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July seemed to stick around for a minute. The extra paycheck gave everyone a little bump and that’s a good thing. We, like many, celebrated the decriminization of fireworks with report. I gladly shelled out a U.S. Grant and proceeded to fill the air with spent gunpowder while making pyro-induced memories for the kids.


Throughout the month, we enjoyed learning about the new events and plans on the horizon for this ole town. 2015 sets up for a great finish with some fine shows on the river and in downtown proper. The SPLOST debate will get shoved in our faces as always until the vote drops in November. And to all the kids, welcome back to school. Study, study, study! JULY 2015

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We put our independence pants back in the bottom drawer and got back to getting down this past July. The sheer length of the month was daunting, but our constitution was up for it. Between hydrating, chores, and making a little scratch, we did find ourselves in some of our favorite joints soaking up some of best this town’s got to offer. The Return of Happy Bones kicked it off for us at the “Slurrey” Tavern. John and Melissa Holmes (Steam Powered Entertainment) always make us smile and it was great to catch up with them when we arrived for the show. Fireballs and PBR for me and my trustee handler Sloane, as we absorbed all the southern boogie woogie that was thrown at us. Can’t wait to catch them again. We also took notice of the Book Tavern/To Kill A Mockingbird artist compilation. The submissions were spot on. It’s always intriguing to see the styles applied to subject matter the artists wouldn’t normally focus on. Tavernkeep David is always a great host for local talent to showcase and innovate. Looking forward to more shows like this Oh Tall One! Next we found ourselves plundering The’s community garden. Maybe not plundering because we were invited. From the looks of it, the Kricket Krap and soil treatments worked like magic. Such an abundance and variety of tomatos and peppers. The squash was like mine, big and leafy but unproductive. We’ll check back and find out if they ever came correct. After our MAD Studios introduction to Stink Bamboo last month, we jumped at the chance to catch them again at Joe’s Underground opening up for Celia Gary. This 3 piece in Ruby, Doc, and Tevey is one that you have to check out. as we plan to every time they play. Our headliner, Celia, along with Joe Looney and Jennifer Sparling gave us that smoldering melancholy we were craving as we moved into the wee hours. Thanks to all the artists. We’d also like to show some appreciation to Jeremy LaFontaine for introducing us to “The Cuban”, which immediately shot to the top of our late nite snack list of favorites. We wrapped things up with another visit to Slurrey for the Low Creek Killers CD Release Show. Solisequious (To follow the course of the Sun) is their second EP and after wearing out Human Leaves (2014), our CD player was primed for new tracks. They killed it once again. The songs and sound in generally reveal great depth from this young bunch. This band has levels and the definition their songwriting establishes is undeniable. Great performance with matching energy. Our late night closing ceremony went down at Joe’s again as we got up with our friends the Gin Jockeys to take in the City sights and sounds on the 8th Street corner. It really was a fine July, a little warm, but altogether a Hit Parade of shenanigans.

Until Next Time!

November 27, 2010 Mt Pleasant, SC By Juli Sibley

With cast and crew of 16 hardy souls, mostly wrapped from the chill wind, the boat left the dock on a high tide at about noon. The motor fired right up and then idled as the lines were cast off by the 7 or 8 people on board who actually knew how to sail. The Swanee is a 50 foot sailboat owned by a family who love her dearly and treasure the time spent aboard. We back away from the dock at Mar?s?h Harbor Marina and ease into the tributary which runs into the Intercoastal Waterway. I am excited and also content with my role as deck ornament, beer fetcher, and stayer away from the boom, electric wenches, and ropes running alongside. With a faint bow wave, we pass through the No Wake Zone at the end of Sullivan’s Island and fully into the Charleston Harbor. Into the wind now and in sight of Fort Sumpter, the electric wenches quickly haul up the main sail and jib. Under full sail, the Captain has set about reading the water while his Dad scans the laptop down below for depth and current information on the charts. Our heading is towards the Yacht Club where the red starting buoy is positioned. A large amount of smoke coming from one side of the Yacht Club building has some onboard wondering if there is a fire in the Yacht Club kitchen or if an oyster roast is beginning..... The Captain is now instructing crew members in sail placement and jib adjustment. When the starting horn sounds and the spectators on the dock raise a South Carolina cheer - we are one of the very first to pass the red buoy in this race around the harbor. There’s about 30 boats racing today and as we move away from the cluster towards the first mark, the Cap’t tells us that an important part of a race is a good starting position, and that we were in perfect accordance with the winds and directional heading towards the first mark. I look behind us to see sails flopping, boats circling to get to starting position and other types of confusion. To turn about after passing the first marker, we have a crew member who grabs the end part of the jib and runs it over to the other side of the boat. Thus the term “Let ‘er Rip!” This lets the jib catch the wind more quickly and it soon becomes apparent that no other boats are in front of us. Much is noted about gusts on the water and accompanying breezes. The laptop provides information on course markers while we avoid crab pots, harbor markers, pontoon boats, cabin cruisers, shrimp boats, and tour boats which also ply these waters. Obviously this wouldn’t be half as much fun without all these extra elements! We maintain our position as a contender gets close behind

and almost pulls alongside. We turn about the mark still in the lead and start the final leg of the course with full sails. We are now going against the current so the Cap’t has to use all knowledge and skills in the shifting winds. Crew is minutely adjusting the sails according to the Cap’t directions and still we drift past Castle Pinkney close enough to see dozens of pelicans roosting. We are almost adrift as they watch us. One cast member asks a fisherman , as we are floating past, if they have caught any red fish today? An older gentleman declares that he is “going to have his mail forwarded out here.” All this is as we have now stopped drifting sideways and are now definitely drifting backwards. Winds are seen reaching towards us as we reach 6 1/2 feet of water. (The Swaneee draws 6 feet of water.) We are leaving a trail of pluff mud stirred up by the keel as the winds move us. Fickle winds leave us again as we almost draw alongside the final mark We wait for what happens next. The Cap’t is all rapt attention to the water, sails, boat position & depth gage. Another swifter breeze is seen playing the water and it fills our sails! This one is strong enough to take us with it - all the way past the mark. As I watch this odyssey, it occurs to me that we all have times in life when we appear stalled or adrift in life. We drift further from the course of our goals. It takes all the skills and focus of the Captain to be ready when the wind rises. The good Captain must stay in readiness for when the wind returns. The wisdom of the stall is not to allow boredom, anger or frustration to take you away from being prepared when the wind does rise. Once we rounded the last mark and brought her about for the finish - everything had changed. We were now moving with the outgoing tidal current and the wind was now a steady force. Crossing beyond the red finish buoy, we got a blast from the horn, the signal from the Yacht Club that a winner had crossed. Our time was 2 hours and 9 minutes. Leaving the harbor towards home, we entered the waterway under power, the sails having been refurled. Everyone was so jovial, especially the Cap’t who had been relieved by a crew member at the big wheel. All difficulties were forgotten in the time of triumph and celebration. The wisdom of the stall took us forward all the way to the home dock and beyond. See North Georgia Artist and Designer Juli Sibley online at :

James Aaron Snow

A Warning by Words to all

Preface: I write this so if you do encounter a dream killer in your life or have one presently, you can send him/her these words. Now just to be clear on my target audience, let me take a moment to define “dream killers”. They are not the same as a “baby killer”*. They can be identified by one of three methods; (1) They down your dreams. They tell you how you are incapable of accomplishing them, how they are fueled by selfish motives or how you are just plain worthless. (2) They elevate their dreams above yours. They don’t lessen your dreams directly; they just give more words and attention to their own. They tell you “it’s just not your time” or “if you’re faithful in helping my dream…”. (3) They try to incorporate your dream into theirs. They paint it as a big picture and you get to bring a small piece. It is almost as if they are giving you permission to strive for your dreams, but only within the context of theirs.

So now a warning. Dream killers, you are cowardice and pathetic. You lack the confidence needed to invest in others’ dreams because you fear yours will never happen or will be “less than” those around you. If you would expend as much energy in pursuit of your dreams as you do stifling others, maybe you could see some fruition. The phrase “no help is better than bad help” truly applies here. You use backhanded encouragement and hidden-motive agendas to bring others to a point of accepting the mundane. Most people will fall victim to the paralysis way of life, but you need to realize not all will. And here’s why. At some point, dreamers will realize what is taking place. They will make the hard decision to pry your suffocating hands from their neck. Then they heal. They will find themselves again and move forward. How are they able to do this? Because they remember the dreams within are bigger than them. And if they eclipse their owner then they surely overpower their attackers. Dreams are not just a source of hope and purpose in one’s life. You have been so long removed from your own that you forgot they are also a source of power…and boldness…and confidence. You are trying to take down the army residing inside when you don’t even possess items of defense.

Sidenote: You might also want to keep in mind that when dreamers start to fight back, they tend to desire to cultivate and protect others embracing their dreams. When you find other victims, it tends to upset dreamers. It brings up the pain they’ve been though, are healing through. They do not want to see the cycle repeated to others. Much like they found a breaking point to walk away, they also will only tolerate a certain level of destruction around them. Beware, they have changed since leaving their cage.

Citations *baby killer-someone who withholds encouragement for so long from an individual new in a field or to a position that the individual quits.

Calvin Pennywell So I was watching an episode of “Black-ish”, and the mother and father, played by Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson, touched on the culturally-known concept of “the black card”. The black card is a defense mechanism used mostly by AfricanAmericans to justify their mistreatment by outside races. Majority of the time, this metaphoric notion is uprooted in the mist of any conversation, preferably during an altercation between a white and black individual. The black individual would suddenly be accused of playing into what is assumed to be a stereotype before he or she decides to guess the nature of the accusation, asking, “Is it because I’m black?” Now days, some of us ask this question jokingly amongst our friends, colleges, and associates, but is there truth to it? Judging by the media, especially after witnessing the unfortunate events pertaining to Sandra Bland, how can one say that it isn’t? The video footage shows her getting out of her car only to be face down with her wrists gripped with handcuffs. You can hear her proclaiming their lack of concern towards slamming her face into the ground, for they ignore her while sustaining her hands behind her back. Bland’s death further catapults the harsh understanding of police brutality amongst African-Americans into the forefronts of our minds. This has been going on for years, just like sex-trafficking, illegal drug distribution, and many other cultural cancers that are killing our nations’ integrity and sense of worth. The difference is that they are frequently being exposed. The real problem is that mistreatment of African-Americans goes beyond law enforcement. We as a culture are doing it to ourselves. Our platforms have ranged from World Star, Instagram videos, and YouTube channels. There are moments that we feel great discomfort amongst our own society. It is usually because of pre-exposed ideas of how blacks from a different economic bracket tend to present themselves. We may assume, just like white police officers, that having dreads, baggy jeans, and a Cutlass dressed in bright colors and colossal rims make us suspect. What is the difference between how they treat us and the way we treat our own race? The black card is accepted pretty much everywhere, like a Visa. We’re quick to swipe it while being watched walking down grocery store aisles with our kids, spouses, and friends. We’re eager to pull it out of our back pockets as red and blue lights flash in our rearview mirrors while speeding cars zoom by undetected. One can argue that utilizing this threat can be a bit excessive, but is it really? Maybe it’s a sadistic reminder that despite our dark skin pigments and how we’re portrayed on television, we do not share the same mentalities. Yes, there are many who are robbing fellow citizens, killing them, refusing to maximize their potential by manipulating the government for money and systematic pardons. Then again, there are many working hard to better the lives of their children, leaving educational and corporate legacies behind to be succeeded by future prospects with expandable minds. Is this acceptable? Yes, in some cases, especially for those who are constantly degraded by a narrow-minded society. I personally wish it was obliterated, but that isn’t the reality in which we live. The truth is that the war has been fought. Laws have been passed. People have died on battlefields colored in deep crimson in order to prevent a red and blue flag from flying. Many have marched miles for equal rights only to be beaten and whipped by officers on horseback and oppressive spectators. One of our great representatives was even shot on a Tennessee, hotel balcony in 1968. A bullet to the neck was enough civil payment to rectify the problem with racial inequality. No longer having the discriminating ratio of four black men to every one white man, but a simple one to one. Yet, we still find the need to reach into the hidden compartments of our wallets and purses to pull out the one card we fought hard not to use. When will we ever find the need to disregard or get rid of it completely? When will all cops protect and serve the citizens instead of projecting them into a truck and severing their spine? When will we as a culture find value in ourselves and stop fighting one another like young, black boys in a 19th century “Battle Royal”? It is up to us to put an end to this source of currency, buying the moment to gain the upper hand.

Then again, it’s up to everyone else to help prevent us from having over a thousand reasons to use them.

It’s early so I’m a little cranky despite guzzling java by the liter. I can hear the garbage people picking up the weekly leavins outside, so that right there is a timestamp. I get off work around 3 am and with kids going back to school, my sleep schedule is a lost cause. I get it when I can. But here I am banging away on the keyboard with a point to make. It’s “The Best of” season again and I’ll be frank. I don’t like “The Best of”. It’s sophomore imho. A popularity contest with a kickback potential. Who’s who within the clique. I get it though. We all have superficial tendencies and like to express what makes us who we are. “I go here to eat, shop, play, etc. Look at me.” But really, it’s high school all over again. So I don’t plan on running an annual “City’s Most Popular” feature....EVER. There are too many hard-working stiffs doing anything and everything to make ends meet and they don’t need me saying someone is better than them. It doesn’t promote prosperity and CITY RAG is and always has been about that kind of influence. What we will do is point out some engaging elements of our community. No proper names and nothing specific, just stuff. We shall call this THE RAGGIES. And the nominations go to:

PEOPLE WATCHIN - Rubber-necking is by far one of our favorite pasttimes. With all the flavor of the urban culture, one can’t help but gawk and admire. ART APPRECIATION - We gobble up as much visual and audio stimulation that we can when in the City. Our community is chock full of talent. The more you experience, the more you crave. FOOD AND BEVERAGE - The time spent downtown will always be enhanced by snacks and cocktails. There are more than a few places to get your grub on and quench a thirst. We’re really good at this one. SHOPPING - There’s variety in all forms for retail. Start on one end of town and work your way through. Surprises around every corner. And the exercise is always good for you. AND THE RAGGIE GOES TO... FRIENDSHIPS - You’ll be hard-pressed to find a finer people than when in the City. It’s an inviting community and the support network is profoundly deep. Get to know everyone you meet because the measure of a person is not by their wealth and success, but by their friends. Honorable mention goes to ... Reading CITY RAGs - THE TRUE INDEPENDENT VOICE OF AUGUSTA.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about living in the south, it’s that food is not something to be taken lightly. The menu and dining experience can literally guarantee the success of a restaurant in the CSRA. Naturally, once you discover great food, it’s only right to share that knowledge. Combine great food, reasonable prices, and décor showing CSRA pride and what do you get? You get Southbound Smokehouse. The recently opened Southbound Smokehouse combines Southern BBQ and TexMex. Southbound inhabits the old Crums on Central location. Don’t worry about parking on Central, there’s plenty of parking in the back lot. Considering it was our first visit, we opted to dine inside, rather than on their comfy outdoor patio in the front. It’s a good thing we did, upon entering we noticed the ceiling fans cooled off a hot midsummer’s evening. The walls were adorned with tributes to the local entertainment scene. Framed concert posters and James Brown memorabilia complimented the large ceiling fans to create a very cool and down to earth environment. They offer live music at times, however we missed out during our visit. There were flat screen TVs for viewers pleasure, however once you’re seated, absorbing the history of our entertainment scene takes over your senses… After all, you’re here for the experience… Unless you came to watch TV. The serving staff provided some of the best service I have experienced. The abundance of waiters and waitresses was clear. Have a question about the menu? Not a problem. Someone was always available to answer my questions. How long have you been open? What options would be best for the kids? What do you have on your beer menu? No matter how random my questions, answers were readily available. The beer menu is impressive, by the way. I had a Terrapin Hopsecutioner. If you know how unlikely those are to find, congratulations you’re a beer snob like myself. I started off talking about food, right? Well I made sure to to dip into everyone’s plate at our table. In addition to beer, I also like my food. A plate of ribs with collard greens and hash sounded right up my alley. The hash and greens were amazing, and the ribs were everything I had hoped for: not sloppy, and full of flavor. I sampled the mac and cheese off my daughter’s plate, as I had heard a rumor of their greatness and I am happy to report that the rumor is true. The pulled pork is juicy and flavorful. Add your own choice of sauces from the many available options on the table, and you’re in for a treat. The sliders are perfect for both kids and adults. Oh and did I mention the grits? Perfect grits with no lumps. I did mention I like my food, right? All in all, I have to say that Southbound Smokehouse is a great dining experience. The food, drinks, and ambience provide for a good time by all. Whether you’re going out after work, on a date, or just looking to try some of the best the CSRA has to offer, stop by Southbound Smokehouse… Then share the wealth of great food with all your friends. Reviewed by KARELL MOSES

Revival by John “Stoney” Cannon UNDERCOVER DEPARTMENT: If you’re like me you’re probably spending a good bit of your time under the cover of the indoors and some nice air conditioning. If not, you’re probably soaking up the rays daily with a drink in hand. Either way, it’s cool…or hot depending on your take on the situation. It’s summertime in the Peach State which means of course, hot temperatures and hot summertime tunes. I was pleasantly surprised to open my email and find out that one-time Augusta musician JIM PERKINS (who now calls Tennessee home) has released a new CD. Now if you don’t remember Jim Perkins, this gent released a pair of CDs simultaneously a few years back while residing in the Garden City – “Jim Perkins Live” and studio release “Broken Record Reasons.” Since then Perkins has remained quiet as far as Augusta is concerned only dropping by on occasion to play spot gigs but now the Americana singer/songwriter has returned with a new, albeit curious, platter of tunes. Started in Athens, GA in 2012 “Long Way Home”, the new album by Perkins, is mainly a mix of covers detailing what one has to assume are some of the artist’s main influences. While toting a CD of covers, looking to relocate to Nashville could be a bonus as far as securing gigs, one has to wonder if a selection of covers by the likes of Tom Petty (Free Fallin’), Chris Isaac (Wicked Game), Pearl Jam (Black), Oasis (Wonderwall) is really the kind of weapon you’d wanna carry into battle. Especially when considering that as a singer/songwriter Perkins has some mighty fine chops and would be better served to ride in on his own creations. That being said, “Long Way Home” is a cool listen and would sound great while cruising the summer highways. Check it out at LE GROOVE IS IN THE HOUSE: I finally caught my first show at GREEN LIGHT SOUND STUDIOS (yeah I know!!!! Took me long enough but when you have to work at your own venue….) and caught a couple up and coming artists – one that I’m already familiar with and dig and another that I’ve heard tons about. Augusta rapper (by way of Brooklyn, NY) CATCH 22 was just jumping on stage when I popped in and as usual was on fire. The small yet grooving audience was bouncing from track one and it was cool once again to hear my fave Catch 22 tracks live. If you haven’t caught this talented dude yet (or any of the talented hip hop artists in town/), I would recommend coming out to M.A.D. Studios every third Saturday as Catch 22 hosts Hip Hop Open Mic. It’s pretty cool. Next up on the bill that night was LE GOOSE, a band I can only best describe as alternative soul but no matter what you call them, these guys rock! I now get what keeps them on bills at Sky City and other area venues. Look for them to rock M.A.D. Studios (along with Catch 22, Gin Jockeys, and Atlanta’s Makeshift Jukebox) on August 29th! Check out for more info. Speaking of the great hot outdoors, looks like the city is set to revive one of the area’s best spots for summer concerts as Augusta is set to once again rock on the river August 20 when MOON TAXI performs at the long-ignored Jessye Norman Amphitheater with SUSTO and SLEEPWALKERS. You say it’s just one show and not that big of a deal?!?!?! Well how about this – it has also been announced that Athens’ own DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS will also be kicking it on the Savannah October 9th with Augusta’s own T. HARDY MORRIS! Still not excited? Well that’s OK, there are plenty of ‘gusta folks that are plenty excited enough to make up for any less enthused folk. Go to for tickets and information. So there you go kiddies! Summer’s here and the time is right for rockin’ in the streets so get your butts downtown and share the sidewalk with a friend (or three) and check out all the great music the district has to offer from Sky City all the way down to Joe’s Underground and beyond! Looks like another great tuneful year right here in the CSRA!

I’m no Spring chicken, so right off the bat, you’d think I had a pretty good idea when it comes to recognizing lessons when they occur. But there is one that I cannot get to stick, appliance repair. When something in my house breaks, I get a sick satisfaction from tearing it down, but at the same time, I like to put older devices back into service long after their prime. Even though I’ve no business disassembling machines, I proceed to try and rebuild them so they’ll work again. Even if only for a moment.

the springs that anchor the inner washtub had snapped or become disconnected. Instead of spinning on an axis, it wobbled around inside the compartment and made an awful banging noise. It reminded me of an old big block with a thrown rod trying to throttle down.

So again, I came to terms with the situation and made the executive decision to roll with the problem instead of going back to the newer machine and repairing it. I figured out that if I just hold the center agitating post during the I seem to really gravitate toward washers and spin cycle, I could keep it aligned enough so that dryers. Around about the time of The Ice Storm the whole machine didn’t crumble apart from last year, my washing machine let me know it the violence. And so it went for months, me was caput with a whiff of burnt plastic and a babysitting the appliance in the name of clean refusal to spin or even agitate. I contemplated clothes. It wasn’t so bad either, I’d get some things for a day or so and then came to the quality time to contemplate ideas and reflect on realization that unless I take action, dirty clothes whatever. piles would reach a critical point. I remembered there was an older machine stored in the Eventually another spring must’ve popped basement that worked to a degree when it was because I could no longer keep the thing from retired a decade or so ago. I went ahead and jumping up and almost out of the washer. I knew made the decision to replace rather than repair. I had to regroup. Long story short, I pulled the panel off my other machine to inspect what Got things situated and made sure the old had actually occured in the first place. It was of machine turned on and then cleaned it up a little. course a worn belt and the fix was $10 and 15 I proudly loaded that baby up and let her get to minutes worth of my time. Lesson learned? Not work on some jeans and towels. It was about Yet. the time the spin cycle enaged that I realized this beast was decommissioned for a reason. One of

(Life Continued) More recently, my gas dryer stopped heating so clothes basically danced around for an hour and came out wet as when they went in. I knew immediately we were looking at a bad element or a switch wasn’t switching. It was a Sunday and the appliance parts store wasn’t open so I had a brilliant plan to hook up the old electric dryer in the garage just to get by until I had a moment to fix the gas one. The only problem was it ran on 220v and my garage only afforded 110v outlets. The big box fixit store was open so I ran up and bought some wire, an outlet, and a new double pole breaker switch. I figure it would be easier to just install a line to get this plan in action. Electricity is to be respected. I wanted to do things right and avoid a 220v shock but I haven’t worked with juice that much. I called a buddy and got some advice and was ready to knock this job out. It was getting late and without daylight, I’d be doing the job in the dark with a flashlight. Quickly I flipped the main breaker and started looking at the panel. What I found was a double pole 220v breaker labelled “Dryer”. The hell? After looking around where the washer and dryer were originally stationed upstairs, I found a 220v outlet staring back at me. Long story short again, I moved the electric dryer to the outlet and clothes are drying as we speak. I now have some spiffy new unpackaged electric parts that I no longer need. Fools rush in. Here endeth the lesson!


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bath Fitter & 706.941.8200  & 1255 Broad St Bradbury Center & 706.724.2218  & 1257 Broad St capps Insurance Agency & 706.722.7292 & 1254 Broad St Career Personnel & 706.722.1265  & 821 Broad St Chabad of Augusta & 706.722.7659 & 850 Broad St Critical Solutions Staffing & 706.722.3600 & 1288 Broad St Dazzling Car Care & 706.627.0371 &  210 10th St E Gary Beddingfield Jr PC & 706.722.5104 &   204 13th St ESI & 800.596.0911  & 823 Broad St Fireside Kitchens/Grills & 706.722.3939 & 1246 Broad St Firestone Auto & 706.250.5157  & 1213 Broad St Johnson & Austin Realty & 706.724.9667 & 314 8th St Sanford, Bruker, & Banks & 706.724.2452 & 931 Broad St Savannah Rapids Kayak Rental & 706.832.5323-Sav Rapids Park Wed Augusta & 706.305.1091  & 1106 Broad St Westobou Festival & 706.755.2878 & 967 Broad St Whitehead Heating & Air & 706.722.3600 & 1288 Broad St


1102 Bar/Grill & 706.364.4075 & 1102 Broad St 209 Restaurant & 706.722.9692 & 566 Broad St Augustino’s Italian & 706.823.6521 & 2 10th St Beamie’s & 706.724.6593 & 865 Reynolds St Bee’s Knee’s & 706.828.3600 & 211 10th St Big Day Cakes & 706.255.7316 & 120 9th St BJ’s Restaurant (Ramada) & 706.722.5541 & 640 Broad St Blue Sky Kitchen & 706.821.3988 & 990 Broad St Boar’s Head Pub &706.723.5177 & 1135 Broad St

Boll Weevil & 706.722.7772 & 10 9th St Coffee Break Cafe & 706.823.0501 & 753 Broad St Cotton Patch & 706.724.4511 & 816 Cotton Lane Craft & Vine & 706.496.8442 & 1204 b Broad St Farmhaus Burgers & 706.496.8771 & 1204 Broad St Fat Man’s Cafe & 706.733.1740 & 1450 Green St Frog Hollow Tavern & 706.364.6906 & 1282 Broad St Hildebrandt’s & 706.722.7756 & 226 6th St Huddle House & 706.774.0407 & 1297 Ellis St

CHOW Knuckle Sandwiches & 706.828.4700 & 1149 Broad St La Maison & 706.722.4805 & 404 Telfair St Lou’s Crab Shack & 706.922.1699 & 1293 Broad St Luigi’s Italian & 706.722.4056 & 590 Broad St Mellow Mushroom & 706.828.5578 & 1167 Broad St Mia Rancho & 706.724.3366 & 2 8th St Nacho Mama’s & 706.724.0501 & 976 Broad St New Moon Cafe & 706.823.2008 & 936 Broad St O’Donovan’s Pub & 706.524.7321 & 1002 Broad St Pauley’s Steakhouse & 706.364.3512 & 952 Broad St Pizza Joint & 706.774.0037 & 1245 Broad St Quiznos & 706.722.1715 & 3 Ninth St Riverfront pub & 706.722.4678 & 531 Broad St Sandwich City & 706.823.6237 & 10th and Ellis Silla Cafe & 706.722.1800 & 855 Broad St Sit A Spell Coffeehouse & 706.825.0613 & 903 Broad St Soul Food & 706.723.1064 & 828 Broad St Soy Noodle & 706.364.3116 & 1032 Broad St Sports Center & 706.724.9307 & 594 Broad St Subway & 706.722.9420 & 203 13th St Sunshine Bakery & 706.724.2302 & 1209 Broad St Tipsey McStumbles & 706.955.8507 & 214 7th St Whiskey Bar &706.814.6159 & 1048 Broad St

Ah-La-Mode Beautyque | 706.504.4362 | 206 8th Artistic Perceptions | 706.724.8739 | 551 Broad Book Tavern | 706.826.1940  | 936 Broad Big Boss Gifts | 706.399.9371   | 859 Broad The Brass Ring | 706.774.6789 | 122 9th Brigan’s Land of Enchantment | 706.550.0617     | 912 Broad Crosby’s | 706.722.3016  | 970 Broad Curvitude Boutique | 706.836.5970 | 908 Broad David’s Mens Wear | 706.724.1440  | 948 Broad Discount Fashions | 706.724.7333 | 858 Broad

Flowers on Broad Neil Ghingold Antiques | 706.261.8555     | 1018 Broad St | 706.722.3483 | 1230 Broad Fuji Wigs New York High Style Menswear | 706.722.1770  | 928 Broad | 706.724.6367 | 1008 Broad Furman Jewelers Nicole Madison Fine Furniture | 706.722.2932 | 212 8th | 706.854.0600 | 1051 Broad Henry Bros Antique Auctions Our Shop Menswear | 706.414.3267  | 1051 Broad | 706.724.0402 | 1014 Broad International Uniform Rebel Lion Den Culture Shop | 706.722.4653  | 1216 Broad | 706.284.9489 | 910 Broad Johannsen’s Sports Rhodes Variety Shop | 706.722.0949  | 1116 Broad | 706.724.7300 | 902 Broad Marketplace Antiques Ruben’s Department Store | 706.724.6066 | 1208 Broad | 706.722.6671  | 914 Broad Merry’s Trash & Treasures Sho-Ane’s Design Studio | 706.722.3244 | 1236 Broad | 706.724.7220 | 1131 Broad Sidney’s Department Store Naaiya’s Antiques & Flowers | 706.823.5954 | 108 Macartan| 706.722.3112   | 550 Broad Vapor Shotz Nan’s Collection | 706.722.5524 | 960 Broad | 706.496.3311   | 1126 Broad

Vintage OoolleE | 706.724.2591  | 1121 Broad Whitehouse Antiques | 706.774.9448 | 1010 Broad


divine Fitness For Life | 706.341.1348 | 222 8th evoke | 706.627.7979  | 107 Macartan YMCA | 706.922.9622 | 945 Broad


afiffiicifionados | 706.922.0312  | 307 8th SEVEN TO SEVEN | 706.826.0620 | 316 8th


Augusta Library | 706.821.2600 | 823 Telfair Augusta Museum | 7067228454 | 560 Reynolds The | 7068019932 | 816 Broad Greater augusta arts council | 706.826.4702  | 1301 Greene


Psychotronic | 706.550.5774 | 859 broad Pyramid | 706.724.1508 | 822 broad BERKSHIRE GUITARS | 706.823.5800 | 102 13th

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Live Music 1054 Broad Street in Downtown Augusta, Ga

EXOTIC INK Tattoo and Piercing

706 495 4917 908 Broad Street Augusta, Ga 30901

Available 7 days a week. Call to setup an appointment Mention this ad to receive a 10% discount




Flamingo Deluxe  

Issue 17

Flamingo Deluxe  

Issue 17