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Versatile Device for Working Efficiently

Up to 10 Times the Power Possible ! Two work openings with different shapes in combination with the rotation, make the VarioBucket the most universal bucket in the market. Whilst cleaning and newly digging a ditch, the bucket's V-shaped opening makes it possible to achieve an enormous performance increase when "dragged". The rectangular opening also provides top efficiency when removing hard shoulders. Retracing of banks and slopes, digging or cleaning of V-shaped ditches can be carried out efficiently when "dragging". Particularly when cleaning ditches, the round bottom enables you, when "dragging", to achieve a compaction of the ditch or the slope or bank toe and therefore a longer service life. Since the material must often be removed, material savings provide a further economic advantage when compared to the technique of digging ditches sideways with a wide bucket. Due to its two openings and the special shape, the VarioBucket may save a lot of time and money in other applications as well. For instance, owing to its V-shape, when digging and back-filling pipe trenches, when back-filling sand over pipes and cables. The material is picked up, as is done with the wheel loader in the dipper, and then dumped precisely on the spot by means of the V-shape. The VarioBucket is also used in in the forest, landscaping or road-building sector - sectors where much manual work was necessary up to now. Here, a lot of potential can yet be realised.

Unique Design

Unbeatable Flexibility

Always in Top Form: Unique technology:

• Two work openings

(V-shaped and rectangular)

• Large side panel face,

round bottom, high stability, Low dead weight

Fine-grained steel, robust and wear-resistant

All-round usability ! • Precise dumping of sand during pipe and cable laying

• Placing and stripping of shoulders and embankments

• Construction & dewatering of machine roads

• Digging and cleaning of

ditches incl. inlets and outlets of water passages

• Back-filling of potholes in waterbound roads and paths




Dead weight


up to operating

up to operating

(kg) [approx.]


Rotary drive

weight of (t) (track) weight of (t) (mobile)

Pays for itself within just 4 weeks' duty!

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• High-quality materials

With each ¼ turn a different profile

Your authorised Holp sales partner:

For excavators ranging from an operating weight of 2 to 25 tons

made in Germany

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