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General Information The School Day: Starting Finishing Dinner Break time time Nursery

9.05am 1.30pm





9.15am 3.10pm


In the interest of pupil safety: = All pupils should enter and exit the school by the gate where the Road Crossing Patrol is situated. = Children should not arrive in school before 9am as responsibility for their safety cannot be accepted before that time. = Should a child be absent from school for any reason, parents should provide a note of explanation for his/her absence.

School Uniform Structure and Organisation of School: Chairman of Board of Governors: Mr. Kevin Campbell Principal: Mr. Peter McDonnell Vice-Principal: Mrs. Ann Murphy Senior Management: Miss. Paula Mulkerns K.S.2 Mrs. Mary McGahon K.S.1 Teachers: Mrs. Mary McGahon Mrs. Katrina Nolan Mrs. Ann Morrow Mrs. Orla Murphy Miss. Ciara Crawley

Mrs. Louise O’Hagan Mrs. Ann Murphy Miss. Paula Mulkerns Mr. Brendan Tierney Miss. Elaine McCann


Mrs. Paula Byrne


Mrs. Kay Rodgers

= Any parent collecting a child before the end of the school day should speak with the Principal and obtain his permission before removing the child.

Classroom Assistants: Mrs. Grainne Gregory Mrs. Grainne Quinn Mrs. Sandra McCrink Miss. Andrea Hayes

= If it is necessary to change for any reason, the usual arrangement for the collection of your child, please inform the teacher in writing.

Nursery Assistant: Mrs. Denise Bellew Domestic Assistants: Mrs. Martina McKinley

School Uniform: It is important that each child come to school neat and tidy. We are proud of our school uniform, which reflects the individuality of our school and offers to all children a common form of dress. Our uniform is as follows:-



Royal blue v-necked jumper

Royal blue cardigan or v-necked jumper

Grey trousers

Grey skirt or pinafore

Light blue shirt

Light blue shirt

Blue/navy striped tie

Blue/navy striped tie Royal blue socks or tights



Grey tracksuit bottoms

Grey tracksuit bottoms

Light blue polo shirt

Light blue polo shirt

Black plimsolls

Black plimsolls

(short grey trousers during the warmer months is acceptable) Please be sure to mark clearly your child’s entire belongings with his/her name, using indelible ink.

Supervisory Assistants: Mrs. Brigid Gartland Mrs. Julie Cunningham Mrs. Kay Rodgers Mrs. Paula Crawley Caretaker: Cleaner: Kitchen: Bus Drivers:

Mr. Tom Mulholland Mrs. Paula Crawley Mrs. Elaine Murphy (Cook) Mrs. Ann Johnson Mrs. Bernie Ferguson Mr. Aidan McCann Mr. Michael Bennett Mr. Mark Savage

Road Crossing:

Mrs. Bernie Ferguson

In addition to our permanent staff the school receives support from The SELB’s School Curriculum Support Service. Page 

St Mary’s Primary School Prospectus

St Mary’s Primary School Prospectus


Prospectus Page 5  

BOYS GIRLS Royal blue v-necked jumper Royal blue cardigan or v-necked jumper Grey trousers Grey skirt or pinafore Light blue shirt Light blu...

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