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I wish I was a June Apple, hangin from a tree... As we transition into the solstice, I feel like reaching up and touching the sky. The sun can be oppressive at times, but shade trees offer sweet relief and a cool glass of lemonade will right things for you. We absolutely can’t wait for our great local artists to finish their transformer boxes so we can enjoy the hard work they put in. It’s a great project and thanks go out to all the sparky people who helped make it a reality. We’ve had an eye on yall from the get. We hope your Spring continues to be glorious and look forward to new adventures downtown. The City Awaits! EDITOR

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Heat, long evenings, and mosquitos Calvin Pennywell

Stand Up For Somebody

J.A. Snow

a rock uprising of fiery, killer style Alyce-Hannah Golderer

Information Age Courtship Iv

Busk to Dust

Julie Sibley John “Stoney” Cannon

Why Rooftop Solar is disruptive to utilities Seth Blumsack

Clarks Hill FIshing prospects and tips


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by Calvin Pennywell

Sit back. Chill for a bit or longer than you expected. Watch the sun press itself upon the trees and daisies pushing through the grass that you cut a week ago. Hear the birds speaking and watch the loose dogs jogging down the streets with their tongues out, looking for something to kill their thirst; murder it like it owes them gallons. Watch cars pass by with their windows down, bumping music as the 808s impregnate their trunks with bangs and rhythm, or scream out the sides alongside arms hanging out, catching the wind between the fingers. Make fun of the mosquitoes being repelled by the OFF! Brand repellent misting your body from wrists to ankles. Sip the ice tea. Sweet, of course. Gulp the lemonade and Dasani cooling your throat like a blessing from a working refrigerator. Listen as the air conditioner prepares the house for you before you decide to call it a day. You can only take the heat so long until a floor fan sounds more attractive than trying to bounce the basketball in dirt without having to alter your shot because of the sweat dripping over your eyes. This is what I see when I listen to Kool and The Gang’s “Summer Madness”. The calmness builds as I see everything the summer in Georgia has to offer in slow motion. I even picture customers going in and out of stores—women walking around in sundresses and sandals, holding their purses in the crease of their forearms and triceps, letting the air massage their skin before trying not to perspire between leaving the exit and unlocking their car doors. Men are legalizing their guns in tank tops and sleeveless shirts, showing off what they worked hard for after Thanksgiving break. I can smell the kids covered in chlorine after exiting the pools at their homes, complexes or local gyms. Their feet are smacking against the floors before parents instruct them to put on their shoes. Their smiles and giggles are too vibrant to be overcome with instructions on how to manage their fun. Summer in the south can a be a bit unwelcoming, dragging out the day with high temperatures and humidity, but it’s the perfect time to show some skin, devour some popsicles and hit the grill with barbeque and varied meats, from Polish sausages to steaks the size of Lebron James’ hands. If you haven’t purchased a grill, now would be the perfect opportunity. Nothing beats a nice cookout with friends and family stopping through, dropping off edible sides, jokes, and good conversations. It’s the best time for pick-up basketball games that last from sun to moon, and evening chats at dog parks while the German Shepherds and Pomeranians poop, pee and slob over tennis balls and random objects. Summer is the time where some mothers-to-be are in full bloom, waiting to welcome home new additions while their skin clears under the blue sky during outings. Volleyballs will be hit, soccer balls will be kicked, and bike rides will be enjoyed on sidewalks and at the North Augusta Greeneway Trail. One of my favorite songs to hear during this transitional season from Spring to Summer is “Summer Time” by Will Smith. Once this song makes its way to your eardrum, it melts into your memory, taking you back to when your parents couldn’t keep you inside if they threatened you. Before Xbox and PlayStation, it was neighborhood kickball, fireworks, walking back wood trails and Slip-n-Slides. Drinking cold-infested KoolAid was about as refreshing as gulping from the outside water hose when you didn’t want to rush in to pour a cup. Summer can be madness, but only when you don’t know how to utilize your surroundings. Enjoy yourself if you can. Take the kids to a park. Ride your bike down some back roads. Walk to the store instead of driving. Drown your feet in two-feet-deep water as you lean back and let the sun beat down on you with beautiful animosity. Accept the tan. Embrace the sounds and remember that like every great season, this happens only once a year, so make it a blast.




Look around you. Somebody needs you to stand up for them today. Maybe it’s helping their voice be heard at a meeting or supporting an idea they are afraid will be ridiculed. But be there for them. Look around again. Somebody stands up for you. They make time to hear what you have to say or defends you even when they don’t have to. Find a way to appreciate them this week.

know this will be hard to believe, but I was not a popular kid in Middle School. Short, scrawny, buzzed head and black plastic framed glasses (long before they were in style). Needless to say my friend count was able to fit on one hand. One such friend was Bruce. 7th grade found Bruce and me in gym class walking laps around the football field. Being an easy target for bullies, In the words of Kid President, “treat evI was chosen on a particular day I will never foreryone like it’s their birthday.” get. A fellow student, who had failed at least once and had the acne to prove it, turned around in the middle of our laps. He walked up to me and began Middle Schooler for life, to land blast me verbally. I had no idea why, but james aaron snow I know at that moment I wanted it to stop. Then Bruce stepped between us. The bully told Bruce to step out of the way, but he didn’t. Instead Bruce antagonized the guy to divert attention off of me. He did this so well that the bully punched him square in the nose. And Bruce went down. By that point the other students were spectating and I was in fear that my face was next. But Bruce stood up, blood gushing down his nose onto his shirt and the ground. He antagonized the bully again, remaining a line of defense in front of me. This time the punch connected with his left eye. Down again, up again. By this point the teachers were rushing across the field and pulling the two apart. Bruce went to the hospital in an ambulance. The next day found his face swollen and eye black. The bully wasn’t seen for a number of weeks, but when he returned…he never messed with me again.


Coffee Alchemist & Urban Culture Guerrilla

A Rock Uprising of Fiery Killer Style

Story: Alyce-Hannah Golderer Originally published in Vol. 4 Issue 4 of SCENEAZINE “There’s a legend around here. A killer buried, but not dead…” ~ Friday the 13th, the movie Ask anybody in Augusta, Ga., which band puts on the most… interesting show? That might be the conservative, ordinary person’s word describing who won Lokal Loudness’ 2014 Science Friction Award for Favorite New Artist. It definitely does NOT describe the visuallyenticing consummation of hard-rockin’ music and performance art that makes up their shows. The answer fails to even mention the embodiment of horror movie ambiance that is vital to the unbelievable-until-you-seethem band, Chainsaw Masscara. And in only a couple of years, they are legendary in the city of Augusta. Headed up by admitted Hell Barbie lead singer Claire Storm, Chainsaw puts on a show, a true dramatic event, which rivals any rock theater production seen in bigger cities across the nation. Storm said of the group’s unforgettable style, “You have to hear it to really understand it… it’s a total experience!” And, “total experience” means they enable audiences to escape their reality, starting with a collage of shock rock-style fashions, which mold horror movie icons, like Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, with other movie fetishes, such as the Stormtrooper clones of science-fiction movie series, Star Wars. Then, reenacted scenes from such classics as 70’s cult favorite, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, are ground in with the mortar and pestle of Storm’s voice as she plays Frankenfurter. Added to all that are the terrifyingly great skills of the other band members: Pablo Bravo, the musical director and drummer for the group; Brint Lollar, who is lead guitarist and the spitting-image voice of Brad; and the newest rock-scare member, bassist and mystery to many, Ghost. To be sure the band has a well-rounded membership, there are also some very lovely, lady backup dancers, the wickedly-charming Chainsaw Girls. Accessories to the act, which cannot be forgotten even if one wanted to, are the special effects executed during performances. Fire-breathing, up close and very personal, ensures no one in the audience is going to sleep before it’s over. And the abundance of blood flowing freely from Storm’s mouth, while she sings and the band plays a Kiss cover, is so well-done it would make Gene Simmons proud. The result is an interactive, fully-engaging encounter with rock music-theater at its darkest and most divine....

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INFORMATION AGE COURTSHIP PART IV In the final installment of the series we explore the remaining types of semi-permanent and more permanent types of dating relationships. Remember the First Rule of Dating: A person who is unhappy when you meet them is not going to “get happy” because of the gift of your presence or even if you begin having sex with them. It may temporarily lift them out of their usual frame of mind; however, at some point all chickens come back home where they started from to roost! In Part 4 of this series, the same criteria that were applied in the preceding three sections will be used.

The 3 Relationship Criteria: •Companionship- time spent without the phone in your hand •Romance-includes affection, thoughtfulness ,and consideration •Sex- how much, when and what kind? Winter Romances are a lively, short term seasonal affairs which most often includes lots of medicinal sex. Sometimes what is good for the body can also be good for the soul! Medicinal sex with a caring partner is a gift that you give yourself, not just for the physical release or relief, but also it can be a balm for times of emotional duress. Typically, both people know that for whatever the reasons, “ it ain’t gonna last.” The person you get involved with may not be someone you’re especially compatible with emotionally. They might be on the rebound from the last serious relationship and can’t take you or anyone else to heart right now. So instead, they will take you to bed.

BY JULI SIBLEY In cold weather, the desire for cuddling and a warm body to curl up to can override other types of barriers & normal selection processes that go into forming a relationship. At least for a few months, the companionship and sex can outweigh any other considerations. Until the buds spring forth……. Summer Flings can be vacation oriented and short ( count the days) affair. The medicinal quality of this liaison may be the “just passing thru” aspect a of it all. Nobody has any real expectations of it being a ‘serious’ liaison. What’s fun about a Summer Fling is the Pretend Romance- flowers everywhere- short, or long- term stress. If both partners are living in the same locale, it could just be a break in the action from a long dry spell without touching, affection, or sex. So forget the dinner and a movie - just show up later and leave first thing in the morning. Sometimes, more information just isn’t necessary! For a woman who appreciates sex for its’ own sake, a partner who is only appropriate for a short time is something she can appreciate in the overall context of her truest soul life. As the leaves begin to turn, she will feel ready to be on her own again and glad for the passionate exchanges with another person who helped regenerate parts of her psyche and reaffirm life’s pleasures. It is a verification of heart and soul! An encounter with the somewhat rare breed of Teaser Stallion can be unforgettable. It can also be reviving and even life changing. The best Teaser Stallion I ever met so lit my inner fires that within 2 weeks I had received serious romantic inquiries from three old and new male friends, who expressed interest in more than friendship. It was as undeniable as it was unexplainable, this attraction the Teaser Stallion ignited; we both felt it like a rip tide current taking hold of both of us. We were from different worlds and in the brief interlude I knew him, his admiration and appreciation for my spirit and physical being filled me with a new passion and self-appreciation for who I was as a WOMAN. I am telling you - I have never been hotter! Even when I was a babe in my 20’s! The flirtation with him lighted the magnetic attraction energy within me that was a palpable force that you could feel in my presence… That is what Teaser Stallions do; they bring to you an awareness and appreciation of your being that kindles your physical passions. It is an amazing gift when one comes into your field and gets you dreaming about what you used to do or what you could be doing, in a state of full sensual awareness….

With or without heavy breathing or groping, this man is unable to be with you because he is not emotionally available or able to be personally present in your life. No matter how much you think you may want him, -He Is Not FOR You! The Teaser Stallion may not ever be free to be with you, so don’t be fooled by his overtures, excuses, or pleading eyes. If you get thrown after “a ride” with him it will be a hard fall that may leave you broken. He may very well appear to be everything you have been seeking in a man, however, if he is not available - any ‘relationship’ with him is only an illusion. Who was it that said, “Women can fake an orgasm, but men can fake a whole relationship?” The Teaser Stallion’s true gift is his ability to open you up for the man who is running towards you and is truly ready to be with you. The Teaser Stallion’s only permanent place in your life that he brings delivery of a fancy wrapped up Gift, - - a new frame of mind, which is a lasting and very real and tangible aspect of your inner and outer beauty. This is what a woman true to herself will hold onto. A Boyfriend always has your best interests at heart, even when you momentarily lose your ‘composure’ and are about to do, say, drink, or eat something detrimental to your being! Boyfriends have more privileges and responsibilities than other kinds of dates. He is not a Boyfriend just because your friends call this particular guy your ‘boyfriend’ when they can’t remember this latest one’s name! He may turn out to be a Temporary Boyfriend anyway, you won’t know for awhile if there are any real deal breakers. Some types of courtship link the 2 partners into a more serious and committed relationship that is sealed by the amount of time spent together. Many months or much longer has sealed the relationship that both parties think of as a Girlfriend/Boyfriend Romance. Or, sweetest of all, the man asks you the question to make it official, kinda like when you used to get asked to “go steady.” However, dating someone for a long time does not automatically make him a Boyfriend. No matter how much you like him or want him to be a Boyfriend. If the man does not bond with you emotionally, is unable to be monogamous, works or is absent so much of the time that he misses important events in your life - he is not a Boyfriend. Hopefully, if you do have a man like this in your life, you are getting a whole lot of something you really like! You can claim him as a Boyfriend when he acts the part. YOU are the first consideration over family members, children, pets, other responsibilities and possessions. These other things can have places of major importance in his life, however, if your wants and needs aren’t uppermost much of the time - he just isn’t really ‘serious.’ A real Boyfriend is available to you to talk over the decisions and choices of his life with you AND h expects you, to share the same with him. The basic idea is that the two of you are forming a team. You don’t have to agree on everything, you just share in the choices, opinions expressed, thoughts, wishes, hopes, dreams, and beliefs.

Boyfriends are part of all major life episodes. Including: packing up and moving, professional changes, family & friend dynamics. Things like birthday parties, tending to you after a snake bite, lazy Sunday afternoons, painting the kitchen, or teaching a new dog to walk on a leash are all of the many parts of Boyfriend responsibilities and privileges. There are also the household duties & the sweetness of whatever kind of attention you are partial to sharing with him on a regular basis. Boyfriends generally get to see you naked every day, get to know where you are going, and with whom, & as well as when you will be home. A Boyfriend gets all the benefits of the things you do for him via the gifts and surprises of your time, energy, money, and love! A Fiance is the former Boyfriend who gives you a diamond ring, among other things! Even if you don’t have the ring yet or don’t want one - the “Marry Me?” question, has been asked, by one of you, discussed, and agreed upon. This is the time to seriously ponder the feasibility of living together - if you’re not already doing so. As the final part of courtship before marriage, this time is reserved for working out the actual arrangements of How-What & Where to merge households, incomes, friends, relatives, and the rest of your stuff, including any emotional baggage that you’re still attached to having. Many wise women today are insisting on a Marriage Encounter workshop as a preparation to resolving any serious obstacles to the ‘happily ever after part’ of the rest of your lives. States now sponsor these, as do churches and counseling services to help couples discover if their life goals are compatible or if they have unrealistic expectations about marriage. This saves on the high cost of divorce for the court system and it is to your benefit as well, as the closer you are to retirement age, the more you want to greatly consider what will enhance your lifestyle, and avoid stress and financial upheaval. So this final act of ‘taking it to the next level’ with a Fiance is the part of courtship where you’ll want to get very comfortable with this man getting the top-notch spot in your life. He is the first consideration. His likes and dislikes, work or retirement schedules, man-cave, hobbies, and family activities, are now a priority in your life as well. If there is something in any of these habits or preferences that you may not be comfortable with doing or having, this is the time to resolve these or any other issues. The final stage is a continuum of the dance of companionship, romance, and sex in a generally agreed upon order of importance, amongst the workings of everyday life. Long courtships prepare us for being together as we practice being on the same team. The challenges involved are the places where we have the greatest opportunities for emotional and spiritual growth. Adequate preparation, just like planning for a long trip, ensures that you keep your Good Times together on the mainstage of your lives. And, finally, it’s the comforts and bliss of being together and the love you bring into the world that makes the ride on this planet worthwhile!

Juli Sibley is a designer, teacher, and writer from the North Georgia mountains. Her kinfolk are from the CSRA going back to the Civil War era. She currently lives in Augusta part of the year, where she has worked as an Art Faculty member at GRU.

In 1956, an Atlanta record store owner came across a blues artist performing on the street for quarters and coaxed him into his store with the promise of corn liquor. Once inside, the store owner, Edward Rhodes caught what many believe to be one of recording artist Blind Willie McTell’s final performances on tape. Within three years McTell would pass away and those recordings and others over time would help build his legend. With McTell’s passing began the slow death of traveling southern acoustic troubadours and the start of music changing from being primarily cultural expression to becoming big business. Quarters once tossed into cups and guitar cases were now being tossed into jukeboxes and into the hands of salesmen hawking the latest hit albums by white artists homogenizing black music (or as it was called back then – race music) in order to pull a more vibrate style of music out of segregated obscurity and into the mainstream consciousness. Basically white boys took the blues and “electrified” it. There he plays seated on sidewalk concrete, back resting against a downtown building built before he was born. Before his father and his father’s father was born. Heck, there’s a good chance the brick and mortar piece of Augusta history was built before Blind Willie McTell himself was brought into this world in May of 1898. His guitar is probably a bit nicer than Willie’s and surely the guitar case posing as a tip jar is definitely nicer. Chances are ol’ Willie probably didn’t even have a case. A hundred years have probably passed since Willie first busked on a dusty Georgia street and a lot has changed in that time. This street musician, while a bit

rough around the edges, is whole lot paler, his version of the blues a lot less soulful, and his shoes more than likely, a lot more comfortable. Willie’s blues was filled with women and booze, and the devil. This young man, one of the last of a long, slow dying breed, sings blues based on depression, an ongoing war with his folks, and laments about how he can’t understand how his girlfriend left him for a nicer, more wellrounded kid. The last time acoustic guitars were at the forefront of popular music was in his grandfather’s youth – the 1960’s when folk artists filled with a mix of old timey standards and self-penned protest songs about the state of life in the United States roamed the roads and towns of America in a kind of throwback to Mark Twain type days. He was passed down the story about how Robert Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan plugged in, turned up and while angering folk traditionalists, helped turn popular music onto its then guarded ear. The world went from songs about “Purple People Eaters” to trippy tunes about “Purple Haze.” At that moment, not even Ritchie Haven’s, armed with an acoustic and matchbook for a pick, could save acoustic music at Woodstock. The electricity had been turned on and the Manson Murders and Altamont would drive a temporary stake into acoustic music until the unplugged craze of the 1980’s and 90’s. But that was his grandfather’s, and his father’s, Augusta. And now this is his. Each Augusta filled with a different aura. And a different soul. Over a hundred years since Blind Willie McTell first settled into a dusty street corner to play the blues, the blues still ring out in Thomson, Georgia each year in honor of the bluesman who brought a bit of blues legend to the area. The acts that play these days may be a bit louder, and sometimes a bit more electric, but the blues have never died. No matter the volume or the tint, or even the style. Acoustic music…actual acoustic roots music is an entirely different story.

Bu s k to Du st The Slow D eath o f Acou stic Mu sic i n Augu sta by Joh n Ston ey Can non

Like any other city in the world, music in Augusta has grown and changed and so have the musicians. Rockers who cranked out hair metal tunes in the 80’s eventually swapped out for alternative Seattle tunes in the 90’s. Alternative and punk rockers who roamed downtown in the late 80’s and early 90’s have somehow found their way into Americana music and in some cases, modern country. But musicians who ended the 70’s rocking southern rock and blues? The ones who are still performing still play pretty much the blues. Along the way just about everyone has delved into “unplugged” territory but few have concentrated on it outside of older musicians. Until recently. The internet reports that the strong cities for street busking in the state of Georgia are Atlanta and Savannah. Augusta sits between the two as far as size. But take a look at the musicians performing on the sidewalks of Augusta and you see something unique yet common between them all. Most are relatively young, white males raised on a hint of alternative and emo music with a path that has veered them towards new bluegrass or folk artists. Some of the buskers moonlight in this eras version of punk bands. Even the rare African American busker is more emo artist than bluesman. But then again, it’s all the blues. It’s only rock and roll. The last ten years or so have seen the arrival of incredible acoustic singer/songwriters in the CSRA with most realizing the limited potential of Augusta for acoustic music and choosing to instead travel or relocate. Even with that fact, the last few years the bands that have stood out from the pack have been acoustic roots based groups such as Sibling String, Delta

Cane, and She N She. But despite a bit of a revival at the turn of the millennium, featuring artists like Steven Jackson, Galen Kipar, and eventually Will McCranie, Josh Pierce, Carey Murdock, Allison Foster, and a few more, solo acoustic music has sadly become more about an artist having to try and fight for volume over a loud bar crowd while trying to get through a long night of covers and drunken request for overplayed songs like “Margaritaville” and “Wagon Wheel.” The only way it seems like an acoustic singer/songwriter can honestly ply his craft is on the street, old school style. Before he packs up and heads on his way, perhaps to use some of his earning on coffee or a sandwich at a downtown eatery, the street musician takes a last look around as if there’s one last thing that he expects to happen before he leaves. No such luck. One last song and a nod. Leaning down to place his guitar securely in its case he hears footsteps, he stands and turns and hears the words it seems every acoustic busker dreads. “Any chance you know ‘Wagon Wheel?’” With a slight smile he replies. “Nah, but if you come back tomorrow, I’ll play you ‘Statesboro Blues.’” The kid might not realize it, but he’s just made Blind Willie smile up in blues Heaven.

A report earlier this month detailed how electric utilities were working through state regulators to stunt the spread of rooftop solar, the latest tactic in a campaign an industry group started three years ago. What worries utilities so much? At one level, the problem is obvious: customers with rooftop solar panels buy less energy and pay less to utilities. But the issue is not limited to giant utility companies’ earnings potential. After all, we all use electricity and rely on utilities to maintain the power infrastructure. Why is solar so threatening to utilities? And how is the rapid growth of solar changing how the grid works? The answers lie in the sometimes-arcane world of electric utilities and their business model. In all the change, though, there needs to be a discussion over how solar fits into the grid and how to ensure grid reliability. DISRUPTIVE Power-generating panels, called solar photovoltaics (PV), represent the fastest-growing source of electric power in the United States. In percentage terms, installed PV has grown four-fold over the past several years, and costs have fallen as rapidly as installations have risen. The point of so-called “grid parity,” where the cost of generating electricity

from solar PV falls to the point of being competitive with conventional power generation sources such as coal or natural gas, appears to be fast approaching. In some states, most notably Hawai’i, it has probably already arrived. Large-scale solar power plants will continue to get built. But it is in the many millions of rooftops (and in the future, building facades) where the real potential for solar energy as a disruptive technology is taking shape. By installing solar panels, a consumer pays the utility less and, for the first time, becomes an energy producer rather than a consumer only. Electric utilities in many states have responded in ways that, on the surface, conjure up stereotypical images of big companies trying to crush small competitors. Utilities have asked their state regulators to assess high fees on homeowners that install solar PV panels but maintain their connection to the electric grid. An Arizona utility, for instance, proposed levying a monthly US$50 grid interconnection fee for consumers with solar PV. Net metering rules – which allow homeowners to sell surplus electricity from their solar panels back to the grid - are being challenged as well. Utilities are seeking additional restrictions on net metering or to reduce the price they pay homeowners for this surplus power. MONOPOLIES BEHAVING BADLY?

The loss of revenue from solar PV is primarily happening in sunny states such as California and Arizona but also in less-sunny New Jersey and others states with generous solar incentive programs. But what happens when utilities – which, after all, are in the business of selling electricity – continue to lose business? The more kilowatt-hours generated by rooftop solar panels, the fewer kilowatt-hours sold by utilities. With fewer kilowatt-hours sold, utilities have a harder time justifying investments in new power stations, transformers and other types of capital investments that utilities earn money from. While it makes economists cringe, the use of the political system to disadvantage competitors is hardly a novel business strategy. Yet the response of some utilities to the rapid growth in rooftop solar cannot, however, be so simply portrayed as incumbents guarding their turf at all costs. Electric utilities have a unique role in society and the economy, one that is rooted in a set of arrangements with state regulators that goes back nearly a century. In exchange for being granted a geographic monopoly on the distribution of electric power, the utility is responsible for ensuring that its transmission and distribution systems operate reliably. In other words, it is the utility’s responsibility to ensure that blackouts occur infrequently and with short duration.


SETH BLUMSACK Associate Professor at Pennsylvania State University reprint Courtesy of

Regulators, meanwhile, need to allow the utility to recover the costs associated with maintaining the grid infrastructure and ensuring reliability. So ultimately, the costs of building and maintaining a reliable system fall, for the most part, on utilities and their ratepayers. INFAMOUS DUCK CURVE At first blush, the rise in rooftop solar installations would seem like a boon for reliability - after all, solar panels can be installed so that peak solar PV production is roughly correlated with the hours of peak electricity demand. The more power that is taken off the grid and placed onto solar panels, it would seem, the lower the blackout risk is. There is some truth to this. In fact, electric system operators have been paying customers to take demand off the grid for many years during times when the grid is stressed. But because the boom in rooftop solar PV is not controlled by utilities, there are some genuine implications for the cost of keeping the rest of the grid operating reliably. With enough rooftop solar, the daily patterns of power supply and demand change dramatically. One of the best-known analyses of this change and its potential costs is known as the “duck curve” from the California Independent System Operator (see figure, above). A typical day’s electricity demand in California has historically featured two peaks – one in the morning and a larger one in the afternoon. There’s a trough, or “shoulder,” period between them. Fleets of different power plants are fired up to meet this pattern of daily electricity

demand and to match the ramp-up and ramp-down. Now that California has substantial solar on its grid, the daily demand curve is starting to look very different. With solar panels cranking out power during the midday hours, the overall demand for power from the grid – that is, from central power plants – during the shoulder period in the middle of the day declines substantially. Solar PV energy production could grow so much that by 2020 the demand for grid-provided electricity would be lower at 12:00 noon than at 12:00 midnight. The two peak periods form the head and tail of the duck; this dip in the middle of the day forms the belly of the duck.

telephone company. The rise of “cord cutters” - people with a cell phone but no land-line - places land-line phone companies in a quandary. They must continue to maintain their network infrastructure with fewer customers to pay for it. Electric utilities are not quite there yet, but the day could well be coming. Unused power plants could be retired, but electric transmission lines, substations and other delivery infrastructure generally cannot simply be declared unused and retired because that infrastructure is collectively needed for reliability. Ratepayers typically support this infrastructure through the several cents paid for every kilowatt-hour they consume.

CORD CUTTING FROM THE GRID Normally, lowering the demand for electricity would be good for society. Costs would decline and stress on the grid would decrease. But the deep dip in grid demand during the middle of the day – the duck’s belly – has significant implications for the costs of keeping the grid operational. It is not the case necessarily that fewer power plants would be needed. Instead, different power plants would be needed - ones that could rapidly adjust output to offset the rise in solar PV production. The solution may well involve a mix of power plants and other strategies to control demand during certain hours. California has recently set up an entirely new market for this so-called “ramping” capability, and the costs will eventually trickle down to ratepayers in the state. The second implication for the cost of maintaining reliability will seem familiar to anyone who has thought about the

Homeowners that install solar PV are, in most places, shifting the cost of this infrastructure to ratepayers that have not installed solar panels. There is thus the potential to create a type of “death spiral.” The more homeowners that install rooftop solar, the more expensive the grid maintenance costs become for everyone else, which in turn encourages more homeowners to install solar panels to avoid higher utility costs. In the near term, states with high penetration of rooftop solar may need to restructure how the grid is paid for. This technology will eventually force a conversation about the fundamental role of the electric utility and who should have ultimate responsibility for providing reliable electricity, if anyone. Going off the grid has a certain appeal to an increasing segment of the population, but it is far from clear that such a distributed system can deliver the same level of reliability at such a low cost.

2015 Clarks Hill Fishing Prospects & Tips Courtesy of WWW.GeorgiaWildlife.Com



LARGEMOUTH BASS Prospect: Tagging project results indicate a high release rate. This combined with strong year classes resulted in numerous small bass available. Anglers are encouraged to harvest catches. In doing so, more 3-plus pounders will be available in the future. Good shad spawns are helping to put some weight on bass.

Technique: Crank, spinner, and jerk baits work year-round. Try top water plugs in the spring and fall. In mid-winter, jigging spoons in creek channels or where bait fish “bunch up� is a great tactic.

Target: Bass tend to congregate away from the banks after the spawn. In the fall and winter, target Grays, Lloyds and Rousseau creeks in the Little River arm and Soap, Murray and Fishing creeks in the main Savannah River arm. For great fall surface action, fish over hydrilla beds. In the spring and summer, target Bussey Point, and Cliatt, Cherokee and Big creeks. Year-round productivity rests in the flats around the confluence of the Savannah and Broad rivers.

HYBRID BASS Prospect: Strong year classes in recent years are producing good numbers. The average hybrid bass will be 3-5 pounds. Technique: Best technique: drifting live blueback herring using your trolling motor to control speed and direction. Jigging spoons near drop-offs, ledges or humps in 20-30 feet of water. By summer and into fall, dead or cut bluebacks, shad and large minnows on the bottom work well. For schooling fish in late summer and fall, bucktails, Gotcha shad and pencil-poppers work well. Target: During winter and early spring, target Big Creek, the Little River near Germany Creek upstream of Holiday Park, Soap Creek, the north bank of the reservoir above the dam and major creeks near Bussey Point. Hot spots for summer and fall: the mouths of major feeder creeks and rivers.

STRIPED BASS Prospect: Strong, recetn, year classes are producing good numbers. The average striped bass will be 6-8 pounds. Numerous linesides in the 10 -20 lb class range will be caught along with a few over 40 lb.

Technique: Best technique: drifting live blueback herring using your trolling motor to control speed and direction. Planer boards are great for covering a broad area with the added capability of putting the bait where the boat cannot go. Other techniques: Slowly troll redfins, Norman lures or roostertails 80-100 feet behind the boat; jigging spoons near drop-offs, ledges or humps in 20-30 feet of water. By summer and into fall, dead or cut bluebacks, shad and large minnows on the bottom work well. For schooling fish in late summer and fall, bucktails, Gotcha shad and pencil-poppers work well. Target: During winter and early spring, target Big Creek, the Little River near Germany Creek upstream of Holiday Park, Soap Creek, the north bank of the reservoir just above the dam and major creeks near Bussey Point. Hot spots for summer and fall: the mouths of major feeder creeks and rivers.

2015 Clarks Hill Fishing Prospects & Tips Courtesy of WWW.GeorgiaWildlife.Com

CATFISH Prospect: In recent years, several 40-plus pound flathead catfish have been caught. Numerous channel catfish up to 6 pounds will be caught. Technique: Chicken livers, cut bluebacks, shrimp and worms work best. Target: Little River near Holiday Park and White Bass Island; also Keg, Germany, Big and Hart Creeks and the Broad River.

BREAM Prospect: Redear sunfish and bluegill are available. You don’t want to miss the shellcracker spawn in late April and early May. Sunfish are generally large, ranging between 1/2 to 3/4 pound, and easy to catch. Technique: Crickets, worms, grubs, spinners, flies or wasp larvae. Target: Target Keg, Lloyd, Grays, Cliatt, Soap, Big and Fishing Creeks. Fish attractos also are excellent spots, holding good numbers of bluegill and other sunfish after the spawn.

CRAPPIE Prospect: DNR sampling from previous two falls indicate tremendous crappie fishing in 2015! Crappie catches will average 1/2 pound with bigger fish weighing 2 pounds and up. Technique: Small jigs with or without minnows. Bring an assortment of colors to determine what they are hitting on. Target: In spring, target Soap, Grays, Pistol and Newford creeks and Little River near Raysville. During late summer and fall, fish under bridges. For pre-spawn action in the winter, try the backs of creeks such as Big, Hart, Dry Fork, Knoblick and Cherokee.

PICKEREL Prospect: The chain pickerel (a.k.a. jackfish) population has steadily increased since the mid-1990s, and is largely attributed to the spread of submerged aquatic vegetation in Clarks Hill. Technique: Best bets: variety of weedless lures and surface plugs. Also, a wobbling spoon with trailing pork rid, plastic lizards and hollow-faced chugger type surface plugs are good best.

Target: Cliatt, Grays, Cherokee, and Keg creeks.

OTHER SPECIES Prospect: Sampling efforts indicate plenty of white perch. Tons of fun on lightweight tackle. Makes an excellent meal. Technique: Small jigs, spoons or minnows work best. Target: Look in 20-60 feet of water near ledges, drop-offs and standing timber.


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