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RAG April 2015

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April Story Calvin Pennywell James Aaron Snow Julie Sibley Photography by Rob Cole

Founder & Editor David Parker Hot Mess Publishing & Graphics

It was a chilly winter but we made it to Spring. Enjoy the mild temps while you can because as yall know, dog days are on the way. This time of year, as always, we celebrate the National Golf Invitational known as The Masters. It’s a big time and we love to see the crowds flooding our City and enjoying themselves. This issue provides them a little “Rag” perspective, as well as giving our locals the True Independent Voice they’ve come to know us by. In the coming months, we’ll be touring the new haunts, interviewing our favorite urban pioneers, and reporting on what we find. Our mission is to bring more awareness and support this great community. So down that mint julep and whip up some pimento cheese Augusta. It’s’ MASTER’S WEEK in the City!

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CONTENTS I Didn’t Choose Downtown James Aaron Snow Subterranean Gut Punch Staff Tournament Schedule Young. Black. Male. Angry. Calvin Pennywell Information Age Courtship Julie Sibley Between Rounds Rob Cole The April Story: Magnolia April Story Buds in Georgia Staff Page 01



I moved here from just above Chattanooga, TN. If you know anything about Chatt, you know it has dramatically improved in the last 10 years. A walking bridge, arts museum, aquarium, and more. I always enjoy visiting when we go up to see family. Then I called Augusta home. I went downtown in the winter of 2009 and walked Broad Street. To be honest, the sidewalk sitters were more lively then the bars and restaurants. I honestly believe I could have walked in the road the whole time without being hit by a car. Yet I still found myself drawn to it. Spending a good part of my childhood on a military base, I knew the beauty of everyday life being within walking or biking distance of home. Swimming pools, bowling alley, movie theater, library and more were close to my front door. Both of my parents worked on base, I went to school there, and my friends lived there as well. So the idea of that setup being an option of my adult life was thrilling. Many Friday/Saturday nights I found myself looking up at familiar buildings. This may seem odd to people who only know downtown as a place to eat, drink or get a tattoo. Outside of a parade or concert, they never find their way there. Imagine this; a fresh market full of vegetables, meats, fruit, crafts, cheese, coffee, breads, and music. Or artists painting writing before your very eyes in the Commons, poets releasing their muse in crowded places. Jazz whispering down the alley ways, funk creeping inside a pizza place. A book store that makes you want to put on pajamas and curl up with a cup of hot cocoa (which you can do right next door). A house where technology and creative form a club everyone should be a part of. Cold pressed juice that is so natural you feel Mother Earth herself kissing you with each sip. These are just a few of the things going on‌every week! Then there are the people. Kind, generous, laughing, welcoming, making positive changes despite the nay sayers and lack of support. And so I could resist no more. I now find home in Olde Towne where I will walk to these great places and spend time with these great people. Let me offer this warning though; if you find your feet walking these same blocks, you may soon find that weekends and evenings are just not enough. You may find that downtown has chosen you too.

your new neighbor, james aaron snow Page 02


Rosco’s in the basement, mixin up the medicine.


on the pavement thinkin bout Fireball shots... It was only a matter of time and opportunity before we got another dose of the GIN JOCKEY’S. Fronted by the always rowdy Dewayne Brock and flanked by his dastardly brethren in Philip Baldy and Colin Heslip, the group delivers sonic heroin for those of us into the hard stuff. 2 parts hard liquor mixed with high octane hellbilly numbers, splash in a Fab Four singalong and you got a Gin Jockey. I’d heard say there was an EP rumored to be in the works. The energy and experience of a GJ show is captured in the moment, so bottling up that concoction is gonna take a minute to track. I can tell you this, if anyone can nail it down, these cats will. Keep an eye out for this one of a kind winner of the 2015 Lokal Loudness - Favorite New Artist Award at Joe’s Underground as well as other urban watering holes. We’re sure tol be there throwing back whiskey with Rosco until his parole officer chases us off.

Gin Jockeys have been described as the rowdiest band in town,Post Cowpunk, Psycho Country, vicious bar band, and the house band In Hell’s Honkytonk. Page 03

TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE Monday April 6 Tuesday April 7 Wednesday April 8 Thursday April 9 Friday April 10 Saturday April 11 Sunday April 12

PRACTICE ROUND PRACTICE ROUND/Champions Dinner (Pairings-Tee Times Posted) PRACTICE ROUND/PAR 3 CONTEST Honorary Starters/Opening ROUND 1 ROUND 2 (The Cut) ROUND 3 (Moving Day) Final ROUND (Closing Ceremony)

All times are EDT. Start and finish times for live coverage on are approximations only.

GENERAL EVENT TIMING Gates Open *** 8:00 AM Gates Close 30 mins after play

LIVE COVERAGE ONLINE Times for Live Coverage on are estimated based on when players are expected to make the turn. Coverage may begin earlier or later based on speed of play. Masters - On The Range 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

ESPN Live TV coverage of the Par 3 Contest from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Wed, April 8, 2015. Live TV coverage of Tournament play from 3:00 PM to 7:30 PM on Thurs, April 9 & Fri, April 10, 2015.

CBS Live TV coverage of Tournament play from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM on Sat, April 11 and from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM Sun, April 12, 2015.

CBS SPORTS NETWORK Live TV coverage of the Masters driving range show, Masters on the Range, starting Mon, April 6 at 12:00 PM and continuing through Tournament week.


It’s an ear-bleeding triple play at Sky CITY when our friends Gypsy Lord take the stage April 18th. GL blasts retro Hard Rock laced with a little mystery. marsall stacks never had it so good. Cover is $5. Save room for a devil dog after the show. It’s the right thing to do.

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They say I’m born Into the weakest generation. No more training in love, no advice, No direction, no God. Sex fuels my breath, It smells of music and fashion. We get high in high school, Go to college to gather collages of Facebook posts, Snapchat photos, And inebriated weekends our reputation Will never forget. Money is accessible with no sweat of work, no usage of mind, No search of soul to apply gifts to means, unable To conclude success through contribution from self. We are tomorrow’s rules, and if we’re forever breaking, Foundation will be lost, eaten by our babies Hungry for something to grow from.


No need for back, front-yard usage of nooses In that old Mississippi. We now have chains, charmed With record labels and bejeweled crosses to felicitate The chocking, the killing of the throat—encouragement’s Birth canal. My lips are for cursing and sweet tobacco. All my single female friends will be pregnant once, Twice before I graduate From anywhere. I’ll raise my developed daughter With my lack of man, raise my son with undeveloped advice, raise them both with wreckage inked On their mother’s heart, reminding them, no one Can successfully hurt her like I did. I love my car. I splatter the body with income, Paying purple, pink and green paint to do its job. I will take knowledge from the endless nooks And rooms of today’s growing brains, replace it With crime, merchandise, naked women, and choruses To sing before class because curriculum Doesn’t produce radio hits or BET videos, It doesn’t trend, it doesn’t shine, it doesn’t excite The visual. I am a listener of Mandela, a reference To King, Jr., an unfired bullet from Malcom, And Langston Hughes’ written agreement That heritage, culture, and Jazz Makes the tongue kiss art and partake of all sorts Of forward light, but I Will not employ, I will not spread. I will bury My potential, produce nothing to show my father That I’m capable of evolution.


My seed will grow the world By way of random deposits—his sister, their mother, Our girls Because we’re responsible for family, the gathering Of clothes to back-cover offspring and wife, house Their dreams and doings, making sure they are cooking God’s food with prayer spices, helping them palate Favor through kind skies—eyes beyond this roof Of world. I will sweat Adam’s curse while filling A woman with my insecure, lubed with honey Produced by this queen, buzzing bee, stinging me To commit a breach, but can’t reach her problems. The male member can’t extend that far And I don’t plan to try. I’ll do less for more, do more Less than before, station myself In the middle of succeeding, enough To be recognized as something better than those Who break themselves to put others back together.


Where is my beginning? The learned male Who gave me structure to cover my bones, my example Of near perfection, fathering his penetrating results, Telling me to carry, never drag in the ground Where don’ts, can’ts, and nevers Bloom year round? Where is my queen, Big in butt, slender in salaciousness, thick In intellect, leaving room for me And my needs? Where’s my green to impregnate my wallet, My yellow to power my tie, the thread to three-piece My suits, my stock on Wall Street, my wolf to smell it, eager to lick the economics’ intelligence. Where’s my opportunity, where’s my dream In bagged grams of white escaping to Mexico, My easy way out, my snake hole back in? Why is this so difficult? A crying woman Tells me that it is to properly Father our sons, mentor their friends. To reconstruct The modern man—the scarecrow Lacking a lion’s heart, steel, Stiff as tin, small as a dog, Showing pink from both ends, Tongue And privates, excited waiting on Dorothy to throw a treat instead of bricking a road to follow towards God’s endless gold.

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INFORMATION AGE COURTSHIP BY JULIE SIBLEY Let’s get our priorities straight. The type of dating

Some of these men do not want commitment, but the ones who do, can evolve into wonderful boyfriends and more…….

you’re doing defines the type of relationship you are having. When you are completely honest with yourself about your True Desires and able to see a man for WHO he is and what he really does want with you, much misery can be avoided. Understanding the kind of dating relationship you are having can keep you from trying to make a man or a relationship be something it is not meant to be.

Now Dating is a general term to describe a developing or established relationship that includes, or will include, romance and sex. Of course, this includes sleep-overs. Many women who are developing feelings for a man will spend the night (or nights) at his place, hopefully in his embrace, but without any other physical relations. The reason for this is to gain a more intimate perspective on how you are together as companions. Any deal- breakers in the home environment, personal habits, and morning routines are quickly revealed without the distraction of sex. The majority of men using their big head for major decision making, see the wisdom of getting to know the other person overnight, as the perspective gained from this kind of intimacy does also reveal compatibility issues.

The relationships listed here are based on only 3 criteria:

There are 3 general reasons why men feel comfortable with •Companionship - spending time without the phone certain women and choose to spend time dating these kind of women. First, a woman has to like herself, (body and soul). in your hand Second, she has to truly like men - without reservations, complaints, or attitude. Lastly, she enjoys physical intimacy. •Romance - includes affection, thoughtfulness, and This is the winning combination which men innately sense, because they feel comfortable in the presence of these consideration women. Men, and women, are free to be themselves in an atmosphere of acceptance.

•Sex - how much, when and what kind?

Sometimes a Gentleman Caller will evolve into a Sugar Daddy. Some Sugar Daddys want sex with young women, and for them there’s a whole website designed for these older guys looking for women in their 20’s. With or without sex, a Sugar Daddy is often retired and/or available to travel, to go to charity events, and is especially available to lavish affection on that special woman. They are interested in an attractive, charming woman who can be a fun companion at whatever type of car shows, fundraisers, or sports events, etc- wherever they like to make an appearance. Their generosity and kind hearts make them easy to spend time with or to love. Many of them are lonely and receive great pleasure in doing things or buying things that improve a woman’s life or bring her more joy. Page 08

The most generalized form of dating has not changed much in recent decades. It includes 2 friends, who feel an attraction, liking, admiration, and a desire for companionship. This can rapidly turn into a mutually enjoyable sexual relationship which can continue to evolve into a committed and monogamous relationship, OR- it may continue as a companionable, romantic relationship without a serious commitment on the part of either party. Obviously, if one person wants to ‘take it to the next level’ and the other person does not, or is undecided, conflicts may arise, and if unresolved, often lead to dissolution.

Information Age Continued

On the Romance and Affection Stage, the baggage or unresolved issues from previous relationships at some point will appear and may occupy the spotlight. This is often the root cause of break-ups, not what some say, “I’m unlucky in love.” Underdeveloped abilities in basic relationship building and communication skills can keep emotional intimacy from supporting REAL love and romance. You have to be willing to release the limiting beliefs which are keeping you from being happy in a relationship. Finding a great partner doesn’t make the old beliefs or injuries automatically go away, since the universe doesn’t work that way! It takes emotional and/or spiritual growth to become part of a continuously healthy and growing relationship. Watching romantic movies, you will see that one or both people find their way past old hurts, fears, limiting beliefs or misconceptions about love. That is what love really does, it makes us the very best version of ourselves!

Distance Relationships are difficult to maintain, and trust has to be carefully cultivated for the feelings and basic compatibilities to emerge into love. It takes lots of talking, writing, willingness, and honesty to develop a long-lasting union. If two people in a long-time relationship enjoy each other’s company publicly, have chemistry or express affection openly, but are also non sexual, what you have there is Alternative Dating. Whether for religious beliefs, physical limitations, or just choice, this also can evolve over time. Any type of dating offers the possibility for true love to grow, no matter what the circumstances may present as a challenge and a pathway to personal growth.

An alternative dating relationship can grow into a closer bond over time. However, this is different from a relationship that includes an older, and better known person in a community who may not want friends and associates to know about a mostly sexual liaison. By taking some time to get to know someone, the real intentions of both parties Alternative Dating differs from traditional dating because are more likely to be revealed. The Millionaire Matchmaker there are limits constraining the time, availability or romantic recommends 2 -3 months before physical relations. If you capacity of one or both parties. Alternative Dating covers a are trying to make this man act (or care) in ways he does notwide range of types of dating activity. Regardless of whether you will be unhappy, despite all of your efforts. the relationship is kept a secret or is out in the open, one or more of the 3 relationship components is missing. For The Rebound Relationship, is what you can think of as a example, one person may be ill or about to relocate. In cases temporary solution. It is jumping into a quick fix before you like this, the dating begins without any serious intent for really understand and allow the loss of your last relationship commitment. Neither party is emotionally present enough to sink into your psyche. Some call this the Tour of Beds to be ‘involved’ in any way other than a superficial way. A phase. It will get your mind off recent hurts, but it does not relationship starts as people share whatever it is they believe fix whatever you were doing in your previous relationship(s) they have available to be shared, in spite of any limiting that helped create the experience of what happened to you. conditions. Companionship is one of the main linking factors between Another example of Alternative Dating is found in situations involving co-workers, or work competitors, who feel a romantic attraction, but are limited in their ability to enjoy companionship out in public. It could also be that one person is separated and the divorce decree is not yet finalized. Long Distance Romances are yet another form of Alternative Dating as the actual physical companionship, touching and affection can only be expressed in limited ways even with Skype and Facetime. Nowadays, on House Hunters International it is very common to see a couple from 2 entirely different continents who have forged a union, married or not, and who are buying a house together. Long

romance and sex. Never forget, the sexual attraction is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Ships have sailed, empires have fallen, and reputations have been ruined, for this kind of pleasure. What a friend of mine would say is, “Be careful what you ignite!”

Juli Sibley is a designer, teacher, and writer from the North Georgia mountains. Her kinfolk are from the CSRA going back to the Civil War era. She currently lives in Augusta part of the year, where she has worked as an Art Faculty member at GRU. Page 09



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Never the spirit was born; the spirit shall cease to be never; Never was time it was not; End and Beginning are dreams! Birthless and deathless and changeless remaineth the spirit for ever; Death hath not touched it at all, dead though the house of it seems! There’s abundant life among the exquisite, storied avenues in a place one can feel time. It’s right on your doorstep, and I bet you didn’t even know. Have you ever stopped to smell the roses? What does that even mean? Being in Magnolia, there’s just a feeling that words can’t quite express, but it makes you slow down, take in those who have gone before you, and really feel what it means to appreciate your life. The Magnolias that stand tall, proud and glisten with golden flecks in the sunlight, offer shade to the wistful, poetic monuments dedicated from love. Spring is the best time for the experience! Romance, speaking of the emotional and intimate connections of the departed past, are elegantly highlighted in bright, white light across the landscape canvas. Peaks that shine with beauty are best seen from the vantage point of lying in the lush, damp grass glittered with dandelions, wild violets, clover and a sea of white, tall star-shaped flowers. It is a refreshing way to take it all in. Occasionally, the breeze will blow, and the shadows play with the light as the Magnolias rustle from their wide, embracing limbs. What a song they do sing! They are some of the most majestic ones you may see around the city of Augusta.

The April Story


I’d like to think that the brick designs, such as the herringbone patterns all along the paths between plots, may have been inspired by the donation of the land from Nicholas De L’aigle. He was my original French connection to the area, former owner of De L’aigle Brickyards and philanthropist to the City of Augusta. Not only is our Augusta history abundant here, but you can also really tap into the human element of what it must have been like to ensure that a namesake be fruitful. The fittest survived, and live in you today, while so many graves of children that evidently shone so sweetly for a short, little while are unfortunately plentiful in several plots. There’s an angelic, innocence, though, that is cradled in the little angels all throughout the brick barriers. Flitting about among the borough-like sections, the discovery of eternally, gracious words evoke the preciousness of lives, both short-lived and long-lived, and the importance they held. There is a sweet devotion that is ever timeless in the broken pieces that have fallen like puzzles waiting to be assembled. “We shall meet our loved and own when the mists have rolled away,” and, “Never the spirit was born; the spirit shall cease to be never; never was time it was not. End and beginning are dreams. Birthless and deathless and changeless remaineth the spirit forever. Death hath not touched it at all; dead though the house of it seems,” are the poetic promises of a time gone by that still ring true to this day. Gandhi said, “Where there is love there is life.” The restful live on eternally here through the loving words dedicated to their memory etched in stone. If you chance to venture into Magnolia to seek your own truth, be kind and thoughtful. Though time has warped the avenues from the Magnolias, uprooted bricks and cracked the seams of fortified mausoleums, there is still a sense of peace and sacredness about this treasured place. We must preserve it, respectfully,

gracefully, and perpetually for our future.

BUD IN GEORGIA!!! HOW DID THEY EVER GET IN? THE PUSH TO DECRIMINALIZE MARIJUANA Recently, the Georgia House passed “House Bill 1” (HB1) aka Haleigh’s Hope Act. Filed by Rep. Allen Peake(R-Macon), the bill was voted on and passed with 160 in favor and 1 opposed to the use of medical Marijuana for treatment in patients of certain ailments. At the same time, SB7 was filed in the Georgia Senate by representative Curt Thompson, which expands the type and amount of treatment that doctor’s are allowed to administer with regard to Marijuana. In a statement, the Senator proclaimed that “While I adamantly support cannabis oil treatments for children with severe medical problems, I believe physicians should have the ability to care for all of their patients, regardless of age...” Following SB7, Senate Resolution 6 was an introduction to the discussion of legalizing and taxing recreationally-used Marijuana similar to Colorado’s format. With 2015 we are witnessing some movement on the laws that criminalize weed, albeit small movements. The Schedule 1 drug that has been demonized since the early 20th Century seems to be finding it’s stride these days so we want to put some emphasis on one of the arguments people have about the plant’s consumption and how it affects Earthlings. Here is a piece originally published back in January on TheConversation.Com and written by Harvard Prof J Wesley Boyd.

Will legal marijuana lead to more addicts? Probably not At present, cannabis is fully legalized in Colorado and Washington and will soon be fully legalized in Oregon and Alaska. Additionally, medical cannabis is legal in 23 states. The writing is on the wall that more and more states are going to legalize cannabis in various ways and that access will become easier and easier. In the face of this reality, two big questions arise: will cannabis usage skyrocket? Will addiction rates go through the roof? The answer to both is probably not. IS MARIJUANA ADDICTIVE? Before we even get to the question about possible increased rates of addiction, some people will object because they don’t think marijuana is addictive. Because the symptoms of marijuana withdrawal are somewhat mild compared to other drugs, people often believe that marijuana is not addictive. After all, those who quit generally experience fairly subtle physiological signs of withdrawal – a mildly elevated pulse, irritability and cravings. These symptoms are much less obvious or powerful than those seen when someone addicted to alcohol, painkillers, or tranquilizers suddenly stops using. When quitting one of these drugs, individuals in

withdrawal are often visibly and dramatically uncomfortable. They can have very high pulse rates and blood pressures, can hallucinate and in worst cases have seizures and even die. Just because the signs of cannabis withdrawal are comparatively mild, though, doesn’t mean it isn’t addictive. Being addicted to something is more than simply being physically dependent on a drug and experiencing physiological effects if it’s suddenly stopped. “Addiction” refers to behaviors that are compulsive and partially out of control or worse. These behaviors can often escalate in severity and intensity. People can be addicted to gambling, abusing alcohol or other drugs, or other kinds of behavior. Think about it this way: those who take pain medications around the clock for legitimate health reasons are not addicted, even if they are physiologically dependent on those drugs. Unless someone is physically dependent on a drug and it is also causing problems in that person’s life, they don’t meet the clinical definition of addiction. If the drug dominates their daily existence, causes them to engage in dangerous behaviors in order to procure the drug, or they’re spiraling out of control, then they definitely have a problem and might well be addicted.

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The best estimates are that 9% of marijuana users are dependent. That is less than the number of users of tobacco (32%) or alcohol (approximately 10-15%) who become dependent on those substances. The younger someone is when they use marijuana for the first time, the more likely they are to become addicted to it later in life. So those who started using marijuana in adolescence are much more likely to become addicted to marijuana than others and to experience withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly stop. They are also more likely experience depression and anxiety. This is because our brains continue to develop into our mid- to late-20s. WILL LEGALIZATION INCREASE ADDICTION? So what, if anything, does all of this mean for legalization? Does the fact that cannabis is increasingly legal mean that addiction rates are going to spike and related issues – such as lower IQs and higher rates of marijuana addiction – are also going to jump? I believe the answer is no. Despite these legitimate concerns, thus far there are no compelling data to suggest that drug use has increased in Colorado where recreational cannabis is currently legal. Even though it’s only recently that Colorado legalized marijuana, I don’t expect this to change going forward. A large study found that rates of cannabis use among teenagers in states that legalized medical marijuana did not increase. And since Colorado fully legalized cannabis in 2013, the early reports show that rates of cannabis

consumption among teens have continued to decline, which is part of a nation-wide trend. Additionally, we have an example of a country where drugs were decriminalized over a decade ago. Portugal decriminalized drug use in 2001. Drug users are not punished for their offense when found to possess drugs, but instead are offered access to treatment and rehab. The result: a decade later, drug abuse was cut in half in Portugal. Specifically among Portuguese teens in grades 10 through 12, lifetime prevalence rates of marijuana use decreased from 26% in 2001 to 19% in 2006. This is not to say that drugs of abuse in general, and cannabis in particular, are benign. Indeed, they are addictive and can harm brain development. But decriminalizing or legalizing drug use makes sense because it reduces crime almost immediately, frees up police for more serious matters and will likely not lead to higher rates of use.

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Boll Weevil & 706.722.7772 & 10 9th St Coffee Break Cafe & 706.823.0501 & 753 Broad St Cotton Patch & 706.724.4511 & 816 Cotton Lane Craft & Vine & 706.496.8442 & 1204 b Broad St Farmhaus Burgers & 706.496.8771 & 1204 Broad St Fat Man’s Cafe & 706.733.1740 & 1450 Green St Frog Hollow Tavern & 706.364.6906 & 1282 Broad St Hildebrandt’s & 706.722.7756 & 226 6th St Huddle House & 706.774.0407 & 1297 Ellis St

CHOW Knuckle Sandwiches & 706.828.4700 & 1149 Broad St La Maison & 706.722.4805 & 404 Telfair St Lou’s Crab Shack & 706.922.1699 & 1293 Broad St Luigi’s Italian & 706.722.4056 & 590 Broad St Mellow Mushroom & 706.828.5578 & 1167 Broad St Mia Rancho & 706.724.3366 & 2 8th St Nacho Mama’s & 706.724.0501 & 976 Broad St New Moon Cafe & 706.823.2008 & 936 Broad St O’Donovan’s Pub & 706.524.7321 & 1002 Broad St Pauley’s Steakhouse & 706.364.3512 & 952 Broad St Pizza Joint & 706.774.0037 & 1245 Broad St Quiznos & 706.722.1715 & 3 Ninth St Riverfront pub & 706.722.4678 & 531 Broad St Sandwich City & 706.823.6237 & 10th and Ellis Silla Cafe & 706.722.1800 & 855 Broad St Sit A Spell Coffeehouse & 706.825.0613 & 903 Broad St Soul Food & 706.723.1064 & 828 Broad St Soy Noodle & 706.364.3116 & 1032 Broad St Sports Center & 706.724.9307 & 594 Broad St Subway & 706.722.9420 & 203 13th St Sunshine Bakery & 706.724.2302 & 1209 Broad St Tipsey McStumbles & 706.955.8507 & 214 7th St Whiskey Bar &706.814.6159 & 1048 Broad St

Ah-La-Mode Beautyque | 706.504.4362 | 206 8th Artistic Perceptions | 706.724.8739 | 551 Broad Book Tavern | 706.826.1940  | 936 Broad Big Boss Gifts | 706.399.9371   | 859 Broad The Brass Ring | 706.774.6789 | 122 9th Brigan’s Land of Enchantment | 706.550.0617     | 912 Broad Crosby’s | 706.722.3016  | 970 Broad Curvitude Boutique | 706.836.5970 | 908 Broad David’s Mens Wear | 706.724.1440  | 948 Broad Discount Fashions | 706.724.7333 | 858 Broad

Flowers on Broad Neil Ghingold Antiques | 706.261.8555     | 1018 Broad St | 706.722.3483 | 1230 Broad Fuji Wigs New York High Style Menswear | 706.722.1770  | 928 Broad | 706.724.6367 | 1008 Broad Furman Jewelers Nicole Madison Fine Furniture | 706.722.2932 | 212 8th | 706.854.0600 | 1051 Broad Henry Bros Antique Auctions Our Shop Menswear | 706.414.3267  | 1051 Broad | 706.724.0402 | 1014 Broad International Uniform Rebel Lion Den Culture Shop | 706.722.4653  | 1216 Broad | 706.284.9489 | 910 Broad Johannsen’s Sports Rhodes Variety Shop | 706.722.0949  | 1116 Broad | 706.724.7300 | 902 Broad Marketplace Antiques Ruben’s Department Store | 706.724.6066 | 1208 Broad | 706.722.6671  | 914 Broad Merry’s Trash & Treasures Sho-Ane’s Design Studio | 706.722.3244 | 1236 Broad | 706.724.7220 | 1131 Broad Sidney’s Department Store Naaiya’s Antiques & Flowers | 706.823.5954 | 108 Macartan| 706.722.3112   | 550 Broad Vapor Shotz Nan’s Collection | 706.722.5524 | 960 Broad | 706.496.3311   | 1126 Broad

Vintage OoolleE | 706.724.2591  | 1121 Broad Whitehouse Antiques | 706.774.9448 | 1010 Broad


divine Fitness For Life | 706.341.1348 | 222 8th evoke | 706.627.7979  | 107 Macartan YMCA | 706.922.9622 | 945 Broad


afiffiicifionados | 706.922.0312  | 307 8th SEVEN TO SEVEN | 706.826.0620 | 316 8th


Augusta Library | 706.821.2600 | 823 Telfair Augusta Museum | 7067228454 | 560 Reynolds The | 7068019932 | 816 Broad Greater augusta arts council | 706.826.4702  | 1301 Greene


Psychotronic | 706.550.5774 | 859 broad Pyramid | 706.724.1508 | 822 broad BERKSHIRE GUITARS | 706.823.5800 | 102 13th


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706 722 7292

“Imagine a city where graffiti wasn’t illegal, a city where everybody could draw whatever they liked. Where every street was awash with a million colours and little phrases. Where standing at a bus stop was never boring. A city that felt like a party where everyone was invited, not just the estate agents and barons of big business. Imagine a city like that and stop leaning against the wall - it’s wet.” Banksy, Wall and Piece



We now offer ad-space on our boxes. If you would like your business or organization prominently displayed on the front panel of one super fresh and funky City Rag distribution box, contact or call/text 706.840.3476. Rates are negotiable.

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Issue 13 Master's Edition  

2015 Season is underway!

Issue 13 Master's Edition  

2015 Season is underway!