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Last month was a furious one for us at the CITY RAG and we hope you enjoyed our June Bug Issue. This month promises to be more of the same. We’ve brought in more voices and more distribution boxes with even MORE on the way.


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Looking ahead, our friends at MAD Studios are proud to invite everyone to an LP release show on July 11th featuring The Beauty Fools. Their new album Fairy Tales for a Midnight Choir is complete and I’ve sneaked a peek at their Americana blends. We’re giving them high praise for putting together a beautiful album and bringing in so many talents from around the CSRA. As always,

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CJ Pennywell, Emily Middlecat,Catherine The Great

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Looking back, June kept us so busy and we figure on recognizing some of the amazing moments that came along with it. We were scorched by the GIN JOCKEYS at Surrey Tavern on First Friday and afterwards joined Sky City for their 7 year Anniversary and 80’s Dance Party. Lotta smiles from your beautiful faces. You can never get too much of a good thing, so in the spirit of that we returned to Surrey the following evening to catch the LOW CREEK KILLERS. No bandstand is safe with LCK on the bill and the Tavern’s was no exception. The following week included the FIRST ANNUAL HACK AUGUSTA AWARDS, sponsored by The It recognized many of the energetic people who help shape the image and culture of our City. Winners included: ART BOMBA, WE ARE DOWNTOWN AUGUSTA CAMPAIGN, ART THE BOX, OPERATION CLEAN CITY, ERIC FREEMAN, HUMANITREE, BLACKBOX OF EMAIL INDUSTRIES, and the HAPPY CAMPAIGN (PORKCHOP). Congratulations to these and EVERYONE who supports Augusta, you’re all winners in our eyes! An early night off from work gave us the opportunity to join Dewayne Brock and Co. again, this time back at Sky City on a Thursday for LE GOOSE and even more GIN JOCKEYS. The big stage sets up nicely for some earbleeding Cowpunk. The weekend pounced on us and we quickly got into some PHILIP LEE BAND who opened for SIMO that Saturday. Both acts brought the house down with their powerful soul and stringed weapons of anodyne. Next up we saw JAY JACOBS ART and JACKIE MAYO begin a collaboration on a Carnival Freakshow themed painting they are doing on Thursdays in the Sky City front bar. The canvas is larger than life and the imagery evokes all the right emotions. Catch them in action and see the progression. Our super sexy Friday included a BROTHERS UNITED IN HARMONY show featuring newcomer MOJO THE CLUTZ. If you missed it, well...Read about it at We’re excitedly looking forward to more shows from these artists. We ended the month with a bang, heading over the river to land in The Highlander for a GIN JOCKEY Deluxe show and some Shepherd’s Pie. Our neighboring Palmetto state knows what’s up with the Hell Billy shit. The following morning, in the afterglow of the SCOTUS decision regarding marriage, the PRIDE PARADE filled our streets with LOVE and sparkling people. You did great Augusta! That evening we closed June out starting at MAD Studios, where we witnessed another eye-opening talent in STINK BAMBOO. This 3-piece has such a unique blend I can’t qualify it with a category. It’s tight and soaring and tingles the back of your neck. I asked Ruby Culpepper (Bass/Vocals) about a schedule and learned they are due in the studio to cut tracks for an LP due out by the end of 2015. Get hip and like them on facebook. The afterparty led us to Joe’s Underground and ME BAD EYE (in drag thankfully). Supported by UHHHH and KILLING KUDDLES, the show was punked up and raunchy. A perfect end to a perfect month. Thanks to all the great folks who performed, worked, and planned all the activity in the City. We’ll snag some rest and get started on July asap!

One of the Seven Wonders of Georgia is located mostly in the SE corner of the state, (and part of Florida) and it is like nowhere else in the world. “Waters shaking” is what the Creek Indians named the almost 700 square miles of the Okefenokee Swamp. Other Indians had similiar names, depending upon which ones you ask! In this mysterious place there have been documented sightings of Yetis and UFO’s. There are Indian mounds, strange lights and maybe ghosts. That’s in addition to things like racoons, several species of carnivorous plants, three kinds of poisonous snakes, and flying bats. Wildlife in the swamp lives and breathes the truly real wild life ! In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt led the movement to protect this area from logging and development. Since cypress trees are resistant to rot, they were coveted for their commercial value. The swamp had thus far resisted all efforts to drain it. Ever since, the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge has been a protected place to preserve, as nature intends, a very unique natural phenomena. The swamp is a very large, shallow basin lined with peat and filled with rainwater. Part of the outflow is what forms the Suwannee River which travels all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. The black waters in the swamp come from the tannins and high acid content of peat. The waters are actually the color of (iced) tea, the kind you might like to drink, as the Ranger showed us. He claimed the water is very healthy to drink, as many campers on canoe trails far inside the swamp do drink it. The ongoing formation process in the swamp involves the continuous breakdown of peat which is part of a chain of biological circumstances. Peat is partially decomposed plant material, which as it continues to break down, forms swamp gas, also known as methane. Alligators and turtles rummaging around continually break off small pieces of peat which float to the surface. The wind carries seeds which colonize & grow on the bits of floating peat. Roots give stability to the floating mats which eventually attract shrubs and small trees. In final formation process for creating land, the roots anchor the floating island to the peat floor of the swamp. This then gathers more plant, silt and dirt material. WHAT a fascinating biological feat - - the swamp is actually making new land from water and other elements present. You could think of it as recycling old stuff into new things. The process is many years in happening and it’s Nature’s way of doing it! If you enter into the smaller channels off the lake areas and away from the main canal and Park Headquarters, you will see these islands, mats, and prairies in all stages of new land development. It feels like this place could be what is forming the rest of the planet around it…. . . The inner depths of the swamp evoke a subtle connection to the formation of the universe around us. The reflective qualities of the dark waters blur the distinction between actual land and water. Surrounded by the smell of life being created, in the stillness, your senses of reality attach themselves to the vital life forces of creation. No wonder so many creatures are drawn there! There is a 17 mile road into the gates of the swamp, the only road in, and the only road out. Not far from where we entered, the first living creatures we saw were 4 vultures eating dinner sitting on top of a deer crumpled over on the side of the road. Further along, an owl flew overhead before landing in a tree beside the road. Then, an egret glided alongside silently and briefly before landing in the roadside water. Indeed, this was a twilight where we were greeted well!

SWAMP THING By Juli Sibley

While we were camping there, we saw deer and wild turkeys grazing in the camp area. There is a noticeable and wonderful absence of noise, due to the scarcity of humans and the many miles of swamp and woods. In the swamp, some of the cypress trees wear their Spanish moss like matrons pulling their furs closer to their bodies. Others among the tree people flaunt their moss fringes like dancing gypsies. The Ranger told us that cypress trees grow only an inch maybe every 20 years, which means there is great value in each individual tree. As listed on the official Okefenokee Swamp website, this is one place where the Alligator Forecast is always High!

Ten Reasons Why Augusta Artists Get No Props from Their Own Community By Brotha Trav Wright

I will preface by acknowledging that I am an Augusta native that has been either directly or indirectly involved in the local arts scene for most of my life. I grew up with a fondness and affection for various forms of art. As founder of Uprising Entertainment, I have promoted and hosted many open mic and talent shows in the C.S.R.A. over the last fifteen years. As an enthusiast, I frequently attend local shows and concerts as well as artistic and cultural exhibitions. I am thoroughly convinced that the C.S.R.A. produces some of the finest artists in all genres. I have been fortunate enough to witness, first hand, many spectacular performances in this area. In the Augusta metropolitan area, great talent can be seen and heard throughout the week, some of which take place on a stage in front of very few spectators. I have often pondered why the local residents do not seem to attend these shows regularly. The lack of support can be discouraging to some artists and sometimes force many to make the choice to relocate to cities with more of an appreciation for the arts. I believe there may be several reasons as to why some locals do not support the local arts scene. In my brainstorming, I have come up with ten possible reasons why: 1.

Augusta locals are star struck. We are infatuated with celebrities because of our lack of exposure to them. If the public does not recognize the names of the artists or bands we may not be interested in attending. Also, residents may travel several miles to attend a concert instead of enjoying what the city has to offer.


Some Augustans have a lack of appreciation for fine arts. The greater the art, the lesser the value. Compare the attendance of a musical act that may be classically or formally trained versus a club offering a twerk contest.


Augusta residents have adapted a dormant lifestyle. Augustans are more family oriented than individuals that reside in major metropolitan cities. Augusta has gained a reputation as a place in which people come to settle down. Some of us have already convinced ourselves that there is not ever anything to do here, so we do not seek things to do here.


Some Augustans are afraid to take risks or step out of their comfort zones. Many are unwilling to try something different than what they are accustomed to doing. Let’s say we lack “adventurousness”.


The general public is not aware of what the city has to offer. Maybe the artists and promoters do not do well-enough jobs getting the word out? Is the local press playing its part? Is the grapevine effective?


Some of our establishments aren’t desirable. Many local venues that feature local artists may not fit the upscale image that the public seeks.


Our income level does not support going out regularly. Low wages and high inflation do not make for a good combination. When budgeting, necessities take precedence over extra-curricular activities.


Augusta has overbearing law enforcement. The increased police presence in the area and “Operation Thunder” discourages nightlife. Combine this with the lack of public transit, and the residents make an easy choice of staying home as opposed to taking a risk.


Maybe we are not giving the public what they want. Perhaps the promoters and artists are not considering what the public wants. Would it be a good idea for the local publications to survey the general public in order to get their input or ideas on what we should offer?


The C.S.R.A. has no local music label or official music industry. When it comes to supporting unknown or indie acts, some seek validation. Add “XYZ Recording Artist….” as a prefix to an artist’s name and we view them through a different set of lenses.

I have always had faith in the level of talent possessed by our local artists and have dedicated much of my life looking for ways to expose this talent. I sincerely believe Augusta has the ability to have a reputation other southern cities have such as New Orleans, Memphis, Atlanta, and Nashville when it comes to music and other forms of art. People should be traveling from all around to the Garden City for music. I believe this dream can become reality. The question is how do we convince our own residents of such?

Finding A Way To Refuge Lost Story by: Alyce-Hannah Golderer

Not only are they one of Augusta, Ga.’s, most popular local bands, with fans all over the CSRA, they’re one of the MOST welcoming, unpresumptuous groups of individuals one could ever hope to meet. That they ALSO play some really great, totally rockin’ music is just icing on the Southern rock cake! With three members together since 2009, a nephew and uncle both in the band, one the frontman and lead singer looking as if he’s not even old enough to shave yet, and two sort of new members who bring a deeper dimension to the band’s auditory offerings, Refuge Lost is positively the one band everyone in the family WILL WANT to listen to. No matter the age of the listener, Refuge has songs to soothe even the crankiest elderly beast. And if the cranky elder meets bandmates Jordan Hagins, Forrest Jordan, Carlos LaFontaine, Howie Peebles and Jack Jonesbury, he or she is likely to say, without any snidety at all, “What nice young men they are! Why don’t you ask them over for supper for some time?” There’s probably not a person alive who can meet the guys of Refuge Lost who won’t like them. Once that person has heard their music, he or she will fall in love. Especially if the individual is into rock that’s heavily Southern with serious metal undertones. .. ( Read the full article in the latest issue of SCENEAZINE)



“As a player, as a coach, I am a student of the game.” Jesus Ramos

It was over eleven years ago. I was sitting in the stands of Thomson’s local football stadium. I was invited by Jesus himself to watch him play soccer for the first time as a high school student. The air was chilling, biting at my skin as I shivered in spurts, closing in on myself to warm up. Antoinette, his girlfriend at the time and now wife of two years, was sitting a few feet away from me with a blanket, barely getting warm herself. We watched Jesus and the Thomson Bulldog soccer team proceed to the field. They started participating in standard drills, kicking the ball back and forth in circles and trotting along the grass. All players had taken off their warmups, exposing their jerseys, shorts, protective padding covered in socks and cleats, except Jesus. He was still clothed from neck to ankles, building intensity as he practiced with a sense of organic rhythm between him and the ball.

During the game, the Bulldogs had received possession where Jesus had an opportunity to score. He dribbled left and right, causing defenders to lose footing and balance, falling to the sides like unorganized troops on a battlefield. He approached the goalie and his boxed-domain, taking a bullet-kick towards the net only to hit the side of the goal post. You could hear the sighs of the crowd as he jogged back on defense. Jesus dropped his head with disappointment, but not with discouragement, for he knew he would get another chance to redeem himself. It was then that I knew that this was the markings of a good player that loved the game. So how cool is this guy—he has made the Dean’s List consecutively at Georgia Regents University as a Psychology major, he quotes Kobe Bryant, he writes poetry, admires Cornel West, an American philosopher, his name is Jesus, and he happens to be one of my best friends for over fifteen years. He graduated from Thomson High School after moving from his home town of Chihuahua, Mexico with his mother and younger brother. I interviewed Jesus Ramos at the Cookout on Belair Road, surrounded by hungry customers and employees calling out orders containing some of the tastiest burgers I’ve had in a long time. Jesus was just arriving from practice before we sat down and started chatting. I asked him about his primary objectives upon initially coaching at Augusta Christian. Jesus stated that as a school, “we wanted to change the culture at Augusta Christian about soccer and the way it was perceived.” Soccer, in comparison to other sports at the school, wasn’t receiving that much recognition because the teams weren’t that strong. Jesus wanted to assist Augusta Christian with strengthening the program and helping the student athletes acquire productive experiences. Jesus stated that he also wanted to increase the commitment level for female athletes. This past year was the first time in three seasons Jesus has coached both the boys and girls. Jesus has been solely coaching the girls for the previous two seasons before gaining instructional responsibility for the boys as well. Jesus has received good support from both the athletic director and assistant directors as far as proceeding in the direction they saw fit to improve the success of the soccer athletes. Jesus stated that the main differences between coaching the boys and girls is “the level of intensity and physicality and speed of play.” Jesus has come to terms that he must be both nurturing and direct when coaching such young teams. He stated that one must “see a mirror image of yourself” in order to understand the behavior of the players on and off the field. His biggest challenge as a coach and human being was accepting the reality of things that he cannot control. Jesus stated that you can’t control the situations surrounding you, but “you can control your responses to the uncontrollable.” He was referencing his desire to exercise his coaching preferences in order to improve the conditions of his teams. Jesus confirmed that unfortunately, “in a season, you only have so much time to implement your philosophy.” Jesus’ philosophy pertaining to coaching his girls and boys consist of becoming developmental, which includes passing the ball, maintaining possession, and having a strong defense. Jesus stated that he wanted to “get away from solely scoring.” He then referenced Gregg Popovich, who is the current coach of the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs, in relation to his coaching technique. Jesus and I have personally been fans of the Lakers since Kobe made his debut back in the late 90s. Jesus mentioned that though the Spurs aren’t a flashy team, they

have the fundamental elements to win games, utilizing all their players to preserve the legs of both older and younger athletes. I asked Jesus if his playing formula was succeeding, by which he answered, “Finding a medium helps us understand that the game itself is forever changing.” He wants to make sure that his players are transferring what’s learned in practice to live games where their skills are tested. Though Jesus’ boy soccer team ended the season 2-10, he was complimented for his influence towards improving the skill level of his players. The coach of the team that won the boys championship in their division applauded Jesus on his coaching, informing him “whatever work you’re doing with these boys are great.” This accolade proved Jesus’ theory that playing better is just as much of a reward as winning the game. Jesus states that he would be pleased with both outcomes, but as a passionate individual, he is more concerned with the progress of his players. Overall, Jesus values development and having fun. Jesus isn’t a fan of walking away from a day’s worth of practice, saying to himself “this isn’t fun for me.” Jesus states that there were moments where practice was tactfully good, but the level of fun was low enough to cause both him and his players to complain. He assured me that “one thing that bothers me as a coach is losing players” by causing a disinterest to the sport of soccer. He still exercises the intensive drive that he possessed as a young player, but he also understands the entertaining element that allows himself as well as his teams to find enjoyment in becoming better on the field. He comes to the conclusion that “I have to find pleasure in the nonpleasurable things that are going to give me the things I find pleasure in.” As a student, like most, Jesus doesn’t find excitement in reading extensive concepts in book-length subjects and spending hours on homework, but he understands that the rewards of obtaining greater knowledge and getting good grades are worth the work. Jesus ended the interview by stating “I not only want to be a better coach, I want to be a better man”, including husband, brother, role model, son, and friend. His personal advice to players and coaches is to “just be patient and keep trying”, to “be careful” with your decisions by always having a plan B, “try new things” and always be willing to further “educate yourself” in all aspects of life. Jesus states that as an athlete, what one does outside of the sport constitutes what’s done as an athlete. Jesus takes pride in being presentable, whether it’s through social media or personal encounters, and maintaining a healthy reputation. Jesus and his wife, Antoinette Ramos, are expecting twins this coming fall. Jesus stated “I have the rest of my life to become a good coach”, but he feels that he doesn’t have forever to be a great parent. He wishes to spend as much time with them as he possibly can, despite his busy schedule. Jesus expressed that he’s both fearful and excited about being a first-time parent, but more thrilled overall. Antoinette stated that “Jesus is very passionate about coaching” and that she’s “very proud of his accomplishments and proud to call him my husband.” As a coach, Jesus strives to supply his players with whatever he lacked as a young athlete to help them become better overall as individuals.

I had a chance to sit down with some our our writers here at City Rag and we discussed the current conditions of racial ideologies in the South and nationwide. It had me thinking a lot about what purpose I served for being alive. What could I involve myself with that would give my life a distinct purpose? I am a father and a spouse, so I have a profound importance just like every other human that falls into that category. Now I’m going to bring in my friend and Beyond that though...what more is worth colleague Calvin J. Pennywell for some of his dreaming about? own ideas and thoughts about race and our

R ace I n America

I reflected on the Cosmos and the point in time in which I live in. History defines us up to the point we are at. I enjoy life. I mean I really enjoy it. And I live it to the fullest. There are so many around the world who don’t share the same sentiment. When generations look back at “our time”, I’m not satisfied to be lumped in with the last 100 years...200 years, what have you. I’d rather be at the pinnacle of prosperity. Where everything took a turn for the better and we as a whole realized a true harmony of the human spirit. We are capable of achieving any goal we set. Time has been on our side for eternity and our skills have been sharpened throughout it all. So I challenged myself to do my part and make the world better than its ever been. At the end of my days, I hope I can look back and admire how much effort and energy I put into this endeavor.



TRUTH OR CARE Facts and Love. Can they coexist? The Beatles have proven this effectively as well as many other artists and individuals. It can’t be our lack of sources, for they stated plainly, “All you need is love”, right? We all possess the capacity for morality to decipher between harm and positive assistance. The truth of this circumstance involving Charleston, South Carolina, is that nine African-Americans are dead. Killed by a Caucasian male, equipped with a distinct plan to eradicate their existence. It was his prime objective. He second guessed his motive, but he followed through none the less. Truth is that black society is fed up with modern racism, whether it’s subliminal or discernable as the n-word usage or cultural stereotypes. The truth is that such problems are gaining great exposure through mass media, causing an immense amount of awareness to all cultures.

pets and their owners, spending time and money to maintain their security. Why can’t this be applied to human life? It narrows down to choices. We as human beings, naturally exposed to the concept of passion despite the intentions, are mindful of the value of living. Why not choose to preserve it if it’s characterized to be so miniscule and fleeting? It was a choice that opened those church doors, isolated the targets, and fired the gun. It was a choice to disregard nine families and the psychological consequences that will follow in years to proceed. Why not make the choice to transform our careless concern into compassion and human grace? Love appears to be fictitious, thanks to Jordan Sparks at the cinema and neighboring novels with brawny men and bare-shouldered damsels on the cover. Things are getting dark and hope penetrates with a force stronger than three hundred pages of sappy romance.

A two-word tweet from Steph Curry and Caitlyn Jenner spreads faster than a paragraph from a peace activist. Difficulty arises when attempting to let truth and care concur. Truth is that life overseas is far more exposed to making reactionary decisions in dangerous circumstances than America, yet, the cost of life is equally esteemed. Can we make the choice to end hate if not manage its foundation? Can we systematically kill over a hundred years’ worth of bigotry, cycling through our Now, where is the love? veins by way of traditional ignorance and spite? The truth is Aside from potentially quoting that though many have died attempting to equalize America’s the Black Eyed Peas “Where rights and animate peace as a breathing concept, impairment is the Love?”, the question still will increase. Bullets will continue to scream in the dark and fire remains. We see it amongst will stain churches in black soot and heavy ash. The question parents and their children, is will us as an entirety seek to kindle the burning truth that especially in the inner circle caring may not make headlines, but illustrate the importance of of our immediate families. the only race worth saving—humans. We see it portrayed between

white me (privilege and tragedy in Charleston)

White me hipster glasses and cold-brew coffee and local-organic-fair trade-no GMO-doubly priced veggies Lumped in with a guy who has been accused of danger-illness-foolishness but the only-ism we know should apply is preceded with “race” So why do I get to share in the accusations and arguments against? But I digress. I have seen movies and read book and learned history lessons and had conversations There are scars and nightmares and fears though we all know the word on the tip of our tongues is HATE. I cannot understand what it means for a flag or a street name or a slang term to bring up pain Generations deep So maybe I(we) should step off our soapboxes made with unused ammo boxes and political ambitions and stop to consider the truth. Numbers don’t lie. When the race of unemployment-imprisonment-school dropout-government aid are the majority of the same people group, we have a problem. Brown and the Supreme Court achieved nothing in 1954. We have one holiday and one month dedicated to African Americans yet look at the percentage of citizens they represent.

The truth? white me has unlimited everything on my cell phone has a good job and two quality cars in the driveway has Wi-Fi at home as well as Netflix and Hulu Plus on the TV I have privilege. I have rules bend for me solely on appearance and for that I am heart broken I can do nothing to fix the wrongs of the former slum lords and slave owners I have no idea how to apologize for ignorance and blindness that halted a great people and I truly have no words to explain why a 21 year old would commit such heinousness. All I know is that it is a tragedy one repeating time and again All I know is the media needs to stop their slanted-paid for opinion pieces and just admit we are in a crisis All I know is I share the dream of a great man and would give up everything to make it true America is hemorrhaging in pain Charleston is but a symptom and our fading remorse is just a cheap Band-Aid that will fall off in hours We must sit down together, respecting one another enough, to apologize-forgive-wash one another’s feet If not, we will need no outside force to destroy us. We will implode under the weight of HATE.

grieving in bewilderment, james aaron snow

Call Center employment wasn’t an easy path to follow. The customer service industry is by and large underpaid and underappreciated. Those who interact with the public are targets of misdirected ire. The job can make ends meet, but beyond that I rarely, if ever, experienced any gratification from it. I attribute it to the repetitive action of answering a call, handling the call, and ending the call. Regardless of what the subject is, the process becomes mundane. I worked in 5 minute intervals 50-80 times a day, 5 days a week, etc. So I clocked in and stared at a cubicle wall. It was a charade, and that charade was my life for ten long years. Like many, I became complacent with the status quo of receiving a paycheck and paying a bill over and over. Sometimes, there was something left to give the impression that I wasn’t living hand to mouth. DENIAL. As soon as the screws were put to me, I’d realize the reality of of how lacking my income was. Those months with additional Fridays aren’t really making the year longer. Nonetheless, I was able to afford vacatons once a year and only because my wife worked full-time as well. Between the two of us, we were able to spend a modest week at the beach with our kids. We’d begin the countdown around Christmas, mainly because things were so stressful at that time of year. Extra money had to be wrung out of the budget to make the magic. After the intense holiday trauma, a vacation was the medicine and although it took forever to get here, the target date was enough to keep us motivated and on task. I confess, there is a future in call center employment. I personally didn’t find that future to be very bright. The Center reminded me more of a purgatory. The one I sentenced myself to had 400+ employees and was managed by less than a dozen.

Upward mobility is not a viable option. Hell, lateral maneuvering doesn’t exist either. I had to get out and move forward. I didn’t recognize the trance I’d been under for so long until I felt the reality of unemployment. The noose got tighter and tighter. Net 30 became Net 60 and so on. I was feeling it bad. Then I made the turn. I took stock of my skillsets, applied, and waited. Eventually, something came along. It wasn’t ideal but I was thankful. Then another opportunity came in the form of a phone call. The kind out of the blue. Things became clearer and brighter. Now I work harder, for more scratch. There are loose ends and I’ve no guarantee the job will last any longer than the contract. I’m not sweating it though. I went through the transition once under less than ideal circumstances. I can persevere again. The premise of what I hope someone will take from this confession is that I never once, not since day one of my unemployment, regretted leaving the call center life. With the large demographic of people in the industry here in Augusta, there may be others who empathize with my experience. I hope for you to lose the apprehension and make a move. Make the move on your terms before you get “attritioned” or “churned out” as managers tend to say. My tenure as a call center employee revealled what a cog people make other people. It also showed me that I can empower myself to set goals and achieve them. The economic conditions in this community are good enough, so ask yourself “ Is this my only option? Is this making me happy? Am I progressing or decaying?” This should be all you need to determine if you were built for a life in the Call Center. Hindsight tells me I’d have been happier (and healthier) digging ditches for 10 years. Had I believed in myself more and understood the importance of long-term satisfaction, this article would never have been written. But it is being written and I’m so proud of myself for not losing sight of who I really am. I can forgive the delay.

Confessions from a Call Center by Ruggiere



Hey Baby That’s Our Song

By Emily Middlecat

Meet me in verse 3. where 1 and 2 traverse


the space in between.

By Calvin Pennywell

Not all of us Back-pocket pistols, do-rag A stick up with our pants Low enough to invite A naked hug from a cellmate. Not all of us Rhyme female genitalia With foreign cars, expensive champagne, And attire brands to fulfill Contracts and radio requests. Not all of us Impregnate the woman And leave her needing diapers, Co-parenting and therapy. Not all of us Spend heavy on shoes, Colossal rims encircled by tires Not thick enough to hide A Rick Ross music video From our young boys aiming For money, girls, and Gucci. Some of us Are graduating, marching With picket signs, quoting The constitution. Some of us Are reading, praying, and applying. We are speaking, dressing, thinking Like Cornel West, we are addressing, Promoting, proceeding like Barak, Barricading mental walls, burning Society’s restraints, smoking the competition— Our previous selves.

We knew all along from the chorus, the path that was laid before us. But the refrain was still the same. -When will I be free from wandering?

Not all of us Experience the fire, But we all become chopped Down for starter wood, we are fed To the profiling furnace. We all Cannot tear away this skin, manipulate The media, educate the government About what happens When the law Has no filter For human life. Not all of us Will learn,

But we all Will become aware Of how vital, how pure, fragile Blood is Whether spilled in St. Louis Or grass deep Outside of Jerusalem Under a cross Where not some

But all were spared.

Escape to Write by Catherine The Great

Run. Break the leaf litter, squeeze through shedding trunks. Don’t wear shopping district red. Or blue. Few things are blue. Of course the sky, supposedly the ocean, police sirens. You want army olive and potato brown like the ground. From miles back, the mountains are fuzzy. But inside, the road is hewn through gneiss and granite, sloping severely, rock-cold. Frost wraps the twigs up here. And where stunted sycamores gather in clusters, stop there. Your hair and pale weeds move under the wind’s chain-link rattling. Tuck in your arms. Huddle. Notice how the glow is gone from the trees. Their mustard leaves, their million peachy hands from the branches are dead. Their skins wracked with billbugs and snapped from your weight. Outrun the lower world. And write up here. Write. Bolts of Silk, October 2009


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bar 544 & 706.922.9240 & 544 Broad St Bar On Broad & 706.955.7954 & 917 Broad St Bell Auditorium & 706.724.2400 & 712 Telfair St Eagle’s Nest & 706.722.5541  & 640 Broad St Firehouse & 706.826.9955 & 1145 Broad St The First Round & 706.364.8278 & 210 11th St Fox’s Lair & 706.828.5600 & 349 Telfair St Green Light Sound Studio & 706.993.5664 & 1030 Reynolds Imperial Theatre & 706.722.8341 &  749 Broad St James Brown Arena & 706.722.3521 & 601 7th St Joe’s Underground & 706.724.9457 & 144 8th St Lavish Ultra Bar & 706.373.0449  & 813 Broad St Le Chat Noir & 706.722.3322 & 304 8th St The Loft & 706.828.6600 & 927 Broad St Metro Coffee House & 706.722.6468 & 1054 Broad St The Playground & 706.724.2232 & 978 Broad St M.A.D. Studios & 706.836.5683 & 307.5 11th St Sky City & 706.945.1270 &  1157 Broad St Soul Bar & 706.945.1270 & 984 Broad St Stillwater Taproom & 706.826.9857 & 974 Broad St TEE Center & not listed   & 912 Reynolds St Tribeca Lounge & 706.828.4433 & 986 Broad St

QUARTERS Augusta Marriott & 706.722.8900 & 2 10th St Ramada Hotel & 800.922.5548 & 640 Broad St The Richmond & 706.373.0127 &    725 Greene St Holiday Inn Express & 706.922.1414   & 444 Broad St Augusta Budget Inn & 706.722.0212  & 441 Broad St

Hard Copy WORK

arc Document Solutions & 706.821.0405  & 1281 Broad St Augusta Blueprint & 706.722.6488 & 512 Reynolds St Augusta Minit Print & 706.823.6234 & 328 10th St Claffey Printing Co. & 706.724.3040 & 748 Greene St Digital Blueprint & 706.821.0405  & 1281 Broad St Holroyd & Associates PC & 706.724.6180  & 929 Broad St Jimmy Williams Signs & 706.724.1770  & 1154 Broad St Johnson/Laschober PC & 706.724.5756 & 1296 Broad St Kruhu & 706-496-7887& 1242 Broad St Phoenix Printing & 706.724.7445 & 601 11th St PowerServe & 706.826.1506 & 959 Broad St RW Allen & 706.733.2800 & 1015 Broad St Streeter Printing & 706.722.5781 & 1467 Broad St Strother's Printing Inc & 706.722.4813 & 312 8th St Weir / Stewart & 706.447.2630 & 982 Broad St


augusta Grooming Lounge & 706.723.5086 & 758 Broad St Cali Nails & 706.828.7848 & 1295 Broad St The Chop Shop & 706.619.4899 & 1128 Broad St Georgia Hatters & Cleaners & 706.722.4094 & 318 8th St Halo Salon & 706.828.4856 & 1122 Broad St Modish Salon & Spa & 706.922.1418  & 1018 Broad St Pazazz Hair Design & 706.724.4877 & 118 9th St Perry & Company & 706.724.0977 & 915 Broad St Salon Duo & 706.631.2834 & 923 Broad St Zion’s Barber & Shoe Shine & 706.421.2134  & 116 9th St

exotic Ink & Not Listed & 908 Broad St Immaculate Ink & 706.414.9228 & 1160 Broad St Lucky 7 Tattoo & 706.755.2075 & 820 Broad St Odd Artist Ink & 706.869.2335 & 802 Ellis St Rocket Tattoo & 706.736.8286 & 863 Broad St Tribal Urge & 706.823.0022 & 523 Broad St

intel Augusta Art & 706.722.8229 & 1116 Reynolds St Gertrude Herbert Institute & 706.722.5495 & 506 Telfair St Gallery On the Row & 706.724.4989 & 1016 Broad St Hang Ups Inc & 706.733.7952 & 1377 Jones St Morris Museum & 706.724.7501 &  1 10th St Oddfellow’s Gallery & 706.513.0916  & 1036 Broad St Artist’s Local 1155 & 706.306.1581  & 1155 Broad St Zimmerman Gallery & 706.774.1006 & 1006 Broad St Tire City Potters & 706.294.3871 & 210b 10th St


bath Fitter & 706.941.8200  & 1255 Broad St Bradbury Center & 706.724.2218  & 1257 Broad St capps Insurance Agency & 706.722.7292 & 1254 Broad St Career Personnel & 706.722.1265  & 821 Broad St Chabad of Augusta & 706.722.7659 & 850 Broad St Critical Solutions Staffing & 706.722.3600 & 1288 Broad St Dazzling Car Care & 706.627.0371 &  210 10th St E Gary Beddingfield Jr PC & 706.722.5104 &   204 13th St ESI & 800.596.0911  & 823 Broad St Fireside Kitchens/Grills & 706.722.3939 & 1246 Broad St Firestone Auto & 706.250.5157  & 1213 Broad St Johnson & Austin Realty & 706.724.9667 & 314 8th St Sanford, Bruker, & Banks & 706.724.2452 & 931 Broad St Savannah Rapids Kayak Rental & 706.832.5323-Sav Rapids Park Wed Augusta & 706.305.1091  & 1106 Broad St Westobou Festival & 706.755.2878 & 967 Broad St Whitehead Heating & Air & 706.722.3600 & 1288 Broad St


1102 Bar/Grill & 706.364.4075 & 1102 Broad St 209 Restaurant & 706.722.9692 & 566 Broad St Augustino’s Italian & 706.823.6521 & 2 10th St Beamie’s & 706.724.6593 & 865 Reynolds St Bee’s Knee’s & 706.828.3600 & 211 10th St Big Day Cakes & 706.255.7316 & 120 9th St BJ’s Restaurant (Ramada) & 706.722.5541 & 640 Broad St Blue Sky Kitchen & 706.821.3988 & 990 Broad St Boar’s Head Pub &706.723.5177 & 1135 Broad St

Boll Weevil & 706.722.7772 & 10 9th St Coffee Break Cafe & 706.823.0501 & 753 Broad St Cotton Patch & 706.724.4511 & 816 Cotton Lane Craft & Vine & 706.496.8442 & 1204 b Broad St Farmhaus Burgers & 706.496.8771 & 1204 Broad St Fat Man’s Cafe & 706.733.1740 & 1450 Green St Frog Hollow Tavern & 706.364.6906 & 1282 Broad St Hildebrandt’s & 706.722.7756 & 226 6th St Huddle House & 706.774.0407 & 1297 Ellis St

CHOW Knuckle Sandwiches & 706.828.4700 & 1149 Broad St La Maison & 706.722.4805 & 404 Telfair St Lou’s Crab Shack & 706.922.1699 & 1293 Broad St Luigi’s Italian & 706.722.4056 & 590 Broad St Mellow Mushroom & 706.828.5578 & 1167 Broad St Mia Rancho & 706.724.3366 & 2 8th St Nacho Mama’s & 706.724.0501 & 976 Broad St New Moon Cafe & 706.823.2008 & 936 Broad St O’Donovan’s Pub & 706.524.7321 & 1002 Broad St Pauley’s Steakhouse & 706.364.3512 & 952 Broad St Pizza Joint & 706.774.0037 & 1245 Broad St Quiznos & 706.722.1715 & 3 Ninth St Riverfront pub & 706.722.4678 & 531 Broad St Sandwich City & 706.823.6237 & 10th and Ellis Silla Cafe & 706.722.1800 & 855 Broad St Sit A Spell Coffeehouse & 706.825.0613 & 903 Broad St Soul Food & 706.723.1064 & 828 Broad St Soy Noodle & 706.364.3116 & 1032 Broad St Sports Center & 706.724.9307 & 594 Broad St Subway & 706.722.9420 & 203 13th St Sunshine Bakery & 706.724.2302 & 1209 Broad St Tipsey McStumbles & 706.955.8507 & 214 7th St Whiskey Bar &706.814.6159 & 1048 Broad St

Ah-La-Mode Beautyque | 706.504.4362 | 206 8th Artistic Perceptions | 706.724.8739 | 551 Broad Book Tavern | 706.826.1940  | 936 Broad Big Boss Gifts | 706.399.9371   | 859 Broad The Brass Ring | 706.774.6789 | 122 9th Brigan’s Land of Enchantment | 706.550.0617     | 912 Broad Crosby’s | 706.722.3016  | 970 Broad Curvitude Boutique | 706.836.5970 | 908 Broad David’s Mens Wear | 706.724.1440  | 948 Broad Discount Fashions | 706.724.7333 | 858 Broad

Flowers on Broad Neil Ghingold Antiques | 706.261.8555     | 1018 Broad St | 706.722.3483 | 1230 Broad Fuji Wigs New York High Style Menswear | 706.722.1770  | 928 Broad | 706.724.6367 | 1008 Broad Furman Jewelers Nicole Madison Fine Furniture | 706.722.2932 | 212 8th | 706.854.0600 | 1051 Broad Henry Bros Antique Auctions Our Shop Menswear | 706.414.3267  | 1051 Broad | 706.724.0402 | 1014 Broad International Uniform Rebel Lion Den Culture Shop | 706.722.4653  | 1216 Broad | 706.284.9489 | 910 Broad Johannsen’s Sports Rhodes Variety Shop | 706.722.0949  | 1116 Broad | 706.724.7300 | 902 Broad Marketplace Antiques Ruben’s Department Store | 706.724.6066 | 1208 Broad | 706.722.6671  | 914 Broad Merry’s Trash & Treasures Sho-Ane’s Design Studio | 706.722.3244 | 1236 Broad | 706.724.7220 | 1131 Broad Sidney’s Department Store Naaiya’s Antiques & Flowers | 706.823.5954 | 108 Macartan| 706.722.3112   | 550 Broad Vapor Shotz Nan’s Collection | 706.722.5524 | 960 Broad | 706.496.3311   | 1126 Broad

Vintage OoolleE | 706.724.2591  | 1121 Broad Whitehouse Antiques | 706.774.9448 | 1010 Broad


divine Fitness For Life | 706.341.1348 | 222 8th evoke | 706.627.7979  | 107 Macartan YMCA | 706.922.9622 | 945 Broad


afiffiicifionados | 706.922.0312  | 307 8th SEVEN TO SEVEN | 706.826.0620 | 316 8th


Augusta Library | 706.821.2600 | 823 Telfair Augusta Museum | 7067228454 | 560 Reynolds The | 7068019932 | 816 Broad Greater augusta arts council | 706.826.4702  | 1301 Greene


Psychotronic | 706.550.5774 | 859 broad Pyramid | 706.724.1508 | 822 broad BERKSHIRE GUITARS | 706.823.5800 | 102 13th


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706 722 7292

Live Music 1054 Broad Street in Downtown Augusta, Ga

EXOTIC INK Tattoo and Piercing

706 495 4917 908 Broad Street Augusta, Ga 30901

Available 7 days a week. Call to setup an appointment Mention this ad to receive a 10% discount




Bottle Rockets 2.0 City Rag  

Our July 2015 issue

Bottle Rockets 2.0 City Rag  

Our July 2015 issue