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Health & Education

Health & Education The drug education programme is delivered through, Science (P6-P7), R.E., P.H.S.E.’ and P.E. Its deliver is cross-curricular. Outside agencies are used to deliver anti-smoking and drinking messages. All P7 pupils are encouraged, through their Confirmation pledge, to abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol. Though St. Mary’s is a Primary School and actual abuse among pupils has never been an issue, we do recognise from experience how vulnerable some of our past pupils have been, as early as their first post primary school year.

Visits from Medical Personnel: During your child’s school years he/she will be seen by:The school dentist: pupils’ teeth are examined and parents are notified if treatment is deemed necessary. The school doctor: examines all new pupils, parents are notified in writing of the doctor’s visit and invited to attend the medical examination. The school nurse: visits the school regularly to check pupils’ weight, height, eyesight, hearing etc.

Health & Education:

Drug Education:

Health Education is incorporated into the school curriculum through Science and Structured Play, we also encourage all pupils to eat healthily. We take part yearly in the S.E.L.B.’s ‘Boost Better Break Award’, in both our Nursery and Primary School.

Drug misuse is a major threat to the pupil population of this country and the Principal and the Board of Governors of St. Mary’s Primary School are committed to protecting and promoting the health and safety of all members of the school. Consequently, they condone neither the misuse of drugs or alcohol.

We encourage all pupils to take a healthy option for their morning break, either a piece of fruit or a sandwich with an appropriate healthy filling. The purpose of this is not to prevent pupils from eating what they like, but to promote their health and well-being. Poor dental health is particularly high among young children in this locality.

Senior Girls: Mrs. Ann Murphy and Miss Ciara Crawley have been identified to attend to the needs of senior girls. Those girls who have begun menstruation may use the facilities installed in the toilet adjacent to the staffroom. Page 14

Our aims are: = To promote the health and well-being of our pupils = To help acquire the social and personal skills needed to combat the need for the use of drugs = To provide pupils with factual information on the harm that misuse can cause, both physical and emotional = To help develop an understanding of the consequences and implications of the misuse of drugs; physical, social and morally. St Mary’s Primary School Prospectus

If your child is unwell, it is advisable to keep him/her away from school as we cannot offer the care and comfort which they would receive at home.

contact the school Principal to make arrangements. With the exception of inhalers, all medicines are stored securely with the Principal. Teachers are strongly advised by their Union not to administer any medication. Lost Property: It is essential that your child’s belongings are clearly marked with his/her name. Each child should have a suitable bag in which to keep his/her P.E. kit and school books. Lost property is stored by the caretaker. Parents are welcome to come and check for missing items. At the end of each term the school will dispose of unclaimed articles as it sees fit. Jewellery: The wearing of any type of jewellery can be dangerous for your child during playtime or P.E. lessons. Children who have their ears pierced may only wear stud earrings in school. Links with Other Agencies:

Head lice:

We see the school as a vital part of our parish and take every opportunity to contribute to the life of the parish, through liaison with our priests and church organisations.

Unfortunately head lice are a problem in all schools. Dealing with the infestation can be time consuming and stressful to parents and children alike. Please check your child’s hair regularly and inform the school if you have found an infestation. Parents can help by ensuring that long hair is tied back securely.

We have established close links with our local secondary schools in order to ease each child’s transition to second level education. Visits for the P7 children are arranged to their new schools during the summer term.

Medication: If your child is required to take medicine during the school day parents/guardians may call to the school office at an appropriate time to administer it. If you are unable to do so then the school will arrange for the administration providing that there are clear instructions re: dosage. Parents/guardians must St Mary’s Primary School Prospectus

We cooperate with and fully support the work carried out by the Health Authority personnel and when necessary, we seek the help and advice of other statutory agencies. Visitors such as, the school nurse, dentist, doctor and educational psychologist call at the school in order to cater for the needs of your child. Page 15

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Head lice: Unfortunately head lice are a problem in all schools. Dealing with the infestation can be time consuming and stressful to parents...

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