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Located in downtown Augusta:

307 8th Street TN 706 922 0312

Craft-brewed Bottles and Growlers, Hookah Lounge, Blown Glass, Disc Golf merch, and more.

EXOTIC INK Tattoo and Piercing

706 495 4917 908 Broad Street Augusta, Ga 30901

Available 7 days a week. Call to setup an appointment Mention this ad to receive a 10% discount



RAG October 2015

Correspondents & Contributors Juli Sibley Matthew Porter Calvin Pennywell James Aaron Snow John “Stoney” Cannon Emily Middlecat James F. Davis Ruggieri

Founder & Editor David Parker

American Wild Things!

The sun is rising on this crispy Friday after a long night of end-user woes. But hey, looks like I got it worked out. Pressman is waiting for the plates so I figure I’ll make him wait just a little longer. We’ve expanded our publication to give you more shtuff to peruse. New features, writers, viewpoints. It’s all in here. Our cover image is a beautiful painting (by Stephanie Reavis) of our good friend Timi Conley ( from the Classic City. For several years, Timi has organized an annual Wild Rumpus Parade down the streets of Athens. His energy and imagination match his flamboyance to make him the perfect host for the parade, which takes place Halloween night. That’s gonna just about do it. Again, welcome to the bigger, bolder Augusta City Rag. We have enjoyed watching you and reporting and look forward to many more moments downtown. Publisher

contact info 706 840 3476

IT came from georgia snow right under our noses just put on deodorant and stop complaining

finding your own level

rewind CHef spotlight get out

we go to joes emily middlecat The Love Boat


Since 1995 the New Moon Café has been serving up creative comfort food using fresh, local ingredients. Everything we serve is authentic food. We roast our own coffee in small batches, bake our breads & pastries in house, and make our soups from scratch every day. Outstanding food doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive; it just requires a devotion to creating genuine food in an extraordinary way. Located Downtown at The White’s Building

936 Broad St. Augusta GA 706.823.2008

Monday-Friday 7am-5pm Saturday 8am-6pm Sunday Brunch 9am-3pm


The Moon at University Hospital

1350 Walton Way Augusta GA 706.288.3057

Monday-Friday 7am-5pm

Downtown Aiken

116 Laurens Street, Aiken SC 803.643.7088

Monday-Friday 7am-5pm Saturday 8am-6pm Sunday Brunch 9am-2pm

James F. Davis On August 1, 1968 the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia with over 400,000 troops. Being in the US Army in Germany at the time, it resulted in my working seven days a week, an average of 16 hours a day for the next six months as my job was part of the defensive troop build-up of the German/Czech border, should the Soviets invade Germany. Finally, although still being on high alert, I was given a three day pass in which I was restricted to be not more than 25 miles from my unit. Naturally I drove to a buddy’s (50 miles from where I was stationed), left my car there and we drove 260 miles to Davos, Switzerland to go skiing. On the first day, having skied for six straight hours, I turned to admire a ski “bunny,” crossed my ski tips and painfully torn the cartilage in my right knee as I fell. It was on the longest ski run in the world, and some 5 kilometers to Kloster’s. The ride on the ski patrol sled was not pleasant. Since I was technically AWOL, I did not go to a hospital for fear that I would be kept there. Despite being in extreme pain, the next day I stayed in the hotel as my buddy went skiing. Guys know their priorities. The following day he drove me back to his base where we arrived in the evening. I got into my stick shift Volkswagen bug, with a knee blown up such that it could not bend and started to drive home in a windy snow/ sleet blizzard. About 10 miles from home, a tire blew out. Since I could not bend my knee, I had to sit in the 6 inches of slush to change the tire. The jack did not work. I sat helpless in the slush for what seemed like forever with tears of pain rolling down my cheeks wondering what I was going to do since no one was stopping to help and I could not even walk. Then, like a mirage in the swirling snow, a black Mercedes pulled over. An elegant woman in a fur coat stepped out and asked me if I needed help.

SNOW Continued In German I explained the problem. Without a word, she turned and walked back to her car. My first thought was that, once she heard my American accent in German, she’d decide to leave. But she returned with her Mercedes jack and helped me change my tire, getting wet and dirty in the process. I thanked her profusely and asked for her name and address (so I could send her flowers or something to show my gratitude). She refused and left. Over the years since that snowy night, when I’ve stopped to help total strangers, people have asked me ”Why did you stop to help those people? They are never going to return the favor.” It always makes me smile and think of the elegant women in the fur coat on her hands and knees in the freezing slush helping me change that flat tire.

Kitchen Open Late DRUNK DOG*

German-style Brat marinated in bourbon and Guinness served in a toasted bun.


The Highlander’s original English banger recipe served in a toasted bun.


Hardboiled egg wrapped in sausage, dusted with bread crumbs and baked.


The Highlander’s original recipe of a meat and vegetable pie, covered in homemade mashed potatoes and topped with melted cheese. *Comes with chips and pickled red cabbage.

133 Georgia Avenue, North Augusta, SC



English brown sauce and Coleman’s spicy mustard.

TUESDAYS * Bentley Rhodes & Friends WEDNESDAYS * Open Mic Night THURSDAYS * Butt Naked Trivia FRIDAY * Live Music SATURDAY * Karaoke



”…I was made in America land of the free, home of the brave and right up under your nose you might see a sex slave being traded…”

-Lecrae, “Welcome to America” I’ve been an action junky for as long as I can remember. I’m an 80’s baby, so I grew up watching Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone bloody up the screen with heroic feats and one-liners that defined true machismo. As a young boy, I couldn’t look beyond the guns, knives, bombs, and bow and arrows. If it wasn’t Rambo’s red head band, it was definitely Arnold’s stern look and God-like physique that made a young boy want to body-build his way into awesomeness. I lacked the perceptive nature to pay attention to what was taking place in these films. People were dying and experiencing psychological trauma that would possibly affect a normal human being for the rest of their life. When I think of the issue of human sex trafficking, I recall the plot of Taken where Liam Neeson seeks to rescue his daughter from one of the world’s most sadistic forms of trade. If you look past the cool scenes of Liam using hand-to-hand combat, flipping over opponents and breaking bones, you can see the seriousness involving the female sex slaves. Most spectators would probably assume such a thing took place overseas exclusively, but according to Adrianne Fernandez, that is not the case. Adrianne held an event on August 2nd entitled “EYES WIDE OPEN” to create awareness amongst local Augustans about human sex trafficking. “Why human sex trafficking out of many other societal issues,” you may ask. Well, what many people aren’t aware of is that Augusta hosts one of the top two events where this issue is practiced. The event that I speak of is the Augusta National Masters Tournament that is held once a year. The Masters is the second leading facilitator, ranking under the yearly NFL Super Bowl. During these major sporting affairs, young girls and boys are being lured into the presence of older men and women to be used for sexual favors. Adrianne informed me that “the average price of a sex slave is $90”, making these young teens highly accessible and greatly devalued. The target age group for sex traffickers can range from seven to eighteen, maybe older. It greatly disturbs her to know that “there can be a 45-year-old man preying on a 6-year-old girl,” causing her to become quite precautious

towards her two nieces as well as her future children. Knowing that they can possibly become a part of this cycle of abuse riveted her enough to initiate a focused movement. Adrianne wanted local residents to know how vital this issue is, despite typical hardships that plague our society. She has a personal longing to reach out and assist these young kids, especially the girls. The young females are usually being spotted by predators who “stalk their potential sex slaves via social media.” Adrianne states that they gather enough information through Facebook and Twitter to become a bit aquainted with the girls, convincing the victims that they actually care about them. I was introduced to the terms “Romeo Pimp “and “Gorilla Pimp”. These terms describes the difference between the two types of handlers, mostly men, which are in charge of collecting the girls. The “Romeo Pimp” likes to attract their attention by showering them with compliments and tangible things such as jewelry and other attractive accessories. The “Gorilla Pimp” has a more threatening approach, choosing to use physical abuse to cause the girls to submit. They further convince the girls to partake of this lifestyle by threatening them by means of blackmail. Adrianne states that they go as far as sexually assaulting them while filming the incident. The girls are then given a demand to fully surrender their bodies for consumption. They are granted no room to disregard the ultimatum, for the men proclaim, “If you don’t comply, we’re going to show the whole world” the actual video footage. The sex slaves are then inducted into the business, disconnected from their social life. Some girls are simply involved in abusive relationships that may eventually lead down a path of self-exploitation in the future. Parents and close friends can be naive to such internal turmoil when the signs aren’t noticeable. Adrianne says that the girls “know how to hide it well enough to keep people from asking any further questions.” Most people aren’t aware of what’s taking place until after the damage is done. Being a victim of a past abusive relationship herself for three years, Adrianne understands “what it feels like to have your power taken from you.” She secluded herself, refusing to wear makeup, tend to her hair, or take any form of self-maintenance into consideration. Her boyfriend’s temperament disallowed her to hold herself in honorable esteem, causing her to depreciate her value as a woman and individual. She didn’t have dependable friends to assist her during this degrading period, for they “were just as low in self-esteem as I was.” Adrianne also underwent two abortions, one of which she experienced after graduating from high school. She states with contentment, “I should have two kids right now, and I don’t.” She states that as a Christian, she understands God’s forgiveness which encourages her to assist the young female demographic with her endless amount of encouragement. Many young girls are experiencing sexual encounters at a young age without the correct guidance to educate them on the life-changing consequences. “If I can do something to change that, “Adrianne says, “I would like to.”

Right Under our Noses continued Making sure that our youth is aware of the reality behind Health Education highly concerns Adrianne. I asked of her opinion on elementary students being educated on more delicate aspects of sexuality at a younger age. It was introduced in the news months ago that schools will be instilling sex education in a more detailed fashion in the curriculum, making it a mandatory subject to be discussed in a classroom setting. Adrianne believes that society is “risking the innocence of many children for the sake of a few” by forcing this subject matter in the undeveloped minds of our youth. She believes that this wouldn’t be a problem if parents would “allow your children the opportunity to talk” instead of being a “helicopter parent” that hovers over their actions. Lack of communication and misunderstanding can cause tension between the child and parent because of the sharp restrictions that are being suggested without providing substantial explanations. This also limits the child from expressing how they feel about the matter and what effects it’s having on their development. Adrianne stresses that we need to “continue getting to know our children because they are continuing to get to know themselves” as well. This would hopefully put a stop to a problem before it starts, preventing these young girls from festering in a psychological pool of dying confidence and lack of knowledge. It’s not just the children that are affected by this trafficking system. The traffickers themselves are also internally damaged. Some come from

abusive and mentally devastating environments, causing them to seek pleasure by inflicting pain upon someone else. Though they are causing harm to the lives of many girls and even boys on some occasions, they too are hurting. We as a bias society tend to immediately condemn them, refusing to show compassion or any source of sincerity. Adrianne views these individuals in the same sense she views her former, abusive boyfriend. She sees them as scarred human beings who need assistance just as much as the children. Adrianne states that considering their circumstance “brings you back into the perspective of what humanity really is.” She seeks to help every person involved in the transaction, from the child being used to the parent who’s completely unaware of what’s being established behind the scenes. Adrianne states that it’s her Godgiven purpose to help young females get in tune with their inner worth, become aware of their full potential and refuse to allow anyone to convince them of the contrary. Adrianne is a graduate from Georgia Regents University where she received her Bachelor’s in Communications. She is a skilled vocalist/ songwriter who goes by the local name “Songbird”. She has been featured as an artist at MAD Studios in downtown Augusta on several occasions. She seeks to initiate a continuation of awareness upon this issue and many others that are affecting the youth of our community. She plans to do so by further consuming research, educational opportunities towards acquiring certification to construct future events, and rooting her faith in God and the goodness of humanity.

2 LOCATIONS 822 Broad Street Augusta, Ga 30901 706 724 1508

1647 Gordon Highway Augusta, Ga 30906 706 733 0923

music Posters jewelry incense oils

Cotton Patch

Jazz and Blues cafe

Martini Mondays Wine Down Wednesday Old School Thursday (Cigars & Scotch) Live Jazz & Blues Friday and Saturday BURGERS Cotton Patch Basic

Our half pound, handmade Angus burgers are served on a golden Brioche bun with lettuce, tomato and onion with a tangy pickle spear on the side and french fries.

Fried Green Tomato Burger With buffalo cream sauce

Caribbean Jerk Burger

With jerk spices & fresh cut pineapple.


ENTREES & STEAKS Charleston Chicken

Mon-Wed 11am -11pm Thurs - Sat 11am -1am Closed on Sunday. Happy Hour: Daily 4pm - 7pm


Chicken breast topped with grilled Fried Catfish filet. Classic! shrimp and drizzled with Buffalo cream sauce. Tilapia Po Boy* Fried or grilled.

Cajun Jerk Chicken

Dixie Burger

Chicken breast rubbed and grilled in Shrimp Po Boy* cajun-jerk seasoning and topped with Fried or grilled. pineapples.

Shrooms & Swiss

A hearty serving of fried tenderloins with honey mustard for dipping.

Cowboy Burger

Tender, golden fried fillets served with tartar sauce.

Farm Burger

With ham, a fried egg, and cheese. With a fried green tomato, pimiento cheese, and buffalo cream sauce. Mushrooms and Swiss cheese stuffed between two patties.

Chicken Tenders Platter

Tilapia or Catfish Platter

Grilled mushrooms & onions, bacon, Fried Shrimp Platter and pepper-jack cheese topped with Dozen freshly battered and seasoned beer-battered onion rings and A-1 sauce. just right.

Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Twice as fun, you’ll throw rocks at the rest!

8 oz. Red Maple Farm’s Strip 12 oz. New York Strip

Cotton Patch Melt

Grilled chicken breast with bacon, Monterey Jack, lettuce, and tomato. Served with French Fries.

*Served on a soft hoagie with lettuce, tomato, and our special sauce. Comes with hot french fries.



Monroe Restaurant Group LLC Cotton Patch 816 Cotton Ln Augusta, GA 30901

Just Put on Deodorant and Quit Complaining It’s Georgia. Temperatures can reach triple digits, gnats die from heat exhaustion, Freon becomes the best seller on the underground market. And people are bound to sweat. It doesn’t matter if you simply push your grocery cart from check-out to the trunk. You will sweat. You know it’s going to happen, everyone around you knows it’s going to happen. We all accept this fact…except in relation to downtown. I hear people talking all the time like downtown is this sub-Saharan desert where everyone automatically dehydrates because they had to park two blocks away from the restaurant they want to try out. And oh don’t even get started on major events like parades or Arts in the Heart! Outside? For hours? With no AC? I don’t think so. Time to go take a walk on the Canal trail or play some Disc golf. It just doesn’t line up people. Yes, you seldom get a parking spot right in front of the venue you’ve heard so much about. But that’s a good thing. Absence of parking=abundance of humans. I have made a loop around downtown (before moving to it) for over 15 minutes in an attempt to find parking. That usually resulted in a nice urban hike once I did find a spot. So here’s the point. There are crowds; crowds eating food, going to concerts, enjoying art, creating community by being together instead of in front of their TV all night. And they sweat. Underarm, down the back, behind the knee caps kind of sweat. But it’s worth it. They (I) wouldn’t trade this time for anything. We love downtown. And guess what? You should too. So grab your wallet/purse, your cell, and come on down. Also, don’t forget to put on deodorant. James Aaron Snow



They say water rises to its own level. Some things are just equalizers. While water refreshes, it also washes away whatever is in its path, molecule by molecule, the force of it making its own gravity inspired course. Humans have always gathered near bodies of water, to be close to what is buried inside us. Just like our emotional natures, water can take different forms. Women still gather at psychic wells for the purpose of bringing up vital aspects of their lives from the depths. In just the second season of her husband’s passing, a friend of ours opened her pool for a small group of women to gather. One afternoon a week, we appear to bask in the elements, hidden away in the mountains near Lake Chatuge. In the Spring, the water was heated to 87 degrees, since the sun’s energy alone could not warm the water closer to our body temperatures. We are mostly teachers, and from the lessons of others we relearn the mundane and sacred aspects of our own lives.

The ritual that follows the splashing is the telling of chapters of our own stories. Which include the following:

* The gift of health from those who have had cancer or other illness. ~ A great equalizer. * The solemn pursuit of where to find the perfect summer dress, with pockets. ~ So refreshing. *The laughter from recalling a round of stories about men’s approaches to fixing the house, and how just the right

tools, gear, and accessories must be located with numerous trips to Home Depot. Meanwhile, you are living without a sink and bathtubs, besides which, the other half of the toolbox is spread out all over the bathroom floor! Why do mostly logical creatures act this way? ~ Laughter washes away frustration.

*Then there’s the tales of elders who do or can’t do certain things. ~ Finding your own level. * Family members who have not been on the planet for very long. ~ New life comes from old, it’s an equalizer.

In joy and delight, with gratitude and grace, we share our lives in the splashes, knowing that anything said in the pool, “stays in the pool.” It’s not just closer friendships we take home with us, although we all cherish those bonds that unite us with other women. When it’s all said & done, the gathering helps us touch and clarify the nature of our own souls. As different and similar our experiences are to each other, we take comfort in the presence of others who witness our lives. That is the enduring quality of women’s friendships which are sustained with the knowledge of how absolutely unimportant anything is that Barbara and Cathy enjoy a sunlit moment of reflections does not involve the giving or receiving of love. JULI SIBLEY is a Designer, Teacher & Artist from North Georgia who is currently an Art Faculty member at AU. Her family has roots in the CSRA which go back to long before the Civil War. See more of her art & writing online at:

Live Music 1054 Broad Street in Downtown Augusta, Ga


It’s truly been a whirlwind! This Two Ought Fifteen year is heading into its final quarter and we’re still absorbing all the action. From The Master’s, to legal fireworks, to Arts in the Heart, to a film about Happy, we’re barely scratching the surface. Thanks to our super boss urban community, we had plenty to keep us busy and report on. Border Bash, slingin guns, BBQ, you name it we did it. We kept our skillet good and greasy the past few months. Starting with Beerfest, our whistles sipped the best brews and cool micros from all over. We had fun watching the Mug Hoisting competition brought to us by Sam Adams. Truth be told the women’s heat was far more intense. Congratulations to the winners! Afterwards, we grabbed some kayaks and lit out for The Hill for a little holiday camping. On the way to our site, we got to check the progress of the new Little River Bridge being installed. They’ve come a long way and the upgrade looks spot on. As always, our time with nature was a great deviation from concrete and asphault. We got some relaxation in and came back to town with a voracious hunger for entertainment. Downtown obliged us in kind with several trips across the river to our favorite British Pub, The Highlander, for open mic night (Every Wednesday). Dewayne Brock has for years, brought such a welcome atmosphere to the open mics he hosts and this one is no different. Every urban community has that place where talent seems to converge. It’s a den of expression with artists bringing it to the stage for everyone’s enjoyment. Not to mention the bangin Shepherd’s Pie they serve up. Almost never know who you’re going to get an impromptu performance from. Happy Bones, Scotty Too Hottie, Phil Jr and Jacob, Riley. The list goes on. We caught our favorite heathens, the Kenny George Band, as they recorded their live LP at Sky City. What a show and can’t wait to hear that performance in digital liquid. And some very special moments went down again at Sky City, with an intimate evening of music brought to us by Athens-based artist, Thayer Sarrano. Her swirling songs haunted us like Hank Williams sat down with Mazzy Star for a few numbers. We experienced some truly original sounds and emotion that night and want to thank CoCo aka Cuthbert and Co. for having us as guests. Such a pleasure always. The record setting Arts in the Heart returned this past month and man howdy what a big time! We spent the full Saturday down there and caught the Low Creek Killers do what they do best on the JB Stage. Enjoyed some catching-up with the always charming Carrera Hocker, as well as the Queen of Cool, Karen Gordon. Then went into culinary mode, making an impressive loop around to as many booths as possible. Eventually, our plate boasted fare from Cypress, South Korea, and Nigeria. We ended the evening with some Gin Jockeys raw and uncut down at Joe’s Underground and although at the time we didn’t realize, it would be one of the final sets with guitarist Dylan McKerchie, who is stepping away. We thank him for the riffs and ruckus and look forward to new arrangements from our favorite felons of raunch. September also brought us the talent rich Bentley Rhodes and Friends, who delighted and dazzled us. After the first number or two, we knew we’d be there until the very end. From one set to the next, the complexity of 4 guitars, the chops oh my! Catch Rhodes and Friends each and every Tuesdays at The Highlander. Tell Richie and crew we sent ya and ask for the Rag shooter if your adventurous and dry. October snuck up on us with a deluge, so we hurried down to the Book Tavern before the drops started falling and had a grand ole time at their Edgar Allen Poe Art Show. The pieces will be up until the Take-Down Costume Party on Oct 31st, so if you want some sweet local canvas, better attend. Things get started at 7pm. We also enjoyed attending the Creases Event at the 600 Building. The Artzilla Auction was mighty fine and heck, we got to enjoy a set from what I like to call Kenny George Lite Band. Top it off with some Cricket Ridge stompin around StillWater Taproom and we have to give October First Friday a 5 Star rating.

Last but not least, The Rock Show. For us, it was more than Drive By Truckers in Augusta. This was the one we always hoped for. We thank our Friends With Benefits and the City for giving the Jessye Norman a shot in the arm. To everyone who gives a yank and comes down for a show, or a drink, to eat, shop, paint, perform, stretch their legs, work, doesn’t matter. We love your style and look forward to meeting yall. Thanks for a great year,

Cool temps and hoodies on the radar, We’ll see you in 2016 !

Eric Draper Head Chef Eric started off his career at the iconic Caioti Pizza Café in Hollywood, California, home to the late Chef Ed Ladou, ¨The Prince of Pizza¨. This sparked the idea of world cuisine and an ¨anything goes¨ food attitude in Eric at the age of 19. He later moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he worked in various restaurants, learning from their diverse standpoints: Grand Rapids Brewing Co. introduced the beer cooking concept, One Trick Pony helped out with the creative Italian fusion ideas, and Bistro Bella Vita, with an upscale French-Italian seasonal approach, fine tuned his attention to detail.

LEARN - WORK - MAKE 540 Telfair Street Augusta, Ga 706 801 9932


We had our first taste of Fuse back during Beerfest, when we enjoyed a post-binge Dill Feta Pintxo, which turned out to be the perfect summer snack. We revisited our new friends to learn more and get a face to the name.

Once in Seattle, Eric started focusing more seriously in the restaurant industry. From award winning Café Flora vegetarian restaurant, Eric worked his way up to sous chef at Italian-themed fine dining restaurant Il Fornaio. He then took over the head chef position at Brouwer’s Café where he pushed the limits of pub fare and creative seasonal cooking to the top level without being pretentious. Eric’s last few years were spent in Mexico learning authentic Mexican cooking, focusing on street food and homemade classics while writing recipes for Tabasco hot sauce’s website. When he is not cooking, he can be found making and testing out his handmade boomerangs.



20% Military discount 758 BROAD STREET

706 723 5086

1002 Broad Street Augusta, GA – 30901 (706) 305-1029

Mon, Wed & Thu: 11am to 10pm Fri & Sat: 11am to midnight Sun: 11am to 9pm TUESDAYS CLOSED

Additional Bar and Dinner Menus available at:

“ReFüse boring food. ReFüse bad böoze.”

With this motto, Fuse is commited to offer creative cuisine and a great selection of craft beer and spirits in the heart of downtown Augusta. Fuse is a chef-driven, family-owned restaurant and beer bar. The concept is simple: an ever-changing menu inspired by what’s in season, the day’s weather or the chef’s latest obsession. You will find Southern dishes as well as other American specialties, renditions of well-known international gastronomy, and some not-so-common culinary experiments. Items will stay or go from the menu according to popularity and availability of the ingredients. As beer lovers, a great deal of our efforts will go to the selection of the craft beers on tap, and many others in bottle, that again will be regularly rotated. Our beverage list will be complemented by an assortment of wines and liquors, and topped with our home-designed bold and savory cocktails.


John Stoney Cannon

“I bought a bike” Now before I continue let me be a bit clear about this – turns out that one day on a trip through Goodwill I came across a Mongoose mountain bike in solid shape with a $20 price tag on it. Now this is major news for me for two reasons – 1. I have been wanting a mountain bike ever since mine disappeared a few years back, and 2. Mongoose was one of two main BMX bikes I took into battle in my old BMX racing/freestyle days. So for me, this was surely a sign that a case of divine intervention meant to put things in motion for me to have this two-wheeled connection to my past. Now the first thing my wife said before agreeing to make this purchase was “we are going to have to get you a helmet” and I whole-heartedly agreed. Perhaps it was my fear of having not ridden an actual bike in years, but honestly I think my ability to quickly fall in line with my wife’s request (as opposed to going wild like my old 13-year-old self would have) had more to do with the visual that popped into my head of me awkwardly moving slowly while I ponged off several stationary objects like a couple of parked cars and the mailbox. “Why are you laughing?” asked my wife. “Oh nothing” I replied. Truth is that the visual reminded me of those odd overly copied comedy sitcom moments where the main character’s klutzy girlfriend keeps stumbling around in the process causing more bodily harm to the star leaving the poor guy in a leg cast, arm sling, head bandage, band-aids, etc. But that’s OK – sometimes it takes a laugh to get one “back on the bike.” Just to catch up some of you that may not know me and/or my situation, in the past year I have lost a lot of weight and I am slowly starting to do things that I haven’t been able to do in years. Even simple things that I once enviously watched others do like hop off of a curb. Things that I never really appreciated until I couldn’t do them and that I appreciate even more now that I am slowly getting to do them again. One of those things is ride a bike. Yeah I know, sounds simple… but the past couple of years I have watch friends who ride their bikes through downtown Augusta daily and they seem happier and healthier than they ever have. I feel like it would be crazy NOT to want that! Even waiting for a good check on my new purchase is killing me because I am so ready to ride!!!! (Or bounce off of stuff, whatever!)

Get Out continued My point here is – the weather is beautiful and as the weeks go by is only going to become nicer as it cools down. Get out and walk, stroll, jog, RIDE A BIKE!!!! If you’re not a fan of hitting the streets and dealing with traffic never fear, there are a ton of great places to cruise by foot or by two wheels! Here are just a few: AUGUSTA CANAL NATIONAL HERITAGE TRAIL – This 7-mile trail can be accessed from several locations and is popular not only for biking and walking but also offer great spots to launch for a nice kayak or canoe ride down the canal. Parking is free at several trailheads which include the Canal Discovery Center at Enterprise Mill (downtown), Lake Olmstead (near downtown off of Broad Street), the Water Pump Station (Eisenhower Drive off of Washington Road), and Savannah Rapids Park near Martinez/Evans. FOLKS AREA TRAIL SYSTEM – This 37-mile loop style area through thick forest located near the South Carolina section of Clark’s Hill in Sumter National Forest offers a wonderful trail experience for mountain biking or hiking. Online reviews from riders rank this location in the high five stars. GREENWAY TRAIL – This paved 7+ mile trail created for walkers, joggers, and rode bicycles located in North Augusta has become one of the area’s most popular places for a scenic stroll or ride. Featuring five trailheads, the Greenway is easily accessible from several area s and for those looking to make a unique day of things, the Greenway passes through beautiful Hammond’s Ferry and near the Savannah River and offers great spots for a picnic, shopping, or indoor/outdoor dining. PENDLETON KING PARK TRAIL – This partially paved figure-8 trail blends a mix of pavement and nature within a nice park with cool views. Good for several forms of biking but just as good for walking, jogging and if getting exercise for yourself isn’t enough, there’s also a dog park located on the premises. Just off of Wrightsboro Road near Trinity Hospital. So now you’re armed with a list of cool spots to ride and with very little effort, you can find even more in the area. So GET OUT!!!! (By the way, I plan on pulling my bike out of the garage so if you see a long-haired guy wobbling oddly near parked cars and light poles, don’t be alarmed.)

I ended up in a 2-room cabin along the banks of Lake Burton in Batesville, Ga after leaving the Cleveland foothills and Mr. Bean’s 5th-Wheel. By this time I was beginning my transition away from Helen and into seclusion on the Lake. But before checking out of Fuessen’s Sister City, I swapped jobs slinging wursts to burn-n-turn snitzels and spatzlis for hungry tourists.

Miss Ann and I were working dinners there one evening. We’d finished up kitchen/dining room duties and headed up to the third floor. The building had 4 floors with the top one being a crow’s nest with a glockenspiel around it. You could see all of Helen from up there. I was always up to pour booze and that night there was nobody to tend bar. It was setting up for a great evening.

At this point, Ann and I were simply flirtatious coworkers. Precourtship stage if you will. But I’m trying to impress her with my Leonard owned the Alt Heidelberg Restaurant behind the game. She sat at the bar and there’s several other patrons sitting Christmas Shoppe in White Horse Square. He was such a along side. They are talking to each other and I’m cleaning and character, hell everyone in that joint was. There was an old organizing. “Ruggieri, can I get a margarita?” Ann asked. fella who walked from table to table playing his accordian, “One shot tequila, one splash of triple-sec, top with lemonwho was married to one of the waitresses. There was Mama, a mainstay waitress, who’s son Hansi had opened his own lime mix...” I went through the ingredients in my head. Got restaurant on Main Street, but tragically passed away some my salt ready. Poured the concoction in the silver mixing cup years ealier. Everyone knew Mama and everyone called that bartenders love to shake around and covered it with the her Mama. I believe her real name was Olga for the record. glass. Shaking the drink, I had no idea what stupidity I was Also waitressing was Nikomis, who’s father reminded me of about to commit. It wasn’t too busy with no band or loud a 7 foot tall viking. She was a soft-spoken flowery kid with crowds to distract me. All was clicking and my flirt-love was blazing red hair. Leonard’s wife Debbie was there at all hours getting an eyeful of this cool ass bartender making her a but mostly smoked a lot of cigarettes and wasn’t caught mexican classic. On the surface, I’m thinking GOLD. working as much. Ann, another waitress who I’d worked I finished mixing the cocktail and slammed the vessels with at the Wurst Haus was there as well. Some others came down as bartenders do to dislodge the glass from the mixing and went but these were the constants. cup. What I failed to acknowledge was that the glass was The kitchen was a small setup for such a big dining operation. a plastic cup. One of the cheapest, 10,000 per sleeve, kind. One “line”, designed efficiently for me to carry dinners alone So what happens when that much force impacts a microthin if needed, from apps to dessert to maintaining the dish-pit plastic cup full of happy margarita. Liquid explosion, a small even. It required some hustle, but Leonard had his systems scream of surprise, and my Ann was drenched in booze and in place and certain things pre-prepared that would keep the citrus. The jig was up. I was a cook, moonlighting as a socialshift smooth and me “out of the weeds”. It was enjoyable to chemist and failing for the most part. work for a Mom and Pop place but there were even more I’m not sure of it, but I’ve heard before that women find men perks to go along with it. Beers were awarded at breaks and the shifts always ended upstairs in the bar. If we were short who make them laugh attractive. She must’ve been laughing inside because her expression was anything but delight. a tender, I would trade the cook hat for the bar apron. Nevertheless, I got her the replacement drink. She must’ve One of the fondest memories I can remember goes forgiven me at some point because she married me, but only something like this. I’d never had any training for bartending. after many episodes of totally ridiculous behaviors on both our I learned by asking and watching and what little of that I parts. We were the oddest couple but attracted like opposites. retained, made me skilled enough to pour beers at best. So The rest is history.


About Our Cover Timi Conley is known as “One of the world’s most fluid guitarists” (Flagpole Magazine), frontman of a wildly diverse range of musical projects, and creator and Master of Ceremonies of Athens’ annual Halloween event, Wild Rumpus Parade & Spectacle, which draws thousands to Athens, GA every year in October. Conley’s musical influences range from Hendrix to hillbilly, Beck to bebop, Funkadelic to Flaming Lips… With a background in visual art, his style and compositions are creative, colorful, often surprising and always fun and thoughtprovoking. Timi commands attention from the second he hits the stage with his unique voice, world class guitar tone and playing, and natural charismatic persona (not to mention the infamous red fedora). Timi has toured at a national level… heavily throughout the Southeast, East Coast from Atlanta to Boston and New York, the Midwest through Nashville and Louisville, every ski town in Colorado, and the West Coast including Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles, making friends and winning fans at every performance. He has released six albums, including critics favorite, solo album “Nerd Sexy” and Kite to the Moon’s debut “POUNCE”, with a seventh, Timi and Kite to the Moon’s “Songs in the Key of OMG” set for a Fall 2015 Release and Tour.

980 Broad Street in Downtown Augusta (762) 992-0806

Games*Comics*Collectibles*RPG*Old School Concession Stand

Since opening its doors in 1991, downtown eatery and music venue Joe’s Underground has weathered several ownership changes while consistently delivering the best in homegrown downtown Augusta music and cuisine. In 2015 proprietor Jeremy LaFontaine (with help from Chef Vic) continues the long-standing tradition that locals have grown to expect from Joe’s Underground for nearly 25 years. Not content to just be another area business owner, LaFontaine carries pride and excitement for his place in the downtown business community.

WE GOES TO JOE’S with Jeremy and Stoney

“I was a little young in 1991,” says LaFontaine. “But from what I understand Joe’s and the Soul bar were the main places to go for a long time. Many places have come and gone and the music scene has changed quite a bit. However, there are tons of great new places downtown. I’m excited to see downtown Augusta grow with new bars, restaurants and shops.”

“We are committed to local music and host a wide array of music from rock, country, blues, hard rock, metal, folk, shock rock, and much more,” adds LaFontaine. “We feel people enjoy seeing many different styles of homegrown music and we are not afraid to give anyone a chance on stage. We will continue to bring in local, regional, and great acts from all walks of life in order to mix things up and provide people with great music from all genres.” While music remains a priority at Joe’s with LaFontaine striving to “support tons of local artist and provide a wide variety of local music every Friday and Saturday.” He believes that the food is the largest reason people continue to go to Joe’s Underground after two decades operating downtown.

“We have worked extremely hard making everything we can from scratch,” Said LaFontaine. “From hand cut meats and cheese all the way down to homemade jalapenos and pickles. Our Ruben, Cuban, and Philly sandwiches are some of the best around. We also have a huge cult following for Chef Vic’s pickles and jalapenos. We really take time in hand preparing every item on the menu and I think the quality shines through in the final product.” “We are different than any chain restaurant,” says LaFontaine. “We know how to make your dollar stretch and are committed to making a meal that really fits your individual wants and needs. Chef Vic and myself have hosted and worked catering from many different styles of food and continue to put our own unique spin on classic favorites as well as push the boundaries of taste and style.”

Quick Lunch Menu



Chicken, Beef, or Steak

Served w/ choice of chips, potato salad, coleslaw, cucumber salad, salsa(w/chips), french onion dip (w/ chips), or soup/chili.

Available in Half or Whole Portion


Joe’s Underground 144 8th St Augusta, Georgia

(706) 724-9457

Monday - 11:30am - Until Tuesday - 11:30am - Until Wednesday - 11:30am - 2:30am Thursday - 11:30am - 2:30am Friday - 11:30am - 2:30am Saturday - 5:00pm - 2:00am Sunday - Closed

House, Garden, Chef, Greek, Taco, Grilled Chicken

Grilled Cheese, Pimento Cheese, Homemade Chicken Salad, BLT, Club, Smokin’ Joe Sub, Chicken Salad Melt

Steak Salad

Joe’s Ruben

Romaine, Pico de Gallo, cucumbers, steak, and chipotle ranch

Homemade Chicken Salad Large scoop of chicken salad served on a garden salad served w/ crackers

Blackened Shrimp Salad Grilled shrimp seasoned w/ blackened seasoning atop a garden salad.

Housemade Cornbeef, Kraut, Swiss, Brown Mustard, and Housemade 1000 Island

Joe’s Special Grilled Cappicola, Provolone, Lettuce, Tomato, and House made Garlic Aioli

Grilled Pimiento Cheese and Bacon


ALCOHOL, THE PLIGHT OF YEAST The numbing tingle at the forefront Was nothing but the end result Of a struggle to survive Then to die by imbibement. We saw it all-Climbed to the roof. To solitude! To singularity. Perspective sanctuary. To know the highs amid the lows.

I’ve got blues too cool to be consumed by the fire in my heart.

HAZEL, GREEN AND GOLD Autumn falls, And trees drop leaves. Hazel, with gray eyes Counts them as they fall.

To bend, to bow. Willow winded souls sway. Gently rustling, she leaves. She goes.

Winter comes. She counts them all.

Hazel visits her favorite spot.

Dizzy eyed, they fall. Succumb to all mired souls Build walls to enclose.

I’ve got blues as deep as the ocean. (They surround me.) They’re all that I see. I’ve got blues that run red in my veins, carried by heart-beat.

Spring brings buds, Summer’s hot.

Oh casket oak! Brittle bones elope to entropy’s moat To cross bare burdens born of folk.

I’ve got blues so hot, that it’s over before it starts.

Waves wash ashore. Hazel waits for Autumn, And comes home.

Sustain me. Entertain me. Blues envelop you. Unfold me to behold me. Lady bathed in blue.

Bright plucked strings bring out words In between the dark, And the bright lit bar. As tart shots brought forth ideas freed of malaise. A serum seemingly (fleetingly) easing the pain of being.

THOSE EYES Somethin’ bout those wanderin’ eyes that keeps us from standing still. Is there an ever drifting Ithaca that recedes as we reach on Icarus wings? Can you trust its true if it wavers like a mirage in a land without rivers? There’s some spots to see the stars, And some spots you can’t. That’s just livin’ in an electrified land. You do what you can. It ain’t living if it’s easy, some say. Some say its just the stars to blame.

The ways to fame are a crooked path. There’s potholes, you know and plotholes, too. Passages of lack. Step on a crack, maybe break a back ain’t even your own. Its shown in the stars, they said. So he walks a crooked walk, with a crooked stick. Old man Hickory Dock ain’t never glued to the spot. He just walks. Treads a path, like a needle thread

Through a camel’s eye, or so the wall was writ. And the stars shone down in the spots they did. Old man Hickory Dock needs the needles through the lack, the sand that sticks to the hand, From the hourglass that cracks And cuts us all. Were we all one, once? Maybe some, maybe all. Worn out parts of the whole After the fall.


Chris Parker (11) is a student at Lakeside Middle School in Martinez, Ga.


Gaming, digital artwork/animation, and alto sax. Totino’s Party Pizza (Cheese) and Mr. Pibb. Rick and Morty, American Dad, and Spongebob

Let’s face facts. Kids are going to surpass us in most areas of the funny pages. Their minds aren’t dulled by the grind of adulting. Our funnies are for them. If you have a youngin that expresses an interest in drawing, comics, etc. We’d like to publish them. All submissions can be emailed to For now we’ll keep it greyscale but depending on the response, we’d love to upgrade to some brilliant color. Let’s see how it goes. Publisher

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American Wild Thing Issue 18  

2015 Finale

American Wild Thing Issue 18  

2015 Finale