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Teen Succeed Baseball By: David P. O’Donnell Featuring: Andy Proetti

Introduction In this power point You will see Andy and how he plays the game of baseball. All the different ways he caches and waits and even resting in-between innings. This is a great way to see Andy play baseball and see each little thing he does while it is being described to you.

Bench Warming  In this lovely picture of Andy he is doing the most important part of any sport. He is resting to get ready for the next inning. In any sport you need rest or else you will get too tired and not be able to play you full capability.

Changing of the Innings  Changing of the innings is when the other team get three outs and they switch from batting to fielding. This is Andy switching from fielding to batting.

Warming Up Second Base  Andy is on first base throwing the ball back and fourth with second base so he and second base player will be warmed up for the inning.

Scouting it Out  In this photo the batter that you can not see is about to hit and Andy has to watch for where the ball goes and seeing how he can make the play.

Getting the Out  Quickly after the last picture Andy saw the ball go over to third so he quickly ran to first and is waiting for the ball to make the out.

Warming up Third  After Andy got the out at first he had a slight time of extra time so he was getting ready to throw the ball to third to keep his arm and third bases arm warmed up.

Getting Another Out  In this picture Andy was thrown a ball from second base and the throw was not very good so Andy had to adjust by squatting down to grab the ball.

Pop Up  The other team was up to bat and Any was on first when the batter hit a pop fly right over first base right over Andy’s head so he quickly back peddled and found the ball in the sky as he dove to grab it.

Suspense  The suspense as Andy waits to see how far the man on first is going to lead of the base to have the pitcher throw a quick ball to first base and get the third out for the inning. Andy waits for that ball top come in.

Waiting Game  The ball was just hit to short stop so Andy saw the play in motion and had to react as fast as he could. He runs to first base and waits anticipating when short stop will throw the ball to him.

Changing Positions  In this picture Andy’s coach decided it would be a good idea to try Andy out on a new base so he put him on third, where he waits for the play and the new inning to start.

Waiting Around  Andy and all the other players are waiting around the field because the umpires have to come together and talk about the previous play. They have to all come to an agreement so as they do that Andy has nothing else to do but wait around.

Back at First  After being at third base for a couple innings Andy’s coach decided to put him back on first base and continue the game there. It turns out that first base suits him much better than third base according to coach.

Gave Over

 Unfortunately the game is over and Andy’s team had lost. The score was 20 Andy with 0. It was a good game and as you can see in the picture Andy keeps his head up high as he walks of the baseball field.

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