presence felt in competitive tournaments across the country.

Norm Gurney – relaxed after 40 years

The current membership includes bowlers from their teens through to the club supervets in their 90’s. Over the years the club has enjoyed success winning pennants in RSL Pennants and also Zone and District Pennants Competition, ranging from Grade 7 to Grade 2. The Davistown RSL Bowling Club enjoys the friendly atmosphere and all the modern facilities of the Davistown RSL Club, including the well known Broadwater Brasserie, lounges, function rooms, games rooms and a TAB. Next time you holiday or visit the Central Coast you could do worse than take time out with your bowls at The Davistown RSL Bowling Club at Murna Road, Davistown, NSW 2251. You are sure to get a very sociable and competitive game of bowls. Contact: Bowls Office 02 4369 0435 Bowls Secretary : Gary Dowling Marketing & sponsors: Freddy Dowse

Looking back as we do to find the answers, the introduction of the narrow line bowls back in the late eighties and early nineties really made the competitive tournaments one sided with the new bowls having the competitive edge shall we say... no more. I can remember way back when bowls challenges (not Super Challenge) were the flavour of the month – a top Victorian bowler playing in a $12,000 Fours tournament had his bowls (2 only) challenged by an opponent and subsequently one of his 4 bowls failed the table test and was disqualified. To this day no one knows which bowl failed the test, one his 2 bowls used in the tournament or one the 2 bowls he had in the boot of his car! Bowls were failed on a greens test after the match in one case and the whole episode of doctored bowls and the laughable bowls challenges and the lack of leadership was a major detriment to the sport. Of course the ludicrous “Giving away the Mat rule” in recent years was another example of the sport going down the path of no return. All this plus more over the years has disenchanted many of the older bowlers from playing competitive bowls against the passionate - win at all cost Youngúns and GEN Y bowlers who have displayed great skills on the green. Of course the lack of State representation squads for the GEN X is another factor in this general disenchanted within our sport. Only after years of persistence from older bowlers and scribes we now a State Over 60’s representative Tests Series but the GEN X has left out in the cold! I have always stated the retired cricketers/golfers e.g. Mark Waugh, Shane Warne would have no hope of representing their State or Australia until at least they reach 60 plus. National Selector Kelvin Kerkow recently turned 44, imagine if he started bowls now, what hope or incentive is their for this talented sportsperson to play bowls for the Sate or Australia for that matter Getting back to the Game for ALL Ages – competitive bowlers are competitive in Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours but realistically have a far better chance against their own age group be it in the Boomers, or the GEN Y and GEN X or even the Youngúns. Major Carnivals are now seeing the light with Age restrictions on entries and in June on the Gold Coast a $12,000 5 a side Tournament for Over 60’s only - a top side entry could be Robbie Dobbins, Ray Glasser, Hec Beswick and Brendon Hoey. Premier League Queensland has an Over 60’s division with finals at Pine Rivers today 94 years old Reg Hill is representing South Tweed in the Semi Final and hopefully the Grand Final The Game is for ALL Ages and at times should be segregated to allow for bowlers of all ages to compete and play in competitive tournaments and leagues and still be competitive! that is for the Better! Better the sport and better for the older mature bowler. The Junior Golden Nugget is the showcase tournament for the Under 18 bowlers, as will the Silver Nugget for the Under 25’s bowlers. Having said all that I remain an optimist and realise that all sports are suffering with memberships etc ... what we really need is for bowls to get back on TV – if not the ABC then SBS and a 13 week series of a competitive format – made for TV... to attract the masses. Perhaps more on that subject in the next edition of Bowls Plus... JUNE / JULY 2013 BOWLS PLUS


Thevator Inno

Barry Hamer

Colour TV bowls? Well strike me pink! At 8:30 pm on 27 May 1975 the ABC Sports Night Programme featured for the first time in Australia how coloured bowls, matching uniforms and key rules featuring the proposed “World Series Bowls” formats, prompted one cheeky Melbourne journalist to write on the following morning; “Colour TV bowls?, Well strike me pink” Following the above pilot large numbers of coloured bowls were manufactured and entered the Lawn Bowls market?

• Create speculation and debate during a session? • Embrace proven state of art presentation technologies?

When coloured uniforms were finally approved, identification issues increased especially when the colours of the players’ uniforms were not matched up with the colour of their bowls as demonstrated in the TV pilot.

In a nutshell it’s all of the above; however the inescapable fact is that unless spectators can clearly identify the players and the teams they belong to, have a clear view of game in progress on or off air, and understand the elements of the game they view, loyalty and stimulation may suffer.

Later on the combination of the above presentation issues, the scoring, and rules may have contributed to the demise of the ABC’s TV Bowls Series. While all of the above innovations were taking place, readers may well remember how the late Kerry Packer’s, colourising and rules to launch World Series Cricket in such spectacular fashion, changed the image and popularity of cricket forever. Similarly our administrators supported by key lawn bowlers may enable the further development of the World Series Bowls submissions featuring colour and innovative rules submitted on the 29th of October 1985. Aspiring innovators creating sporting formats for TV must critically examine the following; by asking does it:• Create excitement and fear? • Have easy to follow rules? • Have the capacity to attract large audiences? • Create audience participation? • Flow well without repeated interruptions? • Have sponsorship appeal? • Generate a must not miss part of the game in progress? • Create knuckle biting moments? • Create humour and fun during a session?

The revised version of “World Series Bowls©” , fully sponsored by “Powerplay International”, now named *“Super Bowl©” , successfully trialled during 2005/06 on the Landings bowling green, is still in the process of addressing the above questions to further enhance the next series. Note:*“Super Bowl©” is a series specifically designed for television, derived from the original format presented in 1974 called “Match Bowls” created at a time when bowlers’ uniforms were all white, their bowls were black or mahogany, and players wore neckties during matches, prior to the development of World Series Bowls at the city Bowling Club in 1975.

Discussion topic for this month? Using existing bowls owned by the players arriving on match day, how would you allocate the opposing players bowls to enable spectators to clearly identify their team or sides bowls during a match in progress?


It will require something to be done with manufactured bowls rather than attaching coloured stickers. (The answer (next issue)

‘I saw that show, 50 Things To Do Before You Die. I would have thought the obvious one was “Shout For Help”. Jimmy Carr 8


The hot topic this month:

“What are you prepared to do about our membership decline”? Sorry readers, what more can I say, the alarm bells have been ringing for the past 30 years and the decline still continues! To be absolutely fair, lawn bowls is not the only sport having to grapple with retaining or seeking new membership. Nearly every time bowlers sit down together, it doesn’t take very long before the subject of the way our game is played and administered enters into the conversation. These conversations come from the heart, some complimentary, and some downright frustrating. As a result I have raised a litany of these conversations in my innovation columns since 1991; likewise letters sent by concerned bowlers to the editors of our various bowls magazines receive very little feedback? Okay, we can’t do too much about the lost opportunities in the past by dwelling on that? However. we can do a lot more about reversing the membership trends by further developing:• Handing out promotional brochures and talking to customers in shopping centres about their club. • Letterbox drops close to their local club. • Club Newsletters to motivate all members in their club to participate in a number of membership drives. • Careful programming of such drives may embrace encouraging juniors attending the local school or schools to participate in coaching programs for them. Example: I have lectured on lawn bowls conducting practical coaching to senior high school students and in one case the students’ sat for exams on the subjects raised. • ‘Bring a Member’ program attending dinner parties, afternoon teas, barbecue / twilight games, and open invitation bowling days including afternoon tea etc.

• ‘Bring a member’- An actual campaign program. Example: As president of the Chatswood Chamber of Commerce I introduced ‘Bring a member’. That campaign raised our membership from 12 members to over 200 members within the first nine months, and nearly doubling that figure in the following 12 months! The campaign worked because it involved each member’s commitment to bring along only one new member each month to double the membership each month along the way. To be realistic, that system worked because highly motivated and successful businessmen and women members strived and met clearly defined objectives to achieve the rewards that followed. Likewise, adopting a greatly reduced format of the “Bring a member” program for a bowling club will still need a marketing program, personalised invitations, and not becoming overly ambitious striving to achieve vastly improved membership. Bowlers embarking on this perceived “mission almost impossible” program grappling with the demographics, social and ethical changes over the past 30 years by doing nothing now, must never become a solution again. PS; I have successfully engaged the ‘Bring a member’ program for one of Sydney’s largest squash clubs, two major youth centres, and all of my youth fellowship groups as youth director and president for over 40 years. Next month, I will explore the how rule changes have contributed to membership decline. Invite one new member! regards the Innovator, Barry Hamer.

St Johns Park Bowling Club more than just a bowling club

Like most bowling clubs around Australia, St Johns Park Bowling Club had humble beginnings. A group of local men who wanted to have a bowling green in their local area pooled their resources and with volunteer labour and donated materials, slowly created a green and a small club house. Play commenced on the club’s first green in March 1953 and a second green was added in 1956. Today, St Johns Park Bowling Club has three perfectly manicured bowling greens, multi storey car park, dining seating up to 250 people, three function areas large enough to cater for up to 350 people in a single area, coffee shop, bowlers lounge, TAB & Keno. The club has never lost sight of their principle charter, which is to promote and foster the game of lawn bowls. In 2004 the club made a significant commitment to junior bowls with the establishment of its own Junior Development Squad. Over the years, St Johns Park Bowling Club has offered significant financial resources to their junior bowlers, with sponsorship going directly towards coaching clinics, training camps, assistance with travel expenses and uniforms.

Due to the hard work and dedication of Sharyn Renshaw and her colleagues in Bowls Administration, the game of lawn bowls has now been introduced to local schools to encourage youth participation in a sport that is not normally part of the school curriculum. There is also the Junior Bowls Academy at St Johns Park Bowling Club, giving all young people in the local area the opportunity to be coached and mentored by champions. “Our club is very successful and one of the benefits of this is the ability to put more back into the game of bowls” said Bowls Coordinator, Lee Such. “I am particularly proud of our junior program which reaches out to local schools and encourages students to give bowls a try. We also have fun days where families can come and play. It is great to see the young kids rolling up. Perhaps they can show the oldies a thing or two!” Over the years, St Johns Park Bowling club has opened its doors to a vast array of people of different ages and backgrounds and recently opened a sensational new alfresco area, bar and noodle bar, named Canoodle. The construction continues at a fast rate with the objective of offering the best club facilities in the area. It is definitely worth a visit for bowls or leisure!

Roll up and fall in love with the game of bowls! Enjoy a relaxed sport that combines friendly competition ... it’s actually more like a social event! Full year’s Bowls Membership is just $60 Includes: • The expertise of 6 coaches to teach you the tricks of the game • Access to three world-class bowling greens • Member discounts on food and drink • Member rewards and promotions • Entertainment • Holiday units in Tuncurry for the exclusive use of members at special rates and loads more… • Membership of Tuncurry Bowling Club For more information visit our website or contact our friendly reception staff on 02 9610 3666



Blues clinch Super 6 honours The NSW Blues put the finishing touches on a scintillating Super 6 campaign in Bendigo in late April, claiming three of the six gold medals on offer and igniting their quest glory at the Australian Sides Championships, which was staged the following week. St Johns Park star Kelsey Cottrell commenced the Blues’ golden campaign, clinching the blue-ribbon Super-6 singles title in a shoot-out with her Jackaroos World Championships gold medal teammate Rebecca Quail, 21-19. “I’ve played Bec a few times and it’s been a similar situation, I’ve got out to a bit of a lead, but she is a gritty player, she always come back so I was ready for it,” Cottrell said after claiming the silverware. “I dropped a lot of ones so I wasn’t overly concerned, but then a big 4 shots came along and I started to get a little bit worried. We know so much about each other, we don’t necessarily have any game tactics against each other, we just play to our strengths.” “Bec is a pretty good all-round player, so I know that I have to be at my best when facing her, and luckily today I got out to a good start and managed to hold on. The greens here at Bendigo are fantastic, there are four greens here and they are all running really well and the City itself is great, it’s a really nice place to come to.” Replicating Cottrell’s success on the green were the women’s triples team of former Scottish international Kay Moran, former Australian Indoor Championships winner Katrina Wright and Jackaroos member Natasha Van Eldik, who secured the gold medal over Queensland’s Natasha Jones, Pamela Rowe and Louise Witton 23-14. The state’s third gold came courtesy of the undefeated men’s triples line-up of Ray Pearce, Ben Twist and Australian squad member Shane Garvey, who toppled host state Victoria 15-11. Claiming the coveted men’s singles silverware was the ACT’s Andrew Howie, who only a month previously donned the green and gold for the first time in the Trans Tasman development team. Howie came out blazing in the decider, downing former Australian representative Anthony Kiepe 21-12 to secure his states only golden medallion. “I’m stoked to have even made the final, and over the moon to have got up,” Howie said after his victory. I had a very tight day yesterday, I lost to Mark Casey in the afternoon 21-20, but on aggregate I was fortunate enough to get through to the final.” “Pretty much whoever nailed the jack with their first bowl were winning the ends and I was sort of off a little bit but I picked up my game and eventually did start drawing them close and gradually built the head.” Tasmania and Queensland’s perseverance was rewarded, with the Tigers’ 16 year-old Michael Sims and Robert McMullen taking out the men’s pairs discipline, while Queensland’s Australia A squad member Kristy Thatcher and Jackaroos captain Lynsey Armitage securing the women’s equivalent by the slimmest of margins against NSW, 14-13. The Super-6 event provided the states with the perfect warm-up for the Australian Sides Championships, which featured the top-12 men and women from each and every state and territory across the nation over four action packed days at the Bendigo Bowls Club in Victoria.




Set for the Future Seminar and intergenerational exhibition match

Assisting you and your club save money and help the environment by working towards a clean energy future Bowls Australia has partnered with the Australian Government to deliver a club-focussed clean energy awareness program: Set for the Future It’s a program that offers clubs and members direct access to topical and. relevant information about how you can get involved as Australia moves towards a clean energy future. Three Australian Jackaroos team members have been appointed Set for the Future ambassadors and will play and participate in a fun and unique intergenerational match with club members and members of the community following the seminar.




New South Wales capped off a stellar Australian Sides Championships at Bendigo Bowls Club in Victoria in early May, finishing the time-honoured tournament in pole position of both genders and claiming the overall honours.

Blues Snare Sides Trifecta

The men’s contingent put the finishing touches on a remarkable Alley Shield campaign, concluding the competition with an unblemished record after reaching an unattainable lead with a round to spare. Unfazed by having already sewn up proceedings a day early, the Blues outfit seized the chance to claim their 18th title with a slender one shot victory over ACT in the final round, 54-53, despite dropping two of the three rinks on offer. While reigning International Bowler of the Year Aron Sherriff had his colours lowed by Robert Chesher and Australian Jackaroo Shane Garvey dropped his match to Damon Jeffery, Commonwealth Games gold medallist Mark Casey’s win over Andrew Howie proved the catalyst for the perfect series. NSW may have finished the tournament on a high, but it was current Scottish world champion Graeme Archer who took the rink of the series honours for Victoria ahead of former-Maroonturned-Blue Casey. For the sixth time in eight years, Victoria departed the Alley Shield contest with a silver medal after edging out Western Australia 53-51 to earn their fifth victory and finish in second position. In the women’s competition, NSW is basking in its seventh Mark Morris Trophy win after toppling

ACT 85-45 to finish ahead of host state Victoria by one and a half rinks.

to the ultimate prize, with two wins across both disciplines separating the two states.

With the three states log-jammed at the top of the ladder entering the deciding round, little could separate the three states going into the last round, with a dominant finish to proceedings giving the Blues their second back-to-back victory since the women’s inception in 1979. Unsurprisingly, Australian Jackaroo Kelsey Cottrell clinched the best-performed skip accolade on a count back, ahead of her state and national teammates Natasha Van Eldik and Karen Murphy.

Alley Shield final results: 1. NSW (7 wins, 12.5 rinks), 2. Victoria (5, 15), 3. Queensland (5, 12), 4. South Australia (4, 11.5), 5. Western Australia (2, 11), 6. Tasmania (2, 9), 7. Northern Territory (2, 8), 8. ACT (1, 5)

As a result of the Alley Shield and Marj Morris wins, the Blues also secured a unique three peat of the Overall State Champions Trophy, the first state since 2009 to attain all three sets of Sides silverware in the one year.

Marj Morris Trophy final results: 1. NSW (6 wins, 17.5 rinks), 2. Victoria (6, 14), 3. ACT (5, 13), 4. Queensland (4, 8.5), 5. Tasmania (3, 7), 6. Western Australia (2, 12), 7. South Australia (2, 10), 8. Northern Territory (0, 2) Overall Australian Sides Championships results: 1. NSW (26 points), 2. Victoria (22), 3. Queensland (18), 4. South Australia (12), 5. ACT (12), 6. Tasmania (10), 7. Western Australia (8) 8. Northern Territory (4)

The Big V was relegated to second position on the overall rankings, again finishing agonisingly close

Australian Jackaroos to present clean energy future seminars at local bowls clubs As part of an exciting new initiative promoting a clean energy future, in the coming weeks and months Bowls Australia will be delivering important information seminars and intergenerational exhibition matches at bowls clubs around the nation, providing the community with practical and realistic ways to save money at both their clubs and at home. The seminar, which is part of the wider Set for the Future national initiative involving a total of 48 seminars at 29 regional and 19 metropolitan clubs over the next 12 months, will be delivered by Australian Jackaroos squad members Kelsey Cottrell, Dylan Fisher and Rebecca Quail, in addition to one of Bowls Australia’s 16 Community Development Officers from that region. Cottrel, Fisher and Quail, who are committed participants of adopting sustainable energy efficient practices, will present the free seminars, in addition to taking part in unique and fun intergenerational matches, allowing attendees to square off against one of the sport’s premier players and interact on the topic in a social setting on the green.



Set for the Future, a collaboration between Bowls Australia and the Australian Government, was launched by the Minister for Sport, Senator the Hon. Kate Lundy during the 2013 Australian Open in Melbourne in February, and is designed to heighten awareness throughout the bowls communities of Australia of the importance of being more energy efficient and educating bowls clubs and individuals about making more informed decisions to reduce their impact on the environment and ultimately save money. The purpose of the program’s seminars is to connect clubs and members with clean energy stories and experiences, such as local businesses that are taking action toward a clean energy future, and using those as examples of practical changes that can be made within clubs and at home and to deliver a unique bowls experience to reinforce longer term values related to working toward a prosperous future for Australia by bringing together younger and older players for the intergenerational matches. World Champion Kelsey Cottrell, from St John’s Park Bowling Club in New South Wales, and Rebecca Quail, from the Invermay Bowling Club in Tasmania, and Australian Open titleholder Dylan Fisher, from Melbourne Bowling Club in Victoria, are all ambassadors of the Set For The Future

program, with each member visiting selected clubs in various key regions to facilitate the seminars and take an active role by playing in the intergenerational matches with the local community, in conjunction with Bowls Australia’s Community Development Officers. Bowls Australia Chief Executive Officer Neil Dalrymple said the program is a wonderful opportunity to further engage with clubs and provide information that will benefit them in the long term. “We are thrilled to be a able to present these information seminars and assist clubs and members benefit from being more energy efficient and conscious to reduce carbon pollution and save money,” Dalrymple said. “The program also allows members of the clubs and regions that host the seminars and intergenerational matches to play with and against some of the sport’s preeminent players in Kelsey, Rebecca and Dylan, who have been chosen as ambassadors for the program because of their active involvement and awareness about sustainable energy practices.” To learn more about the initiative and to attend the free seminars, visit

National Hall of Fame & Awards Night winners Bowls Australia crowned the year’s finest athletes and administrators in front of a capacity crowd at the historic Bendigo Town Hall at the 2013 Sandhurst Trustees Hall of Fame and Awards Night, hosted by former Olympic cyclist Scott McGrory.

Widely touted as one of the nation’s most promising young players, Broadbeach’s Sean Ingham was awarded the Under-18 Male Bowler of the Year title.

NSW were well represented in the highly coveted athlete categories, capturing all three senior gongs, with Ettalong Memorial’s Aron Sherriff collecting the night’s major accolade, securing a back-to-back International Bowler of the Year award after a stunning 12 months that included guiding the men’s fours to a gold medal at the 27-nation World Championships last December.

Commencing the year with a compelling performance at the 2012 Junior Trans Tasman, during which he went through undefeated in the singles and pairs, followed by a dominant run on the national front clinching the gold medal in the boys’ pairs at the 2012 Australian Under-18 Championships and a bronze medal in the fours, while a top of the dais finish at the Junior Golden Nugget ranks highly among his long list of achievements.

Sherriff, 27, also played an instrumental role in Australia’s success on the world stage at the six-nation SA International Series in May, where he clinched a silver medal in the pairs, and the green and gold’s dominance over traditional rival New Zealand at the Trans Tasman test series in September. Sherriff’s state and national teammate, Mark Casey took out the Male Bowler of the Year, adding to the inaugural award, alongside the International Bowler of the Year trophy, that he secured in 2011.

In the final athlete award of the night, fellow bright young bowls prospect, Renee McPharlin, secured the Under-18 Female Bowler of the Year gong after a runner-up finish in the category at last year’s Awards Night.

During an unforgettable year on the national circuit, Casey, 30, became just the second player to capture the nation’s most coveted double in the same year after prevailing in a thriller at the Australian Indoor Championship in August, having already clinched the Australian Open singles title in February. Alongside two of the biggest singles trophies the nation has to offer, Casey was also pivotal in Queensland’s victory at the Australian Sides Championships, helping the Maroons secure the Alley Shield. Cabramatta’s queen of the greens, Karen Murphy, earned her first Female Bowler of the Year award after excelling on both the national and international stage during a stunning 12 months. On the national front, Karen secured her fifth Australian Indoor Championships crown, before going on to snare both National Champion of Champions trophies later in the year at Queanbeyan, securing the singles and pairs. A top of the dais finish at the SA International Series in the women’s triples, in addition to the PBA Ladies World Matchplay Singles crown at Potters in England, and two gold medals from the 2012 World Championships, including the highly-prized blue-ribbon singles, are among Murphy’s international highlights from 2012.

A second-place finish in the girls’ singles to fellow finalist Natasha Jones at the 2012 Australian Under-18 Championships, and a fourth place finish in the girls’ pairs, rounded out an impressive year on the national circuit for the Balaklava junior, which also included international representation at the Trans Tasman.

In the non-playing awards on offer, 730’s Michael Sexton from ABC Adelaide took home the Story of the Year award for his six-minute exposé on the generational change that has swept the sport of lawn bowls leading into the World Championships in Adelaide. South Australia’s Beth Young was recognised as the Volunteer of the Year, NSW’s Pam Hockings received the Official of the Year and Bowls Australia’s Community Development Officer Gary Dillon was the inaugural CDO of the Year. Congratulation to the nominees, finalists and winners of the national 2013 Hall of Fame and Awards Night.



Lawn Bowls Bounty on

NORFOLK ISLAND Bowlers can take their pick from three main events on the Norfolk Island bowling calendar: 18 - 22 August 2013: TAB Triples

Travel as a (mens or ladies) team or come to join a triples team on the island. A minimum of 5 qualifying games over 15 ends for all players.

24 – 27 February 2014: South Pacific Pairs

Norfolk Island is a long-time favourite for lawn bowlers. After a successful Bounty Bowls fours tournament last month the Norfolk Island Bowling Club is changing to third gear for the TAB Triples 18-22 August. The Norfolk Bowling club has many feathers in their cap, this club is well accustomed to hosting visitors from Australia and New Zealand year round either to compete in tournaments or for a friendly social roll up. Norfolk Island is unique because the bowling events attract so visitors from Australia and New Zealand. Competitors literally meet in the middle on Norfolk Island greens and events become a true Trans-Tasman comp with Aussies, Kiwi and Norfolk Island bowlers competing for the titles. Best of all the tournaments have become a great reason for partners, family and friends to tag along for a Norfolk Island holiday, the club invites all to attend the welcome, presentation and social functions during the week. Norfolk Island is a very social and friendly affair and tourist accommodation is conveniently located (some next door) to the bowling club, so driving after play is optional. The Norfolk Island Bowling Club invites bowlers to join them for a tournament or if bowlers prefer to come another time of year, the local club member hospitality and friendship like their sub-tropical climate, remains a year-round constant.

Open pairs competition; teams can be men, women or mixed. Excellent cash prizes up for grabs, $1500 first prize and $1000 second prize.

05 – 10 May 2014: Bounty Bowls tournament

Norfolk’s signature longstanding event, next year will be the 53rd Bounty Bowls tournament; an open fours competition where teams can be men, women or mixed. Good news is a second week of bowls will be held for those visitors who can extend for a longer stay. A separate mixed fours comp will run 12-17 May. Take advantage of the super special packages on offer with local travel specialist The Travel Centre, Norfolk Island. Special travel packages have just been released with prices starting from $849 per person ex Brisbane or $899 per person twin share ex Sydney for a seven night stay. Prices includes return ‘seat and bag’ airfare to Norfolk Island, pre-paid airline taxes, meet & greet at the Norfolk airport, 7 night’s twin share accommodation, 7 days car hire (car hire surcharge $20 per day and petrol extra), discount shopping card, complimentary mini- golf and complimentary ‘A Walk in the Wild’. Prices are current today and subject to change without notice. Conditions apply. For those interested in travelling with friends from your local bowling club ask The Travel Centre about a special club promotion where some accommodation properties provide 1 in 10 bowlers stay free. For larger groups this can be teamed with 1 in 21 bowlers fly free. Conditions apply. For more information contact The Travel Centre, Norfolk Island on toll free phone 1800 1400 66 email or fax 0011 6723 23205

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h Lig

‘Bionic Bowler’ Fully Approved Bowls Australia

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NEWPORT BOWLING CLUB CELEBRATES 75 YEARS! 13 locals in co-operation with Warringah Council formed Newport Bowling Club on 23rd July 1938. Many changes occurred over the next 75 years creating a club with 220 men and women bowling members, many active social members and a modern clubhouse overlooking the 3 greens.

Newport is a very active club participating in men and women’s pennant competitions, hosting carnivals and gala days and encouraging mixed bowls. Our 75th celebrations take place over 12 months and include: • Family Bowls Day • Hawaiian Night • Awards Night & Celebratory Dinner The club is offering 1 year free social membership for Pittwater residents during June, July and August 2013. The club is situated at the bottom of “Newport Hill” on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and is a popular venue for bowlers from the country, interstate and overseas. Visitors enjoy friendly social bowls and take advantage of our wonderful beaches and many local restaurants. L.J.Hooker (Mona Vale & Newport), Carlton & United Breweries, Newport Travel, Sbeach Gardens and Peninsular Funerals are club sponsors. For further information contact:



Aero Bowls Sydney Factory Showroom: NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC See the world’s most advanced bowls manufacturing plant plus the world’s most accurate lawn bowls. Aero Bowls are pleased to announce the opening of their new factory outlet in Sydney. A full display of all models of Aero Bowls will be on view together with the ComfitPro range of Bags and Shoes. Chalk Spray, Pro Grip, Bowls Dri and Monkey Grip are also available. Visitors can take home a brand new set if in stock or order to their specification. The same applies to our complete range bags and shoes. You’ll be shown how we make bowls using unique-to-theindustry 21st century digital robotics. You will witness how we polish, paint and test every bowl made on our climate controlled testing table.

You’ll be able to see why every set of Aero Bowls are accurate beyond belief AND, most importantly, why every set of any AERO model is the same as any other set of the same AERO model - no matter when it was manufactured. The factory outlet is open from 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday. We welcome bowls clubs to contact Walter Jacobs should 5 or more members wish to arrange a special visit to view this remarkable facility. Please email or call Walter on 02 9700 8500 to arrange your club’s visit. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to visit the most advanced bowls manufacturing plant in the world.



Great Barrier Reef Masters Games Promises Top Lawn Bowls Action Lawn bowls is shaping as one of the most popular of the 19 sports on offer at the inaugural Great Barrier Reef Masters Games. The Games will be held from 8 – 11 August 2013 at one of Australia’s favourite holiday and vacation destinations in Cairns, North Queensland. According to Event General Manager Cameron Hart, a healthy number of bowlers have already entered the competition which will be hosted by the Marlin Coast Bowls Club at Trinity Beach.

We’re going to be in Cairns in 2013! Are you? Great destination

Great sports

Great fun

“Lawn bowls at Masters Games in Australia and New Zealand is always really strongly supported and we can’t see why the competition wouldn’t be in Cairns,” Mr Hart said. “Queensland has an outstanding reputation for winter bowls tournaments and there is still plenty of time for our friends in the southern states to join in the fun.” “The Marlin Coast Bowls Club is an excellent facility and the welcome mat will be well and truly laid out in August. “It’s a really progressive club and their website and Facebook page are well worth a visit,” Mr Hart said. Entries for the Great Barrier Reef Masters Games opened mid-February and more than 2,000 masters-aged men and women from Australia, Oceania and South East Asia are expected to converge on stunning Tropical North Queensland to take part in the history-making event. Presented by the team behind the Gold Coast’s biennial Pan Pacific Masters Games, this exciting new event will be a celebration of master’s sport with both fierce and friendly competition.

8-11 August 2013 ENTER NOW! Athletics - Track & Field • Athletics - Road & Trail • Baseball Basketball • Beach Volleyball • Cricket • Dragon Boating Football (Soccer) • Futsal • Golf • Hockey • Lawn Bowls • Netball Rugby Union 10s • Softball • Squash • Swimming • Tennis • Touch

There are no qualifying standards to enter except for a minimum age requirement for each sport, which for the majority is 30 years of age. “Cairns offers competitors the perfect combination of stunning diverse natural beauty and extensive sporting infrastructure such as award-winning venues, comprehensive facilities and professional support services,” Mr Hart said. “The city is located near two World Heritage areas, the iconic Great Barrier Reef and Australia’s Wet Tropics Rainforests, providing participants the unique opportunity to incorporate adventure and discovery during their sporting holiday,” he said. For more event information visit For travel and accommodation information visit



Flying Doctor

Changing lives in Far North Queensland

who live, work and travel in the regions around Cairns and throughout the North. “When they think of the Flying Doctor, many people automatically think of emergency aeromedical evacuations,” Ms Jarkiewicz says. “But the fact is, these days the RFDS does so much more. For example, Cairns Base transports around 1,000 patients every year, but in addition, we look after almost 30,000 patients through our primary health care clinics. Our Medical Officers take more than 8,000 remote consultation calls”.

Cairns is well-known for its natural beauty, balmy weather and proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and tropical far north. This beautiful city is also home to the largest Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) base in Australia. The RFDS was established by the Reverend John Flynn in 1928 to look after the health and wellbeing of people in isolated areas. 85 years later, it is one of the largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organisations in the world.

“Communities looked after by the Flying Doctor have some of the highest immunisation rates in the country, and we do more than 2,000 immunisations every year in the Far North.” Ms Jarkiewicz said the RFDS primary health care program involved taking health care services such as general practice clinics, ante- and postnatal clinics, and mental health services into regional and isolated communities. Two innovative programs include the Flying Doctor Field Days, and the Wellbeing Centres. Under the popular Field Day program doctors, nurses and other health care workers visit rural properties where they provide health education and primary health care. It is aimed at station owners, manager, workers, families and neighbours.

With more than 100 doctors, nurses and pilots, and five aircraft, Cairns Base looks after an area of more than 275,000 square kilometres stretching from the Torres Strait across to the Gulf of Carpentaria and south as far as Townsville.

The RFDS Wellbeing Centres in four Cape York Peninsula communities provide counselling and social and emotional wellbeing programs. A key focus of the Wellbeing program is to develop the skills of local staff and to provide the community as a whole with greater awareness of wellbeing issues. As a not-for-profit organisation, the RFDS relies on the generosity of the public to purchase aircraft and vital medical equipment.

RFDS Regional Manager Far North Queensland Angela Jarkiewicz says the organisation provides comprehensive health care for all those

To find out more about the Flying Doctor or to donate now, simply go to or call 1800 444 788.

An Interesting History of 1752

Here is an interesting historical fact that you probably didn’t know, (I sure didn’t). Just have look at the calendar for the month of September 1752. (If you think I’m joking, you may search it on Google and see it for yourself.) In case you haven’t noticed, 11 days are simply missing from the month. Here’s the explanation: This was the month during which England shifted from the Roman Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar. A Julian year was 11 days longer than a Gregorian year. So, the King of England ordered 11 days to be wiped off the face of that particular month. (A King could order anything, couldn’t he?) So, the workers worked for 11 days less that month, but got paid for the whole month. That’s how the concept of “paid leave” was born. Hail the King!!! In the Roman Julian Calendar, April used to be the first month of the year; but the Gregorian Calendar observed January as the first month. Even after shifting to the Gregorian Calendar, many people refused to give up old traditions and continued celebrating 1st April as the New Year’s Day. When simple orders didn’t work, the King finally issued a royal dictum; which stated that those who celebrated 1st April as the new year’s day would be labelled as fools. From then on, 1st April became April Fool’s Day. History is really interesting, isn’t it ? JUNE / JULY 2013 BOWLS PLUS


NUTRITION All styles of Monuments New Granite Headstones & Renovations New & Added Inscriptions

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Herbalife® products are made from beneficial ingredients and developed using world-class scientific technology and research. Our protein shakes and snacks, vitamins and dietary supplements, energy and fitness products, and skin and hair care products, combined with healthy eating and exercise, can help you enjoy a lifetime of good health.

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rock-star student at Rydell High, Johnny Casino, has gone to Anthony Callea, returning to the musical theatre stage after success in Rent and Wicked. And television and stage veteran Val Lehman returns to musical theatre to play Rydell High’s tough school principal Miss Lynch.

GREASE is still the word, as Australian theatre producer John Frost today revealed the cast and tour dates for his new multi-million dollar production of GREASE. In the lead roles of Danny and Sandy are musical theatre favourite Rob Mills and rising star Gretel Scarlett. Rob Mills made a name for himself in musical theatre performing Fiyero in the Broadway blockbuster Wicked in Melbourne and Sydney for two years, and will join GREASE after starring as Warner Huntington III in the hit musical Legally Blonde in Brisbane and Melbourne. Gretel Scarlett has played support roles in Wicked and Mamma Mia! and is excited to take on her first starring role. Bert Newton returns to his radio roots to play the role of slick veteran disc jockey Vince Fontaine, while Todd McKenney dusts off his dancing shoes to star as Teen Angel, the good-looking, falsettovoiced, Fabian lookalike. The role of All-American,

Rizzo, the leader of the Pink Ladies, will be played by Lucy Maunder (Dr Zhivago, The Threepenny Opera), and Kenickie will be played by Stephen Mahy (Jersey Boys, I Will Survive). The cast also includes Francine Cain (Frenchy), Chris Durling (Doody), Sam Ludeman (Sonny), Duane McGregor (Roger) and Laura Murphy (Jan). “GREASE is one of my favourite musicals, and with this top draw cast of musical theatre stars I have no doubt it will again be everyone’s favourite party musical,” John Frost said. “I’m thrilled that Rob Mills will be our Danny, straight from his success in Legally Blonde, and that we have found a new leading lady in Gretel Scarlett. Both Rob and Gretel gave sensational auditions, and our UK creative team knew instantly that they were the ideal Danny and Sandy. And it’s wonderful again to be working with the wonderful Todd McKenney, the talented Anthony Callea and, for our sixth musical together, the irrepressible Bert Newton. What can I say about this cast – You’re The One That I Want!”

GREASE will open at Brisbane’s Lyric Theatre on August 27, with seasons at the Sydney Lyric Theatre from October 13, and at her Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne from January 2, 2014. GREASE is the Number One Party musical, featuring all the unforgettable songs from the hit movie including You’re The One That I Want, Grease Is The Word, Summer Nights, Hopelessly Devoted To You, Sandy, Greased Lightnin’ and many more. So get ready to dust off your leather jackets, pull on your bobby-socks and take a trip to a simpler time as “bad boy” Danny and “the girl next door” Sandy fall in love all over again. Lyric Theatre, Sydney Season: From Sunday 13 October Opening Night: Thursday 17 October Performance Times: Tues–Sat 8.00pm, Matinees Wed 1pm, Sat 2pm & Sun 3pm Price: From $64.90* Bookings: or phone 1300 795 267 Save with Groups of 12 or more - call 02 8240 2290 VIP, Premium Tickets and Packages visit: SHOWBIZ.COM.AU or 1300 4 SHOWS

Acclaimed Show From London’s West End Coming to the State Theatre By arrangement with international producers, the State Theatre, Sydney has secured one of the major dance productions appearing in London, “Ballet Revolucion” for 6 performances only starting on Tuesday June 25th at 730pm The show has just completed a sell out season at the famous Saddler’s Wells Peacock Theatre, London. Ballet Revolucion was produced in Cuba, featuring classical and contemporary dances from the major dance companies in Havana. The dances however perform to the infectious rhythms of Latin-America and the No.1 hits from Usher, Shakira, Beyonce, Enrique Iglesias, J-Lo, Prince, Chris Brown to name a few.

The show has also performed throughout Europe in major cities of Paris, Zurich, Berlin, Frankfurt and Vienna. “So many great things have happened for the show since we had our World Premiere in Australia 2 years ago” said Australian Producer and Creator of Ballet Revolucion Mark Brady. “We have toured many countries around the world and had the amazing honour of being invited to perform in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II for the Royal Variety Concert on November 19 2012. Internationally the show continues to wow audiences no matter where we perform, so bringing the shown back to Australia is very exciting.”



Marian Street Theatre for Young People presents

It’s never too late to find

Music and songs by Catherine Martin Directed by Sher Kearney and Margie McCrae “I’m never coming out for therest of my life! Never, never, never, so there!” And he slammed the lid. Bang! Thousands of children know Danny in the Toybox off by heart. Now young audiences have a chance to enjoy Danny live on stage when Marian Street Theatre for Young People present this hilarious adaptation by Richard Tulloch, one of Australia’s most popular writers of books, plays, films and television for children, live on stage from 11 May to 13 July 2013. Danny is in trouble. Not only has he forgotten his Grandmother’s birthday present, he’s also been loudly telling everyone how wonderful his present will be. Danny doesn’t know what to do, so he hides in his toy box in his bedroom. Meanwhile Rumpus the dog creates havoc, as his Mum, Dad, little sister Emma, the family Doctor and the district Fireman all try to persuade him to come out. How Danny solves his problem, with the help of a mysterious and magical creature, forms the basis for this warm-hearted play about family relationships, with surprising results for the whole family. When: 11 May – 13 July 2013 Where: Marian Street Theatre, 2 Marian Street, Killara Performances: School Holidays 1 -12 July weekdays 10.30am & 1pm Sat 6 July & Sat13 July 1pm only Sat’s 11 May - 29 June 10.30am & 1pm Prices: Children $18, Adults $22, Families of four $68 Birthdays: Birthday parties available after Saturday 1pm shows Bookings: 1300 306 776 or (booking fees apply) Info: Proudly supported by

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IT’S NEVER TOO LATE FOR LOVE! FOR many older people, if they are heading into (or have already embarked upon) their twilight years and don’t have that special some-one by their side, it can be easy to give up on finding a partner so late in life. But it’s never too late for the unattached “young at heart” person to find love. Seniors Contacts is a specialised contact and introduction service for mature men and women that takes a personalised approach to assist those looking for a partner. We have many working, semi-retired and retired professionals, company directors, career people and business owners, so privacy is important. It’s a personal consultancy where we meet all clients. It is confidential and secure, and Seniors Contacts does individual screening Currently, we have clients from age 55, and also serious contacts up to age 88. Clients are unattached, divorced widowed, or for one reason or another, simply never found someone when they were younger with whom they could be in a loving relationship. A lot of people feel that as they are getting on in their life, it’s too late to find someone or that they we missed their opportunity. But there is a match out there for everyone, no matter how old you are, and everyone deserves the chance to be able to share their lives with a partner. Our clients are looking for quality rather than quantity and seek companionship, friendship and relationship. We have clients throughout the Sydney, Metropolitan and surrounding areas. One of our success stories is Susan a very busy business owner aged 55 and living on the Central Coast and David, a Consultant aged 57 and living in Sydney CBD. After being selected as a good match they were introduced and after a while enjoyed each other’s company so much that they even went travelling


around the Hawaiian Islands together. Since then they have done eight trips. Another Success story this year was and 85 years young geologist (Female) and an 84 years young Plastic surgeon (Male). They had chemistry right away and so after only one introduction they were completely happy that they had found “ The One”. I was so delighted says Della, because she was very nervous that no one would want to meet her because of her age. So imagine her surprise and delight when she met her partner on the first try and got a younger man too! Without the introduction from Seniors Contacts, their paths almost surely never would have crossed. Many clients tell me that they find it difficult and disappointing in trying to find companionship by traditional methods , and new ways such as internet dating is not only technically daunting but having their profiles online forces them way outside of their comfort zone. I understand that it can be very difficult for mature people to find a suitable companion or someone interesting to share their lives which is where Seniors Contacts can help our members with a stress free approach to meeting potential partners offering not only one to one introductions to members, but opportunities to attend over 20 social society events and functions each month. Seniors Contacts has a special introductory offer for readers of “Bowls Plus in Sydney” offering an additional 3 months membership FREE on top of any introduction program purchased. Seniors Contacts makes meeting a prospective partner easy, safe and comfortable. Retirees can even use their Seniors Card to receive a discount of 10% for their introduction programs. Della Cory is a is a senior professional with over 21 years experience in helping men and women meet , along with the experience in finding the right partner To find out more about Seniors Contacts or to make an appointment with Della Cory, simply call 9436 2346 or visit

DC 3

‘It groaned, it protested, it rattled, it ran hot, it ran cold, it ran rough, it staggered along on hot days and scared you half to death. ‘Its wings flexed and twisted in a horrifying manner, it sank back to earth with a great sigh of relief. But it flew and it flew and it flew.’ This is the memorable description by Captain Len Morgan, a former pilot with Braniff Airways, of the unique challenge of flying a Douglas DC-3. It’s carried more passengers than any plane in history, but - Now the DC-3 has been grounded by EU health and safety rules. The DC-3 served in World War II , Korea and Vietnam, and was a favourite among pilots! For more than 70 years, the aircraft known through a variety of nicknames - the Doug, the Dizzy, Old Methuselah, the Gooney Bird, the Grand Old Lady - but which to most of us is simply the Dakota - has been the workhorse of the skies. With its distinctive nose-up profile when on the ground and extraordinary capabilities in the air, it transformed passenger travel, and served in just about every military conflict from World War II onwards. Now the Douglas DC-3 - the most successful plane ever made, which first took to the skies just over 30 years after the Wright Brothers’ historic first flight - is to carry passengers in Britain for the last time. Romeo Alpha and Papa Yankee, the last two passenger-carrying Dakotas in the UK , are being forced into retirement because of - yes, you’ve guessed it - health & safety rules. Their owner, Coventry-based Air Atlantique, has reluctantly decided it would be too expensive to fit the required emergencescape slides and

Now the DC 3 has been grounded by EU health and safety rules weather-radar systems required by new European rules for their 65-year-old planes, which served with the RAF during the war.

described the Dakota as a ‘collection of parts flying in loose formation’, and most reckon they can land it pretty well on a postage stamp.

Mike Collett, the company’s chairman, says: “We’re very saddened.” The end of the passenger-carrying British Dakotas is a sad chapter in the story of the most remarkable aircraft ever built, surpassing all others in length of service, dependability and achievement. It has been a luxury airliner, transport plane, bomber, fighter and flying hospital, and introduced millions of people to the concept of air travel. It has flown more miles, broken more records, carried more passengers and cargo, accumulated more flying time and performed more ‘impossible’ feats than any other plane in history, even in these days of super-jumbos that can circle the world non-stop.

Captain Len Morgan says: ‘The Dakota could lift virtually any load strapped to its back and carry it anywhere and in any weather safely.’ It is the very human scale of the plane that has so endeared it to successive generations. With no pressurization in the cabin, it flies low and slow. And unlike modern jets, it’s still possible to see the world go by from the cabin of a Dakota. (The name, incidentally, is an acronym for Douglas Aircraft Company Transport Aircraft.)

As a former Pan Am stewardess puts it: “From the windows, you seldom look upon a flat, hazy, distant surface to the world. “Instead, you see the features of the earth - curves of mountains, colours of lakes, cars moving on roads, ocean Indeed, at one point, 90 percent of the world’s waves crashing on shores, and cloud formaair traffic was operated by DC-3s. tions as a sea of popcorn and powder puffs.’ But it is for heroic feats in military service that the More than 10,500 DC-3s have been built since legendary plane is most distinguished. the prototype was rolled out to astonished onlookers at Douglas’s Santa Monica factory in It played a major role in the invasion of Sicily, the 1935. With its eagle beak, large square windows D-Day landings, the Berlin Airlift, and the Korean and sleek metal fuselage, it was luxurious and Vietnam wars, performing astonishing feats beyond belief, in contrast to the wood-and-can- along the way. vas bone shakers of the day, where passengers had to huddle under blankets against the cold. When General Eisenhower was asked what he believed were the foundation stones for Even in the 1930s, the early Dakotas had many of America’s success in World War II, he named the the comforts we take for granted today, like bulldozer, the jeep, the half-ton truck, and the on-board loos and a galley that could prepare Dakota. When the Burma Road was captured by hot food. Early menus included wild-rice the Japanese, and the only way to send supplies pancakes with blueberry syrup, served on bone into China was over the mountains at 19,000 ft, china with silver service. For the first time, the Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek said: ‘Give passengers were able to stand up and walk me 50 DC-3s, and the Japs can have the Burma around while the plane was airborne. But the de- Road .’ sign had one vital feature, ordered by pioneering aviator Charles Lindbergh, who was a director of In 1945, a Dakota broke the world record for a TWA, which placed the first order for the plane. flight with an engine out of action, travelling for The DC-3 should always, Lindbergh directed, be 1,100 miles from Pearl Harbor to San Diego, with able to fly on one engine. just one- propeller working. Another in RNZAF service lost a wing after colliding mid-air with a Pilots have always loved it, not just because of its Lockheed bomber. Defying all the rules of rugged reliability but because, with no comput- aerodynamics, and with only a stub remaining, ers on board, it is the epitome of ‘flying by the the plane landed, literally, on a wing and a prayer seat- of- the- pants’. One aviator memorably at Whenuapai Airbase. Once, a Dakota pilot



carrying paratroops across the Channel to France heard an enormous bang. He went aft to find that half the plane had been blown away, including part of the rudder. With engines still turning, he managed to skim the wave-tops before finally making it to safety. Another wartime Dakota was rammed by a Japanese fighter that fell to earth, while the American crew returned home in their severely damaged - but still airborne - plane, and were given the distinction of ‘downing an enemy aircraft’. Another DC-3 was peppered with 3,000 bullets in the wings and fuselage by Japanese fighters. It made it back to base, was repaired with canvas patches and glue, and then sent back into the air. During the evacuation of Saigon in 1975, a Dakota crew managed to cram aboard 98 Vietnamese orphans, although the plane was supposed to carry no more than 30 passengers. In addition to its rugged military service, it was the DC-3 which transformed commercial passenger flying in the post-war years. Easily converted to a passenger plane, it introduced the idea of affordable air travel to a world which had previously seen it as exclusively for the rich. Flights across America could be completed in about 15 hours (with three stops for refuelling), compared with the previous reliance on short hops in commuter aircraft during the day and train travel overnight. It made the world a smaller place, gave people the opportunity for the first time to see previously inaccessible destinations, and became a romantic symbol of travel. The DC-3’s record has not always been perfect. After the war, military-surplus Dakotas were cheap, often poorly maintained, and pushed to the limit by their owners. Accidents were frequent. One of the most tragic happened in 1962, when Zulu Bravo, a Channel Airways flight from Jersey, slammed into a hillside on the Isle of Wight in thick fog. All three crew and nine of the 14 passengers died, but the accident changed the course of aviation history. The local radar, incredibly, had been switched off because it was a Sunday. The national air safety rules were changed to ensure it never happened again. ‘The DC-3 was, and is, unique,’ wrote the novelist and aviation writer Ernest Gann, ‘since no other flying machine has cruised every sky known to mankind, been so admired, cherished,



glamorized, known the touch of so many pilots and sparked so many tributes. “It was without question the most successful aircraft ever built, and even in this jet-age, it seems likely that the surviving DC-3s may fly about their business forever.” This may be no exaggeration. Next month, Romeo Alpha and Papa Yankee begin a farewell tour of Britain ‘s airports before carrying their final passengers at the International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford on July 16 But after their retirement, there will still be Dakotas flying in the farthest corners of the world, kept going with love, dedication and sheer ingenuity. Nearly three-quarters of a century after they first entered service, it’s still possible to get a Dakota ride somewhere in the world. I recently took a DC-3 into the heart of the Venezuelan jungle - to the “Lost World” made famous in the novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It is one of the most remote regions on the planet - where the venerable old planes have long been used because they can be manoeuvred like birds in the wild terrain. It’s a scary experience being strapped into a torn canvas chair, raked back at an alarming angle (walking along the aisle of a stationary Dakota is like climbing a steep hill) as you wait for take-off. The engines spew smoke and oil as they shudder into life with what DC-3 fans describe as ‘music’, but to me sounded like the hammering of a thousand pneumatic-drills. But soon you are skimming the legendary flat-topped mountains protruding from the jungle below, purring over wild rivers and the Angel Falls , the world’s highest rapids. Suddenly the ancient plane drops like a stone to a tiny landing strip just visible in the trees. The pilot dodges bits of dismantled DC-3 engines scattered on the ground and avoids a stray dog as he touches down with scarcely a bump. How did he do it without air traffic control and the minimum of navigational aids? ‘’C’est facile - it’s easy,” he shrugged. Today, many DC-3s live-on throughout the world as crop-sprayers, surveillance patrols, air freighters in forgotten African states, and even luxury executive transports. One, owned by a Houston lumber company, had mink-covered door- knobs, while another belonging to a Texas rancher had sofas and reclining chairs upholstered with the skins of unborn calves. In Jaipur, India, a Dakota is

licensed for flying wedding ceremonies. Even when they have ended their aerial lives, old Dakotas have become mobile homes, hamburger stands and hen houses. One even serves as a football team changing room. Clark Gable’s private DC-3, which once ferried chums such as John and Bobby Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Ronald Reagan, is in a theme park in San Marino. But don’t assume it won’t run again. Some of the oldest hulks have been put back in the skies. The ancient piston-engines are replaced by modern turboprops, and many a pilot of a modern jet has been astonished to find a Dakota alongside him on the climb away from the runway. So what is the enduring secret of the DC-3? David Egerton, professor of the history of science and technology at Imperial College, London , says we should rid our minds of the idea that the most recent inventions are always the best. ‘The very fact that the DC-3 is still around and performing a useful role in the world is a powerful reminder that the latest and most expensive technology is not always the one that changes history,’ he says. It’s long been an aviation axiom that ‘the only replacement for the DC-3 is another DC-3’. So it’s fortunate that at least one seems likely to be around for a very long time to come. In 1946, a DC-3 on a flight from Vienna to Pisa crashed into the top of the Rosenlaui Glacier in the Swiss Alps. The aircraft was not damaged and all the passengers were rescued, but it quickly began to disappear as a blinding snowstorm raged. Swiss engineers have calculated that it will take 600 years for it to slide- down inside the glacier and emerge at the bottom. The most asinine ruling ever dreamed up by a nightmare bureaucracy!!! I especially appreciate the part requiring “escape slides”. On it’s belly, you can step down from the aircraft floor to the ground. And the article left out the tale of the “DC-2-and-a-Half”. After being shot-up by Japanese fighters, the damaged wing of a DC-3 was replaced with one from a DC-2. It was then loaded up with refugees, and flown to safety.



Recording the sounds of Life New photo sharing app uses sound to capture memories! Imagine being able to take a photograph and, at the same time, capture the sound of that exact moment – your baby’s first cry, the cheer of the crowd as your team kicks the winning goal, a bride and groom saying “I do”, singing happy birthday while blowing out candles, saying “I love you” to friends and family overseas... Well with a new photo sharing app developed by Cochlear Limited, you can capture the moment both visually and audibly. Sounds of Life, available from the App Store and on Android, has been developed by Cochlear as part of its celebrations marking 30 years of giving the gift of sound. It allows users to take a photograph using their Smartphone and at the same time record five to ten seconds of sound to accompany the image. “We often hear cochlear implant recipients comment on the sounds that particularly affected them once they had been ‘switched on’*; the sound of rain on the rooftop, birds singing, a baby’s first words, children’s laughter, clocks ticking – even the ping of the microwave or a car’s indicator,” says Shaun Hand, Cochlear’s General Manager, Australia and New Zealand. “It really inspired us to create something that could capture these special moments in life. “So much of our life is about moments, but what we sometimes take for granted is how important sound is in creating those occasions. Sounds of Life is an innovative way to highlight the importance of sound in building memories.” The Sounds of Life app is fun and easy to use, and the sound snaps can then be uploaded to where they can be easily uploaded into a ‘sound map’. Links to the soundmap gallery can be easily shared via social media. The map is designed to be interactive, and when you roll over the map you will be able to listen to the sound from a particular location and see the image that goes with it. You’ll also be able to search the map by experience and types of sound. There is even a category called ‘First Sounds’, enabling cochlear implant recipients to capture the most memorable sounds following their switch on. “Sound is our social sense, and the Sounds of Life app is a great, enjoyable way for us to raise awareness of how important our ability to hear well is,” Shaun adds.

*When the sound processor is turned on 30


About Cochlear Limited – ASX: COH

Cochlear is the global leader in implantable hearing solutions. It has a dedicated global team of more than 2,200 people who deliver the gift of sound to the hearing impaired in over 100 countries. Its vision is to connect people, young and old, to a world of sound by offering life enhancing hearing solutions. Cochlear’s promise of “Hear now. And always” embodies the company’s commitment to providing its recipients with the best possible hearing performance today and for the rest of their lives. For 30 years Cochlear has helped more than a quarter of a million people either hear for the first time or reconnect them to their families, friends, workplaces and communities. For further information:

Russians find mammoth carcass with liquid blood...

A perfectly preserved woolly mammoth carcass with liquid blood has been found on a remote Arctic island, fueling hopes of cloning the Ice Age animal, Russian scientists said Thursday. The carcass was in such good shape because its lower part was stuck in pure ice, said Semyon Grigoryev, the head of the Mammoth Museum, who led the expedition into the Lyakhovsky Islands off the Siberian coast. “The blood is very dark, it was found in ice cavities bellow the belly and when we broke these cavities with a poll pick, the blood came running out,” he said in a statement released by the North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk, which sent the team. Wooly mammoths are thought to have died out around 10,000 years ago, although scientists think small groups of them lived longer in Alaska and on islands off Siberia. Scientists have deciphered much of the woolly mammoth’s genetic code from their hair, and some believe it’s possible to clone them if living cells are found. JUNE / JULY 2013 BOWLS PLUS


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free up your lifestyle!


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Over 50’s community No stamp duty No entry or exit fees


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No strata/community levies No sinking fund levies

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LOW maintenance home Security & onsite management

Visit our Display Village: 905 Manly Rd, Tingalpa

t. 1300 361 311

‘Gateway Lifestyle Bayside’: 905 Manly Rd, Tingalpa 4173 | ‘Gateway Lifestyle Brisbane River Terraces’: 213 Brisbane Terrace, Goodna 4300 ‘Gateway Lifestyle Aspley’: 763-779 Zillmere Rd, Aspley 4034 | ‘Gateway Lifestyle Redlands’: 22-34 Collingwood Rd, Birkdale 4159

Affordable housing - the key to retirement freedom Take a large family home, add a shortage of cash and an extra large dash of maintenance, stir all together and the outcome isn’t a recipe for a relaxing and rewarding retirement. What are the alternatives, importantly, what is the best alternative for you? Do you stay in your now oversize house with its ongoing maintenance costs and use the equity to get cash through a reverse mortgage? Do you look at a retirement village with expensive deferred management fee options? Or do you sell up, downsize, and look for a viable, affordable option that provides all the benefits of still owning a home but without the maintenance issues? And frees up capital to enjoy your retirement years? Residential parks are offering an alternate lifestyle choice for the Over 50’s. The parks are providing active and independent community living with a range of social and recreational facilities, in a gated and secure environment. GLRP Director Trent Ottawa said the ‘manufactured home park’ model was an emerging retirement living model because it offered high quality new homes without the cost of buying land. Homes are built with the potential to be relocated but are designed to be onsite for the long term. “Retirees looking to downsize can have a high quality new two or three bedroom home, pay a weekly site fee and can enjoy a range of facilities without having to worry about lawn maintenance, rates or body corporate charges,” said Mr Ottawa.



GLRP operates eight residential parks across New South Wales and Queensland. Five million Australians are aged 55 and over, an age group that is growing at the rate of 150,000 a year. Around 80 per cent of Over 55 households own their home outright. Often they are asset rich, but cash poor. “Manufactured homes parks have the potential to provide existing homeowners access to their equity, and are a genuine alternative to reverse mortgages or the high fees of traditional retirement villages,” Mr Ottawa said. “If retirees want a lifestyle change, or desire a smaller home, then moving into a residential park offers an affordable viable option. The community aspect of a residential park provides the potential for a very active social life and the benefits of neighbourly security. “Residents enjoy all the benefits of owning their own home without the maintenance time and costs. “Not owning land frees up capital, and provides the independence to come and go as they please to pursue travel or all the things they want to achieve in retirement.” For more information please call 1300 361 311 or register your interest on


feel safe to “lock and leave” their home if the open road calls.

Great lifestyle, great locations, great idea! If you’re looking for a village designed for seniors and ideal for travelers then Manor Homes has found the solution in Manufactured Home Villages. Also known as ‘land lease estates’, ‘lifestyle villages’ and ‘over 50’s villages’ these small communities are located in convenient locations and designed for seniors and ideal for the traveler. Rapidly becoming the choice for many in the over 50’s age group, these villages provide a unique opportunity to live in some prestige locations, and yet still afford the extras you have always aimed to achieve. Whilst the home is owned outright by the resident, the land is leased from the village.

Unlike traditional “retirement villages” there are no exit fees (known as “deferred management fees”) and if you choose to sell later there is no tax payable on any capital gains – 100% yours to keep! Manufactured Home Villages offer many services and facilities, varying from small, quiet country parks to large lifestyle villages with resort-like features such as pools, spas, gyms, tennis courts, bowling greens and tour buses. With the community atmosphere, residents can live as private as they like, or be involved in as many activities the village has to offer. Offering low maintenance homes and gardens with most villages providing security gates and on-site management residents can

At Manor Homes, we believe all good ideas should be simple and easy to achieve. That’s why we take care, and assist you every step of the way from start-to-finish. We will ensure your new village home is custom-designed to suit you, is ready to move-in on the agreed date and is constructed to the highest quality standards with all guarantees and warranties. It’s the solution to your new lifestyle. Manor Park Homes builds modern and attractive homes in many already established villages along the beautiful NSW coastline. So if it’s the golden beaches in the North or the blue lakes of the South you’re looking for we have villages that can give you the lifestyle you’ve been searching for. For more information, plans and prices or just to chat about how we can help you, contact us on freecall 1800 22 18 18 or go online to and click on ‘park homes’

A train made entirely of chocolate has set a new Guinness World Record as the longest chocolate structure in the world. The sculpture, on display at the busy Brussels South station, is 112-feet (34.05 meters) long and weighs over 2,755 pounds (1250 kilos). Maltese chocolate artist Andrew Farrugia spent over 700 hours constructing the masterpiece. He said he came up with the idea of the train last year after visiting the Belgian Chocolate Festival in Bruge: “I had this idea for a while, and I said what do you think if we do this realisation of a long chocolate train, you know, because a train you can make it as long as you like. “Actually it was going to be much smaller than it was, but I kept on adding another wagon, and another wagon, and it’s the size it is today.” Farrugia had previously built a smaller train of 12 feet for an event in Malta, which he said gave him insight about how to build this much larger version. There are two parts to the train. The first seven wagons are modelled after the new Belgian trains, and the rest of the train is modelled after the old train wagons, including a wagon with a bar and

restaurant on board. Three days before the event, Farrugia transported the chocolate train by truck in 25 wooden boxes from Malta to Belgium .Farrugia said the train incurred considerable damage during the drive and several of the train’s walls had completely collapsed. Luckily, with hard work and little sleep, the chocolate artist was able to fix all the

damages before presenting the train to the public on Monday. After measuring the length of the train and confirming no material other than chocolate was used, officials from the Guinness Book of World Records added a new category to the collection of world records and declared the train to be the longest chocolate structure in the world. JUNE / JULY 2013 BOWLS PLUS


Relax and Enjoy the Benefits of Assisted Living

Bougainvillea currently has Assisted Living Apartments available ranging from $280,000 to $300,000. Includes: Breakfast, continental style, with supplies delivered to apartments twice weekly. A light two course lunch is served in the dining room Monday to Saturday and a main meal three course lunch on Sundays. A full three course dinner is served in the restaurant Monday to Saturday and a light two course dinner on Sundays. Weekly apartment cleaning & linen laundry. Medication management. 24 hour on site monitoring service. Personal Services available upon request. Indendent living apartments also available.

To organise a brochure to be sent to you or to make an appointment for a village tour 7 days a week, contact Vanessa 9953 5741 THE BAY CLUB RESORT

7 Waters Rd, Neutral Bay NSW 2089 -

Bougainvillea is all about fun, contentment, family and friends... At Bougainvillea, you can enjoy all the benefits of owning a strata titled self-contained apartment. The village has an elegant friendly atmosphere and is in a marvellous location. Everyday chores of maintenance are attended to and help is discreetly on hand 24 hours a day should it be needed. Bougainvillea offers fully independent living or serviced apartments. At Bougainvillea, residents can choose just how social or private they want to be. There is always someone to chat to and share a meal with or a quiet place to sit and read a book or simply just enjoy the gardens. 34


Bougainvillea’s ideal location gives residents the convenience of shops and transport right at their door. Residents enjoy its gardens, restaurant, heated pool, spa and gym. The lounge rooms, card room and billiard room are ideal meeting places to invite friends-old and new- to enjoy Bougainvillea with you. We welcome inquiries at Bougainvillea 7 days a week, Mon - Fri from 9am to 5am and Sat - Sun from 11am-3pm. We will to listen to your needs and answer any questions. We are happy and proud to show you around the Village and residents are always pleased to talk to you.

Please feel free to contact Vanessa in our Sales Office on 02 9953 5741 for further information, to arrange an inspection or to have an information pack sent to you. We look forward to showing you our village. Warm Regards, Carol Mitchell, Director



Guide service for coach groups and visitors to the historic towns of the Hawkesbury. Experience the Hawkesbury with a sixth-generation descendant of the pioneers. The flexibility of our service allows us to provide guides for special-interest groups, and escorted, self-drive tours can be arranged.


Sydney Maritime Museum Ltd, trading as Sydney Heritage Fleet, has got to be one of Sydney’s best kept secrets. We were founded in 1965 and are a totally separate organisation from the much younger, but federally-funded Australian National Maritime Museum. We are a registered Charitable Institution and a registered tax-deductible gift recipient (DGR) under Australian Taxation Office rules. We do not receive any recurrent funding from any level of government and rely, almost entirely, for our continued existence, on the generosity of our Patron, sponsors, donors and benefactors and on the support of our members and volunteers. Since the restoration of the Fleets’ flagship, VIP steam launch Lady Hopetoun, built in Sydney in 1902, the Museum has authentically restored the steam tug Waratah, also built in 1902, the gentleman’s schooner Boomerang, built in 1903, the Square-rigged James Craig, built in 1874 and several other smaller boats including the 1908 inner-harbour ferry Protex and the 1956 built Manly speedboat Kookaburra. In addition to the vessels already mentioned we are restoring a number of other ships and boats of significant maritime heritage value, including the 1927 steam driven buoy tender and relief pilot vessel John Oxley and the 1912 Sydney Harbour ferry Kanangra. We also have a large collection of static display boats, either fully restored or under restoration. The group is diverse but cohesive. It encompasses the officers and crew of our ships, the trained guides who share our treasures with visitors, and the shore-based volunteer workers in our office and library, our boat restoration workshops and in our Heritage Docks and workshop at Rozelle Bay. This magnificent band, volunteers all, make our museum “happen”. We have around 500 active volunteers who, in the past year, have recorded around 126,000 hours of invaluable service to the Fleet. Many other of our volunteers do not (regularly or at all) record their hours. Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Sydney Heritage Fleet; without them we could not exist.

• The Macquarie towns of Windsor, Richmond, Pitt Town and Wilberforce, plus Kurrajong and Grose Vale • Historic buildings including Australia’s oldest church at Ebenezer • ‘Wandin Valley’ sites from the television series A Country Practice • Artists painting sites, and more! HAWKESBURY VALLEY HERITAGE TOURS Phone: 02 4577 6882 Fax: 02 4577 6952 Email: Web:

Hawkesbury Valley Heritage Tours, run by Carol and Geoff Roberts from Windsor, offers interesting and informative touring options for visitors to the Hawkesbury area. Carol and Geoff are step-on guides for tourist coaches, social groups and service clubs although they also cater for walking groups, self-drive groups and car clubs. Where possible, Hawkesbury Valley Heritage Tours supports local community organisations on their tours and morning tea at Ebenezer Church or the beautiful gardens of Bona Vista at Pitt Town where the money is donated to Soroptomists of the Hawkesbury, a visit to Tizzana Winery or Enniskillen Orchard at Grose Vale, are always popular with everyone on the tours. Recent comments have been, ‘What a wonderful day it was, so well organised... I would give it ten out of ten’ and ‘So much history, so many stories and so many secrets that we had not discovered’. If you are planning a group or individual tour of the Hawkesbury area to learn about the history and heritage of Australia’s third mainland settlement, contact Carol or Geoff at Hawkesbury Valley Heritage Tours on 02 4577 6882 or 0419 211 186, email au or visit the website at

The goals of the Fleet are best expressed by its Mission Statement which reads: ‘To build and maintain an internationally recognised centre of excellence in maritime heritage for the benefit of all Australians by presenting through research, acquisition, conservation, restoration and operation, our continuing maritime history’.



changing need for and access to water. Koalas are therefore observed to favour younger leaves over older ones and choose within tree species at different times of the year. Most of us see a patch of healthy-looking eucalypt forest and assume there is plenty on offer to the koala. Similarly we assume a simple and direct relationship between planting habitat trees for koalas and acceptance of them as a food source.

Gum Gourmet Koalas specialise in eating tree foliage, mostly gum leaves, but not any old gum leaf. Of Australia’s 600-odd eucalypt species, the koala has been observed feeding upon or sitting in around 120 species. Only 14 of these can be considered to be primary food sources. Much is made of the koala’s dependence on eucalypts but a few non-eucalypt species play an important part in some regional diets. Eucalypt leaves are tough and abrasive to chew and they contain a wide variety of compounds. Some compounds, like water and protein are necessary. Most of the rest are unpalatable, poisonous and of little nutritional value. Watching a koala eat, it always reaches out a paw to bring leaf to its nose for sniffing. Only those leaves for which the koala has a chemical tolerance are selected. The fibrous and woody leaves are finely chopped up in the mouth (a koala’s teeth are eventually worn down to

stumps) before passing to the stomach. The liver filters out toxins, and the pulp is passed into a two-metre long caecum where digestion is aided by bacterial fermentation. Alcohol is produced but in amounts too small to intoxicate. The lingering view of the koala’s lack of energy being due to incidental imbibing is a myth however the finicky task of choosing and digesting large amounts of foliage takes up much of its waking hours. Some koalas such as lactating mothers need extra food due to their physiological condition. Old koalas with worn, smoother teeth are less efficient grinders and consume an increasing proportion of large leaf particles that are difficult to digest. Because of decreased nutritional value, they too need considerably more food which must be chewed longer.

An area of considerable scientific research, koala nutritional ecology is demonstrating that there is much more to restoring appropriate koala habitat than getting trees into the ground. Having said that it’s a great way to start! In Tweed, Friends of the Koala operates a 24/7 Rescue Hotline: (02) 6622 1233. For information about koalas, their food trees and other ways in which you can assist the koala conservation effort on the Northern Rivers, phone (02) 6621 4664 or visit: www.friendsofthekoala. org or email You can also follow us on Facebook. In South East Queensland Wildcare Australia should be contacted on (07)5527 2444. Their website is at Until next time, happy koala spotting. Lorraine Vass President Friends of the Koala, Inc.

Factors which influence koalas’ leaf preference include soil-quality, tree-size, less total phenolic compounds, higher nitrogen levels and

Construction has now commenced on two brand new ARV villages: ARV Caddens near Penrith, which will eventually comprise 164 villas, and ARV Ponds near Stanhope Gardens, which will consist of 267 single storey villas once the village is complete. Both villages will offer residents a comprehensive range of community facilities and outdoor recreational areas. Each Community Centre will include a café, lounge and dining area, gymnasium, nurses clinic and a large multi-purpose activity space perfect for functions, movie screenings and so on. Each village will also include an outdoor pool, a bowling green, a resident workshop, communal BBQ areas, community vegetable gardens, and level paths and walkways. There will be a variety of one, two and three bedroom floor plans available at both villages, as well as a range of different facades and colour schemes to differentiate



homes from neighbouring villas. Configured for open plan living all homes will have an alfresco entertaining area and most will have a garage with internal access. Residents of ARV Caddens and ARV Ponds will also have access to a full range of ARV health services . This includes personal care services, allied health services, access to a registered nurse, and social programs. ‘Newmarch House’- a state of the art, low rise residential aged care facility, comprising 102 beds offering low and high level care is already on site at ARV Caddens, and similar accommodation will be available at The Ponds in a future stage, so you can be

assured in the knowledge that there will be ongoing care services available if and when they are needed. The first stage of these developments are due for completion late 2014, with 49 villas to be available at ARV Caddens and 43 villas at ARV Ponds. Join our Priority Register now and secure your place as one of the first residents to live at one of these brand new villages. Call our Customer Solutions Team on 1300 111 278 or visit to register your interest for more information.




Macquarie Princess Cruises Berowra Waters NSW Ph: (02) 8402 3702

Fax: (02) 9456 6502

PO Box 389 Berowra NSW 2081

Weekday Luncheon Cruise Celebrate with a 2½ Hour scenic cruise along the Hawkesbury River aboard the historic M.V. Macquarie Princess.

Weekday Special

Only $34.00 TABLE SERVICE MENU Festive Season Luncheon Marinated BBQ prawn skewers, Tasmanian smoked salmon, smoked leg ham, fresh prawns, crisp garden salad and bread rolls. Tea and freshly percolated coffee followed by dessert. Chicken Delight Hot roast chicken, marinated BBQ prawn skewers, crisp garden salad, coleslaw and bread rolls. Tea and freshly percolated coffee followed by dessert. B.B.Q Scotch fillet steak, premium sausages with lashings of fried onions, two salads (tomato, onion & basil and crisp garden salad) and bread rolls. Tea and freshly percolated coffee followed by dessert. Winter Christmas (June – August) Succulent Turkey breast, marinated BBQ prawn skewers, smoked leg ham, fresh prawns, apple Waldorf salad and bread rolls. Tea and freshly percolated coffee followed by dessert of Christmas cake and hot brandy custard.

Monday to Friday - 20 ~ 50 people

M.V. Macquarie Princess features:  Easy Boarding (including wheelchairs)  All Weather Cruising  Licenced Bar on board  Full Commentary Cruises depart Berowra Waters Marina (west) 199 Bay Road, Berowra Waters

Ph (02) 8402 3702 for Bookings

When planning your itinerary, live your dream, don’t forget to add an Aspen Park experience in amongst it all! Aspen Parks are easy to get to, in locations everyone dreams of staying. Now is your opportunity to stay in a Holiday Park where you feel welcomed, somewhere you feel at home instead of a nomad and somewhere you can meet many people doing the same journey you are. Aspen Parks all pride themselves in the quality of what is offered, taking into consideration all your needs, from all of your feed- back. We do take notice of ideas you offer, we do action the items you list and we do value feed- back of all kinds, to enable us to keep improving the Holiday Parks so you are able to completely enjoy your stay. Amongst our Holiday Parks we have a selection of destinations for you to choose from, handy to many a Bowling Clubs, from Queensland, Whitsundays to New South Wales, Tuncurry Forster, through to Echuca Moama, Melbourne, Geelong and Mildura, Victoria and the beautiful Lake Hume, Albury Wodonga. Venture into the foot of the outback your journey can only be improved with a stop at Port Augusta for that well deserved break. When hitting the West you have a vast selection of Parks to choose from Swan Valley, Coogee and Munster (Freemantle) all in close proximity to Perth itself, as well as the many activities surrounding the CBD short drive destinations. When venturing a little further if you have set your heart on visiting Port Hedland, Exmouth, Karratha, surprise!, we have a variety of fabulous Parks at your disposal all in the right positions, the right locations, with the best facilities. To add to your experience, we would like to offer you a special 10% discount card of which there are no membership fees, just a benefit for you when you choose to stay at an Aspen Park. Please enquire on our website and quote this advertisement to receive this offer. Some of our Parks are affiliated with Big 4 and Top Tourist purely for the purpose of being able to offer you a pristine Park and guarantee that the standards are consistent throughout for your comfort. We have spent time and efforts asking the Bowling groups of people we already have stay, what they really need to make their stay enjoyable. It is with pride that we are able to offer you Parks we are proud of for not only our facilities but also for our warm hospitality with a willingness to ensure you have all you need whilst staying at an Aspen Park. We look forward to welcoming you to our Parks so please take the time to look up our website where you will be able to not only review all destinations and facilities we offer but you will also be able to book directly with us with ease.

Australia’s Favourite Holiday Parks and Resorts 1800 352 982 1800 336 225 1800 621 262 1800 222 052 1800 061 444

New South Wales Echuca/Moama - A Shady River Holiday Park Echuca/Moama - Maiden’s Inn Holiday Park Echuca/Moama - Magic Murray Houseboats Eden - Twofold Bay Beach Resort Forster/Tuncurry - Wallamba River Holiday Park

1800 674 239 1800 356 801 1800 356 483 1800 631 006 1800 268 176

1800 466 528 JUNE / JULY 2013 BOWLS PLUS


Victoria Albury/Wodonga - Boathaven Holiday Park Geelong - Geelong Riverview Tourist Park Mildura - Golden River Holiday Park Echuca/Moama - Yarraby Holiday Park Melbourne - Ashley Gardens BIG4 Holiday Village Queensland Airlie Beach - Island Gateway Holiday Park


4km BRISBANE 10 tta ga an Cool Tweed Valley Tweed Heads Hastings Point HEADS BRUNSWICK BYRON BAY LENNOX HEAD BALLINA Lismore

Northern Rivers Region


Upper Claren Region

EVANS HEAD Iluka Yamba


Macleay Valle



• Cabins • Sites • Ensuites* • Beach Tents* • Dog Friendly* • Campfire Pits* • Camp Kitchens* • FREE Loyalty Card* • Easy Access Facilities* • FREE Wifi* • Close to local clubs*



FOLLOW US ON *See website for full terms & conditions



North Coast Holiday Parks:

23 Parks, East Coast NSW North Coast Holiday Parks have expanded to now include 23 exquisite parks in its growing portfolio. The parks are all found between Sydney and Brisbane, ranging from Hawks Nest in the South up to Brunswick Heads in the North. All are situated in perfect coastal locations in NSW. Veering away from introducing all of the bells and whistles usually found at resorts, a strong emphasis has been placed on new camp kitchens, better facilities, security, landscaping, easy access facilities and new or redeveloped amenities. Accommodation options include cabins, beach tents, ensuite sites, powered and unpowered sites. Some parks also provide modern easy-access cabins and amenities and family bathrooms. Many of our parks facilitate free gatherings such as sausage sizzles, movie evenings, nibbles for happy hour, or entry into a friendly game of bowls. There are ten parks that dogs are welcomed, with many adjacent to off lead areas or beaches. Nambucca Headland also offers cabins to accommodate your four legged friend. Free Wi-Fi is available across all parks making it easy to keep in contact with family and friends, or enabling guests to research attractions in the local area or even book accommodation ahead. 40


The locations of each park within the North Coast Holiday Parks group are nothing short of spectacular. Coastal locations all within walking distance to the beach and many within close proximity to local shops, clubs and restaurants. The FREE Road Tripper Loyalty Card allows guests to stay 6 nights and receive the 7th night FREE in any combination of our parks*. In addition, when guests show their Road Tripper Card to local participating businesses, guests will receive offers and discounts that only Road Tripper members are entitled to. There is no limit on the number of Road Tripper Cards a guest can use – perfect for those who are travelling up or down the coast. North Coast Holiday Parks want their guests to experience the outdoors and the local area in comfortable, clean and welcoming environment. Encouraging guests to recharge and reconnect with other likeminded individuals, family & friends is their number one priority. For more information about the parks, The Road Tripper Loyalty Card, or *terms and conditions please visit

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